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English Electric Lightning

English Electric Lightning

English Electric Lightning



by Jack Hollander





The English Electric Lightning F6 was the fastest climbing interceptor of its time, faster than even the F-15 Eagle. One of the interesting aspects of this plane is its non-conventional overhead wing tanks.


This was a great model to build. All of the parts fit and it went together quite easily. The only disappointing thing was there was very little detailing on the landing gear.





English Electric LightningI painted it overall gray using Humbrol 164 for the topside and Barlay Gray underneath.

I used Alclad for the underside, the wheel wells, and pitot tube where it called for aluminum.





Before spraying the Alclad I brushed Future Floor Wax on with thick brush. If you don’t put a barrier between the plastic and the Alclad, the Alclad will attack the plastic. You don’t have to re-coat the model in order to put the decals on; They can go right over the Alclad.


English Electric LightningUltra Chrome Bare Metal Foil was applied to the nose, tail, and missiles. I used red and green MV Lenses on the back of the fuel tanks.







Photos by Phil Novak