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Cold Snap!

The cold snap earlier this week brought to mind the one of two years ago:  the hard freeze that shut down schools, businesses, and I-10, bridges, and overpasses.



January 11, 2014

The freeze was so hard that it burst a water main under the sidewalk in front of  the hobby shop. It was spewing a geyser of water out of the concrete. I reported it to the water department and they asked for a call-back number:  “Just in case they can’t find the leak.”


I felt like saying “It’s the section of the sidewalk that looks like Old Faithful!”



January 25, 2014

I have to give them credit: someone showed up a half hour after I called. He informed me “You’ve got a water leak.” About an hour later, 3 guys in a pickup showed up, stood around the little lake that was forming, and confirmed it was a leak.



February 1, 2014


The next day I arrived to see a back-hoe sitting in our parking lot. They ripped up the sidewalk, fixed the water main by putting a “collar” around the leak, and filled up the hole. That’s what I’d call good service.

And over the intervening two months, we  got a new sidewalk.

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