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August 11, 2017




by Gil Gonsoulin
The kit of the Edelweiss has a full interior and link to length tracks. It went together well with no fit problems.


It’s from an unlikely manufacturer Zoukei-Mura. It’s from their Super Weapons Series. They are better known for their 1/32 scale aircraft kits



Looks like this tank could be a German “what if” tank from 1946. The road wheels are from a Panzer III. Part of the front hull is from a Tiger I. And the turret is from the Tiger II.


EdelweissPainting was accomplished using Floquil and Model Master paints. Weathering was done with Winsor Newton oil and Mig pigments.



According to the box art this is the Principality of Gallia experimental tank from the Gallian Militia 3rd Regiment Platoon 07.



This is No. SP1, which indicates there may be more to come. Wonder what No SP2 will look like?











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August 4, 2017

Piccadilly Lily B17G

By Scott Scalafani

This is the Academy 1/72 version of the B17G. I went through a lot of photos of the Piccadilly Lily B17G from the Bloody 100 of the 8th Air Force to come up with this paint scheme and weathering. It’s painted with Testors Faded Olive Drab and highlighted with a darker green.


Piccadilly Lily B17G


One of the pictures showed a repair panel on the top of the wing, so I added one. The photos also showed plenty of oil streaking from the engines, which ran dirty after a couple of hours.


Piccadilly Lily B17G


There were also some field modifications on the 50 cals. They were staggered in the rear so the gunners didn’t bump into each other.


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