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For the Week of February 10, 2018


Plastic Model Kits Made in China (Boxed)

1049     1/35 US M270/A1 Multiple Launch Rocket System -New Variant!          SRP $139.95 Kit consists of over 900 parts including a copper tube and photo etched details.

3226     1/32 Mig29UB Fulcrum Russian Fighter – New Variant!       SRP $174.95

Kit consists of over 600 parts including a metal gear strut and photo etched details.

6717     1/700 HMS Nelson British Battleship, 1944 – New Tool!       SRP $63.95

Kit consists of over 420 parts including photo etched details.

7146     1/72 Russian T-62 Mod 1962  Main Battle Tank – New Tool!       SRP $22.95

Kit consists of over 40 parts.

9542     1/35 German StuG E100 Tank New Variant!     SRP $56.95

Kit consists of over 290 parts including photo-etched details and rubber tracks.

9969     High Quality Scraper Tool       SRP $15.95

Stainless steel modeling tool used to cut & shave plastic part edges.


MARK I MODELS (MKX)       Made in Czech Republic

1/144 Injection-Molded Plastic Model Kits (Each includes clear parts & decals w/various markings. Full-colored boxed)

14462    Dornier Do17Z2/3 Western Front German Bomber    32.99

14479    Hawker Hunter F6A/FGA9 Elegant Fighter (2 in 1)             29.99

14480    Hawker Hunter FR10/FR71A/FGA73A Recce Fighter (2 in 1)       29.99

14495    LET L13/TZ13 Blanik Military Service Two-Seater Glider (2 in 1) (New Tool)       21.99



1081      1/25 1965 Lincoln Continental Car        31.95 (Can build convertible or wagon version. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals. Retro-Deluxe Packaging)



HO White Bronze Detail Switch Frog Sets (Bagged w/header)

927        Code 83 Manganese #9 Set with Plastic Railbars       8.95

928        Code 70 Manganese #8 Set with Plastic Railbars     8.95

930        Code 55 #8 with Switch Points & Pewter Guards/Railbars Set   15.75



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

20320    1/24 BMW 318i 4-Dr Car (Ltd Edition)  (Includes clear parts.)     53.00

20321    1/24 Jaguar XJ-S V12 Car (Ltd Edition) (Features detailed engine. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts.)          55.00

40154    1/450 JMSDF Hyuga DDH Helicopter Destroyer (New Tool) (Includes 2pc. full

hull, P25J rescue work vehicle, towing vehicle, crane truck and 2ea; MCH101/SH60K/MV22 helicopters.)         70.00

52165    1/72 F/A18E/F Super Hornet USS Nimitz CVW11 Jet Fighter (Ltd Edition) (Includes 2 kits and clear parts.)        110.00


BANDAI (BAN)                 Sci-Fi Plastic Kit

221056  1/144 HG Gundam The Origin Series: #020 YMS11 Act Zaku (Kycilla’s Forces) (Includes parts molded in color, decals and instructions. Full-Colored Boxed)    22.00


KAGERO BOOKS (KAG)       Military Books

Each book presents the broadest information/facts possible about hat particular subject. Includes line drawings and lots of color photos. Great for the Modeler and Historian! (Softcover.)

Photosniper Series – SRP $29.95:

21          Ka50 & Ka52 Werewolf, Black Shark, Erdogan, Alligator & the others (Re-Issue)  

23          British Infantry Tanks in World War II

24          Mi28 Night Hunter & the Others Basic Light Tank

26          Hungarian Armored Forces in World War II

Monographs Series – SRP $27.95:

3063      Focke Wulf Ta152

Topdrawings Series – SRP $24.95:

7027      Nakajima Ki43 Hayabusa Ki43I/II/III Models  (Re-Issue)                              

7028      North American P51 Mustang B/C/D/K Models (Re-Issue)                

7029      Supermarine Spitfire Mk IX/XVI & other

7038      Akizuki the Japanese Destroyer

7042      Henschel Hs123 All Versions

7043      SdKfz 171 Panzer V Panther Ausf A/D/G

7045      Henschel Hs126 A0, A1, B1

7046      Battleship USS Massachusetts

7047      Renault FT & M1917

7048      Grumman F4F Wildcat

Super Drawings 3D Series – SRP $36.95:

16054   Japanese Battleship Ise

SMI Library Series – SRP $22.95:

19012   P51/F6 Mustangs with USAAF in the MTO, Asia & Pacific



AC3   Air Campaign: Rolling Thunder 1965-68 Johnson’s Air War over Vietnam     20.00

AC4    Air Campaign: Malta 1940-42 The Axis’ Air Battle for Mediterranean Supremacy  20.00

C318     Campaign: The Kuban 1943 – The Wehrmacht’s Last Stand in the Caucasus  24.00

CA122   Combat Aircraft: Savoia-Marchetti S79 Sparviero Bomber Units        23.00

CBT30        Combat: Gebirgsjager vs Soviet Sailor Arctic Circle 1942-44       20.00

MAA516 Men at Arms: World War II Vichy French Security Troops       18.00

V255     Vanguard: T90 Standard Tank The First Tank of the New Russia    18.00




For the Week of February 3, 2018

RIICH MODELS (RIH)       Plastic Kit Made in China

35022    1/35 British 3-Inch Mortar & Team, North  West Europe (New Tool) (Includes mortar, 4 figures in various poses and accessories. Attractively Boxed)     29.95



282  FAQ Civil Vehicles Scale Modeling Guide Book  (Softcover. 360pgs. Features building, painting  and weathering techniques for civil vehicles,  including race cars, motorcycles, pickup trucks,  monster trucks, tractor cabs and police cars. Plus a section on using figures and accessories in  dioramas. Lots of color photos from cover-to-cover. Great book for all Modelers!)        109.99

BANDAI (BAN)        Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits

1/144 HG Universal Century Series:

219774 Gundam Blue Destiny Unit 2                   18.00


STAR WARS Series – The Last Jedi:

219769 1/144 & 1/350 Resistance Vehicle Set (Includes 1/144 Poe’s Boosted X-Wing

Fighter, 1/144 Blue Squadron Resistance X-Wing Fighter, 1/350 Millennium Falcon)              20.00

219770 1/44 Millennium Falcon (Includes optional parts and features removable parts to create various positions.)                                    50.00

223296 1/72 Star Wars The Last Jedi: Blue Squadron Resistance X-Wing Fighter (Includes seated pilot & canopy options.)          28.00



Highly Detailed Plastic Kits Made in China

(Each includes clear/photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

50003   1/35 AH6J/MH6J Little Bird Nightstalkers US Army Helicopter (New Tool)            69.99

80128   1/48 Su35 Flanker E Chinese PLAAF Since 1949 Fighter (New Tool) (Includes 2 pilot figures.)      71.99

80147   1/48 Su17/22 UM3K Fitter G Fighter  (Decals include six various markings.)  89.99


PANDA MODELS (PDA)         Made in China

1/35 Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (New Tool)

(Each includes clear/photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

35015   Husky Mk III VMMD (Vehicle Mine Detector) with GPRS (Ground Penetrating Radar System)         54.99

35025   VPK7829 Bumerang Object K16 Armored Personnel Carrier           59.99

35032    M1235A1 MAXXPRO Dash DXM Suspension System Vehicle      71.99



21    IDF Armor: Merkava Siman Mk4/4M in IDF Service Part 3 Book (Features history in service/   action/tactical signs with full colored photos from cover-to-cover. Soft Cover. 83pgs. Great for the Modeller and Enthusiasts!)          62.95



1/87 (HO Scale) Plastic Assembled Military Vehicles

(Each pre-painted/decorated. Window-boxed)

745956 Tiger H1 Russian Tank                                       37.95

746069 Mercedes Benz Planen-LKW German Truck with Canvas-Type Cover       39.95

744812 M113A1G Artillery Surveillance Tank            22.95



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

35359    1/35 US M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight Medium Tank, Korean War (Includes 2 figures and 2 different markings.)                 54.00

37026   1/35 US M109A6 Paladin Tank with   Self-Propelled Howitzer Gun, Iraq War

(Includes photo-etched parts, 2 figures,   tank accessories and 3 different markings.)    61.00


For the Week of January 28, 2018


1090      1/25 Peterbilt 352 Pacemaker Cabover Coca-Cola Tractor Cab (Features detailed engine/interior/ chassis and tilting cab. Includes lots of chrome- plated parts, along with clear/transparent parts, metal axles and decals. Boxed)       47.95



Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

3580      1/35 MIM23 Hawk M192 Anti-Aircraft Missile Launcher   29.95

6885      1/35 PzKpfw VI Ausf E SdKfz 181 Tiger I Early Production “Tiki” Tank Das Reich Div. Battle of Kursk (Includes photo-etched parts.) 88.95

7575      1/72 Tiger I Early Production Wittmann’s Command Tank     20.95


6188       1/35 M4A2(76) Red Army Tank                          58.95

6604       1/35 PzKpfw III Ausf M Tank w/Side-Skirt Armor Kursk 1943       92.95

75003      1/6 Kubelwagen Type 82 Vehicle                     235.95


(Each features detailed engine/interior. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals. Attractively boxed)

1057 1/20 1993 GMC Sonoma High-Rider 4×4 SLE Pickup Truck (Features opening tailgate with net option, 2 different wheel options, raised high-rider suspension, detailed chassis/ drivetrain/exhaust, fender flares, movable front wheels. Includes brush guard, bug shield and roll bar with lights.)    32.95

1065 1/25 Dirty Donny’s 1969 Plymouth GTX Car (Includes lots of custom decals.)     26.95


POLAR LIGHTS (PLL)        Plastic Snap Kit

955   1/25 2006 Ford GT “Gulf Heritage” Race Car (Features detailed interior/ engine. Includes masking template, clear/chrome-plated parts and decals. Molded in blue. Attractively boxed)     28.95



Built-N-Ready Buildings with LED Lighting

(Highly detailed pre-painted with accessories. Boxed)

4953      N US Post Office                                                  54.99

5063      HO US Post Office                                               84.99

5864      O US Post Office                                                  129.99



17          1/72 AH6 Night Fox Helicopter (Re-Issue)  (Includes clear parts and 3 different markings. Boxed               12.99



HO Freight Car Kits (Boxed) – SRP $17.98

1803      Erie 36′ Double Sheath Wood Boxcar with Wood Ends

3504      Union Pacific 40′ AAR Steel Boxcar

3557      Southern 40′ AAR Steel Boxcar

5551      ICG 50′ Superior Doors Steel Welded Boxcar


For the Week of January 13, 2018

OSPREY PUBLISHING (OSP)   Military History Books:

C317        Campaign: Operation Market-Garden  1944 (3) The British XXX Corps Mission      24.00

D84          Duel: Sagger Anti-Tank Missile vs M60 Main Battle Tank Yom Yippur War 1973   20.00

E221        Elite: Roman Standars & Standard-Bears (1) 112BC-192AD       19.00

V254        Vanguard: Early US Armor – Armored      Cars 1915-40    20.00

WP60      Weapons: The Anti-Tank Rifle             18.00


Each includes decals. Boxed

1027      1/1400 Star Trek Klingon Vor’cha Class Battle Cruiser (Molded in green and red transparent   parts. Includes sturdy metal rod base support. Completer kit measure 13.5” L.)                       32.95

1069      1/25 Tom Mongoose McEwen’s Wedge Dragster (Features wedge body. Includes chrome-plated parts.)                                          31.95

1076      1/25 1950 Chevrolet 3100 (Union 76) Pickup Truck (Can build as stock or service truck. Includes clear and chrome-plated parts.)         31.95



228        1/72 Coast Guard Tug Boat (Includes decals and display stand with name plate. Completed kit measures 12” L. Boxed)                                25.99



860  1/48 Space 1999: Nuclear Waste Area 2 Diorama Set (Includes 2 each; moon buggies with cargo/ nuclear waste control cones/waste containment platforms/lamp post bases, 8 each; hexagonal storage  boxes/lamp posts, 10 figures, 1/24 scale moon buggy with 2 figures, plus battery-operated lights. Boxed.   Requires 4-AA batteries.)      85.95



Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

2122     1/72 WWII Fw190A5/A8 Grun Herz German Fighter Dual Combo (Ltd Edition) (Includes photo-etch & mask.)                  49.95

8196     1/48 Spad XIII Late BiPlane (Profi-Pack)  (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etch & mask.)    34.95

8454     1/48 SE5a Wolseley Viper Aircraft (Weekend Edition)        29.95

82118   1/48 Bf109G14 German Fighter (Profi-     Pack) (Includes photo-etch & mask.)          49.95

MINIART MODELS (MNA)     Made in Ukraine

1/35 Plastic Kits (Attractively Boxed)

35212   WWII Bantam 40BRC Military Car with Gun and 5 Crew (Includes clear parts and decals.)                         32.99

35252   WWII German Tank Crew (5), France 1944 with Weapons & Equipment

(Special Edition)                    15.99

35256   WWII German Soldiers (6) with Fuel Drums (2) (Special Edition)        15.99

37016   T55A Early Mod 1965 Tank with Full Interior (Highly detailed w/clear/photo- etched parts and decals for 9 different variants.)   79.99




Highest Quality Acrylic Lacquer Paint Sets 10ml Bottles

Sprays smoothly through an airbrush, adheres to the surface and dries perfectly with a soft matt finish. Holds firmly with all kinds of weathering products. May be diluted with thinner intended for acrylic lacquer paints (non-vinyl), lacquer thinners, alcohol, or water. May be easily mixed with other acrylic lacquer paints. Accurately reproduces the original color. Boxed

RCS1   German Army Pre-WWII (4 Colors)        16.99

RCS2   German Army Early WWII (3 Colors)    12.99

RCS4   German Army 1943-1945 (3 Colors)       12.99

RCS5   German Army WWII Interior (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS7   WWII Soviet AFV (4 Colors)                    16.99

RCS8   British Army Early 6 & Mid WWII Vehicles (4 Colors)                  16.99

RCS9   British Army Late WWII Vehicles  3 Colors)           12.99

RCS10   British Counter Scheme (4 Colors)        16.99

RCS12   British Army Tunisia, Sicily & Italy 1942-1943 (4 Colors)      16.99

RCS13   WWII US Army Basic (4 Colors)           16.99

RCS14   WWII US Army Disruptive Camo 4 Colors)      16.99

RCS15   IDF AFV (3 Colors)                                  12.99

RCS16   Russian Modern AFV (4 Colors)            16.99

RCS17   Bundeswehr (4 Colors)                            16.99

*RCS18   Bundeswehr Early & Complementary (3 Colors)     12.99

RCS21   NATO Colors (3 Colors)                          12.99



For the Week of January 6, 2018


12810 Building Vehicles for Model Railroads  21.99 (Features techniques on building, modifying, painting, weathering and detailing scale vehicles for train layouts, plus adding lighting effects with LEDs and fiber optics. Softcover. 96pgs.)



72334   1/72 DH104 Devon New Zealand Warbirds Light Transport Aircraft (New Tool)    56.95 (Includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)


AMP KITS (APK)        Plastic Kit Made in Russia

48001   1/48 H03S1 US Marines Helicopter       69.95  (New Tool) (Includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)                                              



Plastic Model Kits Made in China (Boxed)

925        1/16 Russian T72B1 Mod 1986 Main Battle Tank with Kontakt-1 Reactive

Armor New Variant!       SRP $279.95

Kit consists of over 1100 parts, including individual track links, photo-etch, metal shaft and copper cable.

1033     1/35 Russian Zil131V Military Truck with PR11 SA2 Guideline Missile

New Variant!     SRP $99.95 Kit consists of over 580 parts, including photo-etched, brass wire and hollow rubber tires.

1054     1/35 US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) Missile System

New Tool!    SRP $184.95 Kit consists of over 750 parts, including full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units, plus metal tube and photo-etch.

1058     1/35 DPRK (North Korea) Hwasong-5 Short-Range Tactical Ballistic Missile System New Tool!                       SRP $179.95              

Kit consists of over 990 parts, including full drive train assembly complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units, plus metal shaft, copper cable and photo-etch.

1666     1/72 Shenyang J31 Gyrfalcon Chinese Fighter New Tool! SRP $35.95

Kit consists of over 110 parts, including clear parts.

6713     1/700 HMS Ark Royal Aircraft Carrier 1939 New Tool!                              SRP $62.95 Kit consists of over 310 parts, including two-piece hull, photo-etched, three aircraft, display stand and engraved name plate.

7143     1/72 Soviet JS4 (IS4) Heavy Tank New Variant!     SRP $22.95

Kit consists over 70 parts, including tracks.

9512     1/35 Ukrainian T84BM Oplot Main Battle Tank New Variant!            SRP $94.95 Kit consists of over 850 parts, including individual track links and photo-etch.

9968     Micro Cutting Plier Tool (Cd)      SRP $21.95

Modeling tool used to cut off fine metal thread, resin, plastic parts, etc.

REVELL OF GERMANY (RVL)   Plastic Model Kit

3928  1/32 He219A-O Nightfighter (Features detailed cockpit, separate landing flaps/rudder, rotatable propellers and decals for two versions. Boxed)   46.95



Plastic Model Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

4446  1/25 1985 Oldsmobile 442/FE3X Show Car  (Includes 2 sets of optional wheels.)     26.95

4465  1/24 1933 Ford ZZ Top Eliminator Coupe (Features chromed dual exhaust.)       25.95

7224  1/25 1980 Ice Patrol Honcho Jeep Pickup Truck with Snowmobile (Includes gas cans, tool box and rollover bar with lights.)                   24.95

RODEN KITS (ROD)       Plastic Kit Made in Ukraine

620        1/32 O2A Skymaster USAF Multi-Purpose Light Aircraft (Highly Detailed. Includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)                           62.99



Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

3604      1/35 MIM104C Patriot (PAC2) Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) System M901 Launching Station (Includes metal cable.)         111.95

7557      1/72 Stug III Ausf A Tank      20.95


PREISER (PRZ)         HO Plastic Kit

16598    German Reich BMW R12 Motorcycle Crew 1939-45 (Includes 3 motorcycles and 4 soldiers unpainted. Boxed)                             29.99



AM11   Airframe & Miniature 11: The Messerschmitt   Bf109 Late Series Book -A Complete Guide to the  Luftwaffe’s Famous Fighter (Including F to K and Z Series, plus 1/48 scale drawings. Features history, evolution, camouflage/ markings, colour porfiles and model building section. Includes lots of photos. Softcover 240pgs. Great book for the Enthusiast & Modeller!)    49.95


ZVEZDA MODELS (ZVE)         Made in Russia

(Each includes decals. Attractively boxed)

3519        1/35 M3 Armored Personnel Scout Car  (Includes clear parts.)      27.99

3541        1/35 Soviet 4.5-Ton Truck (Includes clear parts.)     32.99

6500        1/350 Sir Francis Drake’s HMS “Revenge” Sailing Flagship (Snap)    25.99

6502        1/350 Galeon “San Martin” Sailing Flagship of the Armada Invincible (Snap)    25.99

6509        1/350 Sir Francis Drake’s “Golden Hind” Sailing Flagship (Snap)        17.99

6510        1/350 Christopher Columbus “Santa Maria” Sailing Flagship (Snap)  17.99

6514        1/350 “Black Swan” Pirate Ship (Snap)  17.99

7217        1/72 Russian Su39 Frogfoot Tank Destroyer Attack Aircraft (Includes clear parts.)       28.99

8007        1/72 Macedonian Cavalry IV-I BC   (Includes 17 mounted figures with horses. No decals.)         16.99

8512     1/72 Medieval Stone-Type Castle with Center Tower (Re-Issue) (Highly detailed. Includes metal chain for draw bridge and flag sheet. No decals.)      89.99

9008        1/100 Conquistadores “San Gabriel” Sailing Ship XVI Century (Includes  2pc full hull, vacu-formed sails and rigging  thread               59.99



T8          Tanker Magazine Issue 8: Beasts of War 16.99   (Features weathering techniques on; M48A3  Patton Vietnam Jungle Beast, Fall Panzer IV Ausf E Vorpanzer, Beast of the Trenches and much more. Softcover. 86pgs.) 815        US Stealth Camouflage Colors Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors) 17ml Bottles           29.99

897        Easy Cast Texture Medium75ml            15.99  (Used for texturizing smooth parts and also give the rough appearance of cast material. Easy to use. Clean up with water.)

2130     Air Series: USAF European Camo Acrylic Paint Set (4 Colors) 17ml bottles   19.99

ACCION PRESS (ACP)       Dioramas Book

835   Landscapes of War the Greatest Guide – Dioramas Vol. 3rd Edition  (Features modelling techniques and materials with step-by-step instructions featuring Barbarrossa, Counterstrike and Retreat, Cruel Pacific/Bloody Beach, Duck Hunt. Includeslots of colored photos. Softcover. 112pgs.)     38.95


MOEBIUS MODELS (MOE)        Plastic Kit

20013    1/144 2001 Space Odyssey: Discovery XD1 Nuclear Powered Deep Space Research Spacecraft  (Features detailed propulsion unit/thrusters and accurate

surface detailing. Includes display stand that features a hidden metal support rod. Completed kit measures 41″ Long. Boxed)          199.99


Each features informative text, modeling techniques,

colored photos and technical diagrams. (Softcover)

59      The Vought A7 Corsair Comprehensive Guide Book (200pgs)      39.99

66      The Panavia Tornado IDS, ECR & ADV Versions Comprehensive Guide Book (200pgs)           39.99

73      The Boeing F/A18E-F Super Hornet and EA18G Growler Book (99pgs)    29.99

80      AirKraft Modelling Guide #1: Fighters and Attack Aircraft of the Vietnam War (Created with Hataka. Features informative text, model painting tips/techniques, colored photos on various aircraft model brands. 96pgs)                   19.99


For the Week of December 23, 2017


N Scale Model Railroading Accessories (Re-Issued)

8574     Railroad Crossing Signals with Relay (2/Bx)             20.98

8488     Brass-Type Goose Neck Lighted   Lampposts (3/Cd)        12.98


PLAYSETS (PYS)          Plastic Figure Playset

*48  1/32 WWII Russian Infantry 1941-45 Figures  (New Tool) (Includes 20 figures molded in color.  Attractively bagged with header)                   7.95


Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

16          1/48 Royal Class: Fw190A Early Version Fighter Dual Combo (Ltd Edition) (Includes clear/resin/photo-etched parts & mask.)          130.00

7444      1/72 Fokker E III Aircraft (Wkd Edition)         16.95

8099      1/48 L29 Delfin Aircraft (Profi-Pack)  (Includes clear/photo-etch parts.)     64.95

8262      1/48 Bf109E3 Fighter (Profi-Pack)  (Re-Issue) (Includes clear/photo-etch  parts and mask.)                                                   39.95


60th Anniversary Re-Edition Kits (Each includes decals. Bxed)

52323    1/24 Ferguson TE20 & FF30 Farm Tractors with Paint, Glue and Ferguson History Book-French              74.95

52324   1/100 Caravelle & Concorde Air France Airliners with Paint, Glue and Heller History Book                        74.95

80211   1/72 Bloch 152C1 WWII French Fighter         19.95

80213    1/72 Morane 406C1 WWII French Fighter       19.95

80389   1/72 Leo 451 WWII French Bomber                 24.95

80392   1/72 Breguet 693/2 WWII French Ground Attack Aircraft           24.95

80711   1/24 1950 Talbot Lago Record Convertible Car (Includes chrome-plated parts.)       34.95

DRAGON MODELS (DML)   Highly Detailed Plastic Kits

(Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

6187      1/35 SdKfz 251 Ausf C Halftrack 1939-45  (Re-Issue)             63.95

6200      1/35 28cm K5(E) Leopold German Railway Gun (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etched parts, aluminum muzzle section of long gun barrel, metal chain, railway section & 6 figures.)       176.95

6781      1/35 PanzerJager IB Tank with 7.5cm Stuk 40 L/48 Gun (Includes photo-etched parts and 4 figures.)                  87.95

6839      1/35 IJN Special Type 4 “Ka-Tsu” Amphibious Tracked Vehicle (New Tool)   (Includes photo-etched parts, metal cable and 4 figures.)            105.95

7563      1/72 SdKfz 186 Jagdtiger Henschel Production Type Tank           20.95


MOEBIUS MODELS (MOE)      Plastic Kit

972        1/8 Grim Reaper (Features included; hourglass, scythe and detailed base with headstones and gnarled foliage.  Completed kit measures 9” tall. Attractively boxed)         39.99


SPECIAL HOBBY (SHY)      Made in Czech Republic

Plastic Kits (New Tool) (Includes clear parts & decals. Boxed)

8002      1/32 Frrom Series: WWII IAR80A Romanian Fighter with 7.92mm FN Machine Gun (Includes resin/photo-etched parts.)                 76.99

72006   1/72 Special Navy Biber German Midget Submarine          25.99

72178   1/72 Nakajima Ki43 III Ko Hayabusa Ultimate Oscar Fighter (Re-Issue)      29.99

72344   1/72 CASA C212-100 Aviocar Medium Transport Aircraft (New Tool)       42.99



1/35 Highly Detailed Plastic Kits Made in China (New Tool)

(Each features detailed chassis/winch. Includes photo-etched parts, scale chain/ropes and various markings. Boxed)

35200   British Scammell Pioneer TRMU30/ TRCU30 3-Ton Tank Transporter  (Features doors/windows can be assembled open/closed and workable suspension.)   79.95

35204   British Scammell Pioneer TRMU30 Tractor (Features doors/windows can be assembled open/closed and workable suspension.)          59.95

35205   British Scammell Pioneer TRCU30 30-Ton Trailer (No decals.)          39.95


For the Week of December 16, 2017


9184      1/48 Gloster Meteor F8 Korean War Fighter (New Variant. Includes clearparts and three different markings.)                 51.99

J6018    Quick Build: Red Arrows Hawk RAF Aircraft (Snap. Pre-painted. Includes decals and display stand.)                                  17.99



39322    1/48 Gloster Gladiator Mk I 72nd Sq. RAF BiPlane Fighter, Yorkshire Jun. 1936(East Model Assembled Plastic Kit. Completely pre-painted/decorated. Window-boxed)          38.98



(Each Includes decals. Attractively Boxed)

3682      1/35 GAZ233014 Russian Armored Vehicle with AT Missile System Kornet-D (Includes clear parts.)                  44.99

5028      1/72 Iskander-M SS26 “Stone” Russian Ballistic Missile System (Includes clear parts.)                   49.99

5042      1/72 Jagdpanther German Tank Destroyer (Snap)         18.99

6194      1/100 Soviet IS3 Heavy Tank (Snap)                5.99

6232      1/172 WWII German Headquarters Crew Winter Uniform (Snap) (with base & flag)      5.99

7307      1/72 Russian Yak130 Trainer Aircraft  (Includes clear parts.) 34.99

9060      1/350 Russian Poltava Imperial Battleship (Includes clear parts.)             99.99



12321    1/48 WWII Messerschmitt Bf109G6/G2 JG27 Luftwaffe Fighter (Includes optional parts to build G6 or G2 variant, 20mm MG151 cannon, drop tank, air filter and Cartograf decals with 8 markings. Boxed)         29.00


MOEBIUS MODELS (MOE)      Plastic Kit

1222      1/25 Butch Leal’s California Flash 1965 Plymouth Belvedere A990 Hemi Super Stock Drag Car (Limited Production. Features detailed interior/engine, hood scoop. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)       39.95



1/72 Highly Detailed Plastic Kits Made in France

(Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

85     Gates Learjet NASA Aircraft                        59.98

86     Bristol Britannia ‘The Whispering Giant’ BOAC Airliner            139.98

88     Armstrong Whitworth ‘Argosy’ IPEC                     Australia Aircraft       139.98


Plastic Figure Kits Made in Ukraine (New Tool) (Boxed)

24024    1/24 Ancient Greek Satyr                        16.95

35128    1/35 Remote Shot, Indian Warriors Kneeling with Rifles (2)       19.95

35138    1/35 Raid, Indian Warriors on Warpath with Weapons (2)        19.95

35195    1/35 Bundeswehr, German Military Men Present Day (5)           19.95



1/35 Plastic Model Kits (New Tool) Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

35244    WWII Soviet Tank Crew Winter Uniforms  (5) with Weapons (Special Edition)       19.99

35249    WWII German Tank Crew Winter Uniforms (5) with Weapons (Special Edition)       19.99

35541   Telegraph Poles (Various Types)  (Re-Issue)           16.99

37018   Soviet T55 Mod 1963 Tank with Full Interior (Includes clear/photo-etched parts and 9 different markings.)     79.99

37032    Bundeswehr German Tank Crew (5)      19.99



Highly Detailed Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine

(Each clear parts and decals. Boxed)

331        1/144 C141B Starlifter “Polar Nine One” USAF Jet Cargo Aircraft           34.99

620        1/32 O2A Skymaster USAF Multi-Purpose          Light Aircraft (New Tool)        62.99


1/25 Plastic Kits (Each includes clear/chrome-plated parts, metal axles and decals. Boxed)

1073     Grand Prix Cobra Racing Team: Shelby Cobra Race Car, 1953 Ford Pickup Truck and Trailer (Includes 3 complete kits.) 63.95

1078     1962 Buick Electra Car (Includes optional parts to build as stock or custom version.)  29.95

1079     1957 Chevy “Pepper Shaker” Stock Race  Car (Includes optional parts to build as stock,  show car or race version.)                           31.95




187        Real Colors of WWII Book (Features a detailed study of documents and original  material, plus information from different museums and work of historians on WWII vehicle colors. Includes black/white and colored photos. Hardback. 208pgs.)  89.99

278        USN Legendary Jets Aircraft Scale Modeling Guide Book (Features step-by-step guide on building, painting, weathering and walkaround in action on; A6E Tram Intruder  A7E Corsair II, F4J Phantom II, F5E Tiger II Aggressor, F8E Crusader, F14A Tomcat, F18F Super Hornet and F21 Lion. Includes lots of colored photos. Softcover. 188pgs.)            59.99



For the Week of December 9, 2017


Re-Issued Plastic Figure Sets & Model Kits (Boxed)

3501      1/35 WWI British Infantry (12 Figures)  14.99

3502      1/35 WWI British Artillery (3 Figures with 18-Pdr Gun)        14.99

3503      1/35 WWI German Infantry (12 Figures) 19.99

3504      1/35 WWI German Artillery (3 Figures with 96 n/A 76mm Gun)     14.99

5001      1/72 WWI Male Mk IV Heavy Battle Tank (Includes 4 different markings)    17.99

5003      1/72 WWI A7V Sturmpanzer Tank   (Includes 4 different markings)        17.99



AA134     Aircraft of the Aces: Jagdgeschwader  Oesau Aces 1939-45        23.00

AA136     Aircraft of the Aces: Allied Jet Killers of World War II        23.00

MAA515 Men at Arms: Armies of the First Carlist War 1833-39      18.00


 PLASTIC SOLDIER (PSO)        Made in Great Britain

1/72 Plastic Kit Great for Gaming and Collectors!

7240      WWII British Cromwell Tank (3) & Crew (3)  (New Tool) (Full-colored boxed)          33.99



Military Books (Each book presents the broadest information and facts possible about that particular subject. Includes line drawings and excellent color photos. Great for the Modeler and Historian! Softcover.)

7044      Topdrawings: Grumman F6F Hellcat F6F3, F6F5 Models (28pgs.)    24.95

16053   Super Drawings 3D: German Battleship SMS Posen (82pgs.)         36.95


LIFECOLOR (LFC)       Made in Italy

Acrylic Camouflage Paint Sets (6 22ml Bottles) – SRP $34.95

CS41     British WWII Infantry Uniforms

CS42     Russian WWII Infantry Uniforms


BANDAI (BAN)          Science Fiction Plastic Model Kit

207589 1/100 Master Grade Series: Full Armor Gundam Ver.Ka (Thunderbolt Version)

UC0079 Moore Brotherhood (Includes parts molded in color with instructions

and decals. Boxed)             78.00


58831   Stringbag! The Modelers Guide to the Art of WWI Aircraft Book (Features 6 highly detailed builds of 1/32 Wingnut Wings WWI aircraft with tips and techniques from rigging to replicating wood, canvas, leather and more. Lots of colored photos from cover-to-cover. Softcover. 135pgs.)                 54.99


TAMIYA (TAM)      Plastic Kit

32592  1/48 US M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank  (New Tool) (Includes figure and 2 different markings. Boxed)            34.00

32593 1/48 German SS100 Heavy Tractor (Includes driver figure)           26.00

35356 1/35 British Archer Tank w/Self-Propelled Gun         66.00

36211 1/16 German PzKpfw IV Ausf J Tank w/Single Motor (Includes highly detailed parts, aluminum gun barrel, gearbox & motor, durable resin tracks & metal suspension

components, 2-marking options, Zimmerit   coating stickers)         740.00

For the Week of December 2, 2017


Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

16          1/700 WWI German Battleship Kronprinz (Can build as full hull or waterline version. Includes decals and display stand.)        56.99

16007    1/16 French Republican Guard Cavalry Regiment Corporal (New Tool)      41.99

35699    1/35 WWI Turkish Infantry Weapons and Equipment (New Tool)       19.99


PLATZ (PAZ)           Made in Japan

1/24 Plastic Kit and Accessory (New Tool)

24001   BMW M6 GT3 2016 Spa 24-Hours Winner Race Car (Features detailed interior with roll cage. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts, decals and instructions. Boxed)   69.99

24011   BMW M6 GT3 2016 Spa 24-Hours Winner Detail Up Parts Set (Includes photo-etch parts, antenna, connector valve, seatbelt, decals and instructions. Carded.) 54.99



Plastic Model Kits Made in China (Boxed)

439        1/35 Iraqi Tank Crew Figure Set New Tool!        SRP $18.95

Kit contains over 30 parts for four figures.)

1034      1/35 Russian KAMAZ 4310 Truck  New Variant with New Tooling Kit consists of over 310 parts, including metal parts & photo-etch.

1685      1/72 Nanchang Q5C Chinese Ground Attack Aircraft New Tool!  SRP$37.95   Kit consists of over 90 parts, including photo-etched.

2420      1/24 Junkers Ju87A Stuka German Dive Bomber New Tool! SRP $179.95 Kit consists of over 390 parts, including photo-etch, grooved rubber tires, finely detailed cockpit and gear cabin.

5804      1/48 L39C Albatros Aircraft         SRP $59.95 New Tool!  Kit consists of over 140 parts, including photo-etch.

6709      1/700 German DKM Graf Zeppelin Aircraft Carrier New Tool!   SRP $67.95 Kit consists of over 380 parts, including photo-etched, display stand and engraved name plate, and four 1/700 scale aircraft.

6711      1/700 USS New York BB34 Battleship New Tool!     SRP $59.95

Kit consists of over 480 parts, including photo-etch, two-piece hull, finely-rendered deck wood pattern and display stand.

7127      1/72 Soviet KV85 Heavy Tank       SRP $21.95 New Variant!  Kit consists of over 50 parts.

7131      1/72 M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle (ASV)         SRP $22.95 New Tool!  Kit consists of over 30 parts.

7163      1/72 Russian JS3 Tank with 122mm BL9 Gun New Variant!      SRP $21.95 Kit consists of over 150 parts.

7169      1/72 French M4 Tank      SRP $21.95 New Variant!  Kit consists of over 100 parts

*9516      1/35 South African Rooikat Armored Fighting Vehicle  SRP $84.95   New Tool!  Kit consists of over 260 parts, including photo-etch, tires, multi-slide molded upper hull, lower hull and turret.



1/48 Plastic Kits Made in Greece (New Tool) (Each includes clear/photo-etched parts & various markings. Boxed) – $79.95

48095    Henschel Hs123A1 BiPlane Bomber

48096    Henschel Hs123B1 BiPlane Bomber



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

14132   1/12 Ducati 1199 Panigale S Tricolore Motorcycle (New Tool) (Features removable side cowls. Includes metal coil spring, racing display stand and Cartograf decals.)      54.00

32411   1/35 French AMD35 1940 Armored Car, (Features detailed interior/engine, hatches can be assembled open/closed. Includes figure.)      40.00

35356   1/35 British Archer Tank with Self- Propelled Gun (New Tool) (Features

detailed gun breech. Includes 3 figures.)  66.00

36202   1/16 German Type 82 Kubelwagen, Africa Corps (Re-Issue) (Features detailed

engine/interior/suspension doors can be assembled open/closed, steerable front wheels. Includes 2 figures.)      124.00

36205   1/16 German Type 82 Kubelwagen,European Campaign (Re-Issue) (Features detailed engine, hood can be assembled open/closed, movable front steering. Includes figure and side window parts.)              124.00


REVELL OF GERMANY (RVL)       Plastic Kits

3260      1/35 US Army M34 Tactical Truck & Off-Road Jeep (Includes 2 complete kits. Truck features detailed chassis, flatbed construction with benches, removable tarpaulin and decals for both vehicles.) 17.95

3305      1/72 M109G Tank (New Tool) (Features rotating turret, detailed chassis and four different markings.)         14.95

3925      1/48 Tornado F3 ADV RAF Fighter (Features extended engine section/fuselage front section, recesses for guided missiles in lower fuselage, detailed cockpit/undercarriage,movable swing-wings. Includes missiles,auxiliary fuel tanks and two different markings.) 33.95


(Each includes various markings. Boxed)

3089      1/72 Junkers Ju87B2/R2 Stuka Bomber          17.99

5131      1/48 P51D Mustang Fighter (New Tool)          28.99

9183      1/48 Supermarine Walrus Mk I Recon Amphibious Flying Boat (New Tool)    51.99



1/25 Scale Plastic Kits (Each includes clear/chrome-plated parts,

metal axles and colorful decals. Attractively boxed)

1064      Bobby Allison’s 1972 Coca Cola Chevy Monte Carlo Race Car (Features detailed   interior and engine.)                                            32.95

1068      George Barris Fireball 500 SSXR Car (Commemorative Edition. Features optional tinted windows, detailed engine and includes four-wheeled trailer.)    31.95

1072      Richard Petty Team Dodge Dart Sportsman Race Car & Ford LN8000 Hauler Truck (Includes 2 complete kits. Transporter truck measures 14 ½” Long. Car features detailed V8 engine, removable hood/deck lid.)             63.95

1075      2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 Car (Features detailed interior and chassis.)   27.95


For the Week of November 25, 2017


Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

3601      1/35 Arab StuG III Tank 50th Anniversary Six-Day War (Includes photo-etched parts)   82.95

6571      1/35 SdKfz 252 Leichter PzBefWagen (Includes photo-etched parts.)     69.95

6790      1/35 German Ambulance Truck (Includes photo-etched parts.)      76.95

6886      1/35 Kubelwagen Radio Car (Includes photo-etched parts.)   46.95

7549      1/35 PzKpfw IV Ausf F2(G) Tank                     20.95

7558      1/72 SdKfz 182 King Tiger Henschel Tank         20.95

7564      1/72 PzKpfw T34/85 Tank                                20.95



HO Hopper Kits (Window-boxed) – SRP $17.95

70-Ton 12 Panel 3-Bay Hopper

60048   Louisville & Nashville #182122

60055    Pennsylvania Block Keystone #279688

70-Ton 14 Panel 3-Bay Hopper

60063   Conrail #421010

60066    Seaboard Air Line #40410

60069    Western Maryland Yellow Ends #80399

70-Ton 2-Bay Hopper

60096   New York Central #882052

55-Ton 2-Bay Fishbelly Hopper

60111    Lehigh Valley #25408

60117    Western Maryland #13402

70-Ton 14 Panel 3-Bay Wood Chip Hopper w/Ribbed Extension

60192   Louisville & Nashville #30801

60198   Norfolk Southern #8208

70-Ton Offset 3-Bay Wood Chip Hopper w/Ribbed Extension

60204   Chicago & Northwestern #68155

60208   Milwaukee Road #372006



Scene-A-Rama Landscapes Diorama Kits – SRP $24.99

(Fun & Easy! Each contains shaper sheet plaster, weeds fine, green poly fiber, paint strip, cups, toothpicks, medium green/dark green coarse, earth blend fine, glue, craft sticks, brushes, palm trees and instructions. Attractively boxed

4260   Shipwrecked (Includes ship halves)

4261   Dinosaur Ridge (Includes 5 dinosaurs)



Limited Edition Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

2252     1/72 SOC3 Seagull ‘Battleship Observation Squadron’ USN Scout Aircraft (Includes  two complete kits.)                                             50.00

10822   1/200 P8A Poseidon ‘VP5 Mad Foxes’ USN Anti-Submarine Aircraft      45.00



1/35 Highly Detailed Plastic Model Kits (Boxed) Includes clear/photo-etched parts and various markings.)

2078     Israeli Merkava Mk I Main Battle Tank (Features hatches that can be built open/closed.)        64.95

2079     Israeli Merkava Mk I Hybird Main Battle Tank (Features hatches that can be built open/closed.)      64.95

2088     US M31 Tank Recovery Vehicle (New Tool)  (Features hatches that can be built open/closed. Includes metal tow cable.)      64.95

2110     WWII German V2 Vidalwagen Hanomag  SS100 Rocket Transporter (Features rotating wheels.)                      84.95