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Airbrush Flow Improver

Airbrush Flow Improver

by Brian Cavet

Vallejo’s has a new product out that makes it easier to airbrush their paint. It’s called Airbrush Flow Improver.

The biggest drawback to Acrylics when airbrushing is Tip Dry, where the paint dries too quickly because the air flowing across the needle makes it dry too fast. Then you have to stop what you’re doing and clean the tip with a Q-tip.

I tested the Flow Improver with some surprising results. Just adding a few drops of it to 2-3 ml of paint makes a big difference. I was able to spray Vallejo Air with a .15 tip, which is really small. I airbrushed at 15psi for at least a minute without any tip dry. It worked as advertised.

FYI: smaller aperture = more & faster tip drying problems.