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 by Robert Caruso


On 10 June 1967 the Six Day war ended with the Israeli capture of the Sinai Desert and the Golan Heights. 


This was a humiliating defeat of Syrian Armed forces and they were determined to take it back. On 6 October 1973 Syrian and Egyptian forces attacked the Israeli positions in the Sinai and Golan Heights. However the Israelis were able to turn the tide against the onslaught. This model depicts an Egyptian JS3 that has been knocked out in the Sinai Desert.

I’d wanted to do something different and show a knocked out hulk. Since I refuse to use the rubber band track, I finished it without track. The fuel cell was rolled from metal sheet, new ends made, and then twisted it to look like a minor weapon hit and a fuel fire destroyed the engine. It was painted with enamels I mixed for the sand color.

Then I followed up using multi washes and additional detailing with rust washes. The base was painted with acrylics. Not a bad finish for a really nicely done kit of one of my favorite Russian subjects.


Photo by Phil Novak