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November 29, 2019

Metal Earth Stage Coach

by Alan Gomez

This Metal Earth Stage Coach kit consisted of 3 sheets of flat, photo-etched pieces – about 100 of them. It also came with 8 pages of instructions.

Metal Earth Stage Coach

The curtains had to be rolled and the wheels had to be formed. You also had to bow the sides to get the curve of the coach. It is put together by inserting “tabs” into “slots”. The base is also from Metal Earth and is solar powered.

Metal Earth Stage Coach

No painting was done to this model. The parts came in the color that you see them.

Metal Earth Stage Coach

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November 1, 2019

British R-R Armored Car

By Gil Gonsoulin

Meng’s 1/35 British R-R Armored Car can be built as either a WWI or WWII version. The main difference being the wheels and weapons. There are a few other changes but they are minor.

British R-R Armored Car

On to the kit itself. There are some very small parts that require careful removal from the trees. Also some of the ones on my kit were already broken – that just made things even more difficult.

British R-R Armored Car

Be very careful removing the headlight brackets! On the WWII version, the machine gun ring is crazy. Whoever designed it never had to put it together. Also the front wheels have a very positive camber. It looks odd but that’s the way the front axle is made.

I chose to build the WWII version and used three Floquil paints for the camo pattern. Tamiya rubber black was used on the tires. Weathering was done with Winsor-Newton oils.

British R-R Armored Car

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