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“It will be mandatory that if you go into a business…that you wear a face mask or face covering .  .  .  . No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service.”

–  –  – Cynthia Lee-Sheng, Jefferson Parish president

Stay 6 feet away from others

Arrivals for April 16, 2021 

April 21,2021

USS Tattnal

The USS Tattnal DDG19 is a Charles F Adams Class Guided Missile Destroyer. Robert MacNamara served on the Tattnal in the mid-60s.

USS Tattnal

The multi-media kit he used to replicate it is the USS Barney by Iron Shipwrights which was the 1985 configuration.

USS Tattnal

Robert back-dated it to show how it looked when he served on it.  He did extensive scratch building to retro-fit it.

USS Tattnal

The Tattnal was built at Avondale Shipyards in Avondale Louisiana in 1960.

USS Tattnal

April 16, 2021

Soviet Motor Torpedo Boat

 by Gil Gonsoulin

The G5 Soviet  Motor Torpedo Boat was designed by Andrei Tupolev. It looked like a large float that would be used on a float plane.

soviet motor torpedo boat

The boat was constructed of duralumin which made the boat light. However, duralumin is highly susceptible to galvanic corrosion when used in salt water.

soviet motor torpedo boat

During the summer the boat could only be kept in the water for 5-7 days. In the winter it could be increased to 10-15 days. After that they would have to be removed  from the water and the hull would need to be treated with anti-corrosion measures.

soviet motor torpedo boat

The boats were fast with a top speed of 52 MPH. But the minimum speed of 21 mph created a problem when mooring. They carried two torpedoes and a variety of machine guns and/or rocket launchers.

soviet motor torpedo boat

The kit is from Merit. It is well molded with good details. No interior is supplied , which leaves some very large gaping holes looking all the way through to the bottom of the boat.

soviet motor torpedo boat

I could not find any pictures of the interior. So you have to use your imagination and make the interior from your parts box. Since no figures are provided, it’s another trip back to the parts box.

soviet motor torpedo boat

The model was painted with Tamiya and Floquil paints and weathered with Model Master and Ak paints. Water effects were done using various Liquitex products.

March 3, 2021


Last October Hub Hobby’s old building on Broad St was demolished. Word of it being torn down spread like wildfire.

One of our customers, Jim Letten, was emailed by his friend Martin about the demolition of their childhood hang-out.

The subject line was: ROSEBUD

“Rosebud” was the dying word spoken by Orsen Welles in the movie Citizen Kane: a reference to his childhood sled – the symbol of memories of youthful innocence.

I’ve known Jim for at least 40 years and he has given us permission to publish his reply to his friends email.

Read it here

hub hobby shop

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