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Future Releases

Here’s what the Manufacturers say they’re going to release soon – –

For the Week of February 22, 2020


1/25 Scale (Each Attractively Package)

1179    Coca-Cola 1976 GMC General Semi Tractor Cab (Features detailed engine/interior. Includes over 300 parts, plus clear/chrome-plated and decals. Completed kit measures 12¾” long.)             54.95

1180    1969 Plymouth GTX Hardtop Pro Street Car  (Features detailed engine/interior. Includes clear/ chrome-plated parts and decals.)                    32.95


925    1/25 1976 Dodge Dart Car (Features detailed engine/ interior. Includes optional parts to build street machine, stock or custom version, two figures, clear/chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)                        32.95

ATLANTIS MODELS (AAN)          1/72 Plastic Kits

(Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed) – SRP $19.99

505          HH3E Jolly “Green Giant” US Army Vietnam Helicopter (formerly Aurora. Features detailed cockpit/rescue winch, retractable landing gear, rotating main/tail rotors. Includes two figures.)

1026       Huey Choppers (2): US Army Gunship and Firefighter Helicopter (Includes two snap kits. Parts molded in green and red.)


7289     Low Boom SST Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level Expert. Flies up to 400ft. 30” L. Parachute recovery. Requires engines; C6-3. Bagged with header)         26.99

7299     Illusion Model Rocket Kit (Snap Kit. Skill Level Beginner. Flies up to 1125ft. 19.3” L. Parachute recovery. Requires engines; A8-3, B4-4, B6-4, C6-5, C6-7. Attractively boxed) 19.99


15135      1/24 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV (New Tool)   34.98 (Includes clear/transparent red/ chrome-plated parts and decals. Attractively Boxed)

REVELL-MONOGRAM (RMX)      Plastic Kit (New Tool)

4498        1/24 Land Rover Series III 109 Long Wheelbase Wagon with Roof Rack           34.95 (Features detailed engine/interior. Can build right or left-hand drive version. Includes clear parts and various decal options. Boxed)



(Each includes decals. Boxed)

1425      1/72 F35B Lightning II STOVL Version Jet Fighter (New Tool) (Includes clear parts.)       49.99

1426      1/72 F86F Sabre USAAF Jet Fighter (Includes clear parts.)  42.99

3640      1/24 Mercedes Benz G230 SUV (Includes clear parts.)   55.99

6193      1/72 WWII Stalingrad Siege Tractor Plant Assault 1942 Diorama Set (Includes MDF laser cut building, 50 German Infantry, 48 USSR Infantry, German Pak 40 AT gun with 6 figures, PzKpfw IV Ausf F tank, 2 T34/76 tanks and urban accessories.)  124.99

7077      1/72 SdKfz 251/8 Ambulance Halftrack      23.50

Osprey Publications

OSP-AC15 Air Campaign: Battle of the Atlantic 1939-41 RAF Coastal Command’s Hardest Fight Against the U-Boats 24.00

OSP-C346 Campaign: Yalu River 1950-51 The Chinese Spring the Trap on MacArthur


OSP-E231 Elite: Soviet Airborne Forces 1930-91 $20.00

OSP-E232 Elite: World War II US Fast Carrier Task Force Tactics 1943-45 $20.00

OSP-V278 Vanguard: US Navy Cold War Guided Missile Cruisers $19.00

OSP-V279 Vanguard: American Privateers of the Revolutionary War $19.00

OSP-CBT46 Combat: British Rifleman vs French Skirmisher Peninsular War & Waterloo 1808-15

For the Week of February 8, 2020


Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

6875      1/35 IJA Type 97 Chi-Ha Tank with 57mm Turret Gun and New Hull (Highly detailed. Includes photo-etched parts.)                        76.95

14131    1/144 German 28cm K5(E) Leopold Railway Gun and 6 Crew (New Tool)     20.95

KITTY HAWK MODELS (KTY)     Made in China

Highly Detailed Plastic Kit (New Tool) (Boxed)

32020    1/32 Mirage 2000C Fighter (Includes clear/photo-etched parts and 4 different markings.) 179.99

PANDA MODELS (PDA)        Made in China

Highly Detailed Plastic Kit (New Tool) (Boxed)

35034    1/35 9A317 Telar SPM Transporter with SAM17 9K37M2 Buk-M2 Surface-to-Air System  (Includes photo-etched parts and decals.)   89.99


Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

16302    1/16 Roman Centurion I Century (New Tool) 41.99

24040    1/24 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen  (New Tool) (Includes photo-etched parts.) 99.99

35655    1/35 WWI US FWD Type B Army Truck (New Tool) (Includes decals.) 66.99

35901    1/35 Chernobyl #1: Radiation Monitoring Station Diorama Set (Includes ZiL131 KShM truck, check point station, 5 figures in various poses, decals and base.)           99.99

MINIART MODELS (MNA)      Made in Ukraine

1/35 Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

35325    Dinner on the Front: Soviet Soldiers (5) with Furniture & Accessories (Includes

photo-etched parts. No decals.)                     26.99

35612    Street Fruit Shop (New Tool)                         25.99

37059    British AFV Crew (New Tool) (Includes 4 figures in various poses. No decals.)         15.99

38021    LGOC B-Type London Double Decker Omnibus (Includes photo-etched parts.)      74.99

39003    WWI British Military Lorry B-Type Truck (Includes photo-etched parts.)           59.99

PEGASUS HOBBIES (PGH)        Plastic Kit

9120      1/144 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: The Nautilus Submarine (Re-Issue) (Includes detailed Squid display base, photo-etched parts and name plate. Boxed)               65.99


Model Air AFV Paint Sets (17ml Bottles. Attractively Boxed)

71623       WWII USMC Green & Grey Patterns 1942-1945 (6 Colors)  19.95

71624       WWII USMC Sand Patterns 1942-1945 (6 Colors)  19.95

71625  WWII US Army Europe & North Africa 1942-1945 (8 Colors)  28.95

For the Week of February 1, 2020


(Each features detailed engine/interior. Includes clear/chrome-plated/red transparent parts and decals. Boxed)

1158      1/25 Tyrone Malone’s Hideout Kenworth Aerodyne Transporter   51.95

1166      1/25 Popper 1977 Ford Pinto with Coca-Cola Machine (Can build as street or stock version.)    35.95


TAMIYA (TAM)          Plastic Figure Kit

35371    1/35 German Mid-WWII Infantry Set (Includes 5 figures in various poses w/weapons. Boxed)     20.50


MPC PLASTIC KIT (MPC)         Plastic Kit

892    1/25 Ed Big Daddy Roth’s Mail Box Chopper

Custom Trike (Features detailed engine and custom parts. Includes clear/chrome-plated/orange/green tinted parts, metal axle and decals. Boxed)                    25.95


Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

3881   1/144 Airbus A350-900 Lufthansa Airliner   28.95

4952   1/144 Airbus A321neo Airliner                      28.95

5165   1/72 PT579/588 Patrol Torpedo Boat             28.95

5429   1/96 English Man O’ War Sailing Ship (Includes 2pc hull, vacu-form sails and rigging tread.)                    117.95

5660   1/350 Santa Maria Sailing Ship (Snap Kit. Parts molded in color.)         16.95

For the Week of January 25, 2020


AC14   Air Campaign: Schweinfurt-Regensburg 1943 8th Air Force’s Costly Early Daylight Battles  24.00

C345   Campaign: IA Drang 1965 The Struggle for Vietnam’s Pleiku Province     24.00

D101        Duel: British Battleship vs Italian Battleship The Mediterranean 1940-41       22.00

E230   Elite: Roman Standards & Standard-Bearers (2) AD192-500         20.00

WP72   Weapon: Spatha The Roman Long Sword   22.00


44966 Abrams Squad: Bear in the Mud Modelling the Russian Armour in Eastern Europe (Features modelling/dioramas techniques on; T90A, PION 2S7, T55AM, 2S9 NONA, Ukraine Civil War, The Battle of Chechnya with lots of colored photos. Softcover. 180pgs.)          64.99

For the Week of January 18, 2020


Easy to cut, curve and form. Attractively bagged.

8514    HO Flexible Medium Steel Sea Wall (2)         14.99

8516    HO/O Flexible Large Steel Sea Wall               14.99

8540    HO/O Flexible Dry Stack Blasted Rock Wall 12.99

8544    Multi-Scale Flexible Dry Stack Fieldstone Rock Wall      12.99

8580    HO Flexible Medium Clamshell Cobblestone Roads (2)      19.99

AIRFIX (ARX)   Plastic Model Kit:

6021    1/72 Blackburn Buccaneer S2C Strike Aircraft (Includes clear parts & decals.)        34.99


ACADEMY (ACY)         Plastic Model Kits:

12331 1/48 SBD1 USMC Bomber Pearl Harbor (Includes clear parts, photo-etch, decals.)   39.00

15776 Gatchaman II: New God Phoenix Spacecraft w/LED Modeule Set, 5 Figures & 5 Vehicles  (Features display stand, cartograf decals and parts are molded in color.)  (New Tool)       99.00



367      1/72 F4N Phantom II Jolly Rogers VF84 Fighter  (Ltd Edition)        34.99

1902   1/72 P2H (P2V7) Neptune JMSDF Anti-Submarine Patrol Aircraft (Re-Issue)     54.99

1943   1/72 SR71A Blackbird Ichiban USAF Aircraft (Ltd Edition) (Re-Issue)     44.99

2266   1/72 S2F1 (S2A) Tracker JMSDF 51st FS Aircraft  (Ltd Edition)       39.99

2294   1/72 Nakajima Ki49II Hei Type 100 Donryu  (Helen) Heavy Bomber w/Radar 49.99

2297   1/72 Mi24/35 Mk III Superhind Gray Camouflage Attack Helicopter           79.99

2306   1/72 F35 Lightning II B Version Beast Mode Fighter (Ltd Edition)        54.99

2307   1/72 A10 Thunderbolt II UAV Attacker (Ltd Edition)         51.99

7210   1/48 F4B/N Phantom II Midway Bicentennial Fighter w/one-pc Canopy (Re-Issue)         45.99

7217   1/48 Kawasaki T4 JASDF Intermediate Trainer Aircraft            31.99

7243   1/48 TA4J Skyhawk USN Trainer Aircraft  (Re-Issue)      45.99

7367   1/48 Kyushu J7W2S Shindenkai Interceptor Night Fighter (Ltd Edition)        54.99

7478   1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109E1 Blitzkrieg Fighter  (Ltd Edition)         49.99

7479   1/48 Nakajima E9N1 Type 95 Dave Model 1 Heavy Cruise Maya Recon Seaplane (Ltd Ed)  54.99

9051   1/48 Hawker Hurricane Mk IIC RAF Fighter  (Re-Issue)    31.99

9137    1/48 Nakajima Ki44 II Kou Shoki Tojo 85th FG Fighter        31.99

9636    1/48 Mitsubishi T2 Blue Impulse Modern Aerobatic Team Aircraft         46.99

9840    1/48 Mitsubishi A6M1 12SHI Experimental Zero Fighter (Re-Issue)       39.99

9845   1/48 Arado Ar234C3 Luftwaffe Bomber           54.99

10676  1/200 NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter & Hubble Telescope (Ltd Edition) (Re-Issue)      31.99

10680  1/200 NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter & B747 Aircraft (Ltd Edition) (Re-Issue)   46.99

10832  1/200 B747-400 Demonstrator Airliner (Ltd Ed)   46.99

19197  1/48 Nakajima E8N1 Type 95 Dave Model 1 Recon Seaplane (Ltd Edition)         54.99

20313  1/24 BMW 320i Car (Ltd Edition)       39.99

20382  1/24 Tyrrell 021 Formula 1 Race Car (Ltd Edition)            39.99

20413  1/24 Kygnus Tonen Lola T90-50 Race Car  (Ltd Edition)          39.99

20416  1/24 Taka-Q Toyota 88C LeMans Race Car (Ltd Edition)          42.99

20421  1/24 Mazda 767B 1991 JSPC Race Car (Ltd Ed) 42.99

24109  1/24 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione SUV 34.99

51215  1/72 Focke Wulf Ta154V3 Luftwaffe Night Fighter (Re-Issue)         36.99

51217  1/72 De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV RAF Bomber (Re-Issue)    29.99

51401  1/72 J35F Draken Swedish AF Interceptor Aircraft        22.99

51405  1/72 F86D Sabre Dog USAF Interceptor Aircraft (Re-Issue)         22.99

52213  1/24 1966 Buick Wildcat Coupe w/Girl Figure (Ltd Edition)      54.99

52214  Operation Omega: Build Either 1/48 Patrol Hopper or 1/144 NASA Space Shuttle (Ltd Edition)      74.99

52230  1/48 Ki27 Type 97 Nate Gaden Company Fighter  (Ltd Edition)           49.99

54005  1/72 Rosenbauer Panther 6×6 Airport Crash Tender (Re-Issue)        39.99

64116  1/35 Maschinen Krieger Fireball SG Intruder Mercenary Troop Fighters (2)      34.99

66007  1/35 Yanmar YH6115 Combine Construction Machinery (New Tool)         42.99


MOEBIUS MODELS (MOE)   Plastic Model Kits

937    1/25 Batman Dark Knight Trilogy: Batman Standing & Rider for Bat Pod (2 figures) (Re-Issue)      14.99

938    1/18 Batman Dark Knight Trilogy: Catwoman w/Bat Pod (Re-Issue)            32.49

1234  1/25 1965 Ford Custom Cab Styleside Pickup Truck (Features 352 CID V8 engine, detailed chassis, chrome parts, & includes decals.)      39.99


1162  1/25 1970 Chevy Impala Fire Chief Car          31.95

(Can build as Fire Chief or as Police Cruiser. Features detailed engine/interior. Includes clear/ chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)


972    1/12 Haunted Manor Escape from the Dungeon Glow-in-the-Dark Diorama Set (Features rubber- band action, where the figure’s shovel hits the chain to free the Troll which causes the skeleton in the casket to pop up Includes 8.75” x 7” base. Glows-in-the-dark when left unpainted. Boxed)             28.95

For the Week of December 21, 2019


457      1/490 USS Pittsburgh CA72 Heavy Cruiser (Plastic Kit formerly Revell. Features movable guns, rotating turrets. Includes two scout planes with catapults/crane, display stand, flag sheet and decals for all Baltimore Class ships. Completed kit measures 16.75” long. Boxed)                   21.99



Science Fiction Plastic Kits (Each includes parts molded in color with instructions. Full-colored boxed)

5058204      1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #229 RX104FF Penelope (Includes decals.)   75.00

5058222      1/100 MG Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Series: ASW-G08 Gundam Barbatos  (Includes decals.)                                      50.00

Star Wars Series: (Snap Kits)

219779        AT-M6 Walker                                             8.00

206319        Poe’s X-Wing Fighter                                  8.00

5058213      1/12 The Rise of Skywalker: Kylo Ren Dar Side Warrior       38.00

5058226      1/12 The Rise of Skywalker: BB8 & D0 Droids Diorama Set     30.00

5058882      1/12 The Rise of Skywalker: First Order Stormtrooper             30.00


Military History Books (Softcover)

D100       Duel: Me262 vs P51 Mustang Europe   1944-45        22.00

V277       Vanguard: British Amphibious Assault Ships from Sues to the Falklands and the Present Day         19.00

XP13       X-Planes: The Wright Flyers 1899-1916 The Kites, Gliders and Aircraft that Launched The Air Age                         22.00

AMK MODEL KITS (AGK)       Made in China

1/48 Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (New Tool) (Boxed)

88007     F14D Super Tomcat Fighter (Features open/ closed canopy. Includes clear/photo-etched parts, weapons and various markings.)                        69.95


KITTYHAWK MODELS (KTY)      Made in China

Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (Each includes clear/photo-etched parts two resin figures and various markings. Boxed)

50006     1/35 HH60G Pave Hawk Helicopter                  179.99

80155     1/48 FJ2 Fury Fighter                                           69.99


Highly Detailed Plastic Kit Made in China (Boxed)

16001   1/16 PzKpfw 38(T) Ausf E/F Tank (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etched parts and decals.) 159.99


TAMIYA (TAM)                   Plastic Kit

24351   1/24 2019 Toyota GR Supra Sports Car      47.00

(New Tool) (Features detailed interior. Includes clear parts, chrome-plated wheels, mask, metal transfers and decals.

For the Week of December 14, 2019

MOEBIUS MODELS (MOE)     Plastic Kit

20015      1/1 2001 Space Odyssey: HAL9000 with LED       Red Light (Features textured faceplate, clear dual lens, red LED eye and speaker grille. Includes light

kit with wiring/switch, decal and display stand.

Completed kit approx. 14″ H. Requires 9-volt

battery. Attractively boxed)                            45.99


EDUARD (EDU)               

  Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

20            1/48 Royal Class: P51D Mustang Fighter Dual Combo (Ltd Edition) (Includes clear/photo-etch/ resin parts and mask.)       110.00              

8071       1/48 Nieuport Ni17 BiPlane Fighter (Profi-Pack) (Includes photo-etch & mask.)    26.95              

70141     1/72 MiG21MF Interceptor Aircraft (Profi- Pack)  (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etch & mask.)         33.95

84157     1/48 Bf109E3 Aircraft (Weekend Edition)  29.95 

AMT PLASTIC KITS (AMT)        1/25 Scale Plastic Kits

(Each includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)

1146    1953 Ford Victoria Hardtop with Coca-Cola Machine     34.95

1154    The Funny Fueler Digger Dragster (Features removable body for display. Detailed “King Kong” engine and rumble seat driver cockpit.)         30.95

1156    1976 Chevy Vega Funny Car (Features detailed supercharged Chevy 454 cubic inch engine with Hilborn four port fuel injection, upswept headers, Mag wheels and wheelie bar.)         32.95

1167    1925 Ford Model T Chopped Coupe Customizing Kit (Can build two complete cars; stock, custom or drag. Includes two engines; stock and Hi-PO V8, optional tinted windows, open wheels/salt flat discs, pre-lettered racing slicks and four metal axles.)     32.95

1173    1977 Ford Delivery Van with Coca-Cola Machine and Two Full Bottle Crates      35.95



921      1/25 Don “The Snake” Prudhomme Wynn’s Winder Top Fuel Dragster (Features detailed engine. Includes chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)  32.95



959    Godzilla Figure (Plastic Snap Kit. Features poseable jaw, 10” long tail  Includes 54 parts molded in color. Completed kit measures 7 ¾” tall. Boxed)               32.95


For the Week of December 7, 2019

BANDAI (BAN)               Science Fiction Plastic Kit

5058221    1/144 HG Future Century Series: #230 JDG009X (JDG00X) Death Army (Includes parts molded in color, decals   and instructions. Boxed)       16.00              



1/32 Figure Playsets Re-Introduced: Figures in various poses and molded in color.  Bagged w/header.)

2                Civil War Union Infantry Soldiers Charging (16)             23.99

3                WWII US Infantry Debut of the Dogface Troops (16)    23.99

5                WWII Russian Infantry (16)                        23.99

8                WWII Japanese Infantry (16)                     23.99

9                WWII US Infantry Fire Support (16)         26.99

11              WWII Late War German Elite Troops (12) 26.99

13              Plains Indian Warriors #1 (12)                   19.99

21              Tombstone Set 1: The Gunfighters (4)     17.99



Military Modelling Softcover Magazines: Each includes lots of colored photos with detailed information.

31              Abrams Squad: The Modern Modelling Magazine #31 (Features Keep what you kill , comander’s display unit, remote thermal sight,   IDF Merkava mk.2B, JGSDF Type 16, M1126 Stryker, 253 Kit, Abrams w/Trophy, Tankfest 2019 and turret basket)  (72pgs)               24.95

D4             Dioramag: Dioramas & Scenes Magazine #4 (Features:The kiss, news, diorama classics, wave breaker, concealment, showcase dioramag, operation cyclone, young spirit, showcase dioramag, duel in the mist, and more) (96pgs.) 32.9

REVELL OF GERMANY (RVL)     Plastic Kits (Boxed)

3286    1/35 3.7cm Flak 43 Flakpanzer III Ostwind German Tank  17.95              

3287    1/35 M48/A2CG German Main Battle Tank   35.95

3288    1/76 SdKfz 234/2 Puma German Tank  (Re-Issue)           9.95

3873    1/72 Avro Shackleton MR3 Recon Patrol Aircraft (Re-Issue)   47.95

3876    1/72 MH47E Chinook Attack Helicopter  (Re-Issue)    23.95

3883    1/144 Embraer 190 Lufthansa Passenger Airlner (Re-Issue with New Livery)   17.95

4962    1/48 Phantom FGR2 RAF Fighter (Re-Issue with New Parts)    35.95

7821    1/24 Deutz D30 Diesel Tractor (Snap) (New Tool) (Easy-click system kit with 96 parts molded in black, red, green and yellow.)     28.95              


For the Week of November 30, 2019

ATLANTIS MODELS (AAN)       Plastic Kit

145      1/54 S2F Hunter Killer Aircraft (formerly Aurora.Includes clear parts, 6 rockets, 2 movable propellers, decals and display stand. Boxed)                    19.99

1828    1/150 Convair Space Shuttlecraft (Plastic Kit)       24.99 (formerly Revell. Features removable power unit, plus 1st & 2nd stages. Includes launching pad, 3 ground crew figures, 5 space clad figures, decals and base. Completed kit measures approx. 11.25” high. Boxed)

TAMIYA (TAM)               Plastic Kit

35369  1/35 German PzKpfw 38(t) Ausf E/F Light Tank  (Includes photo-etched parts, figure and 2 different markings. Boxed)                                                 38.00


(Each includes decals and instructions. Boxed)

1165    1/25 Coca-Cola Fruehauf Holiday Hauler Semi Trailer (Features movable select-a-point tandem sliding suspension. Can build ready-to-roll or lowered. Includes chrome-plated parts, metal axles and rubber tubing.)                                  47.95

1174    1/200 Saturn V Rocket and Apollo Spacecraft (Includes a history of the NASA Manned Space Flight Program.)                    32.95



913      1/72 Space 1999: Eagle Transporter 14″ (Features extended/compressed landing gear strut options. Includes 185 parts, dome base with metal support, decals and full-colored deco/instruction guide with three passenger pod schemes. Boxed)            56.95


MKA38   1/72 Space 1999: Eagle Transporter Metal Engine Bell Set for MPC Kit #913

(Features precision aluminum machined engine/ pod bells. Includes 4 each; VTOL engine bells, passenger POD VTOL engine bells and main engine bells with plastic baffles. Boxed) 118.95

ACE MODELS (AMO)   1/72 Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine

(Each includes photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

72445      AMX13/75 Light French Tank (New Tool) 32.95

72575      German G917T (m.1939 soft cab) 3-Ton Cargo Truck        24.95


72375      1/72 AGM84E & AGM84H Missiles on Trolleys  (New Tool) (Includes two complete kits and decals. Boxed)                                                28.95


Plastic Model Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

24014     1/24 American Male/Female Sport Car Drivers 1910’s (2) (New Tool)  18.99

24031     1/24 1910 Type AG London Taxi (Includes clear parts and decals.) 49.99

35590     1/35 WWII British Model WOT 8 Truck Includes clear parts and decals.)    59.99

35709     1/35 French Zouaves 1914 (4) (New Tool)  16.99


2796    1/48 Alpha A/E Light Jet Trainer Aircraft (Includes clear parts and 3 different markings.)48.99

6573    1/35 38cm RW61 Sturmmorser Tiger Tank (Includes 2 different markings.)     54.50

68002  The Statue of Liberty, Liberty Island New York City (Re-Issue) (Easy assembly with interlocking technique. Includes reference leaflet with historical features and color guide.)      28.99


1/35 Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

35211     M4 Quad Maxim AA Machine Gun  (New Tool) (Includes photo-etched parts.) 18.99

35550     Wooden Barrels & Village Accessories  (Re-Issue)  16.99

35608     WWII Allies Road Signs European Theater of Operations (Includes decals.)    16.99

37053      Soviet Tank Crew 1950s (4) (New Tool)    14.99

BANDAI (BAN)          Science Fiction Plastic Kit

5057399    1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #100 RX0 Unicorn Gundam Destroy Mode (Includes parts molded in color with decals and instructions. Full colored boxed)        22.00

For the Week of November 18, 2019


1/25 Plastic Kits (Each features detailed engines/interiors. Includes chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)

1153    1966 Plymouth Barracuda Hurst Hemi Under Glass Funny Drag Car      31.95

1160    Coca-Cola White Western Star Semi Tractor Cab  (Features Mercury sleeper, Holland sliding fifth wheel and tandem rear suspension.)                     51.95

1168    1995 GMC Sonoma SLS Pickup Truck (Includes 2 different wheel options and snowboard/boots.) 32.95



REVELL OF GERMANY (RVL)        Plastic Kit

4909    1/144 Apollo 11 Saturn V Rocket 50th Anniversary Moon Landing 1969-2019 (Re-Issue) (Includes 82 detailed parts, display base, decals and three figures.  Attractively Boxed)         35.95



ITALERI (ITA)                Plastic Kit

3660    1/24 Land Rover Fire Truck (Includes parts molded   in red and black, plus clear parts and various markings. Boxed)           54.50



Plastic Model Kits & Accessories Made in China (Boxed)

1065     1/35 MAZ-537G Late Production Tank Transporter with ChMZAP-9990 Semi-Trailer New Variant!              SRP $159.95

Kit consists of over 690 parts including photo-etched details, rubber tires and full engine details.  

1069     1/35 Chinese PHL-03 Multiple Launch Rocket System New Variant!   SRP $137.95

Kit consists of over 670 parts including photo-etched details, rubber tires and full engine detail. 

5352     1/350 HMS Kent British Heavy Cruiser New Variant!   SRP $116.95

Kit consists of over 400 parts including metal anchor chain, photo-etched details and display stand. 

9550     1/35 Russian 5V28 Missile on 5P72 Launcher SAM-5 Gammon Missile System New Tool!     SRP $114.95

Kit consists of over 370 parts including photo-etched details. 

9553     1/35 Russian BREM-1 Armored Recovery Vehicle New Tool!   SRP $108.95

Kit consists of over 1000 parts including photo-etched details and individual track links. 




BANDAI (BAN)           Science Fiction Plastic Kits

(Each includes parts molded in color w/decals & instructions. Bxed)    

207573        Star Wars: First Order Tie Fighter Set (2 Snap Kits)           8.00

209054        Star Wars: Y-Wing Starfighter (Snap)      8.00

5057392      1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #040   MS06 Zaku II   12.00

5058779      1/144 HG Cosmic Era Gundam Seed Series: Gundam         15.00




HO R-T-R Hoppers (Window-Boxed)

  4-Bay Hoppers – SRP $25.95:

42030      H21a Pennsylvania Keystone Black #923805  

42057      H22 Pennsylvania Circle Keystone #406122  

42066      H22a Pennsylvania Circle Keystone #412350  

  55-Ton Fishbelly Hoppers – SRP $27.95:

42253      Baltimore & Ohio #3147                         

42257      Chesapeake & Ohio #300406  

  70-Ton Offset Hopper – SRP $27.95:

42301      Nickel Plate Road #80302  


For the Week of November 2, 2019

EDUARD (EDU)          Plastic Kits

(Each includes clear/photo-etched parts, mask & decals. Bxed)

7059     1/72 Mig15bis Aircraft (Profi-Pack)             24.95              

8487     1/48 Fokker Dr I BiPlane (Weekend Edition) (with decals only.)       22.95              

82101   1/48 P51D5 Fighter (Profi-Pack)                   54.95

82163   1/48 Bf109G6/AS Fighter (Profi-Pack)         49.95

TAMIYA (TAM)             Plastic Kits

(Each includes figures and various markings. Boxed)

32597      1/48 German Panther Ausf D Tank             34.00

35161      1/35 US M42 Duster Tank with Self-Propelled AA Gun & 3 Crew (Re-Issue)   35.00



8319        HO 55-Gallon Drums with Lids (60)           15.00 (Molded in 5 colors. Bagged with header.)    



6600      1/32 Tom Daniel’s Roar’ N Peace Motorcycle & Leap Hog 3-Wheeler (Plastic Snap Kits formerly Monogram. Includes 2 kits with figures. Parts molded in color. Boxed)      27.99



Highly Detailed Plastic Kits Made in China

(Each includes photo-etched parts, resin figures and decals. Boxed)

50006    1/35 HH60G Pave Hawk Helicopter (Includes clear parts and 2 figures.)  179.99

80136   1/48 Mig25PU Foxbat Fighter (Includes clear/resin parts and 2 figures.)       109.99

80161    1/48 Russian Weapon Loading Carts (New Tool) (Can make 8 different carts. Includes jet engine and 4 figures.)              69.99



1/35 Plastic Kits Made in China (New Tool) (Each includes clear/photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

35028    M109A7 Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzer (Includes metal track links and resin figure.)        89.99

35041   HMEE-I High Mobility Engineer Excavator 69.99

MINICRAFT (MMI)         

1/144 Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and various markings. Full colored boxed)

14736     PBY5A Catalina Black Cat Aircraft              29.99

14747     C47 Dakota USAF Aircraft                            26.99

14750     B24J Liberator USAF Aircraft                       19.99

4752     C118 Liftmaster USAF Aircraft                    29.99

14753     Avro Lancaster Mk 1 RAF Aircraft              19.99              

14757     KC97L Stratofreighter USAF Aircraft         29.99


RPG MODELS (RPG)     Made in China

1/35 Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (NEW TOOLS!)

(Each includes photo-etched parts, decals and instructions with painting guide. Boxed)

35001     Russian T80U Main Battle Tank (Includes clear parts and copper cable.    79.99              

35004     USN MK15 Mod31 Searam Close-In Weapon System    54.99              

35005     USN MK15 Phalanx Close-In Weapon   System      64.99              


REVELL-MONOGRAM (RMX)      Plastic Kits

(Each features detailed interior/engine. Includes chrome-plated parts, optional wheels/tires and decals. Boxed) – SRP $26.95

4495    1/24 1987 Buick Grand National (2 in 1) (Includes optional wheels/tires.)                                        

4497    1/25 1966 Chevrolet Impala S 396 (2 in 1) (Includes optional suspensions; stock or low-rider.)


For the Week of October 19, 2019

Osprey Publications

**AC12       Air Campaign: Ploesti 1943 The Great Raid on Hitler’s Romanian Oil Refineries           24.00

**C340       Campaign: The Glorious First of June 1794 24.00

**C342       Campaign: The Paraguayan War 1864-70 The Triple Alliance at Stake in LaPlata      24.00

**C343       Campaign: Petsamo & Kirkenes 1944 The Soviet Offensive in the Northern Arctic    24.00

**CA130     Combat Aircraft: B58 Hustler Units           24.00

**CBT44     Combat: Soviet Partisan vs German Security Soldier Eastern Front 1941-44     22.00

**D98         Duel: German Flak Defences vs Allied Heavy Bomber 1942-45 22.00

**D99         Duel: Panzerfaust vs Sherman European   Theater 1944-45       22.00

**MAA529 Men at Arms: Armies of the Great Northern  War 1700-1720    19.00

**V275       Vanguard: Russian Battleships & Cruisers of the Russo-Japanese

War    19.00

**XP12       X-Planes: Douglas D558-1 Skystreak and D558-2 Skyrocket       22.00


Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine  (Each includes photo-etch.) 35279   1/35 WWII M3A5 Lee Medium Tank  (New Tool) (Includes clear parts & decals.) 59.99

35304   1/35 WWII Soviet Infantry Weapons & Equipment (Special Edition)   15.99

35603   1/35 Tool Set: Various Tools (such as saws, shovels, wrenches, etc.) & Boxes      18.99

37061   1/35 Middle East Tank Crew 1960-70s (4) (no photo-etch) (New Tool) 15.99

38020   1/35 Soviet X-Series Early Type Tramcar   (New Tool) (Includes tram supports, street-type base section, clear parts & 11 decal options.)75.99

38035   1/35 German Type 170V Beer Delivery Truck w/Bottles & Crates (New Tool) (Includes decals & bottles are molded in color.)        48.99

41008   1/35 Avro 671 Rota Mk I RAF Two-Seater Autogyro (New Tool) (Includes clear parts &  decals for 4 options.)                                      57.99

41012   1/35 Focke Wulf FwC30A Heuschrecke  (Grasshopper) Early Prod Two-Seater Autogyro (Includes clear parts & decals for 2 options.) 57.99


Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (New Tools) (Boxed)

35484 1/35 Soviet Moskvitch 401-420A Passenger Car (Includes decals.)    32.99

35645 1/35 WWII German MG08 Machine Gun Team (2) w/Weapons & Equipment 19.99

48281 1/48 USAF B26B50 Invader Korean War Bomber  (Includes 245 parts & decals.)        86.99


5057736     1/144 HG Gundam The Origin Series: #013 MS05S Char Aznable’s Zaku I(Replaces #212974)  20.00

5057844     1/144 HG Gundam Wing After Colony Series: #228 XXXG-01SR Gundam Sandrock Colonies Liberation Organization Mobile Suit       19.00

5057845    1/12 Star Wars A New Hope: R4-M9 Droid    22.00


 ACADEMY (ACY)   Plastic Model Kits:

12330          1/48 V156B1 (SB2U) Chesapeake WWII Fighter/Bomber (Includes decals and photo- etch)                                                            39.00

14401          1/400 USS Missouri BB63 U.S Navy Battleship (Includes decals and display stand)                65.00


Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

1/350 Scale (Re-Issue)

1002   USS Ohio Class Nuclear Submarine               47.95

1003   USS Ticonderoga Guided Missile Cruiser    53.95

1029   USS Gearing DD710 Gearing Class Destroyer, 1945 (with photo-etch.)     69.95

1/35 Scale

3027   Modern US Marines (Re-Issue) (4 figures  No decals.)    17.95

3591    M60 (AVLB) Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge (with photo-etch and metal tow cable.) 105.95

6007        1/35 German Super Maus Tank                       63.95



Plastic Model Kits Made in China (Boxed)

929        1/16 German Panther G Tank Late Version New Variant!     SRP $429.95

Kit consists of over 2300 parts, including individual track links, photo-etched parts and full interior detail.

1060     1/35 Russian 72V6E4 Combat Vehicle of 96K6 Pantsir-S1 ADMGS (air-defense missile- gun system) New Tool!                      SRP $129.95

Kit consists of over 700 parts, including photo-etched parts, clear parts, rubber tires, and cab.

1061     1/35 Russian 72V6E4 Combat Vehicle   of 96K6 Pantsir-S1 ADMGS with RLM SOC S-band Radar New Variant!   SRP $129.95

Kit consists of over 700 parts, including photo-etched & clear parts. Kit features full drive train assembly, complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.

1062      1/35 Soviet 2B7R Multiple Rocket Launcher BM13 HMM New Tool!    SRP $84.95

Kit consists of over 510 parts including photo-etched parts, tires and clear parts.

1063     1/35 US Army M4 Command and Control Vehicle (C2V) New Tool!     SRP $96.95

Kit consists of over 960 parts including 184 individual track links and photo-etched parts.

1068     1/35 Russian 9A53 Uragan-1M MLRS (Tornado-S) Multiple Launch Rocket System New Tool!    SRP $194.95

Kit consists over 980 parts, including copper cable and photo-etched parts.

Features full drive train assembly, complete with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension units.

1688      1/72 Russian Tu128UT Fiddler Training Version  Supersonic Interceptor      SRP $69.95

New Variant!  Kit consists of over 130 parts including photo-etched and clear parts.

1695     1/72 Soviet Tu22 Blinder Tactical Bomber       New Variant!      SRP $114.95

Kit consists of over 160 parts, including photo-etched parts and clear canopy.

2212     1/32 P40N Warhawk Fighter            SRP $89.95

New Variant!  Kit consists of over 140 parts including rubber tires, detailed cockpit and photo-etch parts.

3225      1/32 Russian MiG29SMT Fulcrum Fighter        New Variant!      SRP $174.95

Kit consists of over 670 parts including photo-etched parts, metal parts, clear parts and rubber tires.

5351      1/350 HMS York British Destroyer           New Tool!    SRP $114.95

Kit consists of over 330 parts including photo-etched parts, metal parts, display stand and two-part hull.

5356     1/350 Russian Taszkient Destroyer 1940  New Tool!    SRP $77.95

Kit consists of over 210 parts including single piece hull, display stand and photo-etched parts.

6720     1/700 HMS Montrose F236 Type 23 Frigate New Tool!    SRP $42.95

Kit consists of over 200 parts, including photo-etched parts and engraved name plate.

9518     1/35 Russian S300V 9A82 Surface-to-Air (SAM) Missile Launcher   SRP $179.95

New Variant!  Kit consists of over 980 parts, including photo-etched parts, individual track links and hull.

9532     1/35 German Flakpanzer Tank w/8.8cm Flakrakete Rheintochter I Missile Launcher New Variant!      SRP $51.95

Kit consists of over 1,130 parts, including individual track links, copper cable and photo-etched parts.

9551        1/35 Russian 9P157-2 Khriszantema-S  Anti-Tank System New Variant!    SRP $69.95

Kit consists of over 830 parts including photo-etched parts and individual track links.

9557     1/35 Russian BMD4 Airborne Fighting Vehicle New Variant!       SRP $69.95

Kit consists over 1,170, including individual track links, copper cable, and photo-etch parts.

9566     1/35 Soviet JS-5 (IS-5) Heavy Tank  New Tool!    SRP $96.95

Kit consists of over 530 parts including individual track links, copper cable and photo-etched parts.

9578     1/35 Russian T80UK Main Battle Tank  New Variant!       SRP $94.95

Kit consists over 360 parts, including individual track links, copper cable and photo-etch parts.


(Each includes decals. Attractively boxed)

3648   1/24 Porsche 956 #1 Race Car                       52.50

4633   1/9 Vespa 125 Primavera Scooter                 81.99

5520   1/720 USS Saratoga CV60 Aircraft Carrier  (Re-Issue)         33.99

6564   1/35 SdKfz 173 Jagdpanther Tank with Winter Crew (Includes 5 figures in winter dress.)          57.99

7406   1/9 Zundapp KS750 Motorcycle with Sidecar 106.99