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For the Week of November 25, 2017


Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

3601      1/35 Arab StuG III Tank 50th Anniversary Six-Day War (Includes photo-etched parts)   82.95

6571      1/35 SdKfz 252 Leichter PzBefWagen (Includes photo-etched parts.)     69.95

6790      1/35 German Ambulance Truck (Includes photo-etched parts.)      76.95

6886      1/35 Kubelwagen Radio Car (Includes photo-etched parts.)   46.95

7549      1/35 PzKpfw IV Ausf F2(G) Tank                     20.95

7558      1/72 SdKfz 182 King Tiger Henschel Tank         20.95

7564      1/72 PzKpfw T34/85 Tank                                20.95



HO Hopper Kits (Window-boxed) – SRP $17.95

70-Ton 12 Panel 3-Bay Hopper

60048   Louisville & Nashville #182122

60055    Pennsylvania Block Keystone #279688

70-Ton 14 Panel 3-Bay Hopper

60063   Conrail #421010

60066    Seaboard Air Line #40410

60069    Western Maryland Yellow Ends #80399

70-Ton 2-Bay Hopper

60096   New York Central #882052

55-Ton 2-Bay Fishbelly Hopper

60111    Lehigh Valley #25408

60117    Western Maryland #13402

70-Ton 14 Panel 3-Bay Wood Chip Hopper w/Ribbed Extension

60192   Louisville & Nashville #30801

60198   Norfolk Southern #8208

70-Ton Offset 3-Bay Wood Chip Hopper w/Ribbed Extension

60204   Chicago & Northwestern #68155

60208   Milwaukee Road #372006



Scene-A-Rama Landscapes Diorama Kits – SRP $24.99

(Fun & Easy! Each contains shaper sheet plaster, weeds fine, green poly fiber, paint strip, cups, toothpicks, medium green/dark green coarse, earth blend fine, glue, craft sticks, brushes, palm trees and instructions. Attractively boxed

4260   Shipwrecked (Includes ship halves)

4261   Dinosaur Ridge (Includes 5 dinosaurs)



Limited Edition Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

2252     1/72 SOC3 Seagull ‘Battleship Observation Squadron’ USN Scout Aircraft (Includes  two complete kits.)                                             50.00

10822   1/200 P8A Poseidon ‘VP5 Mad Foxes’ USN Anti-Submarine Aircraft      45.00



1/35 Highly Detailed Plastic Model Kits (Boxed) Includes clear/photo-etched parts and various markings.)

2078     Israeli Merkava Mk I Main Battle Tank (Features hatches that can be built open/closed.)        64.95

2079     Israeli Merkava Mk I Hybird Main Battle Tank (Features hatches that can be built open/closed.)      64.95

2088     US M31 Tank Recovery Vehicle (New Tool)  (Features hatches that can be built open/closed. Includes metal tow cable.)      64.95

2110     WWII German V2 Vidalwagen Hanomag  SS100 Rocket Transporter (Features rotating wheels.)                      84.95


For the Week of November 18, 2017



14734   1/144 B52D/F Stratofortress Aircraft Vietnam (New Tooling for building D or F version Features posable flaps, Includes Cartograf decals and display stand. Boxed)       49.99


*49    1/72 WWII Skoda 100mm 14/19 Polish Howitzer  (Plastic Kit. Attractively Boxed        17.95



Plastic Kits Made in Poland (Each includes decals. Boxed)

35030    1/35 Scammell Pioneer R100 Artillery Tractor (Includes clear/photo-etched parts.)  74.95

72048   1/72 41M Turan II Hungarian Medium Tank                          22.95

72050   1/72 44M Zrinyi I Hungarian 75mm Assault Gun             22.95

72054   1/72 Chevrolet C30A General Service Steel-Type Body Truck    21.95

72506   1/72 PZL23B Karas Early Polish Light Bomber (Includes clear/photo-etched parts.) 21.95


MOEBUIS MODELS (MOE)      Plastic Kit

1217      1/25 1961 Pontiac Catalina Car (Features detailed engine/engine bay with optional opening hood. Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed.)      32.49


TAMIYA (TAM)                 Plastic Kit

32592    1/48 US M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank   (New Tool) (Includes figure and 2 different markings. Boxed)      34.00



Precision Quality Tools for Hobbies and Crafts

20014    Assorted Light Duty Blades (5/Cd)                   2.50




HO “LASERKIT” Building Kits (Each features tab/slot construction with peel & stick windows. Bagged with header)

706        Elevated Warehouse      34.95  (4.75”L x 2.5” W x 2.5” H)

710        Long Bell Lumber Co. Skid Shacks      29.95 (3 complete kits. 2.5” L x 1.75” W x 1.5”H)


FLY MODELS (FYM)        Made in Czech Republic

72035    1/72 Ilyushin II10 Soviet Service Ground  Attack Aircraft (New Tool) (Plastic Kit. Includes clear/resin parts & decals. Boxed)    34.95


For the Week of November 11, 2017


Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

8184      1/48 Fw190D9 Fighter (Profi-Pack) (Includes photo-etch parts.)  (Re-Issue) 39.95

8478      1/48 Avia B534 III Series BiPlane Fighter (Weekend Edition)       29.95

11112   1/48 Peshka Pe2 Russian WWII Bomber  (Ltd Edition) (Includes photo-etch parts.)       74.95

11113   1/48 WWII Hawker Typhoon Ranger RAF Fighter (Ltd Edition) (Includes

photo-etch parts.)        64.95

70123   1/72 Spitfire Mk IXe Fighter (Profi-Pack)  (Includes photo-etch parts.)   24.95


105   Naval Fighter: Consolidated PB4Y1/1P Liberator  (Features brief history, interior/exterior details, line drawings, various model kits made and lots of black/white photos. Softcover. 241pgs.)   49.95



(Each includes decals. Boxed)

1392     1/72 A6E Tram Intruder US Attacker Gulf War    25.99

1402     1/72 C27J Spartan Cargo Transport Aircraft      64.99

2777     1/48 F104G Starfighter Special Colors Jet Aircraft      59.99

6177     1/72 American Civil War Union Infantry  (Includes 50 figures. No decals.)   12.99

6178     1/72 American Civil War Confederate Infantry (Includes 50 figures. No decals.) 12.99

6181     1/72 El Alamein The Railway Station Battle Diorama Set (Includes MDF laser cut railway station/water tank, 50ea German Afrika Korps/British 8th Army figs, PzKpfw IV Ausf F1/2, M4A2 Sherman III, Morris Quad/25 pdr gun w/7 crew Cannone da 149/40 w/9 crewand 30cm rail tracks.)                                  99.99

6547     1/35 M32B1 Armored Recovery Vehicle 32.99

7073     1/72 Magach 6 Israeli Main Battle Tank (New Tool)    19.99


Each includes various markings. Boxed) – SRP $28.99

5133      Curtiss Tomahawk Mk IIb Fighter

5134      Hawker Sea Hurricane Mk IB Fighter



87160   Fine Surface Primer L for Plastic & Metal Oxide Red (180ml Spray)   15.00



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

318        1/530 USS Oriskany “The Mighty O” Essex Class Aircraft Carrier (SSP)

 (Re-Issue) (Includes full hull, 4 different  aircraft and display stand.)                      26.95

1995      1/20 Scooby-Doo BiPlane (Snap) (New Tool) (Molded in color. Includes

Scooby Doo, Shaggy & Velma figures.) 26.95

2514      1/25 Kenworth K100 Aerodyne Tractor Cab (Re-Issue) (Features detailed engine, positional front wheels, opening doors. Includes chrome-plated parts.)  49.95

4222      1/24 NAPA Auto Parts Chevy SS #24 Race Car (Chase Elliot) (Includes figure.)       28.95


ACCURAIL (ACU)    HO Freight Car Kits (Boxed)

3755      Erie 41′ AAR Steel Gondola (Re-Issue)           16.98

4713      New York Central 40′ Wood Stock Car (Re-Issue)   16.98

4720      Baltimore & Ohio 40′ Wood Stock Car  (Re-Issue) 16.98

5825      Southern 50′ AAR Welded Plug Door Boxcar      17.98

6528      Norfolk Southern 4750 Pullman Standard Covered Hopper    19.98

7006      Lehigh & New England 40′ 6-Panel Outside Braced Wood Boxcar (Re-Issue)      16.98

7701      Santa Fe 50-Ton Offset-Side Twin Hopper (Re-Issue)      16.98

80589   Baltimore & Ohio 50-Ton Offset Twin Hopper (Re-Issue)    16.98



(Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

1074      1/25 2017 Chevy Camaro SS 1LE Car (Includes body molded in yellow and

parts molded in black/met. grey.)      32.95

1077      1/25 1974 AMC Gremlin X Car (Can build stock, street or drag version. Includes chrome-plated parts and meatal axles.)           28.95


AFV CLUB (AFV)          Plastic Kits (New Tool)

(Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

35283   1/35 MIM23 Hawk Surface-to-Air Missile  (Features movable wing trailing-edges, outriggers can be built in transportation or emplacement mode. Includes parts to build 23A or 23B version and various markings; US Army, USMC, IDF and ROC Army.)     66.99

35304   1/35 M109A3/M185A3 2.5-Ton 6×6 Shop Van (Features optional hard/soft driving compartment top. Includes clear/photo-etched parts. and various markings; US Army and ROC Army.)      69.99

48108   1/48 F-CK-1C Ching-Kuo IDF (Indigenous Defense) Taiwan AF Fighter

(Features landing gear doors that can be positioned open/closed, movable tailplane

and vertical rudder. Includes clear/photo- etch/resin parts and missiles


OSPREY PUBLISHING (OSP)       Military History Books

C316        Campaign: Shrewsbury 1403 Struggle for a Fragile Crown        24.00

CBT29     Combat: Soviet Paratrooper vs Mujahideen Fighter  Afghanistan 1979-89     20.00

D83          Duel: USN Battleship vs IJN Battleship The Pacific 1942-44    20.00

MAA514 Men at Arms: Armies of the Greek-Italian War 1940-41   18.00

V252        Vanguard: M113 APC 1960-75 US, ARVN & Australian Variants in Vietnam    18.00

V253        Vanguard: British Destroyers 1939-45 Wartime-Built Classes     18.00

W182       Warrior: Roman Legionary 109-58BC The Age of Marius, Sulla & Pompey

the Great           19.00

W183       Warrior: British Tank Crewman 1939-45        19.00

WP59       Weapon: Cavalry Lance                                  20.00


For the Week of November 4, 2017



Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

1/35 Scale: (Includes photo-etched parts.)

3570      Egyptian Sherman Tank 50th Anniversary Six-Day War       79.95

3572      Arab Su100 Tank Destroyer 50th Anniversary Six-Day War     76.95

3597      IDF M3 Halftrack Mortar Carrier 50th Anniversary Six-Day War     82.95

6441      M4 Sherman Composite Hull PTO Tank  (Re-Issue)        76.95

6870      IJA Type 97 Chi-Ha Early Production   Medium Tank (New Tool)       76.95

6901      DAK PzBefWg III Ausf H Tank               81.95

1/72 Scale: (no photo-etch)

7553      StuG III Ausf C/D Tank                            20.95

7561      10.5cm StuH42 Ausf E/F Tank                20.95



BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Kits

(Molded in color with decals and instructions. Boxed.)

214500  1/100 Star Blazers 2202 Series: UNCF AAA1Andromeda Space Battleship Movie Effect Version (w/LED Lights & Sound)                    135.00

216744  1/100 Master Grade Series: ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka MSZ-01            70.00



HO Freight Car Kits (Boxed)

1701      New York Central & H.R. 36′ Double Sheath Wood Boxcar w/Wood Ends   17.98

3129      Ann Arbor 40′ AAR Plug Door Steel Boxcar     17.98

4327      Pennsylvania 40′ Outside Braced Wood Boxcar w/Steel Ends   17.98

4608      Cotton Belt 40′ USRA Double Sheath  Wood Boxcar    17.98

4644      Bangor & Aroostook 40′ USRA Double Sheath Wood Boxcar    17.98

5238      Santa Fe 50′ AAR Double Door Riveted Boxcar   17.98

5416      Boston & Maine 50′ Double Plug Door Boxcar   17.98

5652      Burlington CB&Q 50′ Exterior Post Boxcar     17.98

6520      Bessemer & Lake Erie 4750 Pullman Standard Covered Hopper   19.98

8089      Reading USRA Twin Hopper                             16.98

8092      Denver & Rio Grande Western 36′ Double Sheath Wood Boxcar w/Steel Ends 17.98



MINICRAFT PLASTIC KITS (MMI (Includes Cartograf decals with various markings. Boxed)

1/144 Scale:

14676   Ki61 Tony IJA Aircraft (Re-Issue)  (Includes display stand.)    12.99

14734   B52D/F Stratofortress Aircraft, Vietnam (New tooling for building D or F version.

Features poseable flaps. Includes display stand.)     49.99

14735   B24D Liberator Moby Dick USAAF Aircraft (Features rotating propellers.

Includes display stand.)    19.99

14739   P51D Mustang Aircraft (Includes pre-painted canopy and display stand.)  12.99

14742   AC130A Azrael Angel of Death Gunship Aircraft (Features poseable flaps, opening rear door. Includes weapons & display stand.)    44.99



872        1/25 1975 Datsun Pickup Truck (Can build   stock, street rod or off-road racing versions.   Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)           31.95



AH11     Aces High Magazine Issue 11: Fw190 Der Wurger (Softcover. 74pgs. Features modeling and weathering techniques on Fw190A3, A5 and F8.)     15.99

2240     Air Series: Soviet Aircraft Colors 1941-1945 Acrylic Paint Set (8 Colors,

17ml Bottles)        37.99



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

3932      1/48 IL2 Stormovik Soviet Attacker (Features detailed cockpit/undercarriage,

rotating propeller. Includes bombs /rockets and 2 different markings.)    39.95

4948      1/32 H145M LUH KSK Surveillance/ Troop Transport Helicopter (New Tool)

(Features rotating main rotor.)       33.95

5150      1/144 USN Fletcher Class Destroyer Platinum Edition (Ltd Edition) (Features

detailed main deck/gun turrets/radar system/ torpedo tubes and rotating propellers/rudders. Includes 2pc full hull, lots of photo-etched parts, metal gun barrels, display stand and markings for USS Fletcher/Chevalier.)            184.95

5822      1/1200 German Tirpitz Battleship                    6.95


For the Week of October 28, 2017

ALLIANCE FIGURES (ANK)     Made in Russia

1/72 Plastic Figure Sets (Includes figures in various poses with weapons and accessories. Boxed) – SRP$17.95

72031   War Trolls Set #2 (8)

72032   War Trolls Set #3 (4)

72033   War Trolls w/Bases for Catapult Set #4 (2)

72034   Orcs Figures (8) with Catapults (2)

72035   Fire Demon Set #1 (2)

72036   Fire Demon Set #2 (2)



54mm Assembled Plastic Military Models (Re-Issue) – $13.95

(Each includes decals. Bagged)

49990   Sherman Tank (Molded olive green.)

49997   Bunker with Gun (Molded grey. Bagged w/header)

49998   Landing Craft  (Molded grey.)

49999   Tiger Tank (Molded grey.)


ICM MODELS (ICM)        Made in Ukraine

Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

24008   1/24 Model T 1912 Light Delivery Car  59.99

24009   1/24 American Female Mechanics 1910s (3) (New Tool) (No decals.)      24.99

35663   1/35 WWI Australian Model T 1917 LCP Army Car      44.99

35664    1/35 WWI Australian Model T 1917 Utility Army Car   44.99

48060    1/48 WWII British Spitfire Mk IXC  ‘Beer Delivery’ Fighter  31.99


KAGERO BOOKS (KAG)       Super Drawings 3D Books (Features brief history, design details and construction. Includes scale line drawings and lots of colored photos. Softcover. Great for the Modeler & Historian!) – SRP $34.95

16046   Japanese Aircraft Carrier Shinano (82pgs.)

16047   Japanese Battleship Musashi (86pgs)

16048   Japanese Battleship Fuso 1944 (85pgs.)



22      Abrams Squad: The Modern Modelling Magazine Issue #22 (Features M113 Revival, T72B Syrian, BMP2/UAZ469, Turret Basket, Type 653/Type 84, reviews and much more.)        22.99


TAMIYA (TAM)        Lacquer Spray Cans (100ml)

TS97      Pearl Yellow                                                 7.75

TS98      Pure Orange                                                  7.25

TS99      IJN Gray (Maizuru Arsenal)                      8.50


REVELL-MONOGRAM (RMX)   Plastic Model Kits

1699    1/24 Audi R8 (Orange) (Snap 12.95

4381    1/25 1970 Dodge Charger R/T Car          26.95

4419    1/25 1958 Chevy Impala                            23.95


For the Week of October 14, 2017

Osprey Publications

C314    Campaign: Nashville 1864 from the Tennessee to the Cumberland         24.00

C315    Campaign: The Hindenburg Line 1918 Haig’s Forgotton Triumph               24.00

CBT28  Combat: German Soldier vs Soviet Soldier Stalingrad 1942-43              20.00

D82      Duel: B29 Superfortress vs Ki44 Tojo Pacific Theater 1944-45     20.00

E220     Elite: European Counter-Terrorist Units 1972-2017    19.00

V251    Vanguard: US Navy Escort Carriers 1942-45      18.00

WP58   Weapon: Broomhandle Mauser           20.00



AA12   Airframe Album Series: The Gloster Gladiator  (Military Aircraft Soft Cover Book, Features detailed information, line drawings and lots of photos from cover-to-cover.130 pgs.) 44.95

RIICH MODELS (RIH)        Made in China.

Plastic Model Kits. Each includes photo-etch parts, decals & instructions with painting/markings guide. (Boxed)

35006  1/35 Vickers 6-Ton Light Tank Alt B Command Version Republic of China  (New Tool)    69.95

35042  1/35 British Army 6-Pdr. Infantry Anti-Tank Gun w/4 Crew        54.95

72001  1/72 M109A6 Paladin Self-Propelled Howitzer (New Tool) 34.95

72002  1/72 M109A2 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer (New Tool)       34.95

72003  1/72 M992A1 (FAASV) Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle (New Tool)   31.95


T-MODEL (TMD)         

Plastic Model Kits made in China (Boxed)

7201    1/72 US Modern M1114 Up-Armor HMMWV Military Truck (Includes photo-etch, clear parts & colored instructions.)(New Tool) 34.95

72001  1/72 US Modern Military Equipment: Consists of various containers, ammo boxes, guns, insulated cases, water bottles (Includes photo-etch.) (New Tool)     24.95


1062    1/25 Mack Cruise-Liner Semi Tractor Cab  (Features detailed interior with sleeper bed. Includes chrome plated parts, soft vinyl tires, decals)    44.95



878      1/25 1969 Dodge Country Charger R/T Race Car (Features parts to build single or dual carburetor, Toro-Thrust & Vector wheel options. Includes chrome plated parts and  decals)         25.95



953      1/25 Tom Mongoose McEwen 1969 Barracuda Funny Car (Features tilt-up body, detailed chassis, blown & injected mill. Includes  chrome plated parts, authentic decals, pad-printed drag slicks.)                                  29.95


For the Week of October 7, 2017

MENG MODEL KITS (MGK)     Made in China

Highly Detailed Plastic Model Kits and Accessories

CS2       1/24 Hummer H1 SUV                                        88.99

DS6       1/72 Convair F106A Delta Dart Interceptor

HS4       1/35 IDF Infantry (2000-) Figure Set (4)          19.99

HS6       1/35 Modern German Tank Crew Figure Set (4)           19.99

HS7       1/35 Russian Armed Forces Tank Crew Figure Set (4)     19.99

HS10     1/35 Imperial German Army Stormtroopers Figure Set (4)            22.99

LS4       1/48 Messerschmitt Me410B2/U2/R4  Heavy Fighter     79.99

LS6       1/48 P51D Mustang Fighter                               44.99

LS7       1/48 F35A Lightning II Fighter                          69.99

PS1        1/700 HMS Rodney 29 British Royal Navy Battleship     56.99

PS2        1/700 USS Lexington CV2 USN Aircraft Carrier        56.99

PS3        1/700 KM Bismarck German Battleship          44.99

PS4        1/700 USS Missouri BB63 USN Battleship     44.99

SPS41   1/35 Middle Eastern Refueling Equipment (Resin)    38.99

SPS43   1/48 US Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles        22.99

SPS44   1/48 US Long/Medium Range Air-to-Air Missiles     22.99

SPS45   1/48 US Satellite Guided Bombs                       22.99

SPS46   1/35 Middle Eastern Roof-Mounted Facilities Set (Resin)    49.99

SS9        1/35 9A52-2 SMERCH Russian Long Range Rocket Launcher    174.99

SS10     1/35 D9R Armored Bulldozer with Slat Armor        107.99

SS11     1/35 Russian BMR3M Armored Mine Clearing Vehicle       88.99

TS20     1/35 British Heavy Mk V Male Tank               107.99

TS21     1/35 Mk A Whippet British Medium Tank (New Tool)        38.99

TS22     1/35 Chinese PLZ05 155mm Self-Propelled Howitzer       74.99

TS26     1/35 M1A2 SEP Abrams Tusk I/II US Main Battle Tank    88.99

TS27     1/35 Leopard 2 A7 German Main Battle Tank        88.99

TS28     1/35 T72B3 Russian Main Battle Tank            88.99

TS29     1/35 Mk V Female British Heavy Battle Tank        88.99

TS30     1/35 Gepard A1/A2 German Flakpanzer         88.99

TS31     1/35 SdKfz 182 King Tiger German Heavy Tank (Henschel Turret)    44.99

TS32     1/35 USMC M1A1 AIM/US Army M1A1 Abrams Tusk Main Battle Tank    88.99

TS33     1/35 T72B1 Russian Main Battle Tank            88.99

VS8       1/35 GAZ233115 Tiger-M SPN SPV Russian All-Terrain Vehicle           47.99



1/24 Plastic Figure Kits (New Tool) Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

24023    Ancient Greek Centaur                                       16.95

24026    Kate Modern Woman wearing Casual Outfit Holding Cell Phone to Ear   14.95

24027    Ashley Modern Police Woman                          14.95

24028    Ali Modern Woman wearing Short Skirt Holding Cell Phone in Hand     14.95



HO Scenescapes Figure Sets: Figures in various poses,

clamshell package. Each SRP$12.00

33115   Passengers Seated (Waist-Up) (12)

33116   Civil Engineers (6-figures w/tools)

33117   Sidewalk People (6-figures & 1-bucket)

33118   Pigs (9-pigs and feeding trough)

33119   Horses (6)



Built-N-Ready Buildings (Highly detailed pre-painted buildings with accessories and LED Lighted)

4951    N Double Decker Trailer                          54.99

5061    HO Double Decker Trailer                       74.99

5862    O Double Decker Trailer                          94.99


HELLER (HLR)    Made in France

Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

80460  1/125 DC10 Aeromexico Commercial Airliner      49.95

81132  1/35 Hotchkiss H35 Tank          34.95



1/35 Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine ( Boxed)

35233   WWII Soviet Soldiers Taking a Break (5) with  Weapons & Accessories (New Tool)   19.99

35247   WWII German Infantry Weapons &   Equipment   19.99

38013   Soviet 1.5-Ton Cargo Truck (New Tool)    (Includes photo-etch parts & decals.) 78.99



14696   Exotic Panzers in Miniature: Modeling Unusual War machines of the Third Reich (Re-Issue) (Features modeling techniques on 1/35 scale Panzer tanks along with adding figures and landscaping to dioramas. Includes lots of colored photos. Great book for the model Enthusiasts! Softcover. 80pgs.) 19.95



Highly Detailed Plastic Kits Made in China

(Each includes clear/photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

32015    1/32 T28C Trojan USN Aircraft           109.95

80146    1/48 Su22 M3/M4 Russian Fighter  (New Tool)     89.95



1/35 Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (New Tool) Made in China

(Each includes clear/photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

35023    Kurganet-25 IFV Object 695 Russian  Infantry Fighting Vehicle         57.95

35030    M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank                62.95


Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

3593   1/35 Arab Panzer IV Tank 50th Anniversary Six-Day War (Includes photo-etched parts.) 76.95

3594   1/35 Arab Jagdpanzer IV/48 Tank 50th Anniv Six-Day War (Includes photo-etched parts.) 76.95