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For the Week of March 16, 2019

Osprey Publications

C333         Campaign: The Aleutians 1942-43 Struggle for the North Pacific     24.00

CA127      Combat Aircraft: RF101 Voodoo Units in Combat    24.00

CBT39      Combat: Russian Soldier vs Japanese Soldier Manchuria 1904-05     22.00

MAA524   Men at Arms: Norwegian Waffen-SS Legion 1941-43   19.00

V268         Vanguard: M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1993-2018           19.00

WP67       Weapon: Sniping Rifles on the Eastern   Front 1939-45       22.00


716    Damaged Weathered & Worn Models Magazine Issue 6 (Softcover. 78pgs. Features model builds on: Happy Forever, M30, Loot, Citroen 2CV, Icarus and more! Includes lots of colored photos.)            9.99



Modelling/Technique Books (Softcover)

249   Modelling Full Ahead 3: Bismarck & Tirpitz Book (Features building and painting on 1/350 Tirpitz/ Bismarck ships with colored photos. 84pgs.)         29.99

287   Abandoned Little Treasures Weathering Technique Book (Features techniques on builds such as Tiran 4 tank, AEG G IV, Stalinets S65 tractor, Stars Wars ARAT, Paper Compressor, Rail Station diorama, Game Over, Broken Ambitions with colored photos.)      49.99


Plastic Kits (Includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

2127       1/72 MiG21MF Aircraft Dual Combo (Ltd Edition) (Includes 2 kits with mask, resin and photo-etch.)                                                        89.95

8413       1/48 Hanriot HD2 BiPlane (Weekend Ed)   24.95

70111     1/72 Fw190A8 Aircraft (Profi-Pack)  (Re-Issue) (Includes mask and photo-etch.)     24.95

82161     1/48 Bf109G10 WNF/Diana Aircraft (Profi-Pack) (Includes mask and photo-etch.) 49.95


Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

4062     1/72 Messerschmitt Me262B1a/U1 Fighter  26.99

5137     1/48 Mustang Mk IV/P51K Fighter               31.99

6017     1/72 Phantom FGR2 Aircraft (New Tool)   34.99

6018     1/72 Mitchell Mk II Bomber (New Tool)      34.99

6106     1/48 Hawker Sea Fury FB 11 Export Edition Aircraft (New Tool)     34.99

9186     1/48 Bristol Blenheim Mk IF Bomber  (New Tool)   51.99


796    1/700 1930’s-WWII Merchant Ships Brass Photo-Etched Detail Set (Includes gravity davits, various lengths of pulleys, “square”, non-watertight doors, life rings, two-stage boarding ladders (deployed  and stowed) generic davits and more. for FJM/AOS kits. Bagged with header)                                      17.00


AM4      Airframe & Miniature 4: The Hawker Tempest 2nd Edition Book – A Complete Guide to the RAF’s Last Piston-Engine Fighter, Updated and Expanded (Features history, evolution, camouflage/markings/colour profiles and model building section with lots of photos. Includes 1/48 scale line drawings. Great book for the Enthusiast   and Modeller. Softcover. 160pgs.)                     49.95


1/72 Plastic Model/Figure Sets (Boxed) – SRP $15.00

8286        Colonial Ox Wagon (Can build 3 Sets: Includes 3 wagons, 6 Oxen & 6 figures)

8287        Colonial General Service Wagon (Can build 3 Sets: Includes 3 wagons, 6 horses & 6 figures)


Plastic Kits (Each highly detailed. includes decals. Boxed)

35254   1/35 M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle (New Tool)  (Features A-frame crane boom that can be built as collapse or expand, winch and M9 dozer blade. Includes clear/photo-etched/metal parts, copper chain and black thread.)       84.99

48007   1/48 German SdKfz 251/1 Ausf C Halftrack  (Re-Issue) (Features 2 different air vent/dust cover; welded/stamp pressed types. Includes MG34/42, MP40 and 98K small arms.)                               23.99

48112   1/48 U2A Dragon Lady High Altitude Recon Aircraft (New Tool) (Includes clear parts.) 69.99


1/35 Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Each includes photo-etched parts. Attractive full-colored boxed)

35259   Soviet BM8-24 Rocket Launcher Based on 1.5-Ton Truck (New Tool) (Includes decals.) 59.99

35288   WWII 18-Ton ‘NTV’ Type Railway Boxcar   (Includes decals.)    59.99

35588   WWII German Jerry Cans Set (Includes 24 assorted types and decals.)  21.99

35594      Construction Set (Includes various equipment   & tools: saw horses, ladders, bucket, saw, etc.) 26.99

For the Week of March 9, 2019


Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

24013   1/24 American Male/Female Motorists 1910’s (Includes 2 figures.)     18.99

35370   1/35 WWII German PzKpfw T34-747(r) Medium Tank (Includes decals.)   54.99

35507   1/35 WWII British Model WOT 6 Truck  (New Tool) (Includes clear parts and decals.)     59.99

48186   1/48 C18S ‘Magic by Moonlight’ Airshow Aircraft (Includes clear parts and decals.)   44.99


PANDA HOBBY MODELS (PDA)       Made in China

1/35 Plastic Kits (Each includes clear/photo-etched parts

and decals. Boxed with color photo)

35038     M1IP Abrams Main Battle Tank                  69.99

35039     M8 Armored Gun System Light Army Tank  (New Tool)              69.99

35045     M1296 Stryker Dragoon IFV Armored Vehicle (New Tool)     69.99


TAMIYA (TAM)                Plastic Kits (Boxed)

35364     1/35 German Marder III M Tank Destroyer, Normandy Front (Features detailed fighting compartment interior. Includes photo-etched parts, 5 figures and 2 different markings.)      49.00

37027     1/48 German SS10 Heavy Tractor & 88mm FlaK 37 Gun (Two complete kits. Tractor features detailed interior/chassis, slide molded cab. Gun features various display options.  Includes clear parts, 5 figures and 3 different markings.)      46.00

MPC PLASTIC KITS (MPC)      Plastic Kit

906        1/25 Ridge Runner Modified Race Car (Features detailed engine, tubular chassis, special racing/gutted interior and Franklin front end. Includes decals. Full-Colored Boxed)      29.95

ATLANTIS MODELS (AAN)      Plastic Kit

218        1/92 B24J  Liberator ‘Buffalo Bill’ Bomber 19.99

formerly Revell) (Features 8 movable guns on   4 rotating turrets, movable propellers and landing  gear with rolling wheels. Includes 2 figures, decals   and clear swivel display stand. Boxed)

BACHMANN (BAC)       HO R-T-R Scale

18406  Southern #205 Bobber Caboose                      28.00

18407  Denver & Rio Grande #49 Bobber Caboose 28.00

18740  Norfolk Southern #145275 Bethlehem Steel 100-Ton 3-Bay Hopper    36.00

18744  Chessie System (C&O) #142315 Bethlehem Steel 100-Ton 3-Bay Hopper  36.00


Just Plug Assembled Billboards (Each pre-painted/decorated with posts. Includes pre-installed  warm white LED lighting. Attractive clamshell peggable package) – SRP $29.99

5792    Deuce’s Parts & Repair (Motorcycle repair shop sign)

5793    The Hottest Brand (Conoco, The Hottest Brand Going!)

5794    Monroe’s Drive-In (Picture of couple in convertible car)

5795    Wise Tobacco Co. (Owl Cigars, A Wise Choice)

5796    Lanes Bowling & Bar (Lanes, Knock Down More   Than Pins!)

BANDAI (BAN)               Sci-Fi Plastic Kit

5055897      1/144 HG Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans  Series: #034 Reginlaze Julia (Re-Issue) (Includes parts molded in color with decals   and instructions. Boxed)                          15.00


P14        Solo Brush: 1 Horsehair Epoxy Brushes 3/8”W, 6″L with Tin Handle (144pcs.) 36.00/Box


865    Mini Mean Machine Model Rocket Kit           14.99

(Skill Level 1. Flies up to 225ft. 39” L, parachute recovery. Requires engines; A3-4T for 1st flight, A10-3T. Bagged with header)

For the Week of March 2, 2019

ATLANTIS MODELS (AAN)     Plastic Snap Kit

220        1/3 Tom Daniel’s Ghost of the Red Baron Figure Head (formerly Monogram) (Skull molded in white. Includes chrome-plated helmet/base parts, yellow tinted specs for eyes and self-stick markings. Boxed)         32.99


Plastic Model Kits Made in China (Boxed)

3711     1/200 USS Yorktown CV5 Aircraft Carrier New Tooling!                 SRP $479.95

Kit consists of over 1120 parts including a metal anchor chain, 8 sheets of photo-etched details, 44 sprues, one-piece hull, decks and aircraft: F4F4, SBD3, TBD1.  Completed kit measures 49”L

5806     1/48 Aero L39MS/L59 Super Albatros Aircraft New Variant!              SRP $59.95

Kit consists of over 140 parts, including photo-etched parts.

6715     1/700 USS Constellation CV64 Aircraft Carrier New Variant!                         SRP$109.95

Kit consists of over 720 parts, including one-piece hull, five 1/700 aircraft and photo-etch parts.

7148     1/72 Russian T62 BDD Mod 1984 (Mod 1972 Modification) Main Battle Tank      SRP $21.95

New Variant! Kit consists of over 60 parts.

9545     1/35 Soviet 2P16 Launcher with 2k6 Luna (FROG-5) Missile           SRP $134.95

New Variant! Kit consists of over 570 parts, including photo-etched parts, copper cable and individual track links.

9563     1/35 Russian KV9 Heavy Tank        SRP $51.95

New Variant! Kit consists of over 320 parts, including photo-etched parts, plastic tracks and copper cable.

9570     1/35 Soviet SU102 Tank Destroyer  New Variant!                                         SRP $66.95

Kit consists of over 210 parts, including photo-etched parts, plastic tracks and metal gun barrel.


BANDAI (BAN)              

1/144 Star Wars Plastic Snap Kits (Includes parts molded in color with decals and instructions. (Boxed) – SRP $8.00

214502        Tie Advanced x1 & Tie Fighter Set

215632        AT-ST Transport Walker & Snowspeeder

GLENCOE MODELS (GLM)          Plastic Kit

5402    1/48 Western Covered Wagon with 2 Oxen, 1 horse, 3 figures and base (Boxed)               19.98


ZVEZDA MODELS (ZVE)            Plastic Kit

3518      1/35 British 6-Pdr Mk II Anti-Tank Gun   (Re-Issue Limited Edition)                           21.

AMT PLASTIC KITS (AMT)         Snap Kit

1126    1/2500 Star Trek The Next Generation USS Enterprise NCC1701D (Includes parts molded in grey, metal support rod, base and decals. Boxed)                 29.95

REVELL MONOGRAM (RMX)      Plastic Kit

4481 1/25 1967 Plymouth GTX Car (Features detailed engine/undercarriage. Includes optional hood scoop/wheels, stock and tube headers, chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)                                              24.95

For the Week of February 23, 2019

BANDAI (BAN)               Sci-Fi Plastic Kit

222257   1/100 Master Grade Series: RGM79G GM Command (Colony Type) (Includes parts molded in color with decals and instructions. Boxed)     38.00

Starblazers 2202 Series: Snap Kit

5055703   Cosmo Tiger II (Single-Seated Type) Space Fighter Attack Craft (New Tool) (Approx 3½” long)     10.00

Star Wars Series: Snap Kits

5055704   1/350 Empire Strikes Back: Millennium  Falcon     8.00

5055705   1/12 R2Q5 Droid                  22.00

1/144 HG Universal Century Series:

5055874   #022 MSN02 Zeong                                    20.00

5055882   #126 RGM86R GM III                                  16.00

5055885   #157 PMX000 Messala (Re-Issue)            32.00


Highly Detailed Plastic Kits Made in China (Boxed)

LS9      1/48 P51D Mustang Yellow Nose Fighter (Includes clear parts and decals.)      44.99

TS40   1/35 Magach 6B Gal Batash Israel Main Battle Tank (Features movable hatches/suspension and workable tracks. Includes clear/photo-etched parts, metal cable and decals.)              99.99

TS41   1/35 Leopard C2 Mexas Canadian Main Battle Tank with Dozer Blade (Features movable torsion bar suspension and dozer blade. Includes clear/ photo-etched parts and decals.)                      79.99

PLA EDITIONS (PED)          Modelling Books

(Includes lots of colored photos. Softcover)  – SRP $29.99

*D2          Dioramag: Dioramas & Scenes Magazine #2 (Features information and articles on using balsa foam, making shattered glass, uses of resin water, along with diorama, reviews and news. 96pgs.)

**7897    Abrams Squad: Bundeswehr Special (Features modeling techniques on ISAF GTX Boxer, Dingo 2A3, Leopard 2A6, PZH2000, MARS and Flecktarn. 80pgs.)


32596    1/48 JGSDF Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle  (New Tool) (Plastic Kit. Includes 2 figures and   two different markings. Boxed)                     33.00

For the Week of February 16, 2019

AMT PLASTIC KITS (AMT)   (Each includes decals. Bxed)

1125      1/3200 Star Trek The Next Generation Romulan Warbird D’Deridex Class Battle Cruiser (Includes dome base with metal support rod. Completed kit measure 12.75”  long.)        30.95

1135      1/32 1960 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop Car  (Includes clear/chrome-plated parts.)           23.95

1136      1/25 1959 Chrysler Imperial Customizing Car  (Can build hardtop, racing or wild custom. Includes clear/lots of customizing chrome-plated parts and metal axles.)        31.95

1137      1/25 1969 Plymouth GTX Convertible Car (Features detailed engine/interior, optional tires. Can build as stock or custom. Includes clear/ chrome-plated parts.)     31.95

1138      1/25 1969 Chevelle SS396 Car (Features detailed engine, optional tires. Can build as street, drag or custom. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts.)  30.95

ZVEZDA MODELS (ZVE)          Made in Russia

Plastic Kits (Aircraft kits includes clear parts & decals. Boxed)

4821    1/48 Russian Yak30 Light Ground-Attack Aircraft (New Tool)     59.99

6240    1/100 German PzKpfw  IV Ausf H Medium Tank (Snap kits. No clear parts or decals.)      6.49

7029    1/144 Russian IL76TD Transport Aircraft     55.99


Plastic Kits (Includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

7450        1/72 F6F5 Aircraft (Weekend Edition)       14.95

8103        1/48 Mirage IIIC Aircraft (Profi-Pack)  (Includes mask and photo-etch)  59.95

82122      1/48 Tempest Mk V Series 2 Aircraft  (Profi-Pack) (Includes mask and photo-etch)      59.95

BANDAI (BAN)               Sci-Fi Plastic Figures

Includes parts molded in color w/decals & instructions. (Boxed)

219549  1/144 Build Fighters High Grade Series: #059 GM/GM Gunpla Mafia’s Mobile Suit         18.00

5055864      HG Pacific Rim Series: Gipsy Avenger Final Battle Specification (Snap)       33.00

5055883   1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #153 RX0(N) Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee Norn (Unicorn Mode) (Re-Issue)                        20.00

TAMIYA (TAM)         Plastic Model Kits & Accessory

12687       1/35 US M551 Sheridan Photo-etch Set & Metal Gun Barrel (Bagged with header)   18.50

24346       1/24 Ford GT Sports Car (Includes metal plated wheels & racing stripe decals. Boxed) 54.00

For the Week of February 9, 2019

BANDAI (BAN)   Star Wars Sci-Fi Plastic Figure Snap Kits Includes parts molded in color w/decals & instructions. (Boxed)

210501     1/350 Star Wars: Millennium Falcon (Snap)        8.00

196418     1/12 C3PO                                                     38.00

214473     1/12 & 1/6 Yoda (2 Kits)                            33.00

5055709   1/100 Master Grade Gundam Series: MSN06S2 Sinanju Stein Narrative Ver.   80.00

1/144 HG Universal Century Series:

5055365   #218 RX9/A Narrative Gundam A-Packs 58.00

5055716  #220 AMX104 R-Jarja               22.00

5055886   #159 AGX04 Gerbera Tetra (Re-Issue)   20.00


1250    Interceptor Model Rocket Kit (Re-Issue)      29.99

(Skill Level 2. Flies up to 525ft, 26” L, parachute recovery. Requires engines: B4-2 (1st flight), B6-4, C-5. Bagged with header)


5613      1/35 PT109 USN Motor Torpedo Boat       169.99

 (Re-Issue) (Highly detailed. Includes photo-etched parts, screws, ropes, 37mm AT gun, decals and reference manual featuring history. Boxed)

SPECIAL HOBBY (SHY)  Plastic Kit Made in Czech Republic

72380    1/72 Kittyhawk Mk II (Long Fuselage P40K) Fighter  (Includes clear parts & decals. Bxed)           23.99



Military History Books (Softcover)

AC9           Air Campaign: Japan 1944-45 LeMay’s B29 Strategic Bombing Campaign         24.00

C332         Campaign: Kulikovo 1380 The Battle that made Russia    24.00

D92           Duel: Chinese Battleship vs Japanese Cruiser, Yalu River 1894     22.00

MAA523   Men at Arms: Armies of the Medieval Italian Wars 1125-1325  19.00

V267         Vanguard: French Armour in Vietnam 1945-54   19.00

XP10         X-Planes: Northrop Flying Wings             22.00


Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

5018    1/72 P38J Lightning Fighter (Re-Issue)  (Includes clear parts.)     33.95

6800    1/35 PzKpfw VI Ausf E SdKfz 181 Late Production Tank, Wittman’s last Tiger (2 in 1) (Can build as standard or Whittmann’s version. Includes photo-etched parts and figure.)       87.95

6817    1/35 M7 Priest Early Production Tank  (Includes photo-etched parts.) 76.95

6877    1/35 PzKpfw III 3.7cm (T) Ausf F Diving Tank, Operation Seelowe (Includes clear/ photo-etched parts and figure.)                       88.95


AD6     Airframe Detail 6: The Focke Wulf TA154 Moskito – A Technical Guide Book (Features detailed information of construction/equipment, camouflage/markings and HpH Models 1/32 kit build. Includes line drawings, colored and black/white photos. Softcover. 66pgs.)            39.95

For the Week of February 2, 2019

BANDAI (BAN)          Sci-Fi Plastic Kits

Includes parts molded in color w/decals & instructions. (Boxed)

209052       1/12 Star Wars Rogue One: Death Trooper (Snap)       30.00

5055587    1/100 Reborn-One Hundred Series: #011LM111E02 Gun-EZ      38.00



Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

2291       1/72 F35 Lightning II B Version JASDF Jet Fighter (Ltd Edition)  54.99

7472        1/48 Nakajima B5N2 Type 97 Kate Model 3  “Pearl Harbor Attack” IJN Bomber (Ltd Edition)  54.99

203751/24 Honda F1 RA272E 1965 Mexico GP Winner Race Car (Ltd Edition) 61.99

20376      1/24 1966 Cadillac Sedan DeVille Lowrider Car (Ltd Edition)   57.99

21130      1/24 1973 Mitsubishi Galant GTO 2000GSR Early Version Car    54.99

21506      1/12 1979 Kawasaki KH400A7 Motorcycle  (New Tool)   57.99

64112      1/20 Robot Battle V: Maschinen Krieger Moon Type MK44H-O Whiteknight

Prototype   74.99

66005      1/35 Yanmar YT5113A Tractor (New Tool) 54.99

ALLIANCE FIGURES (ANK)     made in Ukraine

72038          1/72 Survivors (Anti-Zombies) (Includes 48 figures, in various poses with weapons/accessories. Boxed))          17.95

TAMIYA (TAM)     Plastic Model Kits

12685   1/35 US MCI Cartons Vietnam War (can make 11 paper cartons) (Bagged w/header)    4.40

12687  1/35 US M551 Sheridan Photo-etch Set & Metal Gun Barrel (Bagged w/header)  18.50

24346  1/24 Ford GT Sports Car (Includes metal plated wheels and racing stripe decals) 54.00

35365   1/35 US M551 Sheridan Airborne Tank Vietnam War (Includes 2 figures and options marking decals)  62.00


1/25 Plastic Kits ( Each includes chrome-plated parts, metal axles and decals. Boxed)

1120      1934 Ford Pickup Truck Customizing Kit (Can build 1 of 3 versions. Features detailed stock & chrome engine. Includes optional seats and accessories.)    32.95

1123      NYPD Chevy Police Van (Features detailed engine/interior.)   31.95

FIRST TO FIGHT MODELS (FRF)     Made in Poland

1/72 Plastic Kits (Full-Color Boxed) – SRP $17.95

60          WWII Skoda 100mm wz 14/19 Polish Howitzer

61          WWII Krupp Protze Kfz81 German Army Truck with Driver (Include decals.)


1/24-1/25 Model Car Decals (Bagged w/header) – SRP $10.00

11063      Skulls and Crossbones

11064      Gold Letters and Numbers


900        1/25 Tom Mongoose McEwen 1969 Front Engine Dragster (Features detailed engine/chassis. Includes chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)      31.95


960          1/25 Coca Cola VW Beetle Car (Plastic Snap Kit. Features detailed engine/trunk. Includes optional wheel/hupcaps/bumper/front seats/side mirror,  chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)    31.95

MKA32  1/25 Phillips 66 & Union 76 Trucking Decal Set (Carded)  11.95

For the Week of January 26, 2019

BANDAI (BAN)          Sci-Fi Plastic Kits

(Includes parts molded in color w/decals & instructions. Boxed)

5055586  1/144 Gundam Real Grade Series: #030 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam RX-0                   58.00

1/12 Star Wars Series: Snap Kits

196693     Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike                  52.00

197348     Sandtrooper                                                   30.00

205880     Shadow Stormtrooper                                  28.00

5055589   Return of the Jedi: Darth Vader                 38.00

HORIZON MODELS (HZM)   Plastic Kit Made in Australia

2005      1/72 Redstone Launcher Rocket (3 in 1)                47.99

 (Partially New Tool) (Can build 1 of 3 versions: Juno I with Explorer I, ABMA PGM11 Redstone IRBM or WRESAT. Includes photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)



Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

24111    1/24 SEAL Team Fighter #1 (New Tool) (Figure in wetsuit with machine gun and accessories in walking pose.)                   21.99

24112    1/24 SEAL Team Fighter #2 (New Tool) (Figure in wetsuit with machine gun and accessories in kneeling pose.)                          21.99

35660    1/35 Taxi Car with French Infantry, Battle of the Marne 1914 (Includes car, 4 figures & decals.)    54.99

72173    1/72 Soviet MiG25RB Recon Aircraft  (Includes decals.)  44.99


1/35 Highly Detailed Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

35234   BM8-24 Self-Propelled Rocket Launcher (New Tool) (Includes clear/photo-etched parts and decals.)                          59.99

35240   WWII Romanian Tacam T60 Tank with 76mm SPG & Full Interior (Can build hatches open/closed. Includes engine/photo-etched parts and various markings.)       59.99

35578   Water Pump Set (Includes water pump, buckets, cans, washbowl and photo-etch.)             15.99

35593   Concrete Mixer Set (Includes mixer, buckets, bags, tools and cart.)   21.99

37026   Chinese Type 59 Early Prod Medium Tank (New Tool) (Includes photo-etched parts and various markings.)                       62.99

37036   KMT-5M Mine Roller                                                26.99

37038   Russian TOP Armored Recovery Vehicle (New Tool) (Includes clear/photo-etched parts and various markings.)                                              62.99

40006   Kugelpanzer 41(r) Ball Tank with Interior  (Can build hatches open/closed. Includes clear parts, and US, German & Aussie markings.)          54.99


Plastic Figure Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed) – SRP $19.95

3574      1/35 Screaming Eagles 101st Airborne (Air Assault) Division, Europe 1944-1945 (4)

24052    1/24 At the Edge of the Universe: Irene Leroi from Steamplanet

24064    1/24 The Heist: Sgt. Jack Melgoza & Patrol Woman Sally Taylor in Shootout



Highly Detailed Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

629        1/32 L19/O1E Bird Dog USAF Floatplane (Includes clear parts and decals.)                  64.99

813        1/35 British BL 8-Inch Howitzer Mk VI Gun (New Tool) (Includes photo-etched parts.) 49.99


288          FAQ 3 Modern AFV Painting Techniques Book

(Features techniques/special effects/weathering on photo-etch, resin, stowage, figures, vehicles and accessories. Lots of photos from-cover-to- cover. Softcover. 463pgs.)            119.99

290          Real Colors of WWII Aircraft Book (Features aircraft colors of WWII such as: German, USAF, British and Soviet, along with line drawings. Lots of photos from-cover-to-cover. Great book for Modelers. Hardback. 291pgs.)               99.99

8059        Camouflage Net Type 1 Green                     18.99

8060        Camouflage Net Type 1 Sand                       18.99

8061        Camouflage Net Type 1 White                     18.99

8062        Camouflage Net Type 2 Brown                    18.99

8063        Camouflage Net Type 2 White                     18.99

8066        Camouflage Net Type 1 Field Green           18.99

8067        Camouflage Net Type 2 Field Green           18.99

Real Colors Series: Acrylic Lacquer Paint Sets (10ml Bottles)

RCS24     WWII USN & USMC Aircraft Early    (3 Colors)  12.99

RCS25     WWII USN & USMC Aircraft Late  (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS26     WWII USAAF                             (3 Colors)  12.99

RCS27     WWII US Aircraft Interior        (4 Colors)   16.99

RCS28     Luftwaffe Pre-WWII Camouflage (4 Colors)16.99

RCS29     Luftwaffe Early WWII               (4 Colors)   16.99

RCS30     Luftwaffe WWII Seaplane        (4 Colors)   16.99

RCS31     Luftwaffe Fighter 1941-1944   (4 Colors)   16.99

RCS32     Luftwaffe Tropical 1941           (3 Colors)   12.99

RCS33     Luftwaffe Tropical 1942-1944 (3 Colors)   12.99

RCS34     Luftwaffe Late WWII                 (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS35     Soviet Sturmovik & Bomber 1943-1945    (4 Colors) 16.99

RCS36     Soviet Fighter 1943-1945         (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS37     WWII IJN Aircraft                      (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS38     WWII RAF Temperate Land Scheme   (3 Colors)  12.99

RCS39     WWII RAF Day Fighter Scheme (3 Colors) 12.99

RCS40     WWII RAF Desert                      (3 Colors)  12.99

RCS41     WWII RAF SEAC Aircraft        (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS42     WWII RAF Temperate Sea Scheme    (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS43     RAF Fighters 1950s                   (3 Colors) 12.99

RCS44     RAF V-Bomber 1960s               (3 Colors)  12.99

RCS45     RAF Fighters & V-Bomber 1970s   (3 Colors)  12.99

RCS46     USN & USMC 1950s-1970s     (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS47     USAF TAC South East Asia (SEA) Scheme  (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS48     USAF European Camo 1980s   (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS49     US Modern Aircraft 1980s- Present   (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS50     Israeli AF Early                           (4 Colors)   16.99

RCS51     Israeli AF Early Desert              (4 Colors)   16.99

RCS52     Israeli AF Modern Desert          (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS53     Luftwaffe 1960s-1970s             (4 Colors)   16.99

RCS54     FAA (Falklands/Malvinas) 1970s-1990s   (4 Colors) 16.99

RCS55     FAE (Lagarto Camo) AF            (4 Colors)   16.99

RCS56     RCAF CF18 Hornet                    (3 Colors)  12.99

RCS57     Forca Aerea Portuguesa I Wrap-Around 1990s  (4 Colors)  16.99

RCS58     Forca Aerea Portuguesa II Fighting Falcons 1990s  (4 Colors)   16.99

RCS59     Aeronautica Militar I                 (3 Colors)   12.99

RCS60     Aeronautica Militar II                (3 Colors)  12.99

For the Week of January 12, 2019


AA133      Aircraft of the Aces: Ju88 Aces of WWII  24.00

AC8           Air Campaign: Operation Linebacker I 1972 The First High-Tech Air War    24.00

C331         Campaign: Smolensk 1943 The Red Army’s Relentless Advance   24.00

CBT38      Combat: US Soldier vs Afrika Korps Soldier Tunisia 1943      22.00

D91           Duel: Hellcat vs Shiden/Shiden-Kai Pacific Theater 1944-45  22.00

MAA522   Men at Arms: The Khazars A Judeo- Turkish Empire on the Steppes 7th-11th

Centuries AD            19.00

V266         Vanguard: French Battleships 1914-45   19.00

WP66       Weapon: Weapons of the Viking Warrior 22.00


Plastic Model Kits Made in China (Boxed)

1043    1/35 Russian 30N6E Flap Lid Radar System SRP $179.95

New Tool!  Kit consists of over 100 parts including copper cable, photo-etched parts, rubber tires, full drive train and transmission.  Completed kit is over 15” long!

3227    1/32 P40F Warhawk Aircraft            SRP $89.95

New Variant with New Tooling!  Kit consists of over 140 parts, including photo-etched parts and rubber tires.

5354    1/350 SMS Schleswig-Holstein Deutschland Class Battleship 1935     SRP $114.95

New Tool! Kit consists of over 470 parts, including photo-etched parts, display stand and two-part hull.

1/350 Aircraft Sets for Carriers All New Tools! (6/Box) 

6278    Arado Ar195 Torpedo Bomber         SRP $9.95

6279    Bf109T Fighter

6280    Ju87C1 Dive Bomber

6281    Fi167A0 Recon Bomber

7129    1/72 Soviet Su152 Self-Propelled Heavy Howitzer Early Version    SRP $21.95

New Tool!  Kit consists of over 50 parts.

9519    1/35 Russian S300V 9A83 Surface-to-Air (SAM) Missile Launcher  SRP 179.95

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9538    1/35 SdKfz (DB9) Halftrack Artillery Tractor New Variant!      SRP $76.95

Kit consists of over 700 parts, including photo-etched parts,  metal parts, individual track links and rubber tires

9539    1/35 PzKpfw VI Ausf E SdKfz 181 Tiger I Tank

Med. Production New Variant!           SRP $59.95

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9541    1/35 PzKpfw VIII Maus Tank          SRP $199.95

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9562    1/35 Russian 2S34 Hosta Self-Propelled Howitzer/Mortar New Variant!          SRP $67.95

Kit consists of over 1000 parts including photo-etched parts, copper cable and individual track links.


Plastic Kits (Includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

3621    1/35 M132 Armored Flamethrower (Includes photo-etched parts, jerry cans and backpacks.)      69.95

6063    1/35 German Afrika Korps Soldiers (4) and Accessories (Re-Issue) (No decals.)              16.95

6300    1/35 PzKpfw IV Ausf H Late Prod Tank (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etched parts.)     88.95

6464    1/35 SdKfz 138 Marder III Ausf M Initial Prod Tank (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etched parts.)     82.95

7601    1/72 T34/76 Mod. 1942 Tank with Cast Turret 20.95


1/32 Plastic Figure Playsets (Bagged)

L20    Mexican Bandits Playset (16 figures)              20.00

L21   Mexican Bandits, Mounted Playset (8 figures with horses)      30.00


Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

2285      1/72 Kugisho P1Y1 Ginga (Frances) Type 11 IJN Bomber (Ltd Edition)     59.99

2287      1/72 Kawasaki Ki48II Type 99 (Lily) IJA Light Bomber (Ltd Edition)     46.99

2289      1/72 E13A1 Type Zero (Jake) Model 11 & A6M2N Type 2 (Rufe) Kamikawa-Maru IJN Recon Seaplane/Fighter (2 Kits) (Ltd Ed)    49.99

2290      1/72 F15J Eagle Mystic Eagle II JASDF Fighter (Ltd Edition)   57.99

7225      1/48 F8E Crusader USN Fighter (Re-Issue)  49.99

7321      1/48 Spitfire Mk VII/VIII Pointed Wing RAF Fighter (Ltd Edition) (Re-Issue)     47.99

8860      1/32 F86F40 Sabre JASDF Fighter                64.99

9813      1/48 Mitsubishi A6M7 Zero Type 62 IJN Fighter (Ltd Edition) (Re-Issue)     41.99

10807   1/200 B787-8 Demonstrator 1st Commercial Airliner (Ltd Edition) (Re-Issue)       49.99

10827   1/200 Airbus A321ceo ANA Airways Commercial Airliner (Ltd Edition)  37.99

20255   1/24 Toyota Celica GT-Four RC Car (Ltd Edition)  41.99

20304   1/24 Subaru Legacy GT Touring Wagon  (Ltd Edition)  47.99

20354   1/24 1968 BMW 2002ti Sedan Car (Ltd Ed)  54.99

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21719   1/12 Honda NSR500 1989 Japan Championship GP500 Seed Racing Motorcycle (Ltd Edition)      71.99

30056   1/72 JGSDF/NPR M24 Chaffee Tank, M3A1 Halftrack & 1/4-Ton 4×4 Utility Truck (3 Kits) (Ltd Edition)                                       47.99

51206   1/72 Mitsubishi Ki46 III (Dinah) Type 100 Commadant Recon Aircraft        34.99

51404    1/72 F86D Sabre Dog JASDF Fighter (Re-Issue)      26.99

64112   1/20 Robot Battle V: Maschinen Krieger Moon Type MK44H-O Whiteknight Prototype      74.99