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M1 Abrams









by Shawn Levy


This kit was the first M1 kit put out by Tamiya. The real standard M1, as it is known today, had a 105mm main gun, 1500 HP AGT Turbine Engine, and weighed 59 tons. The current 120mm main gun M1A1, M1A1HA, and M1A2 are greatly advanced versions over the standard M1.


The kit represents an M1 of the 3d Armored Division in West Germany during the early 80s. M1s first delivered to USAREU were painted overall Dark Green (FS 34079). Very few, if any, wore the US MERDEC camouflage.














I built this mainly straight from the box, except for scratch building the drivers compartment. It was done as a “cosmetic”, not accurate representation.


Also added were various Verlinden parts such as the Hoffman Simulator Device on the gun, packs and bedrolls. The blue 101 panel are markings worn by vehicles during NATO exercises to ID Blue Forces from Red Forces.


Photos by Shawn Levy