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TigerFest XXIV model contest

Saturday, April 7

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March 16, 2018



by Paul Olivier

Before he begins any project Paul Olivier extensively researches it – even when the subject matter is a bit dubious. Enter the Pegasus 1/144 Haunebu. He played it as though it was real (some folks say it is – it’s on the internet!)




He researched the colors and developed his own splinter pattern using Testors acrylics RLM 74 (green) and RLM 75 (gray), with RLM 76 (blue) for the underside.




Weathering was done with by streaking it with pencil carbon and filters., painting some panels with the filter to break up the monotony. He  painted the windows clear red and plans to back light it with the guts one of those flickering LED candles. He finished it off with an overspray of Tamiya Satin. Paul notes that the model sits so close to the ground it should be mounted on a mirror to see under it.

New Stuff has a listing of what the delivery trucks brought us!

Future Releases has info from BMC – – Noch – – Bachman – – AFV Club – – and not much more

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March 9, 2018

Pak 40

by Donn CrossPak 40



On this kit, I custom mixed the colors.








I used Mig Pigments for weathering – – mud on the wheels, graphite on the metal parts like the breech.hint pak40 c










I didn’t add any photoetch parts, but I did use the alternate wheels, the set with the worn tires, which were supplied with the kit.




hint pak40 b


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