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For the Week of June 16, 2018

AOSHIMA (AOS)      Plastic Model Kits

55007   1/100 Pirate Ship (Includes vacu-formed sails, rigging thread and decals.)    139.99

1/12 Scale (Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals.)

40980    Kawasaki 900 Super4 Model Z1 Motorcycle     27.99

41659    Kawasaki Zephyr Type IV Motorcycle (Includes photo-etched parts.)    27.99

53270   Kawasaki GPz400F 1984 Model Motorcycle (No chrome-plated parts.)  29.99

55144   Honda CB400 Super4 1992 Model Motorcycle with Custom Parts    38.99

AOSHIMA (AOS) continued

*55311   Kawasaki 900 Super4 Z1 1973 Model Motorcycle with Custom Parts    38.99

1/24 Scale (Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals.)

51634    1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R 2-Door Car with Spoiler (No chrome-plated parts.) 32.99

51641    2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition 4-Door Car with Spoiler     34.99

51801    2016 Toyota 86 GT Limited 2-Door Car  44.99

53171    2009 Nissan GT-R Spec-V 2-Door Car   44.99

53393   1991 Honda Beat PP1 2-Door Sports Car Convertible, Top Down (No chrome-plated parts.) 32.99

53416    1991 Suzuki Cappucino 2-Door Sports Car Convertible, Top Down (No chrome-plated   parts.) 32.99

53454    1979 Toyota E70 Corolla GT/DX 4-Dr Car     29.99

53485    1972 Nissan Skyline 2000GT GC110 4-Door Car      32.99

53584    1999 Mazda FD3S RX-7 GT-C 2-Door Car with Custom Gold Wheels    34.99

54239    2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Sports Car      38.99

54871    1968 FX4 London Black Cab (Taxi)      29.99

55229    2007 Nissan Z33 Fairlady Z Version Nismo Car   38.99

55496    1989 Mazda RX7 Savanna 2-Door Car   34.99

1/32 Snap Kits (Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals.)

54185    Toyota 86 (Subaru BRZ) Car (molded in white peal)   19.99

54192    Toyota 86 (Subaru BRZ) Car (molded in orange metallic)  19.99



707   Damaged Weathered & Worn Models Magazine Issue 4 (Features weathering techniques on such models/figures as; Creeping Death, Lady Liberty Down, Shrike Type1 Border Break, Kraz 256, Viriato, Garden diorama, along with kit reviews, news and more. Softcover. 74pgs.)                9.99



AK1      Aktion Wargame Magazine Issue 1: Scenarios, Tips & Techniques for Wargames (Features Blue Alloy for the Marines, Cosplay market, An Elevation in the Ground, Falcata, Infinity Container, reviews, news and more. Softcover. 86pgs.)       15.99

246        Paper Panzer: Prototypes & What if Tanks Book (Features color profiles and painting/ weathering techniques on such models as; VK16.02 Leopard, E10, Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager, E75 mit Einheitstrum, E25, Maus, E50 radar and more with lots of colored photos. Softcover. 206pgs.)                     59.99

4176     AFV Series: Unfinished German Vehicles Weathering Enamel Set: 3 Colors/35ml, 1 Color/17ml, Graphite and White Chalk Pencils     34.99

4177     Graphite Detailing Pencil                           4.99

4178     White Chalk Lead Pencil                            4.99

Acrylic Paint Sets (17ml Bottles)

2150     Air Series: Israeli Air Force (8 Colors)  37.99

3270     Figure Series: French Uniform Colors (6 Colors)      29.99

5030     Naval Series: Royal Navy Camouflages 1 (6 Colors)     26.99

5040     Naval Series: Royal Navy Camouflages 2 (6 Colors)   26.99




1/72 Highly Detailed Plastic Kits

(Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed) – SRP $64.98

90      Jetstar L1329 TWA Business Jet

94      Jetstar C140 USAF Communication Aircraft

AIRFIX (ARX)               Plastic Model Kit

4015 1/72 Martin B26B Marauder WWII Bomber 26.99 (Includes decals with two different markings.)


BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits

(Includes parts molded in color, instructions & decals. Boxed)

194379 1/12 Star Wars: Stormtrooper Figure  (Snap Kit.)        28.00

224023  1/144 HG Gundam Wing G-Unit Series:  #211 Leo 0Z-06MS 11.00

225751  1/100 Master Grade Series: Gundam F91 Ver. 2.0     44.00

225754  1/144 Star Wars Solo-Astar Wars Story:  Millennium Falcon Lando Calrissian Version        65.00



For the Week of June 9, 2018


Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

2125     1/72 Spitfire IXc British WWII Fighter The Longest Day Dual Combo (Includes resin parts) (Limited Edition)                             44.95

8464     1/48 L29 Delfin Aircraft (Weekend Edition)    39.95

11117   1/48 Typhoon Mk Ib Aircraft (Includes resin parts) (Limited Edition)   64.95

82144   1/48 Fw190A3 Fighter (Profi-Pack)        49.95


87146   Fine Surface Pink Primer L for Plastic and Metal (180ml Spray)                         13.50



22        IDF Armor Series: Merkava Siman  Mk1 in IDF Service Part 2 (Features military history with full colored photos from cover-to-cover plus modelling. Great for the Modeller and Enthusiasts! Softcover. 83pgs.)                    64.95




25     Abrams Squad: The Modern Modelling Magazine Issue #25 (Features MAZ Lifting Up, Diorama T55, M1A1, EBR11, Dark Abyss, reviews and much more. Softcover. 72pgs.)      24.99



1/72 Plastic Kits Made in Czech Republic

(Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed) – SRP $34.99

72113   RT33 Photo-Recon Aircraft (Includes resin/photo-etched parts and various markings; French AF, Italian AF, Royal Netherlands AF, USAF.)

72114   TBM3W Guppy Avenger Aircraft (Includes various markings; USN, RCN & JMSDF.)

72115   TBM3W Guppy Avenger Aeronautique Naval Kon.Marine Aircraft (Includes various markings; French Navy, Koninklijke Marine)



(Each includes decals. Boxed)

764       1/24 Truck Shop Accessories (Re-Issue)         32.99

1362     1/72 Canadair CL415 Firefighting Amphibious Aircraft (Re-Issue)      49.99

1394     1/72 F/A18 Hornet Tiger Meet 2016 Special Color Aircraft      23.99

1409     1/72 F35A Lightning II Fighter                           33.99

1413     1/72 Su27 Flanker Fighter                                  25.99

1417     1/72 HSS1 Seabat Helicopter                             18.99

1419     1/72 X32A & X35B US Joint Strike Fighter Program Aircraft (Includes 2 kits.)   38.99

2514     1/32 F104G/S Starfighter Supersonic Interceptor Aircraft Upgraded Edition with Orpheus Recon Pod (Includes photo-etch.)     134.99

2784     1/48 Arado Ar196A3 Seaplane                          44.99

2785     1/48 SAAB JA37/AJ37 Viggen Fighter             34.99

3845     1/24 Dumper Trailer (Re-Issue) (Build open or closed.)    74.99

3864     1/24 Guard Rail & Road Section Display  (Re-Issue)     27.99

3868     1/24 Timber Trailer (Re-Issue)                          74.99

3870     1/24 Wheels, Rims & Mud Guards for Tractor Trailers & Tankers (Re-Issue)             19.99

3888     1/24 20′ Shipping Container (Re-Issue)           34.99

3889     1/24 Rubber Truck Tires (8) (Re-Issue)     17.99

3890     1/24 Rubber Trailer Tires (8) (Re-Issue)         17.99

4704     1/12 Alfa Romeo 179/179C Formula 1 Race Car (New Tool) (Highly detailed. Can build 1 of 2 versions. Features working steering wheel/ suspension, removable cowling.)                      184.99

6179     1/72 American Civil War 1864 Farmhouse Battle Diorama Set (Contains 50ea. Union/ Confederate Infantry, 17 Confederate Cavalry, Confederate/Union artillery; 6 guns/28 figures/ limber w/6 horses, emplacements/access.)      84.99

6182     1/72 Battle at Malinava 1944 Diorama Set, Eastern Front (Contains 50 German figs., 48 Russian Infantry, three MDF laser-cut buildings, two Tiger I Ausf E tanks, IS2 tank, T34/85 tank, ZIS3 AT gun with 6 figures.)                              94.99

6549     1/35 German Steyr RSO/01 Tracked Tractor with 7/Soldiers & Accessories   39.99

6554     1/35 M978 Fuel Servicing Truck                       66.99

6555     1/35 M6 WC55 Dodge Gun Motor Carriage with Anti-Tank Gun and Figure      17.99

6559     1/35 Leopard 2A4 Tank                                      39.99




Just Plug Series (Attractive clamshell package)

5680     Sequencing Light Hub (Features individually sequence lights on/off, dimmer control and adjustable sequence speed.)                               24.99

5681     Port Sharing Device (Connect to light hub or sequencing light hub, add more lights per light port.)                                                              8.99

5682     Battery Case (Provides power without electrical access, compatible with light/sequencing/expansion hubs. Great for modular layouts & dioramas.) 5.99

5683     Extension Wire (Use with cable kit. Soft  insulation for easy stripping.)       8.99

5684     Extension Cable Kit (Use with extension wire. Create custom length extension cables. fast and easy connection.)                                                 6.99

5685     Linker Plugs (Plugs into light port. Control street/wall lights. fast and easy connection.)  8.99

5686     Splicer Plugs (For fast wire connections. Easy to use buttons and easily splice wires after cutting for installation.)                                                    3.99


Plastic Model Kits Made in China (Boxed)

1041      1/35 M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) Vehicle  New Tool!       SRP $119.95

Kit consists of over 500 parts, including photo-etched parts. Features full drive train assembly, hollow rubber tires & clear parts.

1683      1/72 USAF F106B Delta Dart Fighter  New Variant!        SRP $47.95

Kit consists of over 130 parts including fuselage and wing with finely engraved panel lines, plus clear parts for canopy.

5805      1/48 L39ZA Albatros Aircraft   SRP $59.95

New Variant!  Kit consists of over 140 parts, including photo-etched parts, fuselage, and wing with finely engraved panel lines.

5810      1/48 Fairey Firefly Mk I Fighter  New Tool!                 SRP $66.95

Kit consists of over 100 parts including photo-etch parts, fuselage and wing finely engraved panel lines.

6708      1/700 USS Enterprise CV6 Aircraft Carrier New Tool!         SRP $54.95

Kit consists of over 390 parts, including photo-etched parts, detailed 1pc hull, flight/hangar deck, three aircraft; TBD1, SBD3,  F4F4, along with ship and aircraft decals.

7128      1/72 Soviet KV122 Heavy Tank New Variant!          SRP $21.95

Kit consist of over 50 parts, including lower/upper hull, turret, and tracks.

7164      1/72 German Tiger Tank with 88mm kwk L/71 New Variant!    SRP $21.95

Kit consists of over 80 parts, including lower hull and base.

7170      1/72 US M26 Heavy Tank with 90mm T15E2M2 New Variant!   SRP $21.95

Kit consists of over 110 parts including upper/lower hulls, tracks and base.

9527      1/35 Russian T80UD Main Battle Tank New Variant!      SRP $92.95

Kit consists of over 940 parts, including copper cable, photo-etched details and individual track links.

9528      1/35 Russian T14 Armata Main Battle Tank New Tool!                 SRP $84.95

Kit consists of over 730 parts, including individual track links, photo-etched parts and copper cable.

9540      1/35 PzKpfw VI Ausf.E SdKfz 181 Tiger 1 Tank Late Production with Zimmerit New Tool!                    SRP $59.95

Kit consists of over 510 parts including photo-etch parts and individual track links.

9544      1/35 Russian KV3 Heavy Tank  SRP $64.95

New Variant!  Kit consists of over 320 parts, including plastic tracks, photo-etched parts and copper cable.

9549      1/35 Russian BMO-T Heavy Armored Personnel Carrier       SRP $94.95

New Tool!  Kit consists of over 900 parts, including photo-etched details and individual track links.

9552      1/35 Russian BMR3 Armored Mine Clearing Vehicle        SRP $94.95

New Tool! Kit consists of over 1000 parts, including photo-etched details, metal chain, brass wire and individual track links.


BANDAI (BAN)        Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits

1/12  STAR WARS Series: Snap Figure Kits. (Includes parts molded in color, decals and instructions. Boxed)

191408   Darth Vader                                              28.00

207572   Kylo Ren Dark Side Warrior                 33.00



1094    1/25 Coca Cola 1955 Chevy Cameo Pickup Truck (Features detailed engine/interior. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals, Plus die cast vending machine and dolly.) 35.95  

POLAR LIGHTS (PLL)       New Tool!

952        1/1000 Star Trek Deep Space Nine: USS Defiant (Snap Kit. Includes clear parts, decals and dome base. Molded in grey.) 29.95


Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

24347   1/24 LaFerrari Yellow Version Sports Car (Features detailed engine bay/interior. Includes clear parts, mask and grill material.)      70.00

32594   1/48 British Churchill Mk VII Crocodile Tank (New Tool) (Includes figure.)        36.00

35358   1/35 German Wespe Self-Propelled Howitzer Tank w/Crew, Italian Front   (Includes 4 figures.)          45.00

ACCURAIL (ACU)       HO Freight Car Kits (Boxed)

2003   New York Central ACF 3-Bay Centerflow Covered Hopper      18.98

3555   Western Maryland 40′ AAR Steel Boxcar 17.98

4853   Denver & Rio Grande Western 40′ Wood Reefer        18.98

7737   Baltimore & Ohio 50-Ton Offset-Side Twin Hopper  17.98




Plastic Kits (Boxed)

3605      1/35 M1120 Terminal High Altitude Area Defense Missile Launcher (Includes clear/ photo-etch parts, metal launch tubes and Cartograf decals.)           147.95

6214      1/35 Panzer Crew LAH Division, Russia 1943 (5) (Re-Issue)                     14.95

6513      1/35 Panzer Riders, Winter 1943-44 (4)  (Re-Issue)       16.95

7051      1/700 USS Lexington CV16 Aircraft Carrier (Re-Issue) (Can build as waterline or full hull version. Includes clear/photo-etch parts and Cartograf decals.)     58.95

7377      1/72 Kfz 70 6×4 Personnel Carrier with 3.7cm PaK 35/36 Gun (Re-Issue) (Includes clear parts and Cartograf decals.)           26.95


HATAKA HOBBY (HTK)                Made in Poland

“Blue Line” (Brush-Dedicated) Custom Acrylic Paint Set for Modelling (8 Colors, 17ml Bottles) (Attractively Boxed)

BS94     Late WWII German AFV 1943-45          38.99




Military History Books (Softcover)

CBT33   Combat: US Airborne Soldier vs German Soldier Sicily, Normandy & Operation Market Garden 1943-44                 20.00

MAA519 Men at Arms: Latin American Wars 1900-1941 “Banana Wars”, Border Wars  & Revolutions          18.00

V259     Vanguard: US Flush-Deck Destroyers 1916-45 Caldwell, Wickers & Clemson Classes             18.00

WP62    Weapon: Trapdoor Springfield from the Little Bighorn to Dan Juan Hill   20.00



For the Week of May 26, 2018

KITTY HAWK MODELS (KTY)     Made in China

32018   1/32 F5E Tiger II Fighter (New Tool)   129.99 (Highly Detailed Plastic Kit. Includes resin nozzles/2 figures, clear/ photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)



1/35 Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (New Tool) Made in China

(Each includes clear/photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

35001    M-ATV MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle (Re-Issue)   62.99

35027    M1240A1 MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle  (M-ATV)           71.99

35031    Buffalo A2 MPCV Mine Protected  Clearance Vehicle (New Tool)               71.9


ACY-12554 1/72 F15K Slam Eagle ROK Air Force Multi-Role Fighter Snap)$39.00

ACY-13507  1/35 M163 Vulcan Air Defense System Tank $44.50



AIG-SM14 Static Model Manual 14: Fighter Propeller WWII One Hundred & One Tips $39.95

AIG-SMG1 Survival Modelling Guide $29.95



N Harriman Coach US Army Troop Carrier $29.98

MDP-88641N Harriamn Combine US Army Kitchen & Mess Hall $29.98

MDP-88651 N Harriman Observation US Army Hospital Car $29.98



VLW-AA13 Airframe Album 13: The Heinkel He162 Volksjager $44.95


ZVE-3556 1/35 Soviet BTR70 Personnel Carrier $41.99

ZVE-3590 1/35 Russian T80B Main Battle Tank $41.99

ZVE-3684 1/35 Russian Contemporary Tank Crew (3) $12.99

ZVE-5017 1/72 German Panzer IV Ausf H Medium Tank $23.99

ZVE-6217 1/72 German Sniper Team (4) (Snap) $5.99

ZVE-7268 1/72 Russian Su24MR Recon Aircraft  $33.99

ZVE-90611/350 Russian Yury Dolgorukiy Borey Class Nuclear Ballistic Submarine

AMT-1098 1/25 1966 Mercury Hardtop Car $31.95

ARX-1087 1/72 Fokker E III Eindecker German Fighter $9.99

ARX-2105 1/72 Folland Gnat T1 Jet Trainer Aircraft $13.99

ARX-4052 1/72 BAe Sea Harrier FA2 Fighter (Re-Issue) $26.99


BAN-224025 1/144 HG Universal Century Series: RX79(G) Gundam Ground Type Gundam 08th MS Team

RIH-35026 1/35 3.7cm PaK36 Anti-Tank Gun (2) $34.95

RIH-35031 1/35 Selbsfahrlatte 731(e) Bren Carrier w/2.8cm sPzB41 Gun $59.95




For the Week of May 19, 2018


DRAGON MODELS (DML)   Plastic Model Kit

3611     1/35 M48A5 105mm Gun Tank (Includes clear parts, photo-etch, metal cable and Cartograf Decals)              82.95


SPECIAL HOBBY (SHY)  Made in Czech Republic

Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

32055   1/32 WWII Hawker Tempest Mk VI Fighter                                 96.99

48044   1/48 Lloyd CV Serie 82 BiPlane Fighter  (New Tool) (Includes photo-etch & resin parts)                            52.99

48046   1/48 Blackburn Skua Mk II Fighter Norwegian Campaign (Re-Issue) (Includes  photo-etch & resin parts)                        59.99

48167   1/48 L39ZA Albatros Attacker/Fighter (Includes photo-etch & resin parts)      64.99

72138   1/72 Messerschmitt Me209V1 Fighter  (New Tool)         27.99

72327   1/72 Dornier Do27 German, Spanish & Belgian Service Aircraft (New Tool)  (Includes photo-etch)      32.99

72340   1/72 Blohm & Voss BV155V1 Karawanken Aircraft (Includes resin parts) 29.99

72376   1/72 CASA C212-100 Portuguese Tail Arts Transport Aircraft (Includes photo-etch & resin parts)               59.99

72386   1/72 Mirage F1EQ/ED Fighter (Includes photo-etch & resin parts)           34.99



Plastic Kits (Includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

7446     1/72 Avia B534 I Serie Fighter Aircraft (Weekend Edition)              14.95

8113     1/48 Albatros D V BiPlane (Profi-Pack) (Includes photo-etch)            39.95

11116   1/48 Bf109F4 & Bf109G2 Afrika Fighter Dual Combo (Limited Edition) (Includes photo-etch & resin parts)            89.95

70141   1/72 MiG21MF Interceptor Aircraft (Profi-Pack)       33.95


For the Week of May 12, 2018


Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

25401   1/35 German PzKpfw VI Tiger I (SdKfz 181) Ausf E Late Version Tank with Ace Commander & 3 Crew (Re-Issue)                      47.00

25415  1/24 Citroen 2CV Car (Limited Re-Issue)  (Features detailed exterior/interior/engine,  front hood is removable, can build with open/ closed   roof.  Includes clear/chrome-plated parts.)      34.00


Osprey Publications

D86 Duel: Cromwell vs Jagdpanzer IV Normandy 1944 $20.00

C321 Campaign: Tenochtitlan 1519-21 Clash of Civilizations 24.00

V258 Vanguard: Italian Cruisers of World War II $18.00

CA125 Combat Aircraft: US Navy F4 Phantom II Units of the Vietnam War 1969-73 $23.00

CBT32 Combat: US Marine vs German Soldier Belleau Wood

MAA518 Men at Arms: Polish Legions 1914-19 $18.00


BANDAI (BAN)     Sci-Fi Plastic Kits & Accessory

(Parts molded in color. Includes decals & instructions. Boxed)

1/100 Master Grade Series:

76371    Gundam RX79(G) Ground Type             33.00

77634    Gundam RX79(G) EZ8                             32.00

100567 MS07B3 Gouf Custom                             32.00

131412 RB79 Middle-Range Support Type Mobile Pod Ball Ver. Ka    25.00

148083  Strike Freedom Gundam ZGMF-X20A (Re-release)        52.00

160998 Gundam Astray Blue Frame 2nd Revise 52.00

1/144 HG Future Century Series:

163118 #110 GF13-017NJII G Gundam Neo Japan Mobile Fighter   20.00

170961 #128 Master Gundam & Fuunsaiki Neo Hong Kong Mobile Fighter   28.00

1/144 HG Universal Century Series:

173901 #134 RX0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Destroy Mode 20.00

181329 #152 RGM96X Jesta Cannon                  22.00

183663  #162 XXXG01W Wing Gundam  (Re-release)        18.00

186522  #174 XXXG00W0 Wing Gundam Zero   (Re-release)     17.00

  1/100 Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Series:

201886 #001 Gundam Barbatos (Re-release)   27.00

1/144 Gundam Real Grade Series:

219594 #026 MS06R2 Johnny Ridden’s Zaku II 33.00

221060 #027 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn 42.00

225888 RX0(N) Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee

Norn (Premium Unicorn Mode Box)      42.00

1/144 HG Gundam The Origin Series:

225730  #021 RX78-01 Gundam FSD                  24.00

1/144 Build Fighters High Grade Series:

201304  #043 Kamiki Burning Gundam

(Re-release)       21.00

220705 #64 Cherudim Gundam Saga Type GBF 21.00

1/144 HG Petit’Gguy Series:

200582 #001 Burning Red Beargguy Gundam Build Fighter   6.00

207602 #006 Cha Cha Brown Beargguy Gundam Build Fighter       6.00

207603 #007 Pandagguy Gundam Build Fighter          7.00



For the Week of April 28, 2018


Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

3609      1/35 IDF 1/4-Ton 4×4 Truck with MG34 Machine Guns 50th Anniversary Six-Day War (Includes photo-etched parts.)        46.95

6912      1/35 German Railway Gondola Typ Ommr w/2cm Flak 38 Gun (New Tool)  (Includes photo-etched parts.)          76.95

7567      1/72 M4A3(76) W VVSS Sherman Tank, Battle of the Bulge        20.95


7023      1/144 Tupolev Tu204-100 ‘Red Wings’ Passenger Airliner (Includes decals.)    36.99


1082      1/20 1992 Toyota 4×4 Pickup Truck     35.95 (Features movable front wheels, detailed interior/chassis, raised high-rider suspension. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals.)


For the Week of April 21, 2018


Custom Acrylic Paint Sets for Modelling Made in Poland (17ml Bottles) (Attractively Boxed.)

   “Red Line” (Airbrush-Dedicated)

AS94  Late WWII German AFV 1943-45 (8 Colors dk muster, dk grey, dk yellow Ausgabe 1944,olive green (RLM62), chocolate brown, green,red primer base, acrylic temporary white)          38.99

AS95  WWII Soviet AFV (6 Colors; dk moss green(ZB AU), 4BO protective green, ZO protectivegreen, dk brown 6K, sand 7K, acrylic temporary white)     28.99

    “Blue Line” (Brush-Dedicated)

BS2     Early Luftwaffe 1937-40 Camouflage  (4 Colors; black-green (RLM70), dk green

(RLM71), grey (RML02), lt blue (RLM65)        18.99


ICM PLASTIC MODELS (ICM)  Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

16008   1/16 Royal Canadian Mounted Police Female Officer w/Dog (New Tool)  44.99

24006   1/24 American Fire Truck Crew, 1910s (2) (New Tool)   18.99

35367   1/35 WWII Soviet T34/85 Medium Tank (Includes clear parts and decals.)    54.99

35704   1/35 US Infantry in Gas Masks, 1918 (4)        16.99

48262   1/48 WWII German He111H6 Bomber (Includes clear parts and decals.)  81.99




35238    1/35 M60A2 Patton Early Main Battle Tank (Features detailed driving compartment/ chassis/suspension. Includes metal gun barrel, clear/photo-etched parts & decals. Boxed)     84.99



Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

5569      1/48 Fw190A5/U14 Aircraft (Includes photo-etched parts.)       42.95

6300      1/35 PzKpfw IV Ausf H Late Tank (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etched parts.)       82.95

6556      1/35 PzKpfw IV Ausf J Mid Production Tank 1944 (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etched parts.)        82.95

7565      1/72 BT42 Tank (New Tool)           20.95



1/24 Plastic Figure Kits Made in Ukraine (New Tool) (Boxed)

24025   Ancient Greek Medusa                                       16.95

24041   Erica & Kery Hitchhikers with Suitcase          16.95

24042   Stan Long Haul Thompson Trucker, Standing         14.95

24043   Jimmy Tex Haywood Trucker, Standing with one Foot Raised      14.95



1/35 Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

35281    Soviet Soldiers Riders (Special Edition)  (Includes 5 figures in various poses.)               15.99

35571    Wine Bottles & Wooden Crates (Includes decals.)     21.99

35580    Milk Cans with Small Cart (New Tool) (Includes photo-etched parts.) 15.99

35585    Accessories for Buildings: Gutter,Fence, Various Doors, Windows and

Lamp Posts (New Tool)          21.99


For the Week of April 14, 2018


Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Attractively Boxed)

1398      1/72 F100F Super Sabre USAF Fighter  (Re-Issue)      19.99

1403      1/72 Tornado IDS 311 GV RSV Italian Aircraft 60th Anniversary (Re-Issue)    24.99

1405      1/72 KA6D Intruder USN Refueling Aircraft (Re-Issue)      27.99

2673      1/48 SBD5 Dauntless Dive Bomber  (Re-Issue)       39.99

2769      1/48 Ju87B2/R2 Picchiatello Dive Bomber (Includes photo-etched parts.) 49.99

2779      1/48 Chinook HC2/CH47F Helicopter             69.99

3784      1/24 Iveco Magirus DLK26-12 Fire Engine Ladder Truck (Re-Issue) (Features working and extendible ladder.)      79.99

3931      1/24 Volvo FH16 “Viking” Tractor Cab  (New Tool)        82.99

4703      1/12 Fiat 500F Version 1968 Car (New Tool)  (Features open/close top, opening doors, front/rear opening bonnets, and working suspensions. Includes chrome-plated and photo-etched parts.)         179.99

5620      1/35 WWII German Schnellboot S38 Torpedo Boat w/4.0cm Flak 28 (Bofors) (New Tool) (Includes over 600 detailed parts, 2pc full hull, photo-etched parts and markings for three versions; S105, S51, S46.)                 249.99

6546      1/35 SdKfz 4/1 15cm Panzerwerfer 42 Rocket Launcher (Includes optional track links; rubber or plastic.)    39.99

6553      1/35 Carro Armato L6/40 Tank (Re-Issue)     32.99

7072      1/72 SdKfz 265 Kleine Panzerbefehlswagen Tank (New Tool)          16.99


WARBIRD DECALS (WBS)      Military Aircraft Decals

Colorful graphic schemes w/decoration guide. (Bagged)

132008  1/32 P51B Shangri La, Salem Representative  (Re-Issue)         14.95

132125  1/32 P51D/B Jan, Impatient Virgin                  19.95

132126  1/32 P51D/B My Achin Back, The Mighty Mite     19.95

132129  1/32 P51D Iron Ass, One Mustang/ One Mustang    19.95

148177  1/48 P51D Iron Ass, One Mustang/ One Mustang   19.95

148178  1/48 P51D/B Jan, Impatient Virgin                  19.95



4431      1/24 1953 Chevy Bel Air Car (3 in 1)              24.95

(Plastic Kit. Can build as stock, custom or lowrider version. Features detailed engine. Includes chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)


Military History Books (Softcover)

C320     Campaign: Brittany 1944 Hitler’s Final Defenses in France     24.00

CA124  Combat Aircraft: Short Stirling Units of World War II     23.00



17315    HO Wood-Type Boat Pier with Docks (Plastic Kit. Attractively Carded)    37.95



AM8      Airframe & Miniature 8: The DeHavilland Mosquito Part 1 Bomber & Photo Recon (Re-Issue) (Softcover. 192pgs. Features history, evolution, camouflage/markings, colour porfiles and model building section with lots of photos. Great book for the Enthusiast & Modeller.)    49.95

BANDAI (BAN)     Sci-Fi Plastic Kits & Accessory

(Parts molded in color. Includes decals & instructions, Boxed)

25825   LED Yellow Lighting Unit        7.00   (Requires batteries; LR41 x 2)                   

HG Pacific Rim Series: (Snap Kit) – SRP $25.00

224768  Obsidian Fury

1/144 Gundam Real Grade Series: – SRP $42.00

216741   Unicorn Gundam RX-O



Model Rocket Kits (Bagged with header)

7265      Space Crater Egg Launcher (Skill Level E2X. Flies up to 650ft. 18.5” long. Parachute recovery. Requires engines B6-4 1st launch, C6-3, C6-5)        22.99

7272      Mini A Heli (Skill Level 3. Flies up to 400ft. 17” long. Helicopter recovery. Requires engines A10-3T)                                        14.99


FUJIMI (FJM)           Plastic Kits (Boxed)

3971      1/24 1995 Honda Odyssey L-Type (4WD) S-Type 4-Door Mini Van (Includes clear parts, metal axle and decals.)                  42.98

12650   1/24 BMW M635CSi 2-Door Sports Car (Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals.)           64.98


For the Week of April 7, 2018


3308     1/76 Challenger I British Main Battle Tank  (Features revolving turret, vinyl tracks, base & decals for two versions.)                               9.95

5606     1/96 USS United States Frigate (Features  2-part hull, brass plating, detailed deck & superstructure, authentic sails including studding sails, guns, cannon, life boats, rigging, display stands, flag chart.)                                       179.95



4480  1/25 1994 Chevy Impala SS (Features detailed LT V8 engine, pre-painted window lines, molded in white, chrome-plated parts & soft black tires)  24.95



Plastic Model Kits Made in China (Boxed)

1681     1/72 Mig31M Foxhound Russian Fighter New Variant!     SRP $69.95 Kit consists of over 330 parts.

5808     1/48 DeHavilland DH110 Sea Vixen FAW2 British Fighter    SRP $89.95 New Tool! Kit consists of over 140 parts including photo-etched details.

5909     1/144 HMS Astute British Submarine New Tool!       SRP $74.95 Kit consists of over 30 parts including photo-etched details and display stand.

5911     1/144 Japanese Soryu Class Attack Submarine New Tool!    SRP $74.95 Kit consists of over 40 parts including display stand.

7124     1/72 German E50 Flakpanzer Tank  New Variant!       SRP $21.95 Kit consists of over 40 parts including turret and tracks.

7144     1/72 Russian T80B Main Battle Tank New Tool!       SRP $22.95 Kit consists of over 40 parts.

7150     1/72 Soviet T28 Medium Tank with welded turret New Tool!     SRP $22.95 Kit consists of over 60 parts.

9507     1/35 Russian T72B2 (Rogataka) Main Battle Tank New Variant!   SRP $92.95 Kit consists of over 1300 parts including copper cable, photo-etched details and individual track links.



12683    1/72 Kawasaki Ki61Id Hein (Tony)  Camouflage Decals        4.50

60789    1/72 Kawasaki Ki61Id Hien (Tony) Fighter  (New Tool) (Plastic Model Kit)    27.00



Each includes clear parts & decals with various markings.

4061 1/72 Bristol Blenheim Mk IV Bomber        26.99

6015 1/72 B25C/D Mitchell Bomber (New Tool) 34.99

6016 1/72 FG1 Phantom Aircraft (New Tool)    34.99

6105 1/48 Hawker Sea Fury FB II Fighter   (New Tool)             34.99

AFV CLUB (AFV)          1/35 Plastic Kits (Boxed)

35042   M42A1 Duster Late Type Tank with Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun, Vietnam War  (Re-Issue) (Features detailed fightingcompartment. Includes metal gun barrels, photo-etched parts and decals.)                  74.99

35238   M60A2 Patton Early Main Battle Tank (Features detailed driving compartment/chassis/suspension. Includes metal gun barrel, clear/photo-etch parts and decals.) 84.99



Ancient Wooden Kits (Easy to assemble. Each includes pre-cut/die cut wood pieces that are pegged, glue, sandpaper and instructions. Attractively Boxed)

50          Roman Ballista, for Ages 14+                 29.95

51          Trojan Horse, for Ages 8+                       36.95

52          Roman Catapult, for Ages 14+               29.95


For the Week of March 31, 2018

LND-612 1/12 Jolly Roger in the Pinch of Peril Diorama: Skeletons & Quicksand

NOC-15800 HO Zombies (6)


PYS-48583 54mm Army Camp Equipment Playset (10pcs) (Bagged) (BMC Toys)

PYS-96243 Aircraft Carrier Playset (Plastic w/Die Cast Access) (Daron)


ACU-1804 HO Norfolk & Western 36′ Dbl Sheath Wood Boxcar w/Wood Ends

ACU-5826 HO Baltimore & Ohio 50′ AAR Plug Door Steel Boxcar

ACU-80961 HO NRCC Pet Milk 40′ Wood Reefer (Limited)

ACU-80962 HO NRCC Quiroga & Co. Inc. Exporter Eggs 40′ Wood Dairy Reefer

ACU-80963 HO NRCC Ohlhausen Cheese Co. 40′ Wood Reefer (Limited)


Plastic Kits (Each includes various markings. Boxed)

7115      1/48 Junkers Ju87R2/B2 Stuka German Dive Bomber         41.99

11005    1/72 Avro Shackleton AEW2 RAF Patrol    Aircraft        62.99



Highly Detailed Plastic Kits Made in China (Each includes clear parts and decals. Attractive full-colored boxed)

CS3        1/24 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 2-Door 10th Anniversary Edition     77.99

SS13      1/35 US M911 C-HET (8×6) Heavy Tractor   & M747 Heavy Equipment Semi-Trailer  (Features movable trailer ramps. Includes photo-etched parts and metal axles.)   224.99

TS36      1/35 Merkava Mk 4M Israeli Main Battle Tank with Trophy Active Protection System  (Commander’s Cupola can build as open/closed. Includes photo-etched parts.)        94.99


For the Week of March 24, 2018


Scatchbuilding Supplies Made in The Netherlands.  (Bagged with header)

80101   0.4mm Square Mesh Galvanized Steel Grating Metal Sheet 7.9”x5.5”     6.99

80102   0.6mm Square Mesh Galvanized Steel Grating Metal Sheet 7.9”x5.5”  6.99

80103   0.8mm Square Mesh Galvanized Steel Grating Metal Sheet 7.9”x5.5”    6.99

80115   5.7mm Square Mesh Galvanized Steel Grating Metal Sheet 7.9”x5.5”   4.99

81010   5.7mm Square Mesh Aluminum Grating Metal Sheet 7.9”x5.5”    6.99

82005   1.1mm Square Mesh Stainless Steel Grating Metal Sheet 7.9”x5.5”   6.99

82015   6.0mm Square Mesh Stainless Steel Grating Metal Sheet 7.9”x5.5”   6.99

82023   1.7mm x 3.5mm Diamond Mesh Stainless Steel Grating Metal Sheet 7.9”x5.5”  10.99


 DORAWINGS (DWN)   Made in Ukraine  

1/48 Plastic Kits (NEW TOOL!) (Each includes

clear/ photo-etched parts, mask and decals. Attractively boxed)

48001   Gee Bee R2 Super Sportster Aircraft      44.99

48002   Gee Bee R1 Super Sportster Aircraft      44.99

48003   TP63E King Cobra Two-Seater Aircraft 56.99

48004   P63E King Cobra Single-Seat Aircraft    56.99


Tank Craft Series (Softcovers. Features informative text,

black/white and color photos.) – Each SRP $22.95

895       Volume 8: Jagdpanther Tank Destroyer German Army & Waffen SS Western Europe 1944-45

1243     Volume 7: Panzer I & II Blueprint for Blitzkreig 1933-41

1281     Volume 6: Panzer IV 1939-1945

1328     Volume 5: T34 Russian’s Armoured Spearhead


BMC TOYS (PYS)                Snap Plastic Kit

49996    54mm Bombed Farm House (Re-Issue)  (Authentic diorama accessory.  Features removable roof. Bagged with header.)   14.95


Books: (Softcovers)

AH12    Aces High Magazine Issue 12: Hydro  (Features modeling and weathering/water techniques on; Kingfisher, Catalina, Walrus Mk I and  Hansa Branderburg.)            16.99

2925      The Best of Aces High Magazine Vol.1  (Features modeling and weathering techniques on; P47, Sopwith Pup, Bf109E4, A6M5 Model 52, and Bf109F4.)           24.99

8050      FAQ Dioramas 1.2 Extension: Water, Ice & Snow Modeling Guide Book (Features painting and wreathing techniques with using water, ice and snow effects on dioramas.)       49.99

Real Colors Series: Acrylic Lacquer Paint Sets

(3 Colors, 10ml Bottles)

RCS22   Basic Clear Colors                                               13.99

RCS23   Complementary Clear Colors                            13.99

Air Series: Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors, 17ml Bottles)

2230      WWII USN & USMC Aircraft Colors               26.99

Diorama Series:

8012      Resin Ice Effect 2-Components Epoxy (Includes resin (120ml), hardener agent (30ml), ice surfacer effect (17ml) & two syringes,)     44.99

8038      Moss Texture 100ml Bottle                                9.99

8042      Natural Leaves & Plants Neutral Protection Acrylic 250ml Bottle          19.99

8045      Dried Sea Grass                                                    7.99


Model Car Accessories and Plastic Kits (Boxed)

PP18      1/25 1957 Fantasy Parts Pack (Includes chrome-plated diamond-tuft quilted quad seats/Baby moon wheel caps/shifter/side pipes/bumperetts/rolled rear pan and four Firestone tires with gold/white pinstripe.) 16.95

PP19      1/25 Firestone Double Pinstripe Tire Pack  (Includes 4 each; Deluxe Champion and Narrow “Pie Crust” Drag slicks.)            15.95

1080      1/537 Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC1701 Refit (Includes decals, dome base with metal rod, plus shuttle craft kit. Complete kit measures 22” long.)    38.95

1105      1/25 1969 Olds 442 W30 Car (Can build stock or custom with optional parts. Features detailed interior/engine. Includes clear/chrome- plated parts and decals.)  31.95

1092      1/25 1962 Pontiac Catalina Polyglas Gasser II Car   31.95


IBG MODELS (IBG)         Made in Poland

72031    1/72 Otter Light Recon Car (Plastic Kit. Includes photo-etched & decals. Boxed) 19.95



1/12 Plastic Kits (Each includes optional skeleton parts,

diorama base and accessories. Boxed) – SRP $23.99

611        Jolly Roger Dismay be the End Diorama: Pirate Skeleton & Alligator

612        Jolly Roger in the Pinch of Peril Diorama: Skeletons & Quicksand



888        1/25 1986 Chevy El Camino SS with Trail Bike (features detailed engine/interior/ truck bed. Includes chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)       31.95



AMP KITS (APK)        Made in Russia

Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

48002   1/48 R5/S51 USAF Rescue Helicopter   (New Tool)      69.95

72002   1/72 Fairey Ultra Light British Military  Helicopter (New Tool) (Also includes

photo-etch, resin and mask.)   39.95


UNIMODELS (UNM)           Made in Ukraine

Plastic Kits (Each includes photo-etch parts & decals. Boxed)

288   1/72 Sturmhaubitze 42 Auf G Tank with Saukopf Mantle       24.95

452   1/72 Sherman V Tank with FL10 Turret  (Also includes resin and metal parts.)    29.95



1/35 Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

35151   US Horsemen Normandy 1944 (Includes 2 figures and 2 horses.)      15.99

35232   T60 Late Series Screened Gorky Plant Tank with Full Interior (Includes photo-

etched parts and decals.)         53.99

35262   Soviet Su76M Tank with 5 Crew (Special Edition) (Features workable track links. Includes photo-etched parts and decals.) 48.99

35263   Panzerschreck RPzB54 & Ofenrohr RPzB43 Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher Set

(Includes photo-etched parts and decals.) 18.99

37029   Tiran 4 Late Type Tank with Full Interior  (New Tool) (Includes clear/photo-etched  parts and decals.)                                      78.99



Plastic Kits Made in Russia (Attractively Boxed)

CATALOG   2018 Catalog                                        6.50

3654      1/35 Russian Ural 4320 Army Truck (New Tool) (Includes clear parts and decals.) 49.99

6216      1/72 German Anti-Tank Rifle Team (Snap. Includes 4 figures in various posed.)       5.99

7315      1/72 Soviet MI24P Hind Attack Helicopter (Includes clear parts and decals.)           33.99