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Holy Cross New Orleans


Holy Cross New Orleans Class of ’71 newsletter:

Next Newsletter: June 30, 2019

28 March 2019
Subject: Possible Dates for the Holy Cross Class of 1971 48th Un-Official Reunion Part 2

It is time again to vote for the date or dates you can attend our Holy Cross Class of 1971 48th Un-Official Reunion Part 2. The possible dates, which are all on a Saturday, are as follows:

• October 12, 2019
• October 19, 2019

Please let us know any and all of the dates you can attend. If you can make it all three dates then vote for all three. Voting ends on Saturday the 15th of June 2019, and the winning date will be selected.

Some of you may be wondering how unofficial reunion dates are selected. We select 2 months that are about 6 months from the current gathering (in this case that would be September and October). We then poll the attendees at the current gathering on which days are best for them. The next step is to check with Tommy to see if those top-selected dates are available. The final step is to put those dates before the group via Facebook and E-Mail for a vote.

For this upcoming reunion the dates that Tommy approved are:
September 28, October 12, and October 19.

Please cast your vote on either Facebook or by emailing one of the following:
Dan McGovern (DPMcG@Bellsouth.Net)
Jeff Junker (TigerLink@AOL.Com)
Pat Wolfe (DalTXCajun37@AOL.Com)
Roy Scott (RoyMScott56@GMail.Com)

Please vote for any or all of the days that you can attend. 

March, 2019

48 Year Unofficial Reunion Photos

Photos by Dan McGovern and Patty Legendre

HC71 Hail Chief 

Chief Vs Santa

Rene Bull’s White Pelicans

The Tiger King

Wisconsin Dells Zip-lining


And more!

January, 2019

HC71 Epic Fail

Somebody gets an “F” in math

Escape from Pasadena – Does Robyn Miller break out?

Boston Bound – Rene Bull aboard a 100 year old schnooner

Obit – Clifton Juan

Easy Rider – – Paul Winters marathon rides

Baker’s Dozen – the story of 13 Odinet children – 7 went to HC

Through Fire and Flood – – Tommy Tommaseo’s Rocky and Carlo’s story

and more

January 11, 2019

HC71 Forty Year Reunion

Eight years ago today, we celebrated our 40 year reunion. Friday night’s activities were at the Paris Ave campus; Saturday night was at Pat O’Brien’s in the French Quarter. This is a photo essay of that event by Dan McGovern.

November, 2018

HC71 Travels with Charlie

Travels with Charlie – stories of a Border Patrol Agent

Blue Jay Burial – Dom Gulotta’s recollections of a pep rally before the HC-Jesuit game

The Kick –follow up – comments about Dave Falgoust’s most famous Field Goal

Sports Hall of Fame – Glenn Herbert gets inducted

Pat Wolfe reflects on the 47 year Part 2 Unofficial Reunion

and more

September, 2018

HC71 and something else

Teaching those who come to us – Michael Leach reflects on HC tradition

Pont du Gard – – Alvin Albe vacations with his grandkids in France

Rolling on the River – Ricky Zimmer shows his passion for kayaking

A Wedding is a Day; A Marriage is a Lifetime – Steve and Claudia Schultz’s  leadership role in the Engaged Encounter program

To Serve Them All of My Days – – a look at David Hardin’s career in education

April in Paris – The Falgousts on the River Seine

The Kick – David Falgoust’s game-winning field goal against Jesuit

August, 2018

HC71 The White Helmet

The White Helmet – the story behind Dennis Delaney being the only Tiger on the football team with a white helmet

Video Tour – of architect Wayne Troyer’s project on Tulane University’s campus

The Never Written Story – just what goes on inside of an HC football huddle

and more

June, 2018

HC71 Under the Oaks

Under the Oaks – Trey Perry ’01 (Al’s son) moving Salutatorian Speech given at his Baccalaureate Mass

The Esplanade Group – Dan Colomb’s design/builds in North Carolina

Phantom Surprise – Frank Galle encounters Br. Christian Rogers half-way across the world

View From the Cockpit – Br. Christian Roger take on running into Frank Galle and what Chris Rogers has been up to since.

Grotto Returns – Ron Blitch helps bring the Grotto to the Paris Ave campus

Gridiron Mentor – Mark Kalbacher talks about his dad, the legendary football coach John Kalbacher

Follow-up on Br. James Ryan’s classroom antics

and more

May, 2018

HC71 a Terry McGaha Mardi Grass

Mardi Gras in California – a la Terry McGaha

and more

March, 2018

HC Ghosts

Ghosts – stories from 1965 about the occupants of Br. James Ryan’s Homeroom 6

Wild Kratts – Gary Vinturella goes to the Saenger

The East Wing – Bert and Niki Brocato go to the White House

24 Hours at Daytona – Dan McGovern tests his endurance

The Yurt – Steve and Claudia Schulz’s strange looking “hotel”

December, 2017
HC71 Along the Way

Prince of Darkness – Jerry Lodriguss Swarthmore College colloquium

Mother Goose – Larry Folse’s Moscovy hatchery

Clark’s Creek – a trek into the wild with Doak Wattigney

In a B52 simulator – Bill Pedeaux’s still training USAF bomber pilots

Magical Mystery Tour – Carl Gaines trip to England

and more