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Tulane Architecture

Here’s some of the work being done by the students at Tulane Architecture School:

Aquascape by Sam Naylor and Kyle Graham: “The form is designed as two unique systems, a precast concrete snaking form and an expansive green roof partially enshrouding it,  wrapped together to create a dynamic space that is fitting for a luxury destination in the growing Bywater neighborhood of New Orleans.”

Architecture of Exchange by Blake Fisher: “The argument of a decreased city footprint for the City of new Orleans is still lurking beneath the surface of conversation of reconstruction.”


Bayou Cabin Design by Sunil Dubey: “This cabin prototype rests on large piles which are driven 20′-30′ deep into the ground because of the unstable soil. The building tries to achieve a sustainable sensitivity to the area and offer uniquely revitalized spaces that people from the community and afar can enjoy.”

The Campus Edge by Michael Ball: “Urban colleges and universities must balance their desire to expand with the necessity of extroversion, more fully acknowledging their roles as agents of change in their communities.”

Identity on the Line by Claire Cahan: “The role of public transportation infrastructure must be elevated to reconnect our fractured communities.”

Hub Hobby's Wood Rack

Hub Hobby’s Wood Rack

Library/Media Center by Jack Waterman: “The brick cladding acts as a contemporary variation on the prevalent building material of the French Quarter and acts as a bridge to the high-tech style of a new media area.”

(Re)Generate by Jared Faske: “This redevelopment focuses on maintaining the historic qualities of the original building while offering opportunities to develop solutions for the future.”

S.Mart by Scott Burroughs: “The building is designed with solar panels and lots of green space.”

Shear Madness by Jeff Gow: “The idea behind the project was to take something ordinary, like a box, and manipulate it in such a way that it allowed for unique spaces and interesting apertures.



Suburban Transportation Nodes by Mihnea Dobre: “High density mixed-use transportation nodes are used to develop a higher ridership public transportation system in suburban areas.”

Turtle Cove by Lindsay McCook and Sean Fisher: “We decided on a design that opened on all sides so the visitors could take in a panoramic view of the wetlands.”


Integral Cellular Design in Income Housing Development by Steven Plzak: “Through the use of component multiplicity and controlled variation, individual living spaces can be reduced down to their most basis forms.”

Museum by Nick Gelpi: a rather unusual look for a museum

Organic Iteration by Blake Fisher: “This model was derived from an initial image of some kind of organic object that the professor handed out on the first day.”

High Density Development by Andy Stout: “In the wake of urban revitalization and post-Katrina condensing, New Orleans will likely experience an exacerbated trend of high-density development.”

Wild Urbanism by Sam Nayler: “The natural environment, this wild urbanism, we as a species evolved in has imprinted a desire for its wild embrace deep within us. But the accelerated march of industrialization has distracted us from our original symbiotic relationship with nature.