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For the Week of October 13, 2018


1/72 Plastic Kits:(Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

72298    Bombardier Challenger CL600 Billion Group Business Jet         99.95

72364   EMB121AN Xingu French Navy Twin-Turboprop Aircraft (Includes photo-etch parts)  (Limited Edition)      53.95

72366   YH41 Seneca US Army Helicopter        39.95



Highly Detailed Plastic Kits: Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

16301   1/16 Viking IX Century Figure (New Tool) (Includes display base.)   44.99

24017   1/24 Model T 1914 Fire Truck with 2 Crew (Includes clear parts.)   54.99

48185   1/48 WWII US C18S Passenger Aircraft (Includes clear parts and decals.)  44.99

72172    1/72 Soviet MiG25RBT Recon Aircraft  (New Tool) (Includes clear parts & decals)    44.99


RODEN (ROD)               Made in Ukraine

Plastic Kits (Each includes Clear parts and decals. Boxed)

409        1/48 L19/O1 Bird Dog USAF Light Communications Aircraft (New Tool)        49.99

628        1/32 Reims Cessna FTB337G Lynx   “Bush War” Rhodesian Air Force Light  Attack Aircraft          62.99


AMP KITS (APK)        Made in Russia

48003    1/48 Westland S51 Dragonfly HC2 Rescue Helicopter (Plastic Kit. Includes clear parts, mask, film, resin/photo-etch and decals. Boxed)     74.95



1/35 Highly Derailed Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

35273    WWII Schweres Wurfgerat 40 German Rocket Launcher with 5 Crew & Missiles  (New Tool) (Includes decals.)                 26.99

35581    Wooden Boxes & Crates (New Tool)  (Includes decals.)      21.99

37037   Soviet Tank Crew 1960-70s (New Tool)  (Includes 4 figures in various poses.)    15.99

40001    Soviet Ball Tank Sharotank with Interior  (New Tool) (Includes clear parts & decals.)   54.99

41004    USAF FL282 V23 Kolibri (Hummingbird) Single-Seat Helicopter (Includes photo-etched   parts and decals.)                                      54.99



1/24 Plastic Figure Kits: Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

24048    Running Bear Buffalo Hunter Indian Holding Spear Riding Horse      24.95

24054    At the Edge of the Universe: Tiberious “Ty” Constellation Hackington III Special  Forces Fighter with Gun         21.95

24055    At the Edge of the Universe: Laurie Lightning Bolt Barnes Special Forces Fighter with Gun                       21.95


Plastic Model Kits Made in China (Boxed)

928        1/16 German Panther G Tank            429.95

New Tool! Kit includes over 2300 parts including photo-etched parts, metal parts, full interior detail and individual track links.

1031      1/35 Russian Zil-131 Military Truck with Stake Body New Variant!  76.95

Kit consists of over 330 parts, including photo-etched parts, clear parts, and rubber tires.

1053      1/35 M1120 HEMTT Load Handling System (LHS) Tactical Truck   149.95

New Variant with New Tooling!  Kit consists of over 620 parts, plus a metal tube, photo-etched details and rubber tires. Includes 20ft container and full drive train assembly with engine transmission, differential housing and suspension.

1059      1/35 M983 Tractor with AN/TPY-2X Band Radar   139.95

New Variant with New Tooling!  Kit consists of over 580 parts, including photo-etched parts, clear parts, and rubber tires.

2880      1/48 Fairey Albacore Torpedo Bomber Biplane New Tooling!   62.95

Kit consists of over 120 parts & includes finely engraved panel lines.

3224      1/32 MiG29C Fulcrum Russian Fighter New Variant!   174.95

Kit consists of over 570 parts, including photo-etched parts, metal parts, rubber tires, and fuselage.

6714      1/700 USS Kitty Hawk CV63 Aircraft Carrier New Tooling!     109.95

Kit consists of over 620 parts, plus one-piece hull and decks. Includes photo-etched details, flight and hangar decks plus aircraft: E2C, EA6B, SH60F and F18F.

6718      1/700 HMS Rodney British Battleship  New Variant!      63.95

Kit consists of over 320 parts, including photo-etched parts, deck wood pattern, and engraved name plate.

7125      1/72 German E75 Standardpanzer Tank  New Variant!     21.95

Kit consists of over 40 parts, including hull, turret, and tracks.

9547      1/35 Russian T72A Mod 1983 Main Battle Tank New Variant!      85.95

Kit consists of over 1,200 parts, including photo-etched parts, copper cable, and individual track links.

9559      1/35 Russian 2S23 Nona-SVK Fire Support Vehicle with 120mm Self-Propelled Mortar System     67.95 New Tooling!                                                 

Kit consists of over 550 parts, plus lower and upper hulls and rubber tires. Includes copper cable and photo-etched details.

9561      1/35 Russian T72B3 Mod 2016 Main Battle Tank New Variant!   94.95

Kit consists of over 1400 parts, plus copper cable, photo-etched details and individual track links.



731        1/76 WWI Royal Horse Artillery Figure Set (Re-Issue) (Includes 6 horses, 14 figures,  two field guns, and gun limber.)    9.99



AC7       Air Campaign: Sink the Tirpitz 1942-44 The RAF & Fleet Air Arm Duel with Germany’s Mighty Battleship        20.00

C327     Campaign: Peckuwe 1780 The Revolutionary War on the Ohio River Frontier   24.00

C328     Campaign: Imjin River 1951 Last Stand of the Glorious Glosters    24.00

CBT37   Combat: Chinese Soldier vs Japanese Soldier China 1937-38    20.00

D88       Duel: British Destroyer vs German Destroyer Narvik 1940       20.00

D89       Duel: B52 Stratofortress vs SA2 Guideline SAM Vietnam 1972-73           20.00

E224     Elite: Israeli Paratroopers 1954-2016   19.00

V263     Vanguard: Dutch Navies of the 80 Years’ War 1568-1648    18.00

XP9        X-Planes: Dornier Do335                         20.00


For the Week of October 6, 2018

BANDAI (BAN)            1/144 Scale Sci-Fi Plastic Kits

(Each molded in color with decals and instructions. Boxed)

230452 HG Build Divers: #012 Gundam Astray No-Name      22.00

196715 HG Universal Century Series: #190 RX77-2 Guncannon               13.00


MOEBIUS MODELS (MOE)      Plastic Kit

949   1/6 Lost in Space: Robot B9 Deluxe Updated Kit (Features seamless glass dome, soil sampler with opening door and optional retracted arms. Includes clear/photo-etched parts. Completed kit measures approx. 13” tall. Full-color box)    59.99




1/72 Highly Detailed Plastic Model Kits Made in China

(Each includes decals. Attractively boxed)

72031    WWII German Rheintochter 1 Movable Missile Launcher with E50 Tank Body (Includes photo-etched parts.)                     27.95

72033    WWII German V1 Missile Launching Position             27.95

72048    Soviet/Russian Army MAZ7410 Tractor with CHMZAP9990 Semi-Trailer (Includes clear/photo-etched parts.)             59.95

72051    Russian A222 Bereg 130mm Coastal Defense Gun (Includes clear/photo-etched parts.)                 59.95

72084    NATO M1001 MAN Tractor with Pershing II Missile Erector Launcher (Includes clear/photo-etched parts.)       42.95

72085    S300PMU1/PMU2 (SA20 Grumble) Air Defense Missile on 5P85SE Missile Launcher  (Includes clear/photo-etched parts.)             49.95

72088    WWII German P1000 Ratte Landcruiser  (Includes metal/photo-etch parts. No decals.) 129.95

72105    Russian 9K723 Iskander-M Tactical Ballistic Missile MZKT Chassis (Includes clear/photo-etched parts.)             39.95

72114    Russian S400 Missile Launcher Early Type (Includes clear/photo-etched parts.)      39.95

72119    German KAT1 M1001 8×8 High- Mobility Off-Road Truck (Includes clear/photo-etched parts.)                   27.95

72148    Austratt Fort Coastal Artillery Site with Triple 28cm 11-Inch Gun Turret Caesar (no decals)                    69.95

72202    USAF B52G Stratofortress Strategic Bomber  (New Tool) (Includes clear/photo-etched parts.)                          129.95




Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

2273      1/72 Kawanish H8K1 Type 2 (Emily) Model 11 ‘Dignitary Transport Shikishima’ IJN Flying Boat (Ltd Edition)                       150.00

2282      1/72 Mitsubishi Ki67 Type 4 Hiryu (Peggy)  ‘98th Flight Rgmt’ IJA Heavy Bomber (Ltd Edition)                        59.00

7469      1/48 Nakajima A6M2N Type 2 (Rufe)  ‘Kashima FG’ IJN Seaplane Fighter (Ltd Edition)             55.00

7471      1/48 MiG25RBT Foxbat Ukrainian/Indian  Fighter (Ltd Edition)               65.00

8255      1/32 Nakajima Ki44 I Type 2 Shoki (Tojo) “Akeno Flying School’ IJA Fighter (Ltd Edition)                    83.00

10801   1/200 B777-200ER Japan Airlines Commercial Airliner (Ltd Edition)      40.00

10825   1/200 E4B ‘Nightwatch’ USAF National Airborne Command Post Aircraft (Ltd Edition)                               60.00

20236   1/24 Minolta Toyota 88C Team Tom’s Race Car (Re-Issue)   39.00

20326   1/24 SOK BMW 318i (JTCC) Japan Touring Championship Race Car (Ltd Edition)            58.00

20331   1/24 Lancia Delta HF Integrale 16v 4-Door Car (Ltd Edition)          53.00

20352   1/24 Jaguar XJ-SC V12 Convertible Car (Ltd Edition) (Features detailed engine. Includes chrome-plated parts.)                          55.00

21210    1/24 1963 VW Type 2 Micro Bus with 23 Windows (Re-Issue) (Includes chrome- plated parts.)                            43.00

31156    1/72 54cm Morser Karl 041 German Army Self-Propelled Gun with Munitions Panzer IV Ausf F (Re-Issue) (no clear parts/decals.) 60.00

31157    1/72 60cm Morser Karl 040 German Army Self-Propelled Gun with Railway Carrier  (Re-Issue) (no clear parts/decals.)                   60.00

31258   1/72 K5(E) ‘Leopold’ German Army Railway Gun with 24 Crew (no clear parts/decals.)      60.00

35116    1/72 Japanese Navy Airmen (16) (no clear parts/decals.)         20.00

54002    1/48 Voyager Unmanned Space Probe (Includes blue transparent part and Alien figure. no clear parts/decals.)                            36.00

66004    1/35 Hitachi ZW100-6 Wheel Loader Construction Machinery (Includes figure.)     59.00


13522    1/35 German StuG IV SdKfz 167 Early Version Tank (Features hatches that can be built open/closed, 75mm Stuk L/48 gun and MG34 machine gun. Includes flexible tracks and 4 different markings. Boxed)                     53.00


Plastic Kits (Includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

8189     1/48 Fw190D9 Late Fighter (Profi-Pack)  (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etch & mask.)  39.95

11120   1/48 MiG23MF/ML Bedna Fighter in Czechoslovak Service Dual Combo (Ltd Edition)  (Includes resin/photo-etch, mask, plus reference book.)   115.00

11122   1/48 Avia S99/C10 Aircraft (Ltd Edition)  (Includes photo-etch and mask.)  54.95

11123   1/48 Legie Spad XIII cs pilotu BiPlane  (Ltd Edition) (Includes photo-etch & mask.)    39.95

84149   1/48 Bf109G4 Fighter (Weekend Edition) 29.95


For the Week of September 29, 2018


11636    1/24 Mechanics/Drivers & Model Figures with Car Interior Accessories (Plastic Kit. Includes total of 8 figures with optional heads for drivers plus cell phone, GPS and CD charger. Attractively boxed)     24.98 


1/32 Plastic Figure Playsets (Each includes 20 figures molded in color.

Attractively bagged with header) SRP $8.95

49      WWII German Afrika Corps Figures (Tan)         

50      WWII German Afrika Corps Figures (Grey)


ROYAL MODEL (RML)     Made in Italy

1/35 AFV White Metal Details (Carded) – SRP $13.99

736        Panther Tank Tow Hooks (5)                      

739        Tiger I Tank Tow Hooks (5)


1/25 Plastic Kits (Each includes clear/transparent/ chrome-plated parts and metal axle. Boxed)

1107     Batman 1989 Movie Batmobile with Resin Batman Figure (Features detailed cockpit/ dash and pull-out turbine engine.)        32.95

1113     1/25 Piranha Drag Team: Dragster, Tow Car, Trailer (Includes 3 kits and   decals.)                          63.95


POLAR LIGHTS (PLL)        Plastic Snap Kit

957        1/1000 Star Trek USS Grissom & Klingon Bird of Prey (New Tool) (Includes 2 kits molded in color with decals. Boxed)         32.95


LOD ENTERPRISES (PYS)   1/32 Plastic Figure Playsets

(Each includes 16 figures in 8 different poses with weapons. Molded in color. Bagged with header) – SRP $25.00

10        Revolutionary War British Regular Army

L11        Revolutionary War British Light Infantry

L12        Revolutionary War American Regular Army

L13        Revolutionary War American Light Infantry


ZVEZDA MODELS (ZVE)          Plastic Snap Kit

6401     1/72 Ashigaru-Yari Samurai Warriors     5.99

(Includes 5 figures in 4 different poses with flags and spears. Boxed)

HATAKA HOBBY (HTK)          Made in Poland

Custom Acrylic Paint Sets for Modelling (17ml Bottles. Attractively Boxed)

   “Red Line” (Airbrush-Dedicated)

AS99    US Army Europe Vehicles 1970s-80s    38.99  (8 Colors; forest green, earth red, sand grey, night black, sand brown, dk. green, field drab, seafoam green)

    “Blue Line” (Brush-Dedicated)

BS3        Late Luftwaffe Planes 1944-45              28.99  (6 Colors; grey-violet RLM75, brown-violet RLM81, lt. green RLM82, dk. green RLM83,  lt. blue RLM76, black-grey RLM66)

TAKOM MODELS (TAO)            Made in China

1/35 Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (Each features hatches that can be built open/closed and includes clear/photo-etched parts and various markings Boxed)

2101   WWII Bergepanther Ausf A Tank with Full Interior (No clear parts. Includes link & length style tracks and assembly is aided with use of jig.)       84.95

2102     WWII Bergepanther Ausf D Tank Umbau Seibert 1945 with Full Interior (No clear parts.  Includes link & length style tracks and assembly is aided with use of jig.)             79.95

2112             Soviet SMK Heavy Tank (New Tool)  (Includes individual tracks.)    64.95

2113  US Marine M60A1 Main Battle Tank with Explosive Reactive Armor (New Tool)  (Includes one-piece tracks.)                            64.95

2114  US M3A1 Lee Medium Tank (Includes link & length style tracks and assembly is aided with use of jig.)                                                       59.95

2115  US M3A1 Lee CDL Medium Tank (Includes link & length style tracks and assembly is aided   with use of jig.)                                               59.95


DRAGON MODELS (DML)    1/35 Plastic Kits

(Each includes photo-etched parts & Cartograf decals.)

3606     M48 (AVLB) Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge        93.95

6925      Jagdtiger Porsche Production Tank (2 in 1) (Can build with or without Zimmerit.) 88.95


DORA WINGS (DWN)   Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine

(Each includes clear parts, mask and various markings. Bxed)

14401   1/144 Bell P63A/C Kingcobra Aircraft (2 in 1)   (New Tool) (Can build either version.) 27.99

72004   1/72 Percival Vega Gull Military Service Four-Seater Aircraft (Includes photo-etched parts and film.)                                          31.99



12502   Steam & Diesel Locomotive Servicing Terminals Book (Features the action of engine servicing facilities for real-life examples and modelling ideas. Includes colored and black/white photos. Softcover. 96pgs.)       21.99


SWORD MODELS (SRT)   Made in Czech Republic

72117   1/72 RF84F Thunderflash Aircraft (Plastic Kit. Includes clear/resin parts and 4 different markings. Boxed)                                      34.99



AD5 Airframe Detail 5: The Boulton Paul Defiant –   A Technical Guide Book (Features detailed information of construction/ equipment, camouflage/ markings and Airfix’s kit build. Includes line   drawings, colored and black/white photos. Softcover. 82pgs.)                                             39.95


BANDAI (BAN)   Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits

(Each includes parts molded in color with instructions. Boxed)

225755  1/12 Star Wars: Luke Skywalker Stormtrooper Figure (Snap Kit.)               34.00

230363 1/144 Gundam Real Grade Series: #029 MSN04 Sazabi                                            50.00



1411  1/72 A7E Corsair II Attack Aircraft (Includes clear parts and 2 different markings.)        26.99

2509  1/32 TF104G Starfighter Aircraft (Includes clear/photo-etched parts and 8 different markings.)                 151.99

2786  1/48 F16A Fighting Falcon (Includes clear parts and 5 different  markings.)  45.99

3661  1/24 Police Range Rover (Includes clear parts and 3 different markings.)   49.99

6054  1/72 French Foreign Legion (Re-Issue) (Includes 50 figures.)     14.99

6055  1/72 Arab Warriors (Re-Issue) (Includes  50 figures.)      14.99

6183  1/72 Beau Gest: Algerian Touareg Revolt 1877-1912 Diorama Set (Includes MDF laser-cut French Desert Fort, 50 French Foreign   Legion, 100 Arab Warriors, tents, wells and fireplaces.)                                                      93.99

6548  1/35 PzKpfw IV Ausf F1/F2/G Tank with Crew at Rest (Includes 5 figures and 4 different   markings.)                                                      47.99


ACADEMY (ACY)           Plastic Kit

12560    1/72 EA18G VAQ141 “Shadowhawks” USN Fighter (Includes missiles, drop tanks and Cartograf decals. Boxed)       38.00



32001    1/32 Generic Aircraft Swastikas (Black with White Outline)      12.95

49027    1/48 Generic Aircraft Swastikas (Black with White Outline)      12.95



Plastic Kits Made in China (Boxed)

7201      1/72 Galaxy Hobby: M1240 M-ATV Mine Resistant Ambush Protected All-Terrain Vehicle with O-GPK Turret (New Tool) (Includes photo-etched parts and decals.) 39.95

35007    1/35 Livestock Set Vol.1: Sheep, Ram, Pig with Piglets, Dog and Cat    22.95

35015    1/35 Livestock Set Vol.2: Horse, Cows and Pigeons      22.95



Plastic Model Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

1083   1/25 1997 Plymouth Prowler (Snap) (Molded in 4 colors, metal axles, chrome parts.)    29.95

1103   1/25 Peerless Roadrunner Logging Trailer  (Can build with log or beam load)             31.95

1112   1/32 1963 Chevy Corvette Hardtop (Features one-piece body & chrome parts) 23.95



Plastic Kits (Includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

8453     1/48 SE5a Hispano Suiza Fighter (Weekend Edition)    24.95

11119   1/48 Fw190A8/R2 & Bf109G6/14 The Defence of the Reich German Fighter   Dual Combo (Features 2-complete kits. Includes Cartograft decals with various markings, photo-etched and painting mask)  (Limited Edition)        89.95

70142   1/72 MiG21MF Fighter/Bomber  (Includes photo-etched and painting mask)  (Profi-Pack)             33.95


For the Week of September 8, 2018


HO Modeling Railroad Accessories

392   45′ Flat Bed Truck Trailer with Wheel Cradles (2)and Wheels (14) (Features injection molded trailerframe, laser-etched deck, cast metal tires/wheels/cradles and supports. Full color mud flap labelsign sheet, drawings and instructions. Boxed)    19.98

985   1940’s-50’s “Moxie” Custom Billboard Sign(Assembled laser-cut basswood. Clamshellpackaged)             12.95

(Unfinished Cast Details. Blister Carded)

338   Farmyard Small Animals Detail Set (Includes 24 assorted.)          10.95

348   Wheel Cradle Set (Includes 2 cradles and14 wheels. Use for rail flat cars or truck trailer.)     12.95

494   Roof Stacks, Vents & Chimney DetailSet (Includes 16 assorted.)     10.95


NOCH (NOC)                  Painted Figures

15400    HO Nuns (4) & Children (2) with Bench         19.95


OSPREY PUBLISHING (OSP)   Military History Books

AC6       Air Campaign: Operation Linebacker II1972 The B52’s are Sent to Hanoi     20.00

CBT36  Combat: French Foreign Legionnairevs Viet Minh Insurgent North Vietnam 1948-52         20.00

E223      Elite: Etruscans 9th-2nd Centuries BC             19.00

V262     Vanguard: British Ironclads 1860-75HMS Warrior & the Royal Navy’s ‘Black Battlefleet’                  18.00

WP64   Weapon: Luger                20.00



Plastic Model Kits Made in Poland

(Each includes photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

35045   1/35 TKS z CKM Hotchkiss wz25Polish Tank with Machine Gun and 2 Crew               39.95

1/72 Scale – SRP $23.95

72060   1/72 917t Japanese Truck (Yokohama Cab (Includes clear parts.)

72061   1/72 917t German Truck (Includes clear parts.)


BANDAI (BAN)   Science Fiction Plastic Model Kit

230355   1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #022 RGM-79HC GM Guard Custom Gundam MSV-R The Origin (Features parts molded in color w/instructions. Full-color boxes.) 21.00


ACCURAIL (ACU)        

HO Freight Car Kits: (Boxed) Each SRP $17.98

1157    36’ Fowler Wood Boxcar: “Chicago Great Western

1406    36’ Double Sheath Wood Boxcar: “Norfolk & Western”

3132    40’ AAR Plug Door Insulated Boxcar: “Pennsylvania Fruit Growers Express”   

4645    40’ USRA Double Sheath Wood Boxcar: “Western Maryland

7739    50-Ton Offset-Side Twin Hopper: “Chessie Baltimore & Ohio”



Injection Molded Plastic Model Kit made in England (Boxed)

99034 1/72 M18 Hellcat Tank (Includes 2-complete kits) (New Tool)          21.95



SPECIAL HOBBY (SHY)      made in Czech Republic

Plastic Model Kits: Each includes decals w/instructions (Boxed)

48194 1/48 AF3S Guardian “Mad Boom” Anti- Submarine USN Warfare Bomber (Includes resin/photo-etch parts) (Re-Issue)         69.99

72221 1/72 Messerschmitt Me209V4 Fighter  24.99

72297 1/72 FH1 Phantom Demonstration Teams & Trainers Jet Fighter (Includes photo-etch (New Tool)                        29.99

72339 1/72 DH100 Vampire Mk I “The First Jet Guardians of Neutrality” Jet Fighter      29.99

72343 1/72 Fairey Barracuda Mk II “Pacific Fleet” Bomber (Re-Issue)      27.99

72349 1/72 Dornier Do27 “Civilian Service” Aircraft   Includes photo-etch) (New Tool)     29.99

72351 1/72 Northrop Delta Mk II/III RCAF Aircraft               27.99

72385 1/72 C41A US Transport Plane  (New Tool)                    41.99



Plastic Model Kits: Each Includes Decals (Boxed)

883      1/18 Hydro-Vee Boat (Includes chrome plated parts)      30.95

890      1/25 Batman: 1977 Dodge Monaco Joker Getaway Car (Can build one of 3 vehicles: Joker getaway car, Gotham City Police Car or 1977 dodge Monaco 4-door sedan. Includes Resin Joker Figure)                   32.95



Plastic Model Kits: Each includes decals. (Boxed)

1103   1/25 Peerless Roadrunner Logging Trailer  (Can build with log or beam load)          31.95

1111    1/25 Great Dane Extendable Heavy Duty Flatbed Trailer           37.95



T10      Tanker Techniques Magazine Issue10: Tricks & Tips (Features anti slip texture, dry decals, chipping with liquid, making a simple base, clear lens from scratch, sagged vinyl tracks and much more) (79 pgs.)            16.99



709      T34 And The IDF Vol1: The Untold Story Captured Vehicles in IDF Service. A Historical Review 1948-1982 (Features detailed information with lots of color/black white photos) (87pages                   39.99


For the Week of September 1, 2018

TAMIYA (TAM)                   Plastic Model Kit

32412   1/35 German Luftwaffe Crew (Winter) (5) w/Kettenkraftrad Vehicle (Includes 2 pilots, 2 mechanics, & sentry figure, accessories such as stepladder/sentry post/fuel drums/etc, and multi-purpose vehicle.)                    27.00



1/35 Plastic Kits (Boxed)

3608     IDF M113 Armored Personnel Carrier, Yom Kippur War 1973 (Includes photo-etched parts and Cartograf decals.)     69.95

6348     Panzer Grenadiers Italy 1943-45   (Includes 4 figures in various poses with weapons and accessories.) (Re-Issue)  29.95

6385     Totenkopf Division, Kharkov 1943 (Includes 4 figures in various poses with weapons and accessories.) (Re-Issue)  29.95


AIRFIX (ARX)                 Plastic Snap Kit

J6022    Quick Build Series: Challenger Tank     17.99

(Includes decals. Boxed. Replaces #J6010)


TAMIYA (TAM)               Plastic Model Kit

35361    1/35 JGSDF Type 16 Maneuver Combat Vehicle (Features detailed underside with steerable front four wheels moving in tandem. Includes clear parts, 2 figures, rubber tires with tread pattern and 4 different markings. Boxed)        67.00



ICM-16201 1/16 King of the Night Figure

ICM-24104 1/24 SWAT Team Fighter #4 w/Hand Gun

ICM-35642 1/35 WWII German Drivers 1939-1945 (4)

ICM-35650 1/35 WWI US Standard B Liberty Army Truck w/Canvas-Type Cover

ICM-48238 1/48 WWII German Ju88C6 Heavy Fighter

MNA-35091 1/35 Soviet Combat Engineers Mine-Detecting Figure Set (5)

MNA-35189  1/35 German Kfz 70 Cargo Truck w/7.62cm FK39(r) Field Gun & Ammo Boxes

MNA-35254 1/35 Soviet Tank Crew for Flame & Heavy Tanks of Breakthrough (4)

MNA-35577 1/35 Vodka Bottles w/Crates

MNA-37047 1/35 US Machine Gun Set (6 different guns, stands, ammo boxes)

ZVE-3550 1/35 Soviet T72B Main Battle Tank

ZVE-3688 1/35 Soviet Su100 Tank Destroyer

ZVE-3695 1/35 Russian Terminator 2 Fire Support Vehicle

ZVE-7024 1/144 Russian A50 Mainstay Airborne early Warning & Control (AEW) Aircraft

ZVE-8057 1/72 Swedish Dragoons of Charles XII XVII-XVIII AD

ZVE-8066 1/72 Swedish Artillery of Charles XIIc (37 w/6 Horses & 5 Cannons)


Vallejo Colors

Model Air Paint Sets (17ml Bottles, 8 Colors) – SRP $28.95

71601   Soviet/Russian Colors Combat Helicopter from Cold War to Present

71602   Soviet/Russian Colors Su27 Flanker from 80’s to Present

71603   Soviet/Russian Colors Su25/39 Frogfoot from 80’s to Present

71604   Soviet/Russian Colors Su7/17 Fitter from Cold War to 90’s

71605   Soviet/Russian Colors MiG29 Fulcrum from 80’s to Present

71606   Soviet/Russian Colors MiG23 Flogger from Cold War to 90’s

71607   Soviet/Russian Colors MiG21 Fishbed from Cold War to 90’s

71608   Soviet/Russian Colors Tactical Schemes 1978-1989 Part II

71609   Soviet/Russian Colors Tactical Schemes 1960-2000 Part I

71610   Soviet/Russian Colors Cold War Silver Darts 1950 -1980

Fantasy-Pro Paint Sets (17ml Bottles, 8 Colors) – SRP $28.95

74103   Crimson Red Tones

74104   Imperial Purple Tones


For the Week of August 25, 2018


107  Naval Fighters: Sikorsky HR2S1/CH37C Deuce and H37A/CH37B Mojave Heavy-Lift Helicopter  (Features brief history, interior/exterior details, line drawings & lots of photos. Softcover. 137pgs.)  44.95



AM12   Airframe & Miniature 12: The Supermarine Spitfire Part 1 Merlin-Powered including the Seafire -A Complete Guide to the Famous Fighter (Features history, evolution, camouflage/ markings/colour profiles and model building section with lots of photos. Includes 1/48 scale line drawings. Great book for the Enthusiast and Modeller. Softcover. 240pgs.)       49.95

BANDAI (BAN)      Science Fiction Snap Plastic Model Kit

195963  1/12 Star Wars Series: R2D2 & R5D4 Droids (Features 2-complete kits, molded in color with decals and instructions. Full-color Box)       28.00


Each kit includes chrome plated parts and decals

1088   1/25 1940 Ford Sedan Car                      31.95

1102   1/25 International Off Road Scout SS II Truck (Features 2-complete engines: stock flathead Ford V-8 or Custom/Drag Olds V-8  with many optional parts.)    31.95



Each kit includes chrome plated parts and decals

879     1/25 1969 Dodge Charger City  Slicker R/T Car (Snap Kit. Features molded in color Parts)            28.95

899     1/25 Mack Heavy Duty DM800 Semi Tractor Cab         47.95



For the Week of August 18, 2018


Plastic Model kits: Each includes decals and instructions

1396   1/72 Hawk T Mk 1 Aircraft                      25.99

1404   1/72 Fw189A1 Luftwaffe Fighter          22.50

1415   1/72 F15C Eagle Single Seat Fighter     26.50

1418   1/72 MB339A PAN 2018 Livery Italian Aircraft       25.99

2671   1/48 A4E/F/G Skyhawk Attack Aircraft  (Re-Issue)       43.50

2750   1/48 F117A Nighthawk Attack Aircraft  38.99

2781   1/48 F4J Phantom II Fighter                   53.50

3936   1/24 22-Ft Fifth Wheel Racing Transport Trailer     91.50

6187   1/72 British Infantry & Sepoys Soldiers Colonial Wars (50) (No decals)  14.99

6188   1/72 British 11th Hussars Soldiers Crimean Wars (12-figures w/horses) (No decals) 14.99

6557   1/35 PzKpfw VI Tiger Ausf E Early Production Tank    53.99

6560   1/35 M163 VADS Tank                             45.99

7074   1/72 Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind Tank  (Includes 2-figures)      23.99



Military History Books (Softcover)

C326     Campaign: The Solomons 1943-44 – The Struggle for New Georgia &Bougainville       24.00

CBT35   Combat: Roman Legionary vs Carthaginian Warrior Second Punic War 217-206BC           20.00

Men at Arms: – SRP $18.00

MAA517    French Naval & Colonial Troops 1872-1914

MAA520  Armies of the Italian Wars of Unification 1848-70 (2) Papal States, Minor States and Volunteers

MAA521  Royal Netherlands East Indies Army 1936-42

BANDAI (BAN)            Sci-Fi Plastic Kits

(Parts molded in color. Includes decals & instructions. Boxed)

229965  1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #213 RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex Destroy Mode (Narrative Ver.)                             32.00

1/12 Star Wars Series: Plastic Snap Figure Kits

203217   The Force Awakens: First Order Stormtrooper                                          28.00

207574  Clone Trooper                                          28.00

209433 Rogue One: K2SO Droid                         27.00

223297 C3PO & R2D2 Droids                               60.00

225743  Han Solo Stormtrooper Ver.                 34.00

230346   1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #214 Z Gundam RX160 Byarlant Titans Prototype Mobile Suit             30.00 

210511 1/12 Star Wars Rogue One: Shoretrooper Figure (Snap)    30.00

216743 1/12 Star Wars: General Grievous Supreme Commander Figure (Snap)   48.00

225768 1/100 Reborn-One Hundred Series: #009 MSXM07 Vigna-Ghina    35.00

230343 1/144 Star Wars A New Hope: Death Star Attack Set (Includes cut-away trench section and X-Wing Starfighter)             40.00



21      Panzerwrecks #21: Hellcat Wrecks, NSU Springer Evaluated Book (Includes informative and insightful captions with lots of black/white photos. Softcover. 96 pgs.)     31.95



World War Two Photobook Series:         

3100 Panzer III on the Battlefield 2 Vol.18 (Features information and facts about particular subject with  lots of black/white photos. Text in both Hungarian and English. Hardback. 111pgs.)       41.95



DRAGON MODELS (DML)       1/35 Plastic Kits

(Each includes photo-etched parts & Cartograf decals. Boxed)

3607      M688 Lance Loader-Transporter           82.95

6758      Jagdpanther SdKfz 173 Ausf G1 Early Tank with Zimmerit (2 in 1. Can build with or without Zimmerit.)             88.95


Plastic Kits (Each attractively boxed)

947        1/6 Lost in Space: Seamless Glass Dome for Robot B9 Kit #939    14.99

948        1/6 Lost in Space: Complete Head Upgrade Kit w/Glass Dome for Robot B9 Kit #939 29.99

956        1/8 1966 Batman TV Series: Joker (Includes optional arm/hand poses parts and Batcave rock display base with name plate. Completed kit measures 11” tall.)      34.99

1017      1/25 Super Single Tractor Wheel & Tire Set (6/Pk) (Rubber tires w/chrome rims.) 24.99

1018      1/25 Super Single Trailer Wheel & Tire Set (4/Pk) (Rubber tires w/chrome rims.) 19.99

1223      1/25 Arnie “The Farmer” Beswick’s 1965 Mercury Cyclone A/FX ‘The Comet’ Drag Car (Limited Production by Model King) (Features detailed interior/engine/chassis/suspension. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals.)      39.95

1230      1/25 1970 Ford F100 Custom Cab 4×4 Pickup Truck (Features detailed interior/engine/chassis. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals.)      34.99


For the Week of August 4, 2018

HSG-1455 1/72 P51D Mustang USAAF Fighter $20.00

HSG-1456 1/72 Mitsubishi A6M3 Zero Type 22/32 IJN Fighter $20.00

HSG-2276 1/72 B17G Flying Fortress Airborne Leaflet USAAF Bomber (Ltd Edition) $69.00

HSG-2278 1/72 SR71A Blackbird (A Version) Big Tail USAF Recon Aircraft (Ltd Edition) $58.00

HSG-7221 1/48 A4E/F Skyhawk USN Attacker $39.00

HSG-7249 1/48 F15C Eagle USAAF Superiority Fighter $75.00

HSG-7251 1/48 F15J/DJ Eagle JASDF Interceptor Fighter $90.00

HSG-10684 1/200 B767-300 ANA Commercial Airliner w/Winglet (Ltd Edition) $36.00

HSG-10715 1/200 B777-300 JAL Commercial Japan Airliner (New Markings) $30.00

HSG-10719 1/200 B777-300ER JAL Commercial Japan Airliner $43.00

HSG-10722 1/200 B787-9 JAL Commercial Japan Airliner $45.00

HSG-10805 1/200 VC25A Air Force One USAF Presidential Aircraft (Ltd Edition) $60.00

HSG-10823 1/200 Airbus A320neo Demonstrator Commercial Airliner (Ltd Edition $40.00

HSG-20245 1/24 Calsonic Nissan R89C 24-Hours LeMans Race Car $45.00

HSG-20292 1/24 Mitsubishi Galant VR4 4-Door Sedan Car (Ltd Edition) $49.00

HSG-20312 1/24 Charge Mazda 767B LeMans Race Car (Ltd Edition) $49.00

HSG-20333 1/24 Subaru Impreza WRX 4-Door Sedan Car (Ltd Edition) $49.00

HSG-20335 1/24 Jaguar XJR9LM 24-Hours LeMans Winner 1988 Race Car (Ltd Edition) $49.00

HSG-20336 1/24 Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evolution VI 4-Door Sports Car (Ltd Edition) $49.00

HSG-20338 1/24 VW Beetle Type 1 Mooneyes Car (Ltd Edition) $60.00

HSG-20339 1/24 Jaguar XJ-S TWR 2-Door Sports Car (Ltd Edition) $55.00

HSG-20340 1/24 Benetton B190 Formula 1 Race Car (Ltd Edition) $49.00

HSG-20341 1/24 Formula 1 Driver Set: 2ea Seated/Standing Drivers & Crew Chief (Ltd Edition) $27.00

HSG-20346 1/24 Williams FW14 Canon Formula 1 Race Car (Ltd Edition) $49.00

HSG-24115 1/24 Subaru Impreza WRX Sports Wagon Type Car $42.00

HSG-24121 1/24 Mini Cooper S Countryman ALL4 4-Door Car $57.00


Plastic Kits (Includes clear /photo-etch parts, mask & decals.)

7449   1/72 Spitfire HF Mk VIII Aircraft (Weekend Edition) (clear parts & decals only)         16.95

11118  1/48 P39 Airacobra Bella WWII Soviet Fighter Dual Combo (Ltd Edition)    64.95

11121  1/48 L39 Albatros Evolution Jet Aircraft (Ltd Edition)      64.95

82119  1/48 Bf109G10 Mtt Regensburg Aircraft  (Profi-Pack)     49.95



72531  1/72 US M5 3-inch Anti-Tank Gun with M6 Carriage                                               19.95



(Each includes clear/photo-etched parts and decals.)

48005  1/48 Hiller YH32 Hornet US Ultra Light Helicopter        49.95

72005  1/72 Avia VR3/Fa223 Transport Helicopter             69.95



MASTER BOX MODELS (MTB)   Plastic Figure Kits

3581     1/35 Civil War 18th North Carolina Infantry Rgmt Army of Northern Virginia (5)      19.95

24049  1/24 Bart & Radley the Dog with Leg-Up 14.95

24050  1/24 Trya Jogging Some Miles               14.95


MINIART MODELS (MNA)      1/35 Plastic Kits

35186   Soviet 1.5-Ton Cargo Truck with M4 Maxim AA Machine Gun & 2 Crew (Includes clear/photo-etched parts and decals.)        57.99

35265   German Railroad 1.5-Ton AA Type Stake Bed Truck (New Tool) (Includes clear/photo-etched parts, decals and railroad track to display kit..)         51.99

35269  German Rocket Launcher with 28cm WK SPR & 32cm WK Flamm (New Tool)   (Includes photo-etched parts and decals.)   37.99

35275  German Tank Crew, Normandy 1944 (Special Edition) (Includes 5 figures.)    15.99

35582   Luggage Set 1930-40s: Dock Cart, Pram, Suitcases and Bags (New Tool)  (Includes decals.)              21.99

35583  Cable Spools (New Tool) (Includes 6 different with 20 decal options.)   15.99




Model Rocket Kits (Each includes balsa wood/plastic parts and parachute recovery. Bagged with header)

1293     Black Brant III (Skill level 2. Flies up to 1300ft. 20.4” long. Requires engines A8-3 1st flight, A8-5, B4-4, B6-4, B6-6, C6-5, C6-7.)       14.99

1295     Mean Machine (Re-Issue) (Skill level 2. Flies up to) 700ft. 79” long. Requires engines D12-3 1st flight, D12-5, E12-4, E12-6. Note;  when using E engines requires #2238, 2230  and #2244.)              32.99

1958     Alpha VI 60th Anniversary (Ltd Edition)  (Skill level E2X. flies up to 1100ft. 12.6” long. Requires engines 1/2A6-2, A8-3 1st fight, B4-4,   B6-4, B6-6, C6-5, C6-7.)         14.99



For the Week of July 28, 2018


1/25 Highly Detailed Kits (Each includes transparent amber/ red/chrome-plated parts and decals. Full-colored boxed)

1106      Wilson Livestock Van Trailer (Features opening rear doors with sliding overhead center section, two-position support stands, detailed tandem axle suspension. Includes Goodyear tires.)                   39.95

1109      Fruehauf Van Model FB Beaded Panel Coca-Cola Semi-Trailer (Features movable Select-A-Point tandem sliding suspension. Can build as raised and ready-to-roll or lowered for display. Rear doors swing open. Complete kit measures 19” long.)   38.95


DRAGON MODELS (DML)  Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

3600      1/35 US Army MGM52 Lance Missile with Launcher Trailer (NewTool)     29.95

75051    1/6 US Army M4A3(75)W Sherman Tank  (Features gun shield with 75mm gun barrel, as well as wet stowage. Road wheels rotate and the tracks with individual links are both durable and realistic. Turret can be elevated and depress. Commander’s/loader’s hatches also open/close.)                                                  639.95




1/48 Plastic Kits Made in China (Each includes highly detailed plastic parts and decals. Attractively boxed)

80114   F101B Voodoo Fighter (Includes clear/ photo-etched parts & 5 different markings.)    79.99

80141   Su34 Fullback Russian Fighter (New Tool) (Includes clear/resin/photo-etched parts and 4 different markings.)                                          109.99

80151   Russian Aircraft Armament (New Tool)          54.99


TAMIYA (TAM)            Highly Detailed Plastic Kit

61118   1/48 F14D Tomcat Fighter ( Features moveable variable sweep wing, F110 GE400 engine nozzles, vertical stabilizer plates/dual chin pods, missiles, bombs, lantern/tarps rods. Includes clear parts, mask, 2 figures and 4 different markings.  Full-colored boxed)                                             124.00



PP20  1/25 Wild Wheels & Wide Ovals Tire Pack       16.95

(Includes 4ea: 5-spoke mags which are chrome- plated and Firestone soft rubber tires.





898     1/16 Honda Super Hawk Motorcycle                  29.95

(Includes chrome-plated parts & decals. Boxed



For the Week of July 21, 2018


AH13     Aces High Magazine Issue 13: Gulf War (Features modeling and weathering techniqueson; F15 Eagle, Sepecat Jaguar, Du22 Fitter,GR1 Tornado, MiG25 Foxbad, Lockheed F117.Softcover. 78pgs.)          16.99

2926     The Best of Aces High Magazine Vol.2 (Features modeling & weathering techniques on;Ka27 Helix, Bf109E1, B26 Marauder, SuperSabre ,Pfalz D IIIA. Softcover. 98pgs)           24.99

4181     Sepia Lead Pencil                                        4.99

4182     Lead Weathering Pencil Set (Includes 1ea of 4different pencils; graphite detailing, white chalklead, sepia lead and chipping lead pencils.)  18.99

4183     Chipping Lead Pencil                                  4.99

8056     Easy Cutting Type 1 Board (4.5″x8.5″)  32.99

8057     Easy Cutting Type 2 Board (4.5″x8.5″)  32.99


BANDAI (BAN)        Sci-Fi Plastic Kit

224024  1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #212RMS117 Galbaldy-B (Parts molded in color with decals and instructions. Boxed)           18.00




X-PLANES Series – SRP $20.00:

This series explains the technology behind the world’s most important experimental/prototype aircraft, dangerous flight-test careers, & successes/failures that fed into frontline development. Contains photographs and first-hand accounts, dramatic action-scene art, detailed technical illustrations/analysis/specifications.

XP1     Bell X1

XP2     Messerschmitt Me264 Amerika Bomber

XP3     North American X15

XP4     Luftwaffe Emergency Fighters

XP5     TSR2 Britain’s Lost Cold War Strike Jet

XP6     Bell X2

XP7     North American XB70 Valkyrie

XP8     Bachem Ba349 Natter

C323     Campaign: Blanc Mont Ridge 1918America’s Forgotten Victory      24.00

C324     Campaign: Campaldino 1289 The Battle that made Dante    24.00

CA123   Combat Aircraft: Heinkel He177 Units of World War II   23.00

CBT34   Combat: Hitlerjugend Soldier vs Canadian Soldier Normandy 1944   20.00

D87       Duel: P39/P400 Airacobra vs A6M2/3 Zero-Sen New Guinea 1942   20.00

E222     Elite: World War II US Marine Infantry Regiments   19.00

V260     Vanguard: Soviet Cruise Missile Submarines of the Cold War   18.00

V261     Vanguard: Italian Armoured and Reconnaissance Cars 1911-45               18.00

WP63    Weapon: FN MAG Machine Gun M240,  L7 and Other Variants  20.00



1106  1/25 Wilson Livestock Van Trailer (Features realistic red/amber taillights/reflectors, vinyl Goodyear tires, opening rear doors with sliding overhead center section, two-position support stands, detailed tandem axle suspension & includes decals.)        39.95


For the Week of July 14, 2018



C323     Campaign: Blanc Mont Ridge 1918 America’s Forgotten Victory  24.00

C324     Campaign: Campaldino 1289 The Battle that made Dante   24.00

CA123   Combat Aircraft: Heinkel He177 Units of World War II   23.00

CBT34   Combat: Hitlerjugend Soldier vs Canadian Soldier Normandy 1944   20.00

D87       Duel: P39/P400 Airacobra vs A6M2/3 Zero-Sen New Guinea 1942   20.00

E222     Elite: World War II US Marine Infantry Regiments    19.00

V260     Vanguard: Soviet Cruise Missile Submarines of the Cold War 18.00

V261     Vanguard: Italian Armoured and Reconnaissance Cars 1911-45 18.00

WP63    Weapon: FN MAG Machine Gun M240, L7 and Other Variants    20.00


Plastic Kits (Includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

17          1/72 Royal Class: MiG21MF Fighter Dual Combo (Ltd Edition) (Includes resin/photo-etched parts and mask)                           89.95

82133   1/48 SE5a Night Fighter (Profi-Pack)  (Includes resin/photo-etched parts & mask)   44.95

84148   1/48 Bf109G2 Fighter (Weekend Edition)      29.95



22   Scale Model Handbook: Figure Modelling Vol.22

(Features step-by-step techniques on modeling figures such as; German Waffen SS w/Panzerschreck, Pawnee Warrior, Stormtrooper Battle of the Sommee 1916, Roman General 1st    Century AD, In Defence of the Reich, WWII Soviet Female Tanker, Sculpting a 14th Century Medieval Knight, Greek Evzone 5/42 Rgmt. 1919, British Solider at Gallipoli, SS Gebirgsjager. Softcover. 50pgs.) 29.95



32595    1/48 US M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight Medium Tank (New Tool) (Includes figure and 2 different markings. Boxed) 30.00

35360   1/35 US M3 Stuart Late Production Light Tank (New Tool) (Features riveted hull/cupola-less turret with machine gun and mount. Optional machine guns. Includes clear parts, figure and 3 different markings. Boxed)      42.00

35362   1/35 French Leclerc Series 2 Main Battle Tank (Features detailed commander’s cupola , smoke dischargers and side skirts. Includes clear parts, figure and 4 different markings. Boxed)     67.00

74143   Modeling Flat Chisel Blade (2mm) (Bagged with header)      21.50

87192   Polishing Compound Sponges (Includes 3 different sizes. Features integrated grip sections. Compared to cloth the sponges allow much more precise application of polishing compound, helping to avoid problems such as rubbing away paint from corners or edges and accidental mixing of colors on or around borders. Can be washed and re-used. Bagged with header)                                   4.70

TAKOM (TAO)            Made in China

Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (NEW TOOLS) (Boxed)

2083   1/35 Bandvagn BV206S Articulated Armored Personnel Carrier with Interior (Features hatches that can be built open/closed. Includes clear and various markings.)      64.95

2097   1/35 WWII SdKfz 171 Panther A Early Production Tank with Full Interior (Features hatches that can be built open/closed. Includes clear/photo-etched parts & various markings.) 79.95

2098   1/35 WWII SdKfz 171 Panther A Mid-Early Production Tank with Full Interior (Features hatches that can be built open/closed. Includes clear/photo-etched parts & various markings.) 79.95

2099   1/35 WWII SdKfz 171/267 Panther A Late Production Tank with Full Interior (2 in 1)  (Can build either version. Features hatches that can be built open/closed. Includes clear/ photo-etched parts and various markings.)        79.95

2100   1/35 WWII SdKfz 171/267 Panther A Mid-Late Production Tank with Zimmerit and Full Interior  (2 in 1) (Can build either version. Features hatches that can be built open/closed. Includes clear/photo- etched parts and various markings.)    84.95

5001   1/72 WWII German V2 Rocket on Meillerwagen Transporter with Hanomag SS100 Tractor (Features erector frame that can be built in launch or transport position. Includes clear and photo- etched parts.)          59.95



1099      1/25 Autocar A64B Semi Tractor Cab  (Features detailed engine/transmission, Holland sliding fifth wheel. Includes over 250 parts, including clear/transparent/chrome-plated parts, metal axles, rubber tubing and decals. Retro Deluxe Packaging)      47.95



18009    1/48 ROCAF Curtiss Hawk III BiPlane Fighter (New Tool) (Plastic Kit. Features finely engraved panel lines. Includes photo- etched parts, standing pilot figure and decals with various markings. Attractively Boxed)   69.95

For the Week of June 30, 2018


1100      1/25 1957 Chrysler 300 Car (Features detailed interior/engine. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)             31.95



Plastic Model Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

1067      1/350 Kee Lung Class ROC Navy Destroyer  (New Tool) (Includes 2pc full hull with can be assembled as full hull or waterline version and name plate with display stand.)   53.95

6882      1/35 SdKfz 250/9 Ausf A Halftrack with 2cm leSPW Gun (Includes photo-etch.)           76.95

7237      1/72 AAVP7A1 RAM/RS (Re-Issue)  (Includes photo-etch.)          31.95



1/48 Re-Issued Aircraft Kits

(Each includes pilot figure, decal and 48pc. puzzle of the classic box illustration. Attractively Boxed) – SRP $11.95

504        1911 Martin-Handasyde Monoplane

506        1911 Deperdussin Monoplane



881        1/72 Space 1999: Hawk Mk IX Spacecraft  (Includes dome base and decal placement for both color schemes. Completed kit measures over 10” long. Boxed)     32.95



MKA28 1/48 Space 1999: Eagle 22″ Transporter Weathering Panel Decal Set (Carded)              11.95


AFV CLUB (AFV)    Plastic Model Kits (Attractively Boxed)

14408    1/144 F4U1/1A/1C/1D Corsair Fighter  (Folding-Wing) (Updated Tooling)

(Includes 2 kits. Optional parts to build four  versions, cowl flaps can be built closed/open, two types of drop tanks/machine guns, clear parts and various armament/markings.)           23.99

35022    1/35 US Marine LVTP5A1 Amphibious Transporter Vietnam (Re-Issue) (Includes decals.)                59.99

35300    1/35 US M54A2 5-Ton 6×6 Cargo Truck  (New Tool) (Features steerable front wheels, detail interior/transmission system. Includes clear/photo-etched parts, metal chain and three different markings Vietnam War Era.)             69.99


BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits

(Includes parts molded in color, instructions & decals. Boxed)

61216    1/100 HG Gundam Endless Waltz Series: #007 Serpent Custom MMS01(Re-Issue)

163280 1/144 Gundam Real Grade Series: #001 RX78-2 Gundam (Re-Issue)

196708 1/144 Build Fighters High Grade Series: #037 Denial Gundam

196716 1/144 HG Universal Century Series: RX78-2 Gundam (Re-Issue)

201305 1/12 Star Wars: Boba Fett Bounty Hunter Figure (Snap Kit)

1/100 HG Endless Waltz Series: (Re-Issue)

57137    #002 W-Gundam Zero Custom XXXG-00W0

59767    #004 Gundam H-Arms Custom XXXG-01H2

59769    #005 Gundam D-Hell Custom XXXG-01D2

60626    #006 Gundam Sandrock Custom XXXG-01SR2

1/144 HG Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Series: (Re-Issue)

61210    #003 Gundam H-Arms Custom XXXG-01H2

61215    #006 Gundam Nataku XXXG-01S2


DORA WINGS (DWN)   Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine

(Each includes clear/photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

48009    1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109A/B Legion Condor Aircraft (Includes film and resin parts.)          49.99

72005    1/72 P63E King Cobra Single-Seat Aircraft (Includes mask.)  34.99



11671    1/48 T34A Mentor Aircraft (New Tool)          35.99

(Detailed Plastic Kit. Landing gear can be built up or down. Includes clear parts, display stand and Cartograf decals with two different markings. Boxed)



208  28mm French Napoleonic Line Chasseurs a Cheval 1808-1815 (Plastic Figure Set. Includes 14 mounted figures/horses in various poses with weapons. Attractively boxed)     32.95


ZVEZDA MODELS (ZVE)   Plastic Model Kits

3685 1/35 Russian Contemporary Tank Crew, Parade Version (Includes 3 figures.)      12.99

3687 1/35 Soviet T34/85 Mod 1944 Medium Tank  (New Tool) (Includes clear parts and decals.)   38.99

7316 1/72 Russian Yak130 Aerobatic Aircraft  (Includes clear parts and decals.)        33.99

8048 1/72 Swedish Infantry 1687-1721 (Re-Issue)  (Includes 43 figures in various poses with weapons

For the Week of June 23, 2018

TANMODEL (TMO)         Plastic Kit Made in Turkey

2906      1/24 Bayraktar TB2 Medium-Altitude Long-Range Unmanned Aircraft (New Tool)  (Features panel lines/rivet details and 360º camera parts. Includes detailed parts, landing gear, optional clear camera parts, rotating propeller, two Roketsan MAM-L smart munition parts, decals and display stand. Boxed)          39.99



Military Aircraft Decals Colorful graphic schemes with decoration guide. (Bagged)    – $19.95

148104  1/48 Avro Lancaster General Markings Stenciling RAF Roundels & Walkways

172187 1/72 B17F Blue Outlined Stars, Stenciling, National Insignia, Cockpit Instrumentation & Walkways, etc.

172188 1/72 B17G Blue Outlined Stars & Bars, Stenciling, National Insignia, Cockpit Instrumentation & Walkways, etc.

172189  1/72 B17F/G Red Outlined Stars & Bars, Stenciling, National Insignia, Cockpit Instrumentation & Walkways, etc.


BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits

(Includes parts molded in color, instructions & decals. Boxed)

57131   1/100 HG Endless Waltz Series: #003 Tallgeese III Code Name “Wind”  (Re-Issue)           27.00

221055  1/144 Build Fighters High Grade Series: #065 Striker GN-X        22.00

228377 1/144 Star Wars: X-Wing & Y-Wing Starfighters (Includes 2 kits.)   14.00

   1/144 HG Universal Century Series:

100568  #019 MSM-07S Z’Gok Char’s Custom Type      8.00

193828 #187 XM-X1 Cross Bone Gundam X1 SNRI (Re-Issue)    19.00

1/144 Gundam Real Grade Series:

175716  #007 RX178 Gundam MK II Titans  (Re-Issue)       27.00

176319 #008 RX178 Gundam MK II AEUG  (Re-Issue)      27.00

194380 #017 XXXG-OOWO Wing Gundam Zero EW (Re-Issue)       28.00

225740 #028 OZ-OOMS Tallgeese EW               28.00

165511  1/144 Gundam Real Grade Series: #002  MS06S Zaku II (Re-Issue)                      27.00

203220  1/12 Star Wars: BB8 & R2D2 Droid  Figures (Includes 2 snap kits.)               28.00


MASTER BOX MODELS (MTB)    Made in Ukraine

1/24 Plastic Figure Kits (New Tool) (Full-colored boxed)

24032    Ancient Greek Perseus             16.95

24044   Mike Barrington Trucker, Sitting wearing Cowboy Hat & Denim Jacket    14.95

24045   Joni Johnson Trucker Passenger, Sitting with Cell Phone & Dog Maxx    16.95

24046  Kitty James Trucker Passenger, Sleeping (for Trucks with Sleeper Beds)   14.95


For the Week of June 16, 2018

AOSHIMA (AOS)      Plastic Model Kits

55007   1/100 Pirate Ship (Includes vacu-formed sails, rigging thread and decals.)    139.99

1/12 Scale (Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals.)

40980    Kawasaki 900 Super4 Model Z1 Motorcycle     27.99

41659    Kawasaki Zephyr Type IV Motorcycle (Includes photo-etched parts.)    27.99

53270   Kawasaki GPz400F 1984 Model Motorcycle (No chrome-plated parts.)  29.99

55144   Honda CB400 Super4 1992 Model Motorcycle with Custom Parts    38.99

AOSHIMA (AOS) continued

*55311   Kawasaki 900 Super4 Z1 1973 Model Motorcycle with Custom Parts    38.99

1/24 Scale (Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals.)

51634    1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R 2-Door Car with Spoiler (No chrome-plated parts.) 32.99

51641    2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition 4-Door Car with Spoiler     34.99

51801    2016 Toyota 86 GT Limited 2-Door Car  44.99

53171    2009 Nissan GT-R Spec-V 2-Door Car   44.99

53393   1991 Honda Beat PP1 2-Door Sports Car Convertible, Top Down (No chrome-plated parts.) 32.99

53416    1991 Suzuki Cappucino 2-Door Sports Car Convertible, Top Down (No chrome-plated   parts.) 32.99

53454    1979 Toyota E70 Corolla GT/DX 4-Dr Car     29.99

53485    1972 Nissan Skyline 2000GT GC110 4-Door Car      32.99

53584    1999 Mazda FD3S RX-7 GT-C 2-Door Car with Custom Gold Wheels    34.99

54239    2007 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Sports Car      38.99

54871    1968 FX4 London Black Cab (Taxi)      29.99

55229    2007 Nissan Z33 Fairlady Z Version Nismo Car   38.99

55496    1989 Mazda RX7 Savanna 2-Door Car   34.99

1/32 Snap Kits (Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals.)

54185    Toyota 86 (Subaru BRZ) Car (molded in white peal)   19.99

54192    Toyota 86 (Subaru BRZ) Car (molded in orange metallic)  19.99



707   Damaged Weathered & Worn Models Magazine Issue 4 (Features weathering techniques on such models/figures as; Creeping Death, Lady Liberty Down, Shrike Type1 Border Break, Kraz 256, Viriato, Garden diorama, along with kit reviews, news and more. Softcover. 74pgs.)                9.99



AK1      Aktion Wargame Magazine Issue 1: Scenarios, Tips & Techniques for Wargames (Features Blue Alloy for the Marines, Cosplay market, An Elevation in the Ground, Falcata, Infinity Container, reviews, news and more. Softcover. 86pgs.)       15.99

246        Paper Panzer: Prototypes & What if Tanks Book (Features color profiles and painting/ weathering techniques on such models as; VK16.02 Leopard, E10, Krupp-Steyr Waffentrager, E75 mit Einheitstrum, E25, Maus, E50 radar and more with lots of colored photos. Softcover. 206pgs.)                     59.99

4176     AFV Series: Unfinished German Vehicles Weathering Enamel Set: 3 Colors/35ml, 1 Color/17ml, Graphite and White Chalk Pencils     34.99

4177     Graphite Detailing Pencil                           4.99

4178     White Chalk Lead Pencil                            4.99

Acrylic Paint Sets (17ml Bottles)

2150     Air Series: Israeli Air Force (8 Colors)  37.99

3270     Figure Series: French Uniform Colors (6 Colors)      29.99

5030     Naval Series: Royal Navy Camouflages 1 (6 Colors)     26.99

5040     Naval Series: Royal Navy Camouflages 2 (6 Colors)   26.99




1/72 Highly Detailed Plastic Kits

(Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed) – SRP $64.98

90      Jetstar L1329 TWA Business Jet

94      Jetstar C140 USAF Communication Aircraft

AIRFIX (ARX)               Plastic Model Kit

4015 1/72 Martin B26B Marauder WWII Bomber 26.99 (Includes decals with two different markings.)


BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits

(Includes parts molded in color, instructions & decals. Boxed)

194379 1/12 Star Wars: Stormtrooper Figure  (Snap Kit.)        28.00

224023  1/144 HG Gundam Wing G-Unit Series:  #211 Leo 0Z-06MS 11.00

225751  1/100 Master Grade Series: Gundam F91 Ver. 2.0     44.00

225754  1/144 Star Wars Solo-Astar Wars Story:  Millennium Falcon Lando Calrissian Version        65.00