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Jean Lafitte National Park, Marrero


July 1, 2016


Building a Refinery

by John Burns




Here’s part of a 12 foot by 6 foot layout I’m building, which is loosely based on an oil refinery.

Most of the items were scratch built.

The tanks in the foreground are coke cans. The piping on them is coat hanger wire.

The tall stacks are chrome pipe from the hardware store.


The single, large round tank is a cookie can.

The round globe is the light fixture from a ceiling fan.

Central valley Ladders and Walthers piping kits provided the finer details













Photos by John Burns

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This week’s Video is Sunrise, Sunset:  “This is a collection of sunrise and sunset photographs made in and around the New Orleans area.”  –  –  Bill Wolfe

“I’ve got 3 Xacto knives and can’t find any of them. It’s like Jimmy Buffet not being able to find a salt shaker.” – – – Howard Schultz

June 24, 2016


Creole Cottage










by Tom Bishop


Plans for this building is available from the Lincoln Historial Society. It’s a down-loadable image I adhered it to card stock












The trailer is a another down-loadable plan – this one being from Clever Models.

(The simulated fence is also a down-loadable from Clever. Quite clever, aren’t they!)

Among the details are Central Valley Fencing, Presier Figures and Woodland Scenics scenery.












Little things add a lot of interest to a scene.

Among the items you can find here are a squirrel on the fence, a bird in the tree, a goat in the bushes and a snake in the grass













Photos by Jeff Junker

New Stuff shows some of the items that have arrived this week


This week’s Video is JURASSIC PARK’s T-Rex – Sculpting a Full-Size Dinosaur: “Go behind-the-scenes of JURASSIC PARK with the team who brought the full-size animatronic T-Rex to life. Mike Trcic, Shane Mahan & Richard Landon share behind-the-scenes stories about pulling off the largest sculpting feat in Stan Winston Studio history.”

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