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September 21, 2019

Space Wolf

By Gil Gonsoulin

This is a 1/72 scale sci-fi Space Wolf SW-190 space fighter from Hasegawa. According to the instructions they were carried on the space pirate ship Arcadia. The Sw190 is a high speed single seat fighter capable of operating in either atmospheric or space conditions.

space wolf

It is armed with two cowling mounted 75mm pulse laser cannons, and two Vulcan cannons in each wing. The kit went together quite well with just a few seams to fill.

space wolf

I used AK, Model Master and Tamiya paints. A little weathering was done using Winsor-Newton oils.

space wolf

The decals went on without any problems. However if you use all the decals called for in the instructions it will take forever. So unless you like decaling with plenty of SMALL decals, do like I did: don’t bother with them.

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September 6, 2019

German Infantryman

by Eric Giesler

The Tamiya 1/16 German Infantryman was assembled using Tamiya Extra Thin cement.

I applied the cement to the joints and waited for the plastic to soften and bubble out.

Then the plastic was pushed in firmly to eliminate the seam line.

After the figure was assembled, I base coated it with dark gull grey followed by light gull grey.

Then Testors Model Master White was applied, by drybrushing layer upon layer until the desired effect was achieved. Military Brown was also used in drybrushing.

The seams of the uniform were washed using acrylic paints. Next, I’m going to weather the equipment.

I am thinking of constructing another one, this time in a camouflage uniform, with the optional MP-44 that comes with the kit.

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