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Fuchs A6

by David Clarke


Let’s face it: I’ve been spoiled by Tamiya.



The Revell Of Germany 1/35 “Fuchs” is not that great of a kit. The fit is not that good and it required a lot of filling with putty. On top of that, I had to use rubber band to hold the thing together while gluing it. I haven’t had to do that in a while!

















That having been said, the suspension is fairly comprehensive. In fact, it took longer to put the suspension together then it took to build the rest of the model. This German vehicle was painted in the NATO winter scheme. (The only difference between the winter and regular scheme is that black is replaced by white: the brown and green remain the same.)


This version is the NBC vehicle which is what the trailing arms do: detect nuclear, biological, or chemical traces. Although the Germans have most of them, there are a few in the US Army and Marine inventory. Other variants of the “Fuchs” are for engineers, artillery spotting, and APC variants.


















I particularly like the way the louvers on the top came out. I used several washes of Sepia oil paint thinned with airbrush thinner. The black-brown color of the Sepia really make the louvers stand out. One of the nice things about using oil paint for the wash is that the pigment is so fine, you don’t get the “tide lines” when it dries.



Photos by Jeff Junker