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by Sal Provensano  

An offshoot of the M133, the M577 was developed to be a command post vehicle. These vehicles carried command and control equipment, sophisticated radio equipment, listening post devices, and later were used in a variety of ways.















This M577 models an actual M577 that served Airborne units in Vietnam, (1968-1972). It was converted into a field ambulance and deployed with support units in order to provide first aid for less than critical wounds, heat stroke, and other minor medical maladies.


The unit contained plasma, stretchers, first aid equipment, shock and trauma material, and a variety of medical equipment. It was also equipped with command control radios in order to assist “dust off” units, (“Huey” helicopters), when decisions were make to medi-vac due to the more critical nature of wounds.


The unit is covered with that special colored dust that we all grew to know and love. This distinctive clay found its way into everything and onto everything. It permanently stained uniforms, caused weapons to jam, made it hard to breath, supplemented C rations, and generally made life appear just a little more “red”.



Photo by Phil Novak