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Nashville, Tennessee



October 13, 2017

F16C Block 25/32

By Brian Cavet


I built this Tamiya 1/48  F16C Block 25/32 model as one that was used by the Vermont Air National Guard. The heads-up display was done with iridescent ribbon that was punched with a circle punch.


F16C Block 25/32


The static dischargers on the trailing edge are bristles from a nylon scrub brush. I had to use a number 97 drill bit – which is almost invisible – to drill the holes for the bristle.

F16C Block 25/32

Usually I dip canopies in Future floor wax, but since the F16 canopy is a blown canopy the wax tended to pool where it started to flair back out. Instead I airbrushed it with Tamiya X22 clear.

F16C Block 25/32


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October 6, 2017

German U-Boat

This model of the German U-boat was built in 2004. It was taken to Mastercon where it got a gold and Best Miscellaneous. That same year it got Best Miscellaneous at the local Flying Tigers show. After that it went back to the house where it stayed safe and sound till Hurricane Katrina.

German U-Boat

When Katrina came, the sub was left on the dining room table. When the flood waters came, the sub went under nine feet of water and stayed submerged for over a week. (Run silent, run deep!)

German U-Boat
















We didn’t get back to the house for over a month. To my surprise it was still on the table but had mold and water under the case. I took it back to where we were staying, cleaning it and performing some minor repairs. The sub was now authentically weathered.

In September of 2006 I took it to the Pensacola show where it got a Gold and Peoples Choice awards.

The ASIC wave shapes were formed with foam covered with celluclay. Once that dried it was covered with Liquitex matt. Then color was painted over it, using various shades of Windsor Newton, blues, greens, black and white. When it was completely dried, I coated it with Clear Gloss Liquitex.


German U-BoatThe wakes were made by coating both sides of foam with Liquitex Glass Beads. After coating I hung it up to dry.




It can then be formed into different shapes. (Like the wake, wave tops and splashes along the hull.) You can also put smaller pieces together to make larger ones using the Liquitex to join them together.


Photos by Gil Gonsoulin



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