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May 6, 2016

Mig 21F in Kazakhstan


Mig 21F










by Will Wright

I saw an abandoned Mig on YouTube and it gave me the idea for this diorama. The Mig 21F that I used was the Revell 1/48 scale.


Mig 21F in Kazakhstan



The setting is an abandoned airfield somewhere in Kazakhstan.


Mig 21F


I painted the Mig in the jungle pattern using Nato Green and Desert Tan for the top; Sky Blue for the bottom. I also added some tarp remnants.

New Stuff shows some of the items that have arrived this week

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This week’s Video is Kite Flying

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April 29, 2016

Pit Road IJA Type 95 Kurogane

type 95 kurogane

by Gil Gonsoulin



Overall this is a good kit. It goes together well, but it does have some problems



Placing the front axle and suspension is a bit tricky. If you want to place the machine gun as indicated in the instructions the windshield plastic goes in from the wrong side. It’s supposed to lift out from the front but it’s installed from the rear.


The figures aren’t very good. If you use them, don’t put the three levers on the floor board in until after the figures are in place.

type 95 kurogane


The car was painted using Humbrol paint and weathered with Winsor Newton oils


type 95 kurogane

Tamiya paint was used to paint the figures. They too were weathered with Winsor Newton Oils.



This week’s Video is Perfect Grade Strike Gundam Model Build: This video highlights the process of building a perfect grade Strike Gundam

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