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For the Week of September 23, 2017

ACADEMY (ACY)          

1/35 Plastic Kits (New Tool) (Each includes photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

13509    Tiger I Early Version German Tank, Operation Citadel (Features asymmetrical turret, 88mm main gun and mantlet.)     52.00

13511    K2 “Black Panther” ROK Army Main Battle Tank (Features polarized light sticker, can build with or without explosive armor, L/55 120mm main gun and K6 machine gun.)                  65.00



1/35 Plastic Kits (Boxed)

3571      Syrian T34/85 Tank, 50th Anniversary Six-Day War (Includes Cartograf decals.) 76.95

6148      US Army Airborne Soldiers ,Operation Varsity 1945 (Re-Issue) (Includes 4 figures in various poses with weapons.)                   19.95

6889      Flakpanzer IV (3cm) Kugelblitz Tank (New Tool) (Includes photo-etched parts, metal tow cable and Cartograf decals.)       88.95

6897      Panther G Late Production Tank with Turret Roof Armor (Includes photo-etched parts, metal tow cable & Cartograf decals.) 93.95



54mm (1/32) “American Hero” Plastic Diorama and Figure Playsets 

(Re-Issued)  (Each molded in Color)

40009    D-Day Invasion of Normandy Diorama   Playset (114pcs. Boxed)       119.95

40013    Iwo Jima Diorama Playset (60+pcs. Boxed)    119.95

40022    Alamo Figure Playset (37pcs. Bagged) 12.95

40027    D-Day Utah Beach Diorama Playset (40pcs. Boxed)         39.95

40032    Iwo Jima Figure Playset (Olive/Tan) (32pcs. Bagged)    12.95

99999   WWII Battlefield Access: Fence, Hedgehogs, Sandbags, etc. Total 21pcs. Bagged)    15.95


BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Model Kit

216741 1/144 Gundam Real Grade Series: #025 Unicorn Gundam RX-O (Molded in color with decals and instructions. Boxed)    42.00



1/72 Limited Edition Plastic Kits (Includes decals. Boxed)

2245     Junkers Ju88C6 Zestorer WWII Luftwaffe Fighter           63.00

2246     P5M2G Marlin USCG Rescue Flying Boat Aircraft     73.00



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

3655     1/24 Ford Escort RS1800 Mk II 1979 World Rally Monte Carlo Version Race Car (New Tool) (Includes clear parts.)         34.99

7404     1/9 WWII SdKfz 2 Kleines Type HK101 German Kettenkrad Military Motorcycle (Features detailed engine, working suspension, and movable tracks. Includes 3 different

markings, tool set and accessories.)  109.99


REVELL OF GERMANY (RVL)       Plastic Kit

4842     1/144 Spaceship Two & White Knight Two,  World’s 1st Commercial Human Space Launch System (Re-Issue) (Includes clear parts, decals and display stand. Boxed ) 25.95


TAMIYA (TAM)        1/35 Plastic Kits (Boxed)

25412   British Army Centurion Mk III Tank (Ltd Edition) (Includes 1 figure and various markings.)             34.00

35063   Russian KVII Gigant Heavy Tank (Re-Issue) (Includes figure and decals.)   31.00

35066   Russian KVI Type C Heavy Tank  (Re-Issue) (Includes figure and decals.)    28.00

­­­35129   German Soldiers at Rest (Re-Issue) (Includes 4 figures in various poses.)      8.75

35148   German SdKfz 7 8-Ton Semi-Track Vehicle (Re-Issue) (Features detailed chassis, movable front suspension/wheels and optional decals.)      38.00



1/35 Highly Detailed Plastic Model Kits (Boxed)

(Each features hatches that can be built open/closed. Includes clear/photo-etched parts and various markings.)

2067     British FV432 Mk 3 Bulldog Armored Personnel Carrier (2 in 1) (Can build optional weapons stations.)     64.95

2082     Russian Typhoon K MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) Vehicle (New Tool) (Features movable wheels and includes interior parts.)                    69.95

2085     US M3 Lee Early Medium Tank (New Tool)        59.95

2086     British M3 Grant Medium Tank       (New Tool)         59.95


For the Week of September 9, 2017


866      1/25 Peterbilt 359 California Hauler Conventional Tractor Cab (Includes chrome plated parts, decals with two custom stripe options & black vinyl tires) (Ltd.Production) (Re-Issue)       42.95




Plastic Model Kits: Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

16006 1/16 Yeoman Warder (Beefeater) Guard (Includes display base) (New Tool)      46.99

48193 1/48 WWII German SdKfz 260 Radio Communication Vehicle (Includes photo-etch and decals) (New Variant)                       34.99

48902 1/48 MiG25RB Soviet Recon Aircraft  (Includes decals w/various markings)  (New Variant)             89.99



Soft covered books: each features informative facts w/photos.

E219   Elite Series: D-Day Beach Assault Troops (64pgs)        19.00

WP57  Weapon Series: US Grenade Launchers M79, M203 and M320 (80pgs)    20.00



Model Rocket Launch Sets (without engines)

1413    Wachy Wiggler (Skill Level E2X) (Includes rocket, launch pad/controller and Instructions. Requires engines B6-4, C6-5)  (Flies up to 800ft)        29.99




Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed):

7039     1/72 Fokker Dr I Fighter (Profi-Pack) (Includes photo-etched parts.)    19.95

11111   1/48 Velveta/Spitfire Israel Fighter (EduArt Ltd Edition) (Includes clear/resin and photo-etched parts.)     59.95

82111   1/48 Bf109G6 Late Series Fighter (Profi- Pk) (Re-Issue) (Includes clear/photo-etch parts.) 49.95

82132   1/48 SE5a Hispano Suiza Aircraft (Profi-Pack) (Includes clear/photo-etched parts.) 39.95

84161   1/48 P39K/N Airacobra Aircraft (Weekend Edition) (Includes clear parts.)         29.95



14224   1/700 USS Enterprise CV6 Aircraft Carrier (New Tool) (Build with full hull or waterline. Includes photo-etched parts, F4F/SBD, TBD aircrafts, decals and display stand. Boxed) 49.00



1058     1/25 1959 Chevy El Camino Customizing Car (Can build stock or street rod version. Features detailed engine and tinted window option. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts, metal axle and decals. Boxed)         31.95



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

1989     1/25 Max-D Monster Truck (Snap) (New Tool) (Features Monster Jam sounds.)  26.95

4412     1/25 1976 Ford Grand Torino Car (Includes chrome-plated parts.)    24.95

4432     1/24 1992 Mazda Miata MX5 Car (Re-Issue) (Includes stock or custom front/rear bumper.)     24.95

7864     1/35 M4 Sherman Tank (Re-Issue) (Features moveable gun and turret. Includes 3 figures.)   22.95



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

2453     1/72 7-Years War Austrian Dragoons & Hussars (32 Mounted)  (No decals.)      24.95

3258     1/35 Leopard 1A1 Tank (Features rotating turret and elevating main armament.)       32.95

3926     1/32 Fw190A8/R11 Night Fighter (Features detailed engine/cockpit/machine guns, moveable ailerons and rudder.)  34.95

4956     1/72 AH1G Cobra Helicopter (Features detailed cockpit and main rotor. Includes assorted rocket pods.)                                  24.95

5152     1/700 Colombo Express Container Ship (Features rotating propeller & moving rudder. Detailed bridge construction with stairways. Includes 2pc full hull and display stand.)     39.95

7915     1/8 US Police Motorcycle (Features detailed  engine, operating front fork. Includes chrome-plated parts.)    99.95



3546     1/35 Soviet BA3 Mod. 1934 Armored Car (Re-Issue) (Includes decals.)       27.99

3630     1/35 Russian MSTA-S 152mm Self- Propelled Howitzer Gun Tank (New Tool) (Includes decals.)     66.99

5023     1/72 German King Tiger Ausf B Henschel Turret Heavy Tank (Snap) (New Tool)  (Includes decals.)    18.99

6183     1/100 German SdKfz 173 Jagdpanther  Tank Destroyer (Snap) (New Tool)          5.59

6213     1/100 German Maus Super Heavy Tank  (Snap) (New Tool)              5.59

6231     1/172 Soviet Headquarters Crew Winter (Snap) (New Tool)        5.59

7011     1/144 Russian IL76 MD Strategic Airlifter Aircraft (New Tool) (Includes decals.)     44.99

7019     1/144 B737-800 Passenger Airliner (New Tool) (Includes decals.)    32.99

7244     1/72 Russian MiG31B Foxhound Long- Range Interceptor (Re-Issue) (Includes decals.)       24.99

7246     1/72 Russian Mi28A Havoc Attack Helicopter (Re-Issue) (Includes decals.)     24.99

7309     1/72 Russian MiG29SMT Fighter (New Tool) (Includes decals.)     32.99

8041     1/72 Polish Winged Hussars XVII AD (16 Mounted) (Re-Issue)   15.99

8053     1/72 French Infantry 100 Year War XIV-XV AD (43) (Re-Issue)   15.99

8071     1/72 Prussian Grenadiers of Frederick II The Great XVIII AD (41) (Re-Issue)   15.99



Softcover Books: Each contains detailed information with lots of color photos.

12663 Modeling the Transition ERA (Features layout design and planning.112pgs)      21.99

12807 Out of This World Modeling (Features 16-exciting projects from the worlds of science  fiction and fantasy comics, film and TV. 144pgs)                     24.99


For the Week of September 2, 2017


1/87 (HO Scale) Military Accessories (Boxed)

746007     Workshop Equipment Accessories (Includes fence panels, 8 cupboards, 2 each small & large work benches, work platform, steel-type shelf, 4 palettes with pipes, etc.)       39.95

746014     Wire Fence Accessory (Includes 15 crush barrier with nato-wire.)      24.95

746021     Medical Services Tents (Includes 1 large/2 small tents, 12 cots, 2 barrows & decals.) 31.95



AE8      Airframe Extra 8: Air War Over Italy Sept. 3, 1943 to May 2, 1945 Book (Features detailed history/profiles with modelling information and lots of color photos. Softcover. 82pgs



Plastic Kits Made in China (Each includes decals. Boxed)

1038     1/35 48N6E of 5P85S TEL S300 PMU SA10 Grumble Surface-to-Air Missile System       SRP $179.95

New Variant with New Tooling!  Kit consists of over 1080 parts including copper cable and photo-etched parts.

5554     1/35 Russian 9K35 Strela-10 SA13 Gopher Surface-to-Air Missile System          SRP $87.95

New Tool!  Kit consists of over 950 parts including copper cable and photo-etched parts.

5628     1/350 German DKM Peter Stasser Aircraft Carrier New Variant! SRP $179.95

Kit consists of over 840 parts including metal anchor chain, extensive photo-etched parts, various aircraft and decals.

5629     1/350 USS Ranger CV4 Aircraft Carrier 1942 New Tool!        SRP $199.95

Kit consists of over 950 parts including metal anchor chain, photo-etched parts, name plate and display stand.

7123     1/72 German E50 (50-75-Tons) Standard Panzer Tank      SRP $21.95

New Variant!  Kit consists of over 40 parts including tracks.

9502     1/35 BTM3 High Speed Trench Digging Vehicle New Tool!         SRP $114.95

Kit consists of over 770 parts including individual track links, copper cable and photo-etched parts.

9515     1/35 Russian BMPT72 Terminator-2 Armored Fighting Vehicle     SRP $85.95

New Variant!  Kit consists of over 950 parts including copper cable and photo-etched parts

9524     1/35 Russian T90S Modernized   (Mod 2013) Main Battle Tank  New Variant!  SRP $81.95

Kit consists of over 1620 parts including copper/ brass cables, individual track links and photo-etched parts.


BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Model Kit

216738  1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #206 MS08TX/S Efreet Schneid (Molded in color with decals & instructions. Boxed)        20.00



5625      1/48 B24D Liberator Bomber (Re-Issue)        35.95

(Plastic Kit. Features detailed cockpit/interior/ landing gear. Opening optional bomb bay doors, movable turrets and guns. Includes tow tractor, clear parts, 4 figures and decals. Boxed)


For the Week of August 26, 2017


Air Series Acrylic Paint Sets (17ml Bottles)

2270     WWI German Aircraft Colors (8 Colors)        37.99

2280     WWI RFC & RNAS Aircraft Colors  (4 Colors)       19.99

2290     WWI Planes Clear Doped Linen  (3 Colors)        12.99



35353  1/35 German SdKfz 166 Sturmpanzer IV Brummbar Late Production Assault Tank (New Tool) (Features Schurzen side armor, parts to depict rubber-rimmed and all-steel type  road wheels. Includes 2 figures and 2 different  markings. Boxed)        56.00



27460   Pouring Medium (200ml Bottle)           8.95

Mecha Color Varnishes (60ml Bottle) – SRP $6.95

26701   Gloss Varnish

26702   Matt Varnish

26703   Satin Varnish


98510    HO US Army 40′ Gondola (Re-Issue)    17.98


FLY MODELS (FYM)          Made in Czech Republic

48011    1/48 Ansaldo SVA9 Italian 2-Seater Recon BiPlane (Plastic Kit. Includes resin/photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)             39.95


302   US Navy Squadron Histories: From Bats to Rangers A Pictorial History of Electronic Countermeasures/Fleet Air Recon Sq. Two  (ECMRON2)/(VQ2) (Contains interesting facts, history and data with black/white and colored photos from cover-to-cover Softcover. 240pgs.) 69.95


OSPREY PUBLISHING (OSP)      Military History Books

AA135     Aircraft of the Aces: MiG21 Aces of the Vietnam War          23.00

C312        Campaign: Operation Torch 1942 The Invasion of French North Africa             24.00

C313        Campaign: The Phillippine Sea 1944 The Last Great Carrier Battle  24.00

D81          Duel: Sea Harrier FRS1 vs Mirage  III/Dagger South Atlantic 1982      20.00

MAA513   Men at Arms: Dutch Armies of the 80 Years War 1568-1648 (2) Cavalry, Artillery & Engineers       18.00

V250        Vanguard: Maginot Line Gun Turrets and French Gun Turret Development 1880-1940        18.00


Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

8249      1/32 Mitsubishi A6M7 Zero Type 62 302nd FG IJN Fighter (Ltd Edition)   95.00

21123   1/24 1971 BMW tii Sedan (New Tool)            57.00

49461   1/700 Yugumo Destroyer (New Tool)              26.00



Built-N-Ready Buildings (Highly detailed pre-painted buildings

with accessories and LED Lighted)

4950      N Grillin’ & Chillin’ Trailer                                54.99

5060      HO Grillin’ & Chillin’ Trailer                             74.99

5861      O Grillin’ & Chillin’ Trailer                                94.99

For the Week of August 12, 2017


1/144 Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and Cartograf decalsith various markings. Boxed)

14729   Ju88A/C Junkers Aircraft (Can build on ground or in-flight. Includes clear and pre-painted canopies.)      14.99

14733   F111 Aardvark Aircraft (Can build on ground or in-flight. Postionable swing wings. Includes display stand.)      14.99

14737   C130J USAF Aircraft (Features engraved detail, fine recessed panel lines and detailed landing gear bay. Includes display stand.)   44.99



1/35 Plastic Kits & Accessories (Attractively Boxed)

35113      M113 (ACAV) Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle, Vietnam War (New Tool) (Features detailed driver’s compartment with figure, partial workable suspension. Includes optional armor/weapons and 6 different decals.)    79.99

35299      Propellant Charge Containers for M109 A1/A4 Self-Propelled Gun (New Tool) (Includes containers and crates.)              22.99

35306      M113 APC T130E1 Workable Track Links (New Tool)  21.99

AG35047 NATO M68/L7 105mm Tank Ammo (Brass/Photo-Etch)  19.99



1/24 Plastic Kit and Wheel & Tire Sets

(Each includes decals. Attractively Boxed)

52600   1/24 Brian James A4 Auto Transporter Trailer (New Tool) (Includes clear parts.)         44.99

Wheel & Tire Sets (Each Includes four.) – SRP $12.99

53706   20” Trafficstar RTS

53713   20” Trafficstar RTM

53720   20” Leonhardiritt Waffe

53744   14” Focus Racing

53751   14” Bilbo

53775   14” Racing Hart 4H



1/72 Plastic Kits (New Tool)

(Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

72149   Mil Mi22 Military Soviet Cargo Helicopter       99.95

72337  CMC Leopard 2 British Business Jet      33.95


ACE MODELS (AMO)       Made in Ukraine

72432   1/72 FV622 Stalwart Mk 2 British Amphibious Military Truck (New Tool) (Plastic Kit. Includes photo-etched & decals. Boxed)     31.95


UNIMODELS (UNM)           Made in Ukraine

280        1/72 Sturmgeschutz 40 Ausf F/8 Tank (New Tool) (Plastic Kit. Includes photo-etched and decals. Boxed)  22.95



Highly Detailed Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (New Tool)

(Each includes instructions. Boxed)

330        1/144 C5B Galaxy Military Transport Aircraft (Features highly detailed 2pc fuselage & includes USAF decals.)      164.99

716        1/72 WWI BL 8-inch Howitzer Mk VI Heavy Gun   18.99



C311          Campaign: Savannah 1779 The British Turn South     24.00

CBT27       Combat: Viking Warrior vs Anglo-Saxon Warrior England 865-1066  20.00

MAA512   Men at Arms: Armies of the Italian Wars of Unification 1848-70 (1) Piedmont & the Two Sicilies    18.00

V249          Vanguard: Railway Guns of World War I       18.00

WP56        Weapon: Sharpshooting Rifles of the American Civil War Colt, Sharps, Spencer & Whitworth        20.00



1053      1/25 American LaFrance Pumper Fire Truck (Features removable body for display of chassis. Includes lots of chrome-plated parts and decals. Retro Deluxe Packaging)     59.95



Mr. Hobby Gundam Marker for Plastic Kits – SRP $3.95

(Designed to easily recreate the original colors of Gundam and BB Warriors.

The fine brush tip is perfect for the finer details, with great color and uses expansive alcohol based paint.)

GM4      Gold

GM10   Black

GM20   Brush Type Black

EDUARD (EDU)           Plastic Kits

(Each includes clear/photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

2120     1/72 WWII Spitfire Mk IX Nasi se vraceji (The Boys are Back) RAF Fighter Triple Combo (EduArt Ltd Edition) (Includes 3 kits with mask.)     99.95

8281     1/48 Spitfire Mk IXc Late Aircraft  (Profi-Pack) (Re-Issue)   49.95

8435     1/48 Hellcat Mk I Fighter (Weekend Edition) (No photo-etch)    29.95

82117   1/48 Bf109G4 German Fighter  (Profi-Pack)     49.95


For the Week of July 29, 2017


1049     1/25 Don Snake Prudhomme’s Wedge Dragster (Features new 4pc body. Includes chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)       32.95



1/72 Plastic Figure Sets Designed for Collectors & Wargamers (Each includes figures in various poses. Boxed) – SRP $12.99

HB5   WWII German Panzer Crews Set #2 Winter Greatcoat (12)

29     Ancient Chinese Shang vs Zhou Dynasty Troopers (34)

34     WWI French Army (33)

96     WWII German SdKfz 2 Kettenkrad with 8/8cm Raketenwerfer 43 Gun & 10/Crew

97     WWII German Winter Unit Servants (24) with Pak 36 Gun (Kit

98     WWII German Fallschirmjager Heavy Weapons (7.5cm Leichtgeschutz 40) & 9/Crew (Kit)


902      28MM British Infantry Zulu War 1877-1881 (Includes 38-figures in various poses with weapons. Attractively boxed.)                32.95



1/87 (HO Scale) Assembled Plastic Military Accessories:

745826 Tents, Assorted Sizes (7) (Boxed)          19.95

745833 Sandbags (200) (Bagged w/header)        16.95

745840 Military Camp Accessories (144) (Includeswheelbarrows, shovels, barrels, hands trucks and more) (Boxed)                                    16.95


KITTY HAWK MODELS (KTY)    made in China

1/48(New Tool) Plastic Model Kits: (Includes highly detailed plastic/photo-etched parts and decals. Attractively boxed.)

80142 Su35 Flanker E Russian Fighter              99.95

80154 UH1D Huey Helicopter                            64.95


HATAKA HOBBY (HTK)                Made in Poland

Custom Acrylic Paint Sets for Modelling (17ml Bottles) (Attractively Boxed.) “Red Line” (Airbrush-Dedicated)

AS70   Modern RAF Since 1950s Vol.3 (8 Colors: Silver, Luminous Orange, BS Light Aircraft Grey, Traffic White, BS Signal Red, BS Roundel Blue, Jet Black Night, BS Golden) 29.99

AS81   Modern German Army AFV Since 1955 (8 Colors: Yellow Olive, Nato Green, Nato Brown, Nato Black, Sand Beige, Grey Beige, Sand Brown, Light Olive)    29.99

AS83   Ultimate Su33 Flanker-D Russian Naval Aviation Service (6 Colors: Dark Grey Blue, UN Blue, Faded Blue Grey, Traffic White, Traffic Red, Willow Green)      22.99

“Blue Line” (Brush-Dedicated)

BS8     RAF in Africa Camouflage (4 Colors: Dark Earth, Mid Stone, Interior Grey Green, Azure Blue)     14.99

BS12   Israeli AF 1970s Desert Colors (6 Colors: Aluminum, Dark Tan, Sand Duck Egg Blue, Pale Green, Green)    22.99

BS33   Early WWII Soviet AF 1937-43  (8 Colors: Aluminum, AE9 Light Grey, A11 Green Protective, A11 Light Blue, AMT7 Greyish Blue, AMT4 Camouflage Green, Night Black, MK7 Temporary White)    29.99

BS53   Early USN & USMC 1919-42 Camouflage  (6 Colors: Aluminum, Light Grey, Insignia  Orange Yellow, Light Gull Grey, Blue Grey, European 1 Grey)       22.99

BS54   Early USN & USMC Section Colors 1931-41 (6 Colors: Insignia Red, True Blue, Willow Green, Lemon Yellow, Insignia White,  Night Black)     22.99

BS73   Modern RAF 1950s-90s Vol.2 (8 Colors: Silver, BS PRU Blue, BS Dark Green, BS Medium Sea Grey, BS Light Aircraft Grey, US Army Desert Sand, BS Camouflage Beige)                   29.99



HO 70-Ton Offset Wood Chip Hopper Car Kits – SRP $17.95

60210        Grand Trunk Western #454003, Ribbed Ext.

60219        Soo Line #68535, Ribbed Ext.

60227        Seaboard #36020, Smooth Ext.


DRAGON MODELS (DML)    Plastic Kits (Boxed)

1040     1/350 German Scharnhorst Battleship 1943 (Re-Issue) (Can build waterline or full-hull version. Includes 6 figures, lots of photo-etched details and Cartograf decals.)                   176.95

3581     1/35 IDF M60 Tank with ERA 50th Anniversary Six-Day War (Includes photo-etch and Cartograf decals.)               82.95

3586     1/35 IDF M3 Halftrack with TCM20 Anti-Aircraft Gun 50th Anniversary Six-Day War (Includes photo-etch and Cartograf decals.)                                        85.95

3809     1/35 WWII German Infantry Weapons Set Pt.1 (Re-Issue) (Includes pistol and rifle models. Total 42)                                 15.95

3816     1/35 WWII German Infantry Weapons Pt. 2 (38) (Re-Issue) (Includes pistol and rifle models. Total 38)                                 15.95



104        Naval Fighter: Brewster F2A Buffalo and  Export Variants Book (Features brief history, interior/exterior details, line drawings, various model kits made and lots of black/white photos. Softcover. 176pgs.)        39.95



12673  1/35 Brummbar Late Production Zimmerit Coating Sheet (Bagged with header)    11.50

31460  1/700 IJN Shimakaze Destroyer (Plastic Kit. Waterline Series, includes decals. Boxed)   29.00


For the Week of July 22, 2017


(Limited Edition Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

8248      1/32 Me163B Komet EJG2 Luftwaffe Rocket Fighter         68.00

64750    1/72 Area 88: F20 Tiger Shark Shin Kazama Kingdom of Arslan Air Force Fighter    43.00



Plastic Kits (Includes decals. Boxed)

2452      1/72 7-Years Wars Austrian & Prussian Infantry (Includes 95 figures. no decals)  24.95

2801      1/16 Swiss Guard (Includes display stand no decals.)             24.95

2803      1/16 Republican Guard (Includes display stand. no decals.)       24.95

3253      1/35 German Type 82 Kuebelwagen with Tent and Two Figures        17.95

3257      1/35 LKW 5t mil gl 4×4 Truck                23.95

3931      1/48 MiG25 RBT Foxbat B Fighter  (Features detailed undercarriage/cockpit and exhaust nozzles.)      74.95

3934      1/72 Vampire F Mk 3 1st Jet Engine Fighter              17.95

5143      1/300 German Class F122 Frigate (Includes 2pc full hull & guided missiles.)             29.95

7032      1/24 Porsche 934 RSR Vaillant Race Car (Features detailed interior/engine and rotating wheels.)        39.95

7051      1/24 McLaren 570S Sports Car (Features detailed interior/engine. Can build left/right hand drive.)     34.95


TAMIYA (TAM)            Plastic Kit

32410    1/35 German 3.5-Ton Truck AHN with 3.7cm FlaK 37 AA Gun (Features angled cab, detailed engine/suspension, gun can be built as towed or in firing position. Includes 4 figures, drums, jerry cans, stowage boxes, etc. and 2 different markings. Boxed)             54.00


SWORD MODELS (SRT)    made in Czech Republic

1/72 Scale Plastic Aircraft Model Kits: (Includes resin parts and decals with various markings. Boxed)  Each $27.99

72104 Fiat G55 Italian Fighter (2 in 1) (New Tool)  (Includes 2-complete kits)

72105 RF80A over Korea USAF Fighter

72106      P80A/B Shooting Star USAF Fighter

BANDAI (BAN)      

Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits (New Tool) (Each includesparts molded in color with decals and instructions. Boxed)

215637  1/144 Star Wars Attack of the Clones: Slave I Jango Fett Version Ship    38.00

216388  1/1000 Star Blazers 2202 Series: UNCFD1 Dreadnought Space Battleship (Includes LED Light)     50.00



7262     Starship Nova Model Rocket Kit (Skill level 3. Flies up to 500ft. 20” L., 15” parachute recovery. Requires engines B4-2 (1st flight), B6-2, C6-3 C6-5. Bagged with header.)            24.99


KAGERO BOOKS (KAG)       Military Book

16049  Super Drawings 3D: Battleship Vittorio Veneto (Features a brief history & general characteristics. Includes scale drawings and lots of color photos. Softcover 82pgs.)   34.95



2241     1/72 B24 Liberator Mk III/IV Coastal Command RAF Patrol Aircraft (Ltd Edition Plastic Kit. Includes decals. Boxed)         100.00



(Each includes decals. Boxed)

1401     1/72 Harrier GR3 Fighter Falklands War 25.99

2772     1/48 Hunter F6/FGA9 Aerobatic Teams Aircraft       49.99

5506     1/720 USS Carl Vinson CVN70 Aircraft Carrier, 1999 (Includes 1pc full hull.)    29.99

6180     1/72 The Last Outpost 1754-1763 French & Indian War Diorama Set (Includes MDF laser cut outpost w/etched details, 32 American Infantry, 49 French Infantry, 17 British Lt. Cavalry, 16 Indian Warriors and battlefield accessories. No decals.)        79.99

6538     1/35 M36B1 90mm Gun US Tank   Destroyer       42.99



1221     1/25 1961 Pontiac Catalina Joe Weatherly’s Stock Race Car (Limited Production Plastic Kit. Features detailed interior/engine. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts & decals. Boxed) 36.95



­­­AM10 Airframe & Miniature 10: The DeHavilland Mosquito Part 2 Fighter, Fighter/Bomber and Night Fighter (Including Sea Mosquito & 1/48 scale drawings. Features evolution, camouflage/markings, stencils with lots of colored and black/white photos. Great book for the Enthusiast and Modeller. Softcover. 208pgs.)    49.95

LIFECOLOR (LFC)      Made in Italy

Acrylic Paint Sets: (6-22ml bottles) – SRP $34.95

CS38   White Wood (Old Peeled Deck, Old Lightened Wood, Rough Light Grey, Rough Light Brown, Stripped Wood, Wooden Grey Umber)

CS39   Leaking Grime Matt, Stains & Damp Satin Glossy (Lime Green, Dirty Green, Brown Green, Vegetable Origin Damp Green, Vegetable Origin Damp Yellow, Dark Mold)

CS40   Stone Grey (Blue Stone, Brown Stone, Dark  Sand Stone, Green Stone, Reddish Stone, Light Stone)


DRAGON MODELS (DML)      Plastic Model Kits

6289   1/35 PzKpfw I Ausf A Early Production Tank (Re-Issue) (New Tool) (Includes Cartograf decals and photo-etch parts)                    54.95

6876   1/35 SdKfz 165 Hummel Initial Production Tank with Winter Tracks (Includes photo-etch/brass parts, aluminum gun barrel w/hollow end and decals)      88.95



1031   1/20 1993 Nissan Hardbody 4×4 Pickup Truck (Includes Cartograf decals)             30.95

1046   1/25 White Freightliner SD/DD Tractor Cab 75th Anniversary (2 in 1) (Features detailed engine/interior. Includes parts to build either version and display back drop)                45.95

1048   1/25 Coca Cola 1970 Ford Louisville Short Hauler (Includes chrome plated parts and decals)          51.95


For the Week of July 15, 2017


Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

7442      1/72 Spitfire Mk VIII Fighter (WeekendEdition)           16.95

8162      1/48 Fokker Dr I Fighter (Profi-Pack)  (Includes photo-etched parts.)     39.95

11104   1/32 P40N Warhawk Fighter (Edu Art Ltd Edition) (Includes mask, film, resin/photo-etched parts boxart poster and vintage style metal wall sign with 3D effect.)            165.00

70105   1/72 Avia Bk534 Aircraft (Prof-Pack) Includes photo-etched parts.)    24.95

84146   1/48 Bf110F4 Fighter  (Weekend Edition)       29.95

SPECIAL HOBBY (SHY)      Made in Czech Republic

Plastic Kits (Includes clear parts, photo-etch & decals. Boxed)

34          1/72 Frrom Series: Gamma 2E Bomber in China (Markings for  China AF & British Aeroplane Experimental) (New Tool)              49.95

48180    1/48 Buffalo Model 239 Taivaan Helmi over Finland Aircraft (Includes resin.)             42.99



High-Quality Military Book Published from Germany.

6038      Technical Manual: US WWII Chevrolet  1 ½-Ton 4×4 Cargo Trucks, M6 Bomb Service & Other Variants (Features comprehensive pictorial with technical description based on the original technical manuals with colored and black/white photos. English text. Softcover. 48pgs.)     19.99



HO Model Railroading Detail Accessories (Bagged w/header)

8295   40-Pane Masonry Window 50″w x 100″h (6)    3.50

8296   PRR Keystone Whistle Post (18)                         6.00

8297   PRR Keystone Ring Sign (18)                               6.00


BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Model Kit

218422 1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #205 RX78AN01 Gundam AN01 Tristan (Molded in color with decals & instructions. Boxed) 17.00




Plastic Figure Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

16101   1/16 SWAT Team Leader (New Tool) (Includes clear goggles & display stand.) 49.99

35696   1/35 French Infantry in Gas Masks 1916 (4)       21.99



19     Scale Model Handbook: Figure Modelling      

Vol.19 (Softcover. 50pgs. Features step-by-step techniques on modeling figures. Content: Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen The Red Baron Roman Legionary 1st Century AD, British 8th Army  in N.Africa 1941-43, Flankenfeuer Le Bourget 1870,Hell on Wheels 2nd US Armored Div. WWII, Francois L’ Olonnais 1634-1671, Dwarf Veteran, SS Panzer Crewman.)      29.95