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March 8, 2019



by Gil Gonsoulin

The 1/35 Bronco Diana ain’t for the faint of heart. It makes a nice model, but it’s a fight

To build the kit you should be familiar with building resin kits and 1/700 ships with photo etch. The tracks were the only thing that fit well. This is definitely not a shake and bake project!

They give you 46 photo etched tie-downs. The models requires 42 but by the time you lose some you’ll need all 46. Another caveat is: do not use the template for cutting trailing arm of guns or you’ll be 1/16 inch short.


I scratch built the Door latches. The instrument panel is made from generic half-track instrument panel decals as they don’t give them to you in the kit. I put them on wet transfer paper and then coated with clear to look like glass.


I added chain on back You’ll also have to scratch build a radiator cap. Although it is shown on box art and shown on instructions, it is not included.  After a base coat is Floquil Mud, the whole vehicle was washed with oil based burnt sienna. Rivets were also highlighted with burnt sienna

Burnt metal was used for the 1/4 inch band around the top; tracks are painted steel with burnt sienna wash; and the pads are floquil weathered black (as well as the road and main wheels).

New Stuff has a listing of what the delivery trucks brought us!

Future Releases has info from ICM – – Panda – – Tamiya – – Woodland Scenics

March 1, 2019

Ju87G-1 Stuka

This is a model of Academy’s 1/72 Stuka. I painted it with Testor’s Model Master enamel.

Before painting the canopy, I applied the Eduard canopy mask. These are great! You no longer have to worry about cutting masking tape – – the Eduard stuff goes right on. I did a black wash on the panel lines and used pastels for streaking. The radio antenna is black nylon thread.

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  New Orleans, Louisiana