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February 24, 2017

Hi Speed Tractor

Hi Speed Tractor


by Gil Gonsoulin


The Hobby Boss 1/35 Hi Speed tractor comes as the post-WWII version. Since I wanted to build it as a WWII vehicle so I could have it tow an 88, I sanded the vents off of the ammo boxes. Another modification to make it a WWII vehicle were the mirrors, which I scratch built. The mirrors that came with the kit were the post-war type that were square with the double arm


I painted it with Testors Model master Olive Drab. Weathering was done with Windsor Newton Green oil paint, as well as their white & yellow to give it a faded look. The add-on Friulmodel track was done with Floquil Rust and Weathered Black; highlighted with Silver.


Hi Speed Tractor










The kit decals over sprayed with Flat finish and than a light mist of OD for the faded look.





Hi Speed Tractor





Other add-ons were Photoetched pieces, applied with Gator Glue which is a water based superglue; the pack on back is from amphibious jeep; the machine gun is from Academy; and the ammo tubes are AFV Club. I replaced the chains that came with the kit (too large to go through the winch) which some from A-Line.



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February 17, 2017

Trumpeter 1/32 F105D Thud










Trumpeter 1/32 F105D Thud

by Jack Hollander


The nickname of this Thud is “The Polish Glider”, so called because if the plane lost power it went down like a brick


I painted the Thud with Testor Model master Paint in a standard camouflage scheme: Dark Tan, Dark Green, and Medium green; the underside is camouflage gray.


I had to scratch build the left flap because I lost it over the course of 3 Katrina related moves.


Alclad was used on the exhaust and refueling door.

Trumpeter 1/32 F105D Thud









The panel lines are rather subtle and were airbrushed free-hand without masking. I used Floquil weathered black for the panel lines. Maybe I should explain. First, the whole model was primed with a gray primer. I then roughed in the color coats, starting with the Dark Green. It was at this point that I did the panel lines.


At this stage, the whole plane looked black – – the panel lines being the darkest; the overspray lighter.


After it dried, I applied the final color coat, followed by two coats of Floquil Gloss Clear to apply the decals. Floquil Flat was then sprayed over the entire model.


To finish it off, I hit it very lightly with a very fine sandpaper – as though you were running your finger over it. This takes off any high spots and gives the finish more depth.


Trumpeter 1/32 F105D Thud











The landing gear is brass and tends to bow under the weight of the plastic. It looks wobbly, but it’s more stable than you would think. I did drill the metal out and pin it. The bottom of the wheels were flattened by melting them on a coffee pot warmer.

The only aftermarket part that was add was a Black Box cockpit set. Trumpeter also makes a Wild weasel version of the 105, which would have been inserting to build – it’s 2 inches longer.


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This week’s Video is in keeping with the spirit of the season, Mardi Gras Indians: “Each year, The Mardi Gras Indians take to the street of Louisiana, in the Mid-City area and hold a parade.” ~ ~ Bill Wolfe

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