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Me 262

by Joe Weathers


This is a scratch built 1/16 scale Me 262 – a variation on the old-style stick and tissue model.


The first picture is of the fuselage, constructed with centerline profile.


Transverse formers were then cemented to centerline profile.


Sides of the fuselage were reenforce with longitudinal strips to prevent wobbliness





Here’s the centerline profile fuselage formers interspersed with foam.


Same was done with the wing










Fuselage is built. Centerline profile with transverse formers mounted and interspersed with pink form insulation


Wings are of similar construction.


Tapered wing spar, and at certain stations diminishing airfoil sections are interspersed with pink foam.




This was sanded to airfoil shaped profile similar to fuselage. Wing covered with offset printing-type aluminum sheet




I based coated the whole airplane with Humbrol Gloss White to show defects to be remedied.


After fixing any uneven areas, German Splinter color camouflage was applied.



Used Tamiya masking tape to aid in painting demarcation lines.



Model painted in splinter camouflage using light green and brown.

























Fuselage disruptive pattern of mottling was a field modification put on to break up any straight lines. Defense of Reich “Yellow 5”, red & black bands, and all insignia and markings were airbrushed.  Serial numbers were Lettraset dry transfer decals.


Photos by Joe Weathers