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May 18, 2018

Type 97

Type 97












This is Tamiya’s TYPE 97 built right out of the box with the exception of an MV lens placed in the head light socket. The model was painted with Testors paint, gloss coated, decaled, and then a dark wash (raw umber) was applied. The model was then dry brushed with Humbrol 72 (khaki Drill) and weathered with pastel chalks.

Photo by Bill Wolfe

New Stuff has a listing of what the delivery trucks brought us!

Future Releases has info from Dragon and Eduard and that’s it

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May 11, 2018

Trumpeter 1/32 F100D

by Jack Hollander











Once again, Trumpeter has produced an outstanding kit that’s fun to build.


I painted he airframe with Alclad Airframe aluminum, finishing it with a coat of Future Floor Wax. The wax dulls the finish. For contrasting shades of Aluminum, I didn’t use Future floor wax on the horizontal stabilizers, ailerons, or wing tanks.


Trumpeter 1/32 F100D


The burner section was done in dark aluminum and titanum gold




I used Dark blue on the vertical fin to match the decal.


Wing fins are photo-etch and were used on the rial plane to reduce the vortices to improve laminar flow.



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