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Pre-Internet Advertising

Getting the word out about a new business is always tough. In Hub Hobby’s early days it was probably a bit harder as there was no Google search for “hobby shops near you.” There was no Facebook, Twitter, RSS feeds, Instagram: It was a digital desert.


hub hobby new orleans

Jerry at the boat show

They had to rely on print ads, radio, and word-of-mouth. One way they did this was to attend shows, much like today’s Boat Show and World of Wheels. Here are a couple of photos of what a 1950s era Boat Show looked like. In one photo, you can make out the cabin of some sort of boat.


hub hobby new orleans


This shot is of our display at that same show. That sign was eventually hung on the outside of our old Broad Street building. We’ve got the boat on the third shelf all the way to the left at our current location.


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