Barataria National Wildlife Refuge

“The Last Stand” is  by  Jeff Junker and is used with his permission.

Barataria National Wildlife Refuge     Marrero, Louisiana


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December 14, 2018

Port Hudson Louisiana

by Jeff Junker


About 20 or so years ago, a guy from Baton Rouge came into the hobby shop and said he was building an American Civil War diorama for a museum in Port Hudson Louisiana and needed the smallest old time passenger car I had. He wound up with a Model Power N-scale Overton Coach. He also bought some Atlas flex track and some Woodland Scenics products.

Port Hudson Louisiana


And I never saw him again or thought about the diorama he said he was going to build.


Port Hudson Louisiana

Until this past Spring when I visited the Port Hudson State Historic Site. On display in a glass case is his diorama measuring about 8 feet long and 2 feet wide.

Port Hudson Louisiana


There is a button you press that starts a narration of what happened during the 48 day siege and the Fort’s surrender after the fall of Vicksburg.

Port Hudson Louisiana


Little lights light up highlighting the area which is being talked about. And sitting atop the bluff is the Overton Coach that came from Hub Hobby.

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December 7, 2018

U81 U-Boat Seaman

by Bob Caruso

The sub, figure, and watery base all come in the same box.

I added the metal guide wire – throwing away the included resin wire.

I also draped homemade rope over the cable.

The figure was painted with Andrea acrylics, while the sub was painted with Testors enamel.

The water was subtlety highlighted with white paint.

U81 U-Boat Seaman

Photos by Phil Novak



“”Quarter Light” is copyrighted by William Wolfe and is used with his permission     

  New Orleans, Louisiana