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For the Week of April 29, 2017

BOWSER (BOW)      HO Freight Car Kits (Window-boxed)

60027    New York Central Early Bird #45377 50′ 4-Door Boxcar          17.95

60135    Pennsylvania Circle #67547 X31a 2-Door Inset Roof Boxcar         17.95

60147    Pennsylvania Shadow Keystone #81434 X31f 40′ 4-Door Turtle Roof Boxcar     17.95

60084    Clinchfield #60022 70-Ton Covered Hopper Open Side            17.95


DRAGON MODELS (DML)     1/35 Plastic Figure Kits

(Includes 4 figures in various poses with accessories. Boxed)

3307      US Marines, KheSahn 1968 (Re-Issue)  15.95

3312      US 1st Cavalry (Re-Issue)                       15.95

6215      Fallschirmjager 8cm Mortar Team,  Italy 1944 (4)            14.95


LIFECOLOR (LFC)       Made in Italy

Acrylic Camouflage Paint Sets (6 22ml Bottles) – SRP $34.95

CS35     The Battle of Britain Royal Air Force Colors

CS36     Imperial Japan Navy WWII Set #1

CS37     Imperial Japan Navy WWII Late War Set #2


629        1/25 International Transtar 4300 Eagle Truck Cab with Sleeper (Re-Issue) (Ltd Production) (Features detailed engine/interior/sleeper cab,  opening hood and CB radio with twin antennas.Includes clear/chrome-plated parts, rubber tubing and decals. Boxed)      39.95

Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

1030     1/20 1994 Camaro Z28 Convertible Car 31.95 (Features complete chassis/suspension, detailed interior/dashboard/engine and opening hood. Includes chrome-plated rims & Goodyear Eagle ZR45 tires. Parts molded in red.)

1039     1/25 Mack R685ST Semi Truck Cab       44.95 (Features CB radio, twin antennas, roof-mounted air deflector, detailed engine and two fuel tank options. Includes chrome-plated parts.)



Detailed Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

16005   1/16 US Marine Sergeant Guard            46.99 (New Tool)  

35376   1/35 WWII German Panzerspahwagen P204(f) Railway Armored Vehicle          59.99 (Includes decals.)

35640   1/35 Soviet Tanks Riders 1943-1945 (4) (New Tool)         21.99

48235   1/48 WWII German Ju88A11 Bomber   59.99  (Includes decals.)




Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

871        1/25 Coca Cola Vending Machine Show Rod (Features detailed engine, custom interior, pop rear cooler, bottle taillights and Mag wheels, Includes chrome-plated parts.)                    31.95

873        Stroker McGurk The Hot Rodder’s Buddy  & Surf-Rod (Includes engine parts. Figure  is 7” tall, surfboard 12” long. )               29.95


For the Week of April 22, 2017


Military Modelling Book Published in Sweden

54   On Display Vol. 4 Under the Red Star Soviet WWII Vehicles (Softcover. 96pgs. Features modelling, painting and weathering  techniques on KV1S, GAZ-AA, Su76, IS2, Su100, OT34, T70, BT7 with lots of colored photos from cover-to-cover. Great for the Modeler & Historian!)      31.99



4441      1/25 1957 Chevy Black Widow Stock Race Car (2 in 1) (Plastic Kit. Includes optional parts to build as factory stock or race car, chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)         24.95



High-Quality Military Books Published from Germany (Features informative history and technology in great detail. Extensive photo-graphical walkaround allows to see all details. Colored and black/white photographs. English text. Softcover. 64pgs.) – SRP $24.99

3029     American Special: Reforger 87 Certain Strike The Cold War’s Largest Transatlantic Bridge

4021     Wehrmacht Special: Einheits-PKW German Standardized Field Cars of WWII (80pgs)

5064     Military Vehicle Special: Cold War Warrior Panzer M48 in Cold War Exercises with the German Bundeswehr

5065     Military Vehicle Special: ESK Mungo Light Protected Vehicle for Specialized Forces

ACE PLASTIC MODELS (AMO)      Made in Ukraine

72431    1/72 XM706E1 (V100) Commando Armored Patrol Car (Plastic Kit. Includes photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)                          29.95


BANDAI (BAN)         Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits (Molded in color with decals and instructions. Boxed)

215629  1/100 Master Grade Series: Providence Gundam ZGMF-X13A      55.00

216379  1/144 HG Gundam The Origin Series: #015 MS05 Zaku I (Char Aznable)   21.00

1/144 HG Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Series:

212963  #035 Gundam Kimaris Vidar                  16.00

214479  #036 Gundam Bael     16.00

Star Wars Series (New Tool)

194869  1/48 Return of the Jedi: AT-ST Transport Walker      28.00

200638 1/144 The Empire Strikes Back: Slave I Boba Fett’s Patrol Ship    38.00

202288  1/144 The Force Awakens: Millennium Falcon      50.00

214476 1/144 The Empire Strikes Back: AT-AT Transport Walker   48.00


MINIART MODELS (MNA)    Made in Ukraine

1/35 Plastic Figure Kits (Each includes 5 figures in various poses with accessories. Boxed) -SRP $19.99

35222   WWII Finnish Tank Crew

35226   WWII Soviet Assault Infantry in Winter Camouflage Cloaks with Guns

37008   USMC Tank Crew (New Tool)

For the Week of April 15, 2017



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

2116      1/72 Mi24 Hind Helicopter in Czech & Czechoslovak Service Dual Combo (Ltd Edition) (Re-Issue) (Includes resin/ clear/photo-etched parts and mask.)                99.95

8493      1/48 Fokker F I BiPlane (Weekend Ed) 29.95

70103   1/72 Avia B534 Early Series BiPlane Fighter Dual Combo (Prof-Pack) (Includesclear/photo-etched parts and mask.)      39.95

82115   1/48 Bf109F2 Fighter (Profi-Pack) (Includes clear/photo-etched parts and mask.)      49.95


AKI-503 Extreme 2: Weathered Vehicles/Reality Book

AKI-3220 Figure Series: Modern Desert Uniform Colors Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors) 17ml Bottles

AKI-3230 Figure Series: IDF Uniform Colors Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors) 17ml Bottles $29.99

AKI-3240 Figure Series: WWII British Uniform Colors Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors) $29.99

AKI-3250 Figure Series: Woodland & Flecktarn Camouflage Acrylic Paint Set (6 Colors) $29.99

SHY-32068 1/32 IAR81C Rumanian Defender Fighter $81.99

SHY-48184 1/48 Nieuport 10 2-Seater BiPlane Fighter $39.99

SHY-72337 1/72 A20B/C Boston Light Bomber w/UTK1 Turret $42.99

SHY-72342 1/72 L13 Blanik Czechoslovakian Glider Aircraft $21.99

LND-223 1/144 Ships of Columbus: Nina, Pinta & Santa Maria Sailing Ships (3 Kits) $32.99

PYS-C1 1/32 American Civil War Confederate 44th Tennessee Infantry Figure Playset (12pc) (Bagged) (Cunnyngham)$12.00

DML-9155 1/35 M4A1(76)W VVSS Tank w/Logs & Backpacks $54.95

HSG-1575 1/72 Kawanishi H8K2 Type 2 Model 12 Japanese Navy Flying Boat Aircraft $150.00

PLA EDITIONS PED-19 Abrams Squad: The Modern Modelling Magazine #19 $18.99

TAM-37025 1/35 British Mk VI/Mk III Crusader Cruiser Tank $53.00



For the Week of April 8, 2017


Re-Issued Plastic Kits (Includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

5511  1/48 Ho229B Nachtjager Night Fighter  (Includes photo-etch.)      46.95

5528   1/48 Ju88A4 Schnell Bomber      63.95

6054  1/35 US Tank Crew, NW Europe 1944 (5)         14.95  (no decals.)

6560  1/35 PzKpfw IV Ausf H Late Production Tank w/Zimmerit (Includes photo-etch.)            87.95

6575  1/35 PzKpfw IV Ausf J Last Production Tank (Includes photo-etch.)         79.95

7054  1/700 USS Independence CVL22 Aircraft Carrier, 1943 (Includes photo-etch.)  52.95



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

35          1/35 M3A1 US Army Armored Personnel Carrier (SSP) (Includes moving track/winch,  machine gun moves around turret, swivels/elevates, operating doors and 9 figures.)         24.95

5869      1/48 F102A Delta Dagger USAF Fighter  (Includes weapons and figure.)      29.95


REVELL OF GERMANY (RVL)       Plastic Kit

5146      1/600 SS United States Ocean Liner  (Includes 1pc waterline hull, 24 life boats, 3 derricks, decals and display stand. Boxed)  17.95


Scale Trains  –  HO

Gunderson 5188 cf Covered Hopper:


Kansas city Southern/Belle


Norfolk Southern

Kansas City Southern/Gray

CMO/Building America


C306     Campaign: Luzon 1945 The Final Liberation of the Philippines          24.00

E218      Elite: World War II German Motorized Infantry & Panzergrenadiers      19.00

V246     Vanguard: British Destroyers 1939-45 Pre-War Classes   18.00


ACCURAIL (ACU)          HO Freight Car Kits (Boxed)

2105   Santa Fe ACF 3-Bay Centerflow Covered Hopper           16.98

3804   Milwaukee Road 40′ Combo Door Boxcar         16.98

5216   New Haven 50′ AAR Double Door Riveted  Boxcar             17.98


For the Week of April 1, 2017

MASTER BOX MODELS (MTB)   Made in Ukraine

1/35 Plastic Figure Kits (New Tool) (Each includes figures in various poses with weapons. Boxed) – SRP $19.95

35185    Somewhere in Saigon US Soldiers (2), Vietnamese Soldier and Prostitutes (2) Vietnam War

35188   Apache Attack Indians with Rifles (2) and Horse (1)

35192    Tomahawk Charge Indians with Weapons (2) and Horse (1)



671        East Side Fuel Depot Wooden Kit  (Includes laser cut two-level deck, work bench, tank ends, supports, tanks, metal details and plastic/metal hybrid jib crane. Boxed.) 34.95

Custom Metal Cast Diorama Accessories

(Each pre-painted and decorated. Bagged with header)

444        Tire Changer & Air Dispenser                   7.49

445        Tire Balancer & Auto Junk Pile                7.49

Custom Fuel Tank Kits (Includes plastic cylinder for tank, ladder, hose/nozzle and signs Carded)

772        1,000 Gallon Fuel Tank Standard             7.98

773        1,500 Gallon Fuel Tank Mobil Gas          7.98

774        2,000 Gallon Fuel Tank Texaco                7.98


BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits

(Each molded in color with decals and instructions. Boxed

  HG Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Series:

209064 1/144 #21 Gundam Barbatos Lupus       11.00

212964 1/100 #003 Full Mechanics Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex       36.00

ARMOURFAST MODELS (ARF)       Made in England

99033   1/72 Sturmgeschutz IV Tank (Includes 2 kits) (Injection Molded Plastic Model Kit.)   21.95



1/35 Resin Kits Made in Italy (Boxed) – SRP $18.99

266            WWII DKM German Motorcycle Rider

294            WWII Waffen SS Grenadier, Sleeping

762            Nurse Zombie

763            Zombie in NBC Coverall

764            White Collar Male Zombie

765            Half Body Zombie

769            Male Zombie

770            Zombie Hunter, Man with Gun


MINIART MODELS (MNA)    Made in Ukraine

35574  1/35 Beer Bottles & Wooden Crates    27.99  (Plastic Kit. Includes decals. Boxed)



Highly Detailed (Each includes instructions. Boxed)

326     1/144 Bristol 175 Britannia African Safari Airliner (Includes decals.)       34.99

328     1/144 Vickers VC10 K4 Type 1170 RAFTanker Aircraft (Includes decals.)     34.99

713     1/72 WWI FWD Model B 3-Ton Army Truck w/8-inch Howitzer Mk VI Gun        27.99


For the Week of March 25, 2017


FMK-2324 Build a Giant Pinwheel (47″ Tall)

FMK-3015 Catapult Making Kit

FMK-3016 Dragon Robot Mechanical Kit

FMK-3017 Smart Sweeping Cleaner Kit

FMK-3018 Build Your Own Wind Turbine Kit

FMK-3730 Glow Planets & Nova Stars

FMK-4062 Solar Print Kit

FMK-4647 Light Kaleidoscope Color Display Kit

FMK-4932 Human Organs Body Science Kit

FMK-4934 Human Torso Body Science Kit

FMK-5147 Glow-In-The-Dark Stars (1.5″ to 3.5″) (16)



Re-Issued Plastic Figure Sets (Includes figures in various poses with weapons. Boxed)

8033      1/72 Napoleonic British Heavy Dragoons (12 Mtd)         9.00

8060      1/72 WWI Austrian Infantry (48)         9.00

8151      1/72 Punic War Republican Roman   Army (60)         15.00

9023      1/32 Hannibal’s Carthaginian War Elephant (1 Elephant w/Howdah & 3 figs)      15.00


MOLOTOW (MLW)       Made in Germany

699008 1mm Tip Replacement for Marker #101 (2) (Bagged with header)     5.99


WARBIRD DECALS (WBS)      Military Aircraft Decals

(Colorful graphic schemes with decoration guide. Bagged)

148160  1/48 F105D Pussy Galore II 354th/355th, Dynamic Duo II Virginia Air National Guard           19.95

148161  1/48 F105D Cherry Girl 357th/355th, Queen of the Fleet 149th/192nd Virginia Air National Guard   19.95

148162  1/48 F105D Memphis Belle 357th/355th   Royal Thai Air Base, My Honeypot Virginia   Air National Guard    19.95

172152   1/72 F105D Cherry Girl 357th/355th,  Queen of the Fleet 149th/192nd Virginia Air National Guard        19.95

172153 1/72 F105D Memphis Belle 357th/355th  Royal Thai Air Base, My Honeypot Virginia  Air National Guard         19.95

172154 1/72 RAF 28 inch Sea/Sky Gray Lettering  Codes, 8 inch Black Letters/Numbers            14.95

172155   1/72 RAF 24 inch Sea/Sky Gray Lettering   Codes, 8 inch Black Letters/Numbers             14.95



1/72 Plastic Kits made in Poland (Boxed) – SRP $17.95

40          WWII Hanomag 251/1 Ausf A Halftrack

43          WWII Hanomag 251/6 Ausf A Halftrack


IBG MODELS (IBG)          

1/72 Plastic Kits Made in Poland

(Each includes photo-etched parts and decals. Boxed)

72041    Type 89 OTSU Diesel Japanese Medium Tank with 2 Crew     19.95

*72044    Type 94 Late Production Japanese Tankette   with Towed Idler Wheel        17.95


BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits

(Molded in color with decals and instructions. Boxed)

212196   1/144 HG Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Series: #034 Reginlaze Julia      15.00

Star Wars Series (New Tool):

191406   1/72 A New Hope: X-Wing Starfighter           28.00

191407   1/72 A New Hope: Darth Vader’s Tie     Advanced x1 Starfighter         28.00

194870   1/72 A New Hope: Tie Starfighter                   28.00

196692   1/48 The Empire Strikes Back:   Snowspeeder          28.00

212184   1/144 Rogue One: U-Wing Fighter &  Tie Striker             26.00


TAMIYA (TAM)               Plastic Kit


20045    1/20 Ferrari F310B Race Car (Re-Issue)  (Highly Detailed. Features removable cowling  and includes decals. Boxed)       41.00


REVELL OF GERMANY (RVL)      Plastic Kits


4890      1/32 Piper PA18 Aircraft w/Bushwheels         29.95 (Re-Issue) (Features detailed engine/cockpit. Includes 2 different markings. Boxed)

1/20 Revell Junior Kits (Easy to assemble. Promotes the development of fine motor skills and STEM learning through  creative interactive play. Completely pre-painted/decorated.  Includes plastic tool for assembly. Full-colored boxed)

1000      Race Car (Includes 23 parts.)                             19.95

1002      Police Car (Includes 28 parts.)                          22.95

1003      Off-Road Vehicle (Includes 25 parts.)             22.95

1004      Fire Truck (Includes 41 parts.)                          33.95



1/12 Re-Issued Plastic Kits (Includes decals. Boxed)

14001  Yamaha YZR500 Grand Prix Racing   Motorcycle          37.00

14020   Suzuki GSX750 Police Motorcycle                    39.00



16815   Retractable Snap Off #7 Blade Utility Knife w/Metal-Frame Rubber Handle (Card)     7.00

55675   Double Clip Extra Hands with Magnifier  (replaces XAC-75170) (Clamshell Pkg)             20.00



HO Model Railroading Detail Accessories (Bagged w/header)

8290  Assorted Tools (49)                                                8.00

8291   40′ x 6′ Bridge Beam                                             4.50

8292   3’x 5’ x 16″ Right Angle Vent Pipe (2 Sets)        4.50

8293   12’ x 16″ Straight Vent Pipe (2 Sets)                  4.50

8294   Blank Billboard Kit                                                 4.50


For the Week of March 18, 2017

ATLANTIS MODELS (AAN)   Basswood Ship Kits

(Each includes presision laser cut parts and instructions. Great for School Projects. Bagged with headder)

7001      SS Edmund Fitzgerald Geat Lakes Freighter (12” long)          22.98

7002      RMS Titanic Ocean Liner (11.75” long)          22.98

7003      USS Monitor (6” long) & Merrimack   (9.5” long) Ironclad Ships      31.98



1/25 Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

1024   Coca Cola 1923 Ford Model T Delivery Truck (Includes detailed engine & metal axles.)           29.95

1025   Batman Returns: Batboat (Features detailed opening cockpit. Includes backdrop display.Completed kit measures approx.. 13” L.)           29.95

1026   1953 Ford Crestline Sunliner Car, Convertible (Features detailed engine/interior. Optional fender skirts. Includes chrome-plated parts.)    29.95

1032   2017 Chevy Camaro 1LE Car (Snap) (New Tool) (Includes metal axles. Molded in black.) 26.95

1035   2017 Chevy Camaro Car, 50th Anniversary (New Tool) (Includes chrome-plated parts.)      30.95

1041   1951 Chevy Sun Cruiser, Convertible (2 in 1) (Can build as factory stock or custom. I includes chrome-plated parts.)      30.95

1042   1/32 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback Car (Includes chrome-plated pats.)   23.95

1055   1960 Ford Starliner Car, Hardtop (2 in 1) (Can build stock or custom. Includes chrome-plated parts.)          32.95



1/25 Detailed Plastic Kits Includes chrome-plated parts and decals. Boxed)

868   Don Garlits’ Rear-Engine Dragster  (Includes metal axle.)         32.95

869  1970 Dodge Coronet Super Bee Car                      31.95


LINDBERG (LND)             Plastic Kit

447   1/750 HMS King George V Battleship                  25.99 (Includes 1pc full hull, decals and display stand. Completed kit measures 12” L. Boxed)


POLAR LIGHTS (PLL)     Plastic Kit

949   1/350 Star Trek USS Enterprise NCC1701A Refit (Features detailed interior docking bay, shuttlecraft and work bees. Includes decals and display stand with metal rod support. Completed  kit measures over 34” L. Boxed)                           106.95



1/72 Plastic Kits (Each features detailed panel lines/rivets engraved cockpit/landing gear. Includes Cartograf decals with various markings. Boxed)

12546   F86F Korean War US Fighter                             24.00

12547   F/A18E VFA143 Pukin Dogs USN      Fighter (Includes various weapons.)  35.00



1/72 Easy Model: Assembled Plastic Helicopter Kits

(Each completely pre-painted/decorated. Window-Boxed)

36900    AH1F Cobra ‘Sky Soldiers Aerial Display Team               28.98

36921   HH60H Late Seahawk AC617 of HS7 Dusty Dogs’ Board USS Harry S Truman        30.98

37099    AH1F Cobra ‘Sand Shark’                                  28.98


For the Week of March 11, 2017

PLASTIC SOLDIER (PSO)     Made in Great Britain

1549      15mm WWII British & Commonwealth CMP 15cwt Trucks (Plastic Kit. Includes parts to build 5 vehicles. Boxed)            33.99



34187    Vehicle Art of World War Two (Hardcover book. 177pgs. Features the development of vehicle art through WWII on military vehicles of both Allied and Axis Forces. Includes lots of colored photos. Great for modellers, wargames, reenactors and vehicle restores!)                39.95


MOLOTOW (MLW)       Made in Germany Liquid Masking Markers (Ready to use water-base fluid for acrylic, watercolor and alcohol-base inks.  Great to use on all surfaces. Use for fine-tuning, airbrushing. Pump style tip. Easy to peel-off within 48 hours.

1             2mm Liquid Masking Marker                            12.99

2             4mm Liquid Masking Marker                            13.99

600        30ml Liquid Masking Refill                               17.99


SHIPCRAFT BOOKS (CWB)        Military Book

SC24     Shipcraft: Japanese Battleships Fuso & Ise Classes (Features summary of design/careers, colour schemes, appearance,  Modelmakers showcase with colored, black/white photos and line drawings. Softcover. 64pgs. Great for model enthusiasts!)   24.95



71205    German Vehicle Camouflage Colors 1927-1941 Model Air Paint Set (17ml Bottles, 8 Colors)           28.95

71206    German Vehicle Camouflage Colors 1940-1945 Model Air Paint Set (17ml Bottles, 8 Colors)          28.95

71208    German WWII Europe & Africa Model Air Paint Set (17ml Bottles, 16 Colors)            52.95

73191    Mud & Sand Pigment Powder Set (35ml Bottles, 4 Colors) (New Packaging, Replaces #73197)             19.95

75011    Rust & Chipping Techniques Book Softcover. 98pgs. Features tips & techniques with step-by-step instructions on modelling with rust on kits such as; BergePanzer I, Ford pickup, Special Vanship, Russian T54, etc.Includes lots of colored photos.)                      29.95


SPECIAL HOBBY (SHY)    Made in Czech Republic

Plastic Kits (Includes clear parts & decals. Boxed)

32          1/72 Frrom Series: Delta Type 1 Civilian Version Transport Aircraft (with TWA, Mexican, Swedish Markings)                            36.95

32016    1/32 Mohawk Mk IV Hawk Fighter with Cyclone Engine (Re-Issue) (Includes resin/photo-etched parts.)                                            94.99

32054   1/32 Hawker Tempest Mk II Fighter                  144.99

48177   1/48 Junkers Ju88C4 Intruder Aircraft (New Tool) (Includes resin parts.)     81.99


MOEBIUS MODELS (MOE)     Plastic Kits (Boxed)

963     1/32 Fantastic Voyage Proteus Sub (New Tool (Detailed interior, pilot station, forward deck with chart table and rear laboratory with laser station .Completed kits measures 16” long, 9” wide)     114.99

1219   1/25 1954 Fabulous Hudson Hornet Matty Winspur’s Stock Car (with chrome-plated parts and detailed engine.)                                              34.99

1227   1/25 1969 Ford F100 Custom Cab Pickup Truck w/Short Bed (Ltd Prod) (Re-Issue) (with chrome-plated parts & detailed engine.)  36.95


ACCURAIL (ACU)     HO Freight Car Kits (Boxed)

2303   Virginian 55-Ton Canton Twin Hopper   (Re-Issue)    16.98

3527   Lackawanna 40′ AAR Steel Boxcar  (Re-Issue) 16.98

3816   Burlington CB&Q 40′ Combo Door Boxcar (Re-Issue)    16.98

4643  Lehigh & New England 40′ USRA Double Sheath Wood Boxcar   17.98

5503   Baltimore & Ohio 50′ Superior Doors Steel   Riveted Boxcar   16.98

5724   Erie Lackawanna 50′ AAR Welded Sliding Door Boxcar  17.98

6525   Delaware & Hudson 4750 Pullman Standard Covered Hopper    19.98


Plastic Kits (Each includes clear parts and decals. Boxed)

1/24 Scale:

3445      1996 Nissan 180SX RPS13 Sports Car (Re-Issue)     28.98

3539      2001 Honda Civic Type R Car (Re-Issue)               39.98

3552      Mazda RX8 Type S Sports Car (Re-Issue)          47.98

3897      Mazda RX7 Kai Sports Car                      42.98

3910      Mitsubishi Pajero Jr ZR-II Jeep               39.98

3945      Infiniti Q45 Sports Car                             32.98

12181    Lamborghini Countach LP500R Sports Car      42.98

12197    New Mini Cooper                                      42.98

12213    Lamborghini Gallardo Sports Car (Re-Issue)      49.98

12255    Ferrari F430 Sports Car (Re-Issue)        49.98

12263    Lamborghini Gallardo Special  Edition Sports Car (Re-Issue)                 49.98

12388    Porsche 917K Sebring 12-Hr Race Car  79.98

12605    Ford GT40 1968 LeMans Winner Race Car     47.98

12624    Ferrari Enzo Sports Car                            32.98

12625    Ferrari F40 Sports Car                              39.98

12631    Ferrari 365 GTB4 Daytona Sports Car   46.98

12634    Lamborghini Diablo SV MY99 Sports Car        53.98

12640    Lotus Esprit S1 Sports Car                       65.98

123042 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta Sports Car (Re-Issue)     49.98

1/20 Scale Grand Prix Race Cars:

9065      Williams FW16 GP21 1994 Pacific Grand Prix Race Car      89.98

9100      Ferrari GP42 F2007 Australia Grand Prix Race Car (no clear parts.)   89.98

9185      Brabham BT46 1977 Prototype Grand Prix Race Car    85.98

1/700 Scale Ship:

44117    US Aircraft Carrier Saratoga (Re-Issue)  (Includes 1pc full hull.)        25.98


HATAKA HOBBY (HTK)      Made in Poland

Custom Acrylic Paint Sets for Modelling (17ml bottles)

AS78     Modern Brazilian Air Force 1972-2013 Vol.2 (6 colors; semi-matt aluminum, gunship grey, fog grey, intermediate blue, lt. ghost grey, dk. ghost grey)    22.99

BS9        Blue Line (Brush-Dedicated): USAF Vietnam War Era 1960s-1970s Camouflage (6 colors; Air Defence grey, dk. tan, dk. green, med. green, camouflage grey, night black)                                      22.99

BS11     Blue Line (Brush-Dedicated): Early WWII Polish Army 1939 (4 Polish AFV colors; Khaki green, dk. brown, greyish sand, green)           14.99

BS20     Blue Line (Brush-Dedicated): Late WWII Soviet Air Force (6 colors; AMT12 dk. grey,  AMT4 camouflage green, AMT11 blue grey, A21m lt. greyish brown, night black)     22.99

BS52     Blue Line (Brush-Dedicated): Modern Royal Air Force 1990s-Present Vol.1 (8 colors; BS lt. aircraft grey, camouflage (barley) grey, BS med. sea grey, BS NATO  (RR) green, BS lichen green, BS dk. camouflage grey, BS dk. sea grey, have gloss grey)  29.99


BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Model Kit

216378  1/100 Master Grade Series: Dramatic Combination- ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam Ver.2.0 & Figure-Rise Bust Kira Yamato (Molded in color with decals & instructions. Boxed)    63.00



Plastic Model Kits Made in China (Boxed)

1025     1/35 Russian 9P113 TEL Launcher with9M21 Rocket of 9K52 Luna-M Short-Range Artillery Rocket System (FROG7) New Variant!             SRP $169.95

Kit consists of over 900 parts including cab, rubber tires and photo-etched parts.  Completed kit measures nearly 12” long!


1548     1/35 Russian T62 Mod 1962 Iraqi Regular Army Tank New Variant!   SRP $56.95

Kit consists of over 470 parts, including gun barrel, copper cable, individual track links and photo-etched parts.


1678     1/72 Sukhoi Su33 Flanker D Russian   Fighter   SRP $62.95

New Variant!  Kit consists of over 310 parts, including photo-etched parts and three 1/72 scale figures.


1680     1/72 MiG31B/BM Foxhound Russian Fighter New Tool!       SRP $69.95

Kit consists of over 350 parts, including clear parts.

2899     1/48 F1 Boulton Paul Defiant Aircraft  New Tool!   SRP $49.95

Kit consists of over 70 parts, including photo-etched parts.

5591   1/35 Soviet JSU152K Armored Self-Propelled Gun     SRP $94.95

New Tool!  Kit consists of over 360 parts, including copper cable and photo-etched parts.

5627     1/350 German DKM Graf Zeppelin Aircraft Carrier          SRP $179.95

New Tool!  Kit consists of over 840 parts, including two-piece hull, anchor chain, and photo-etched parts. Also includes four 1/350 scale aircraft and decal sets for both ship and aircraft.


9501     1/35 Soviet AT-T Artillery Prime Mover    New Tool!     SRP $72.95

Kit consists of over 520 parts, including copper cable, individual track links, and photo-etched parts.




Sanding Sponge Sheets – 4.5″x5.5″ (5mm thick) – SRP $5.75

87148        Sanding Sponge Sheet 600 Grit     (Bagged)

87149        Sanding Sponge Sheet 1000 Grit

87171        Sanding Sponge Sheet 3000 Grit



1/32 Plastic Figure Playsets (formerly Barzo)

(Each includes 16 figures in various poses with weapons.

Molded in color. Bagged with header) – SRP $23.00

L4          Colonial Minutemen                                    

L5          British Grenadiers

L6          Robin Hood’s Men of Sherwood Forest

L7          Sheriff’s Men (Normans)


MINIART MODELS (MNA)     Made in Ukraine

35569   1/35 Café Furniture Tables & Chairs w/Accessories (New Tool) (Plastic Kit. Includes clear/translucent green parts and paper awnings/signs. Boxed)         18.99



Plastic Figure Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

35190  1/35 WWII Crossroads Eastern Front Soviets Solders (2), German Officer (1) and German  Motorcyclist (2)                13.95


For the Week of March 4, 2017


103   Naval Fighter: Sikorsky S43/JRS1 Amphibian Book (Features operations, variants including civilian & USAAC Y10A8/0A8 & OA11. Lots of black/white photos. Softcover. 100pgs.)          29.95



(Each completely pre-painted/decorated. Boxed)

1368      1/100 F16 Falcon Aircraft (Re-Issue)              8.95

1375      1/72 Spitfire Aircraft (Re-Issue)                       8.95

1695      1/25 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (Snap) 12.95




(Each kit includes laser cut parts, cardboard tubing and has parachute recovery. Bagged with header)

2222      Porta Pad II Launch Pad & Electron   Launch Controller        29.99

7258      Space Twister Model Rocket Kit (Skill   Level 1. Flies up to 900ft. 24.7”L. Requires   engines A8-3 1st flight, B6-4, C6-5.)                 17.99

7259      Nike-X Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level 2.Flies up to 600ft. 23.4”L. Requires engines A8-3 1st flight, B6-4, C6-5.)                 19.99



Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (New Tool) (Each kit includes decals. Boxed)

10914    1/24 Pagani Huayra Italian 2-Door Sports Car       59.99

10921    1/24 Pagani Huayra Italian Sports Car Photo-Etch Detail-Up Parts (Bagged w/header)         24.99

14349    1/72 OH1 Ninja JGSDF Observation Helicopter       39.99

51047    1/700 HMS Illustrious Aircraft Carrier Waterline       39.99

51337    1/700 Japanese Light Cruiser Oi   Waterline     34.99



6004      1/72 DC9 Hughes Airwest Airliner (ex-Aurora Injection Molded Plastic Kit. Includes detailed landing gear and decals for Hughes Airwest and TWA Jetliner. Parts molded in white. 14 3/8” wingspan when completed. Boxed)                         44.98



602       Mastering Oils 1: Oil Painting Techniques on AFVs Book (Softcover. 128pgs. Features introduction of oil paints to the modeler, with step-by-step techniques on preparation and materials. Feature kits with lots of colored photos; GMC Airfield Fuel truck, StuG III Ausf G 943, KV1 Winter Camouflage and Panzerjager Jagdtiger SdKfz 186.)          44.99

Weathering Oil Paint (20ml Tubes) – $7.99

250       Magenta

255       Paynes Grey

260       Oxide Patina

Oil Paint Sets (6 colors, 20ml tubes) – $39.99

308       Base Color Alteration

310       Fantasy & Sci-Fi

315       Leather & Wood

Fantasy Oil Paint (20ml tube) – $7.99

500       Gundam Blue

505       Coagulatd Blood

510       Starship Filth

515       Turquoise Lights

520       Dead Flesh

525       Ghost Grey



HO Carnival Ride Kits (Each finely detailed molded in color (no-painting required) with platform & ticket office. Includes motor and wiring. Can be operated with 12v DC power or 1-9v battery. Attractively boxed)

46240   Operating Carnival Spider Ride Kit                  42.00

46241   Operating Carnival Octopus Ride Kit               42.00

46242   Operating Carnival Kiddie Boat Ride Kit        36.00



AA11  Airframe Album 10: The Fieseler Fi156 Book A Detailed Guide to the Luftwaffe’s Versatile Storch including Post-War Production (Features detailed information, evolution,production, variants, camouflage, markings with featured models. Includes line drawings and colored photos. Softcover. 130pgs.)         44.95


3208   1/32 Revolutionary War: British Infantry   Set II (20)   15.00

7206   1/72 1400AD: English Men At Arms (47)            10.00

7207   1/72 1400AD: French Knights (35 with 6 Horses)   10.00

7210   1/72 Waterloo: British Cavalry (36)                     10.00

7212   1/72 Waterloo: French Cavalry (32)                     10.00


1/72 Scale – SRP $10.00 (unless otherwise stated)

501     Union Artillery Civil War

502     Confederate Artillery Civil War

503     Union Cavalry Civil War

504     Confederate Cavalry Civil War

505     Union Infantry Civil War

506     Confederate Infantry Civil War

508     Sioux Indian

515     Alamo Mexican Cavalry

517     Stagecoach w/Horses & Figures                             11.00

518     Conestoga Wagon w/Horses & Figures                 11.00

519     Battlefield Accessories Set

520     Alamo Mexican Artillery

521     Pilgrims

522     Eastern Friendly Indians

529     US Army Korean War

530     Republic of Korea Troops Korean War

531     Chinese People’s Liberation Army Korean

533     Alamo Accessories Set

535     American Infantry Mexican-American

554     American Artillery Revolutionary War

555     British Artillery Revolutionary War

602     Union & Confederate Cavalry Civil War             15.00

609     Patriots Battle of Monmouth Courthouse Diorama Set   35.00

610     Wagon Train Figure Set                                           35.00

611     US North/South Korean & Chinese Army Korean War    35.00

612     Alamo Defender Figure Set                                     35.00

1/32 Scale

704     Confederate Cavalry Civil War Set                       16.00

718     Alamo Mexican Round Top Cavalry                     16.00

778     Confederate Complete Casson Civil War Set    25.00


HO freight Car Kits (Boxed) – SRP $17.95

60084   70-Ton Covered Hopper Open Side Clinchfield #60022

60132   K11 Stock Car Pennsylvania Brown #130549

60144   X31a 4-Door Inset Roof Boxcar Pennsylvania Circle Keystone #81103

60150   X31f 40′ 4-Door Turtle Roof Boxcar Pennsylvania Circle Keystone Automobiles

60177   40′ 4-Door Boxcar Union Pacific Challenger Merchandise Service



4539  Dust Dabber (5.64 oz. Jar) (Works on Deep Pour/Surface Water, Water Effects products and other model surfaces. Use on fully cured water. Safely removes dust by dabbing without scratching and reusable. Great for water effects with train layouts or any other hobby project.)  5.99



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

1806     1/56 Bomarc IM99 Ground-to-Air Guided Missile (SSP) (Features moving parts. Includes 2 figures. Molded light grey.)    23.95

7541     1/8 Tom Daniel’s Grim Reaper Chopper Motorcycle (Includes lots of chrome-plated parts and flexible tubing for wiring.)       32.95



Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

4947     1/72 DC4 Balair/Iceland Airways Commercial Airliner (Features detailed cockpit/engines/nose wheels/main undercarriage, choice of cargo or  passenger door, 3 different wheel rims, interior seats and rotating propeller. Includes decals foreither version.)     62.95

7028     1/24 Mercedes AMG GT Sports Car (Features opening bonnet and can be build right/left hand drive. Includes chrome-plated parts.)        34.95

For the Week of February 25, 2017

BANDAI (BAN)    Science Fiction Plastic Model Kits

Molded in color with decals and instructions. Boxed

214474  1/72 Star Wars Rogue One: Tie Striker   32.00

215413  1/144 HG Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans Series: #032 Rouei     16.00


OSPREY PUBLISHING (OSP)   Military History Books

C305          Campaign: Kursk 1943 The Southern Front               24.00

D78            Duel: Panzer 38(t) vs BT7 Barbarossa 1941                20.00

MAA510   Men at Arms: Dutch Armies of the 80 Years War 1568-1648 (1) Infantry  18.00

V245          Vanguard: Early US Armor Tanks 1916-40            18.00

WP54         Weapon: Suomi Submachine Gun     20.00


ICM MODELS (ICM)            Made in Ukraine

Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (New Tool) (Boxed)

14          1/700 WWI German Konig Battleship   49.99 (Includes decals.)

35694   1/35 WWI US Medical Personnel (4)     19.99

48184   1/48 JRB4 Naval Passenger Aircraft      52.99 (Includes decals.)



Plastic Kits (Each includes Cartograf decals. Boxed)

3560      1/35 T54E1 US Army Tank (New Tool) (Includes photo-etched parts.)                58.95

5001      1/72 He162A2 Volksjager Fighter (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etched parts.) 25.95

5522      1/48 Ta154 Moskito Aircraft (3 in 1)  (Re-Issue) (Can build A0, V1 or V3 variant.  Includes photo-etched and clear parts.) 58.95

6168      1/35 SdKfz 171 Panther A Late Type Tank Normandy 1944 (Re-Issue)           79.95

6268      1/35 SdKfz 171 Panther G Late Production Tank (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etched parts and metal tow cable.)       93.95

6393      1/35 Jagdpanther Late Production Tank  (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etched parts and metal tow cable   93.95

6403      1/35 Panther F Tank with Rubber Steel Castors Muted (Re-Issue) (Includes photo-etched parts and metal tow cable.) 93.95

6873      1/35 PzKpfw IV Ausf D Tank                  63.95


ROYAL MODEL (RML)    1/35 Resin Kits Made in Italy

154   WWII German Refueling Tank Crew (2)    39.99

157   WWII Waffen SS Tanker Soldier with  Binoculars       18.99

164   WWII US Infantry Rifleman with Canteen 18.99

165   WWII US Refueling Tank Crew Member   18.99

183   WWII German Infantry with Jack                18.99

193   WWII US Soldier at Break with Mug          18.99

196   WWII Waffen SS Ardennes Soldier w/Rifle 18.99

214   WWII German Tanker                                   18.99

563   WWII US Tanker w/Thompson Sub Machine Gun    18.99

593   WWII Kriegsmarine Seaman                        18.99

659   WWII US Infantry at Rest Sitting with Rifle 18.99

674   WWII US Infantry Rifleman with Rifle       18.99

676   WWII German Infantry Cigarette Break Sitting        18.99

683   Man using Electric Welder Sitting              18.99

684   Man using Electric Welder Kneeling          18.99

685   Man using Electric Welder Standing           18.99

687   WWII German Panzer Tanker Member       18.99



18   IDF Armor: Zelda M113 in IDF Service Part 2 Command & Medevac Book (Softcover. 83pgs. Features family, Command AFV /Medevac in the IDF, Command Zelda and the Pinuy Zelda with lots of colored photos. Great for the Modeller and Enthusiasts!)        59.95


TAMIYA (TAM)           

256   Tamiya Magazine Issue #256 Feb. 2017 Features Street Fighter, Object of Desire, Modelling the Clipped-Wing SPIT, Mecha Magic!, reviews, news and more.)    9.00



41          1/72 WWII SdKfz 11 German Halftrack 17.95 (Plastic Kit. Includes decals. Boxed)


ICM MODELS (ICM)            Made in Ukraine

Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (New Tool) (Boxed)

35693  1/35 WWI US Infantry 1918 (4)             21.99

48097  1/48 WWII Soviet I16 Type 24 Fighter  29.99  (Includes clear parts and decals.)

For the Week of February 18, 2017


7114      1/48 Junkers Ju87B1 Stuka Dive Bomber  (Includes 2 different markings.)   39.99



Model Detailing Accessories (Bagged with header)

CS321     Cone Tip Sander Applicator Handle with Peel & Stick Abrasives (3ea. 5 diff grits; 150, 280, 320, 400, 600)      9.99

MB5      Magic Brushes Assorted (15) with Applicator Handle   5.49

NB6       Nano Brushes Assorted (24) with Applicator Handle      8.99

ACCURAIL (ACU)        HO Freight Car Kits (Boxed)

1301      New York Central 36′ Double Sheath Wood Boxcar w/Steel Ends (New Tool) 17.98

2015      Burlington Northern ACF 3-Bay Centerflow Covered Hopper                   18.98

2016      Pennsylvania ACF 3-Bay Centerflow Covered Hopper     18.98

2431      Chesapeake & Ohio USRA 55-Ton Twin Hopper        15.98

12269   North Western 40′ Wood Reefer             17.98


1012   1/5 1966 Batman TV Series: Batgirl (Highly Detailed Resin Kit with authentic likeness and accurate details. Includes Batcave rock type display base and name plate. Completed kit measures 16” tall.  Attractively boxed)   SRP $150.00


HO Painted Figure Sets – SRP $19.99

10682        Family (3) in Blue Paddleboat

10683        Family (3) in White Paddleboat

10684        Couple in Red Paddleboat



12497   Waterfront Terminals & Operations Book  (Softcover. 96pgs. Features how to model  rail-marine operations, where railroad tracks meet the sea with building ships and various terminals. Includes lots of colored photos.)  21.99


For the Week of February 11, 2017



13501   1/35 M36/M36B2 US Army Tank Destroyer, Battle of Bulge (Can build either version. Includes photo-etched  parts and various markings. Boxed)            46.00



1/35 Plastic Kits Made in Ukraine (Boxed)

35218   German Soldiers, Winter 1941-42 (5)   19.99

35560   Assorted Street Lamps (3) & Clocks (2)  24.99  (Includes decals.)

37004   Soviet T54-2 Medium Mod 1949 Tank with Full Interior (New Tool) (Highly detailed. Features workable torsion bars, detailed V54 engine/interior, hatches can be posed open. Includes clear/photo-etched parts and 6 different markings.)   79.99



Military History Books (Softcover)

AA132   Aircraft of the Aces: Jagdgeschwander 53 Pik-As Bf109 Aces of 1940   23.00

C304     Campaign: Darwin 1942 The Japanese Attack on Australia    24.00

CBT23   Combat: New Zealand Infantryman vs German Motorcycle Soldier Greece & Crete 1941    20.00

D67       Duel: Spitfire II/V vs Bf109F Channel  Front 1940-42          20.00

E217     Elite: The Modern Russian Army 1992-2016   19.00

V243     Vanguard: South African Armour of the Border War 1975-89   18.00

V244     Vanguard: Imperial Roman Warships 193-565AD    18.00

WP53   Weapon: FN Minimi Light Machine Gun   M249, L108A1, L110A2 & other variants    20.00


SWORD MODELS (SRT)     Made in Czech Republic

72101   1/72 F9F8T/TF9J Cougar/Twogar US Vietnam/Blue Angels Fighter (Includes clear/resin parts and markings for either   version. Boxed) 27.99

KITTY HAWK MODELS (KTY)     Made in China

1/48 Plastic Kits (Each includes highly detailed plastic/clear/photo-etched parts and various markings. Full-colored boxed)

80137   Etendard IVP/IVM Recon/Fighter          79.95

80144   Su17M3/M4 Fitter K Fighter (New Tool)  99.95




Highly Detailed Plastic Kits (Boxed)

9109   1/350 The Moonlander Spacecraft (Includes optional parts to build crew or cargo transport. Includes decals.)      54.99

9112   1/144 Rocketship X-M    29.99

9119   1/144 Haunebu II German WWII UFO Saucer (Features open/closed landing gear   hatch panels. Includes decals.)  29.99

1/144 Assembled Plastic Kits (Each completely pre-painted decorated. Window-Boxed)

750     M4A3 Sherman Tank (2)                8.50

9902   War of the Worlds: War Machines vs Sherman Tanks Attack Diorama


Water Effects Accessories:

 Deep Pour Water: (Contents deep pour, activator, mixing cups,stick-on labels, gloves, stir sticks and instruction booklet. Boxed)

4510    Clear                                                            29.99

4511    Murky                                                         29.99

Surface Water ( 4 fl.oz.)

4515    Water Ripples                                            15.99

4516    Wave                                                           15.99

Water Tint (2 fl.oz.)

4519    Navy Blue                                                     5.99

4520    Turquoise                                                      5.99

4521    Moss Green                                                  5.99

4522    Sage Green                                                    5.99

4523    Olive Drab                                                    5.99

4524    Yellow Silt                                                    5.99

4525    Murky                                                            5.99

Water Highlight (2 fl.oz.)

4529    White                                                             5.99

Water Undercoat ATER (4 fl.oz.)

4530    Deep Blue                                                     8.99

4531    Navy Blue                                                     8.99

4532    Hunter Green                                                8.99

4533    Moss Green                                                  8.99

4534    Olive Drab                                                    8.99

4535    Yellow Silt                                                    8.99



Plastic model kits: Each includes decals w/various markings.

1373   1/72 F4C/D/J Phantom II Aces USAF/USN Vietnam Fighter   27.99

1379   1/72 Sukhoi Su34/32FN Fighter             23.99

2765   1/48 Macchi Me205 Veltro Fighter       39.99



401        Rail Joiner Sidekick Tool for All Scales

(Makes applying rail joiners a snap. This tool  holds the joiner in place and gives you leverage  to easily slide the joiner onto the rail. Carded) 4.95


For the Week of February 4, 2017


High Quality Synthetic Brushes Boxed (Peggable) – SRP $6.99

8404     Size 4 Synthetic Filbert Brush

8406     Size 6 Synthetic Filbert Brush

8408     Size 8 Synthetic Filbert Brush



Acrylic Paint Sets (6 Colors) 17ml Bottles  – SRP $29.99

812     US Aircraft Metal Skin Colors

813     WWII German Vehicle Camouflage Colors Vol.1

3190          Figure Series: Yellow Uniform Colors

3200          Figure Series: Vietnam US Green & Camouflage



SM13  Static Model Manual 13: Dioramas Elements in Combat (Features modelling techniques with step-by- step pictures, how-to-guides and tricks to achieve the best results on building dioramas from using tools, kits, planning/composition, bases, landscapes and organizing a scene to tell a story. Full-colored photos. 74pgs.)    39.95



61115   1/48 Kawasaki Ki61Id Hein (Tony) Fighter  (New Tool) (Plastic Kit. Features elongated nose, slim fuselage, detailed cockpit, 20mm cannon ammo cases and oil tank. Includes figure, two drop tanks and two different 244th Air Group markings. Boxed)               52.00

Sanding Sponge Sheets – 4.5″x5.5″ (5mm thick) – SRP $5.75

87150   Sanding Sponge Sheet 1500 Grit     (Bagged)

87161   Sanding Sponge Sheet 180 Grit

87163   Sanding Sponge Sheet 320 Grit

87170   Sanding Sponge Sheet 2000 Grit



1/35 Injection Molded Plastic Kits Made in China (New Tool)

(Each includes highly detailed plastic parts and decals with various markings. Attractively boxed)

2030   WWII German V2 Rocket on Meillerwagen Transporter w/Hanomag SS100 Tractor (Includes clear/photo-etch & brass chains.)       99.95

2053   WWII German Krupp Raumer S Super Heavy Mine Clearing Vehicle    63.95

2075   WWII German V2 Single Stage Ballistic Missile Rocket (Includes photo-etch)     32.95



857   1/25 George Barris Kustom Ice Cream Truck (Commemorative Edition. Includes chrome- plated parts, decals and colorful display to show off your model. Reto Deluxe Packaging)     36.95




Educational Working Wood Kits for School & Home Projects

(Easy to assemble for beginner Modelers. Each includes pre-cut wood parts and instructions. Boxed)

29          Leonardo DaVinci 15th Century Emergency Bridge Wooden Kit (For Ages 7+)    17.95

38          Leonardo DaVinci 15th Century Armored Tank Wooden Kit (For Ages 8+)   29.95

39   Hydraulic Gearbot Wooden STEM Activity Kit (Learn about hydraulics, levers, gears and simple machines. For Ages 8+)    29.95



Panel Line Accent Colors (40ml Bottle. 6/Box) – SRP $42.00


87131    Black Panel Line Accent Color

87132    Brown Panel Accent Color

87133    Gray Panel Accent Color

DRAGON MODELS (DML)      Plastic Kit

6718      1/35 SdKfz 252 Leichte Gepanzerte Munitionskraftwagen with SdAh 32/1Trailer (Features full interior. Includes photo-etch and Cartograf decals. Boxed)        79.95


ACCURAIL (ACU)        HO Freight Car Kits

1300     Undecorated 36′ Double Sheath Wood Boxcar w/Steel Ends (New Tool)      17.98

1398     Data Only Mineral Red 36′ Double Sheath Wood Boxcar w/Steel Ends (New Tool)   17.98

1399     Data Only Oxide 36′ Double Sheath Wood  Boxcar w/Steel Ends (New Tool)                      17.98

1700     Undecorated 36′ Double Sheath Wood Boxcar w/Wood Ends (New Tool)                    17.98

1798     Data Only Mineral Red 36′ Double Sheath  Wood Boxcar w/Wood Ends (New Tool)         17.98

1799     Data Only Oxide 36′ Double Sheath Wood Boxcar w/Wood Ends (New Tool)                    17.98

2501     Santa Fe USRA 55-Ton Twin Hopper (Re-Issue)      15.98

2808     Delaware & Hudson 55-Ton Panel Side Twin Hopper         15.98

3128     Union Pacific 40′ AAR Plug Door Steel Boxcar        16.98

3535     Erie Lackawanna 40′ AAR Steel Boxcar  (Re-Issue)   16.98

3627     Western Maryland 40′ Double Door Steel Boxcar (Re-Issue)       16.98

5237     Penn Central 50′ AAR Double Door Riveted Boxcar    16.98

6506     CSX 4750 Pullman Standard Grain Hopper (Re-Issue)   18.98

6513     Lehigh Valley 4750 Pullman Standard   Covered Hopper  18.98



Plastic Kits (Each include decals. Boxed)

1269      1/25 1951 Anglia Drag Coupe (SSP)                23.95

(Features detailed interior/engine. Includes chrome-plated parts.)

5870      1/48 F15C Eagle Jet Attacker (Features optional open nose cone to show radar equipment. Includes Sidewinder/Sparrow missiles and long range drop tank.)                  24.95



1/72 Plastic Kits (Each includes decals. Boxed)

8017      B17G Flying Fortress USAAF Bomber             41.99

50179    Junkers Ju87R2 & Gloster Gladiator Mk I Dogfight Doubles Gift Set w/paint & glue       31.99

50180   P40B Warhawk, A6M2B21 Zero, B5N2 Kate Aircraft Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary Gift Set with paint & glue                                   41.99



Plastic Kits and Detailing Accessories

20285   1/24 1967 Honda N360 (NI) Vintage Car  (Ltd Edition) (Includes clear/chrome-plated parts and decals.)                52.00

40030   1/350 IJN Junyo Aircraft Carrier (New Tool)   (Highly detailed kit. Includes 2pc full hull, clear parts, decals, flags & display stand.)      330.00

72162   1/350 IJN Carrier Based (Late Version) Aircraft Set (Includes 3ea of 4 different; Zero Type 52, Zero Type 21, Tenzan and Suisei) (12 Total)      35.00

72166   1/350 IJN Junyo Aircraft Carrier Wooden Deck (New Tool) (Bagged w/header)    120.00