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Rieth Creations

Rieth Creations

Recreating Life   .  .   .   .   in Miniature

by Mike Rieth


Steven Spielberg’s 1941: “The original explosion I made was huge, but it overpowered the scene and blocked the scratch-built building, gas pumps and island. ”

TBF-1Avenger Midway Diorama: “The pilot dropped his torpedo at a ship to try to lose weight. He used the trim tabs to level off and was able to crash land on the beach at Midway Island, when the right landing gear collapsed.”


Rieth Creations


The Hebert House: “After much checking, measuring and re-measuring, I called the owner, he said, “Oh yeah, all the second floor windows changed when we did the renovations”. The old adage, “Measure twice and cut once” didn’t apply here.”

Avenger Conversion: “This is an article on how I converted an Accurate Miniatures/Italeri 1/48th scale TBF-1C to an early TRF-1 Avenger”

Kitty Hawk Banshee: “Here’s a list of differences I found when comparing the Kitty Hawk F2H-2/2P Banshee 1/48 scale kit to the actual 1:1 aircraft.”