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Arrivals for Thursday and Friday, January 20 and 21, 2022

Atlantis Plastic Models

B-24J Bomber Buffalo Bill 1:92 ALM/218

Northrop F-89D Scorpion W/Swivel 1:80 ALM/221

Boeing 707 Astrojet 1:139 ALM/246

Blackbeard The Pirate 1:10 ALM/3002

Russian Stalin Tank 1:48 ALM/303

US Army Howitzer 8′ 1:48 ALM/307

727 Whisper Jet Arlnr PanAm 1:96 ALM/351

USS Iowa Battleship 1:535 ALM/369

Forgotten Prisoner of Castle Mare w/glow ALM/453

USS Pittsburgh CA-72 1:480 ALM/457

Jolly Green Giant Helicptr1:72 ALM/505

PBY-5A US Navy Catalina Seaplane 1:104 ALM/5301

WWII Gato Class Fleet Submarine 1:240 ALM/743

SSN 571 Nautilus Submarine 1:300 ALM/750


1/32 Plastic Infantry

Union Iron Brigade in Blue ARM/5410

Confederate Infantry in Grey ARM/5411

Teddy Roosevelt & Rough Riders ARM/5414

Wheat’S Louisiana Tiger Zouave ARM/5439

American Civil War Berdans :32 ARM/5458

Confederate Marines/Infantry ARM/5460

Confederate Infantry Brown ARM/5461

Continental Army ARM/5464

American Continental Cavalry ARM/5469

Continental Artillery Blue :32 ARM/5478

Royal Regiment of Artillery ARM/5479

Northeastern Indians #1 (cream ARM/5547

Northeastern Indians #2 (cream) ARM/5548

Texas Ind-Alamo Defndrs1835-36 ARM/5829


Gundam Decals

GD-28 Zeon Ms#1 Mobile Suit Gundam Decal BAN/134134

GD-17 Multiuse Mobile Gundam Decal MG BAN/134135

GD-18 Gundam Seed Miltiuse Decal BAN/134136

GD-22 Multiuse Zeta mobile Suit Decal MG BAN/134149

GD-23 Multiuse Char’s Counteratack Decal BAN/134150

38 Zeon 3 Decal HGUC BAN/2019431

46 Gundam 00 Multiuse Decal BAN/2029305

GD-47 Gundam 00 Multiuse 2 Decal BAN/2029306

GD-54 0800 Series Zeon Decal HGUC BAN/2042715

103 Mobile Suit Gundam IBO Decal BAN/2398994

104 Iron-Blooded Orphans Decal BAN/2398995


Apollo 11 Spacecraft w/interior 1:32 RMG/3703

Patrol Torpedo Boat Pt109 1:72 RMG/5147

Russian Battlecruiser Petr Velikiy 1:700 RMG/5151

Space Shuttle & Boosters 40th Ann. 1:144 RMG/5674



Weathering Supplies

AKI-39 Black Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-42 Europe Earth Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-44 Light Rust Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-48 Pigment Fixer Enamel 35ml Bottle

AKI-81 Dark Earth Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-85 Track Rust Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-86 Dark Steel Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-140 Sienna Soil Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-141 Vietnam Earth Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-142 White Ashes Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-143 Burnt Umber Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-144 Burnt Rust Red Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-145 City Dirt Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-146 Asphalt Road Dirt Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-147 Middle East Soil Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-148 Faded Green Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-609 2 Size Synthetic Flat Brush

AKI-RC1 Real Colors: Flat Black Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-2038 Air Series: Smoke Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-2041 Air Series: Brunt Jet Engine Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-2042 Air Series: Dark Rust Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-2043 Air Series: Ochre Rust Pigment 35ml Bottle

AKI-RC15 Real Colors: Gun Metal Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC16 Real Colors: Ochre Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC41 Real Colors: BSC Nº64 Portland Stone Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC62 Real Colors: Dark Yellow (Variant) Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC250 Real Colors: Light Sea Grey FS36307 Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC262 Real Colors: US Interior Yellow Green Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC316 Real Colors: AMT7 Light Blue Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

VLJ-26203 200ml Bottle Pacific Blue Water Texture Effect

VLJ-26204 200ml Bottle Atlantic Blue Water Texture Effect

VLJ-26214 200ml Bottle Black Lava Earth Texture Effect

VLJ-26812 200ml Bottle Black Thick Mud Diorama Effect

VLJ-73118 30ml Bottle Fresh Rust Pigment Powder

VLJ-73119 30ml Bottle European Earth Pigment Powder

VLJ-73123 30ml Bottle Dark Steel Pigment Powder

VLJ-73801 40ml Bottle European Splash Mud Weathering Effect

VLJ-73802 40ml Bottle Russian Splash Mud Weathering Effect

VLJ-73805 40ml Bottle Brown Splash Mud Weathering Effect

VLJ-73806 40ml Bottle Black Splash Mud Weathering Effect

VLJ-73808 40ml Bottle Russian Thick Mud Weathering Effect

VLJ-73809 40ml Bottle Industrial Thick Mud Weathering Effect

VLJ-73810 40ml Bottle Light Brown Thick Mud Weathering Effect

VLJ-73812 40ml Bottle Black Thick Mud Weathering Effect

VLJ-73813 40ml Bottle Oil Stains Weathering Effect

VLJ-73814 40ml Bottle Fuel Stains Weathering Effect

VLJ-73815 40ml Bottle Engine Grime Weathering Effect

VLJ-73818 40ml Bottle Brown Engine Soot Weathering Effect

VLJ-73822 40ml Bottle Slimy Grime Dark Weathering Effect

VLJ-73823 40ml Bottle Slimy Grime Light Weathering Effect

VLJ-73824 40ml Bottle Streaking Grime Weathering Effect

VLJ-73828 40ml Bottle Wet Weathering Effect

VLJ-76505 35ml Bottle Light Rust Model Wash

VLJ-76507 35ml Bottle Dark Rust Model Wash


Arrivals for Thursday January 13,, 2022

TAM35250 1/35 M4A3 Sherman 75mm Plastic Model

TAM35252 1/35 King Tiger Ardennes Front

TAM35257 1/35 Soviet Tank T-55A

TAM35345 1/35 German Tank Panzer V Panther Ausf.D

TAM35347 1/35 US Tank Crew Set, European Theater

TAM35281 1/35 German Sturmgeschutz III


Oxford HO scale autos

55 Buick Cntry CA HwyPtrl 553-87BC55003

’36 Buick Spcl Conv M.Blu 553-87BS360057

’61 Chryslr 300 Conv Red 553-87CC61001

Cdlc Eldrdo 1957 CphgnBlu 553-87CE57003

65 Chevy SS P/U Orange 553-87CP65002

Chevy 3100 Van HanksDiner 553-87CV50003

’68 Dodge Charger Gld/Blk 553-87DC68002

’68 Dodge Charger Blk/Wht 553-87DC68003

’69 Dodge Chrgr Dytna Blk 553-87DD69001

’69 Dodge Chrgr Dytna Grn 553-87DD69003

’57 Dodge D100 SSP/U Blk 553-87DP57002

’57 Dodge D100 SSP/U Grn 553-87DP57003

DeSoto Sub 46-48 Brn/Gold 553-87DS46003

Edsel Citation Pnk/F.Wht 553-87ED58003

’58 Edsel Citation white 553-87ED58007

’41 Lincoln Cont TpDw S.G 553-87LC41002

’56 Cntntl MkII Amthy/Dbn 553-87LC56002

’56 Cntntl MkII Coral/Wht 553-87LC56004

Mercury 8 1949 tan/beige 553-87ME49004

’65 Ford Must Conv white 553-87MU65005

’50 Olds Rckt 88 Red/Crm 553-87OR50001

’50 Olds Rckt 88 Blu/Blk 553-87OR50002

’59 Pntc Bonneville S.Grn 553-87PB59003

’59 Pntc Bonneville R.Blk 553-87PB59004


HO scale kits

Postwar Prefab House Kit 933-4152

Amrcn Bnglw w/1-Cr Garage 933-3791

Mdrn Sctnl House w/Garage 933-4151

Modern Sectional House 933-4150

2-Story Frame House Kit 933-3786

2-Story House w/Garage 933-3792

Split-Level House Kit 933-3794

Company House Kit  933-3790

Arrivals for Thursday January 6, 2022

TAM25423 1/35 British SAS Commando Vehicle 1944 w/2 Figures

TAM32413 1/35 German Armored Railway Vehicle P204

TAM35009 1/35 Panzer Kampfwagen II Plastic Model

TAM35017 1/35 German Gun Flak,88mm Plastic Model

TAM35020 1/35 German Hanomag SdKfz Plastic Model

TAM35026 1/35 Jerry Can Set

TAM35050 1/35 German 8T Half Track Sdkfz 7/1

TAM35087 1/35 Sturmgeschutz IV

TAM35096 1/35 German Pzkpw IV AusfD Kit

TAM35099 1/35 W German Flakpanzer Gepard

TAM35111 1/35 German Infantry Weapons

TAM35135 1/35 U.S. M113 ACAV Kit

TAM35161 1/35 US Gun M42 Duster

TAM35181 1/35 German Panzer IV Type J

TAM35194 1/35 Tiger I Mid Production

TAM35213 1/35 German Kubelwagen Type 82

TAM35215 1/35 German Pz. Kpfw III Ausf. L

TAM35216 1/35 Tiger I Early

TAM25196 1/35 US M8 Light Armored Greyhound Combat Patrol

Arrivals for Wednesday, December 29, 2021


Kampfer HGUC 1:144 BAN/2029268

Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina RG BAN/2370360

211 Leo Gundam Wing HGAC 1:144 BAN/2417220

32 Nu Gundam Char’s Counterattack RG:144 BAN/2466963

Gundam Gremory’Ibo’ 1:144 HG BAN/2553527

Blazing Gundam Battlogue HG BAN/2555019

Gundam 00 Command Qan[T] Battlogue HG BAN/2555030

RX-78-2 Gundam(Full Weapon Set)EG BAN/2555443

06 Piplup ‘Pokemon’ Model Kit BAN/2561634

Big Tony (Gagumber Memempu Custom)1:72HG BAN/2570547

07 EEVEE Pokemon (Sleeping Pose) BAN/2570605

Mailes Kenbu HG 1:72 BAN/2572078

40 Eexm-30 Espossito B 30mm BAN/2584059

Reginleif (Blade Type)’86’ 1:48 HG BAN/2595685

RX-78-2 Gundam Mobile Suit Uni BAN/55490

37 Msm-03C Hygogg Gundam 0080 HGUC BAN/119251

MS Spike 01 Builder Parts HD 1:144 BAN/2175722

MS Hands 01 Builder Parts 1:100 HD BAN/2175723

MS Hands 02 Builder Parts 1:100 HD Zeon BAN/2186084

MS Blade 01 Builder Parts HD BAN/2192502

MS Emblem Relief 01 Builder Parts HD BAN/2203351

MS Wing 01 Builder Parts HD BAN/2247103

MS Hands 01 E.F.S.F.Dark Gray 1:144 HD BAN/2313331

25 Unicorn Gundam UC RG 1:144 BAN/2370362

Dong Zhuo Providence Gundam SD BAN/2471939

Build Up Nipper BAN/2477451

19 Eexm-17 Alto Ground Type Brown 30mm BAN/2500629

Entry Nipper Gray BAN/2550077

Gundam Ex-Std Wing Gundam Zero SD BAN/2552538

08 Mimikyu Pokemon Model Kit BAN/2588388

RX-78-2 Gundam Mobile Suit Uni BAN/55490

XXXG-01W Wing Gundam Universal BAN/55491

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Universal BAN/55492

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam 02 Banshee BAN/57469

GAT-X105 Strike Gundam Mobile Suit BAN/58957

The Mandalorian (Baskar Armor) 1:12Silvr BSW/2557094


Arrivals for Thursday, December 23



GD-17 Multiuse Mobile Gundam Decal MG BAN/134135

GD-18 Gundam Seed Miltiuse Decal BAN/134136

GD-22 Multiuse Zeta mobile Suit Decal MG BAN/134149

GD-23 Multiuse Char’s Counteratack Decal BAN/134150

GD-28 Multi Decal Zeon MS 1 BAN/145081

GD-29 Multi Decal Zeon MS 2 BAN/145082

GD-30 Multi Decal Earth Federation BAN/145083

37 Multiuse Decal Earth Federation BAN/2019430

46 Gundam 00 Multiuse Decal BAN/2029305

GD-47 Gundam 00 Multiuse 2 Decal BAN/2029306

GD-48 Gundam Seed Astrays Decal BAN/2029307

71 Char’s Counterattack Earth Fedr Decal BAN/2076869

Gundam Decal No 114 Multi-Use Thunderbolt BAN/2407625

02 Bunyip Boomerang’ANAIN’ HG 1:72 BAN/2572079

HO Scale

City Travelers 949-6023

Farmhouse Animals 949-6029

Christmas Figures 949-6031

Pssngrs Ready to Board 949-6040

Waiting Passengers 949-6041

UPS Dlvry Prsnl w/Cart 949-6043

1960s/70s Yard Crewmen 949-6046

Construction Wrkrs #2 949-6047

Cattle Beef 949-6050

Travelers Say Farewell 949-6054

Motorcyclists 949-6061

Whrhse Workers/Acssrs 949-6064

Rlrd Track Workers #1 949-6066

Holiday Shoppers 949-6069

Large Farm Animals 949-6073

Majestic Horses 949-6074

Wild Deer 949-6076

Loading Crew Prsnnl 949-6088

Blast Furnace Crew 949-6089

55 Buick Cntry Turq/P.Wht 553-87BC55001

55 Buick Cntry CA HwyPtrl 553-87BC55003

55 Buick Cntry C.Blk/.Red 553-87BC55006

’61 Chryslr 300 Conv Red 553-87CC61001

Chvy Crvr Coupe ’63 Sv-Bu 553-87CH63001

Chvy Crvr Coupe ’63 R.Red 553-87CH63002

Chevy Impala Conv’61 HtRd 553-87CI61004

’57 Chevy Nomad 2Tone Grn 553-87CN57006

65 Chevy SS P/U Blk/Red 553-87CP65004

’68 Dodge Charger Gld/Blk 553-87DC68002

’68 Dodge Charger Blk/Wht 553-87DC68003

’57 Dodge D100 SSP/U Blk 553-87DP57002


Arrivals For Friday, December 17, 2021

Plastic Model Kits

’57 Chevy Bel Air 1:25 RMX/1529

’15 Mustang GT snap 1:25 RMX/1697

’10 Mustang Conv Snap 1:25 RMX/1963

New Beetle 1:24 RMX/1976

’68 Mustang Gt 2’n1 1:25 RMX/4215

Corvette C7R 1:25 RMX/4304

’83 Hurst Oldsmobile 1:25 RMX/4317

’13 Camaro Zl-1 1:25 RMX/4370

’14 Mustang Gt 1:25 RMX/4379

 HSG-8882 1/32 J2M3 Raiden (Jack) Type 21 IJN Interceptor

TSM-3216 1/32 Junkers Ju87R Stuka German Attack Aircraft

Tornado ECR Tigermeet 2018 1:72 RMG/3880

Kamov KA-58 Stealth Helicopter 1:72 RMG/3889

F4U1B Corsair Royal Navy Fighter 1:72 RMG/3917

Mosquito Mk.Iv 1:32 RMG/4758

USS MISSOURI BB-63 1:535 RMG/5092

Hns Ark Royal & Tribal 1:720 RMG/5149

USS Tarawa LHA1 Assault Carrier Ship: RMG/5170

Rms Titanic 1:700 RMG/5210

 P-51D Mustang 1:48 RMX/5241

HO Buildings

Paul’s Pizzeria B/U 931-813

Gemini Building B/U 931-806

10th World Comics B/U 931-807

Trackside Shanty Kit 150-702

Water Tower Kit 150-703

Signal Tower Kit 150-704

Passenger Station Kit 150-706

Refreshment Stand Kit 150-715

Roadside Restaurant Kit 150-760

 B&R Letter/Parcel/Post HO 785-5063

B&R Rustic Cabin HO 785-5065

Katie’s Candy Creations 931-808

Western Homestead Kit 433-1338

Hampden Fire Engine House 433-1390

General Store Kit 433-1351


Kato N scale locos

GE ES44AC BNSF 5977 381-1768941

SD70M Flt Rdtr SP #9804 381-1767611


Paint Sets

LFC-CS3 German WWII Tanks #2 Camouflage Acrylic Set (6 22ml Bottles)

LFC-CS6 German WWII Luftwaffe #1 Camouflage Acrylic Set #1 (6 22ml Bottles)

LFC-CS7 German WWII Luftwaffe #2 Camouflage Acrylic Set (6 22ml Bottles)

LFC-ES1 Essential Basic & Primary Matt Colors Acrylic Set #1 (6 22ml Bottles)

LFC-ES2 Essential Basic & Primary Matt Colors Acrylic Set #2 (6 22ml Bottles)

LFC-ES3 Essential Basic & Primary Gloss Colors Acrylic Set #3 (6 22ml Bottles)

LFC-CS24 US Navy WWII #1 Camouflage Acrylic Set (6 22ml Bottles)

LFC-CS25 US Navy WWII #2 Camouflage Acrylic Set (6 22ml Bottles)

LFC-CS35 The Battle of Britain Royal Air Force Colors Camouflage Acrylic Set (6 22ml Bottles)


Arrivals for Thursday and Friday, December 9 and 10, 2021

Scale Trains Rivet Counter series

GATC 4180 Airslide Covered Hoppers: American Maize – -Champion Spark – – Church & Dwight – – Brach’s Candy  – – Staley



MG  ASW G08 Barbatos

Build Up Nipper BAN/2477451

02 Option Weapon 1 for Portanova 30mm BAN/2477803

Pikachu Pokemon Model CollectN BAN/2487421

12 Option Armor for Commander 30mm BAN/2487794

15 Rabiot Special Operation Yellow BAN/2518740

19 Cielnova Option Armor Light Gray 30mm BAN/2518745

07 Option Weapon 1 for Rabiot 30mm BAN/2526613

eEXM-21 Rabiot (Green)30mm 1:144 BAN/2530634

1 Magikarp Pokemon Model Big BAN/2561632

Mailes Byakuchi ‘AMAIM’ HG 1:72 BAN/2572077

BAN-2574734 Pokemon Series: Greninja/Amphinobi (Snap)

BAN-5059531 1/144 30 Minute Missions (30MM) Series: #023 eEXM21 Rabiot White (Snap)

Car Models

AMT1075 1/25 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8

AMT1117 1/25 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T

AMT1210M 1/25 1978 Ford Courier Minivan

AMT1237 1923 Ford T Depot Hack

AMT634 1/25 1968 Shelby GT500

AMT638 1/25 1957 Bel Air

AMT800 1/25 ’67 Shelby GT350, White

AMT801 1/25 1958 Plymouth Belvedere, Christine

MPC878 1/25 1969 Dodge Country Charger R/T

RMX851239 1:25 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

RMX851527 1/25 Camaro Concept Car

RMX854228 1/25 ’32 Ford 5 Window Coupe 2 ‘n 1

RMX854477 1/24 Dom’s Plymouth GTX 2’N1

RMX854504 1/25 56 Chevy Del Ray 2n1

RMX857224 1/25 1980 Jeep Honcho Ice Patrol

 TAM24087 1/24 Nissan 300ZX Turbo Plastic Model

TAM24090 1/24 Nissan Skyline GTR Plastic Model

TAM24136 1/24 66 Volkswagen Beetle

TAM24213 1/24 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO

TAM24229 1/24 Porsche 911 GT3

Plane and boat models

RVL03875 1/32 Messerschmitt Me262 A1/A2 JetFighter

 AAN-601 1/500 USS North Carolina BB55 WWII Battleship Battle of the Eastern Solomons (formerly Renwal)

ACY-12117 1/35 RQ7B UAV USMC Aircraft

ACY-12208 1/48 P38F Glacier Girl WWII Fighter

ACY-12445 1/72 MiG23S Flogger B Fighter

ACY-12455 1/72 MiG27 Flogger D Fighter

ACY-12487 1/72 PBY5A Black Cat Aircraft

RMX-5249 1/48 SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber

RMX-5270 1/48 Stuka Ju87G1 Tank Buster Aircraft

RMX-5810 1/72 SR71A Blackbird Aircraft

RMX-5871 1/48 Top Gun Maverick: F/A18E Super Hornet Aircraft

RMX-5872 1/48 Top Gun Classic: F14A Tomcat Aircraft

RMX-5994 1/32 F4G Phantom II Wild Weasel Long Range Jet Interceptor Fighter/Bomber

Plastic Infantry Guys

IMX-503 1/72 Civil War Union Cavalry (17 foot, 11 mtd)

 IMX-506 1/72 Civil War Confederate Infantry (49)

IMX-510 1/72 Alamo Mexican Infantry (46, 1 horse)

 IMX-511 1/72 American Revolution Washington’s Army (50)

IMX-512 1/72 American Revolution British Redcoats (47 foot, 2 mtd)

IMX-522 1/72 Eastern Friendly Indians (30, 2ea: horses, dogs, & acc.)

IMX-527 1/72 WWII US Troops (50)

IMX-528 1/72 WWII German Troops (50)

IMX-602 1/72 Civil War Union & Confederate Cavalry (34 foot, 22 mtd)

PYS-40028 54mm American Civil War Battle of Appomattox Figure Playset (26pcs)

PYS-40032 54mm Iwo Jima US Marines & Japanese Figure Playset (Olive/Tan) (32pcs) (Bagged)

PYS-40035 54mm San Juan Hill Rough Riders & Spanish Figure Playset (32pcs) (Bagged) (BMC

 PYS-40037 54mm San Juan Hill Buffalo Soldiers Figure Playset (32pcs) (Bagged) (BMC Toys)

PYS-40038 54mm Border Wars US Army & Mexican Villistas Figure Playset (34pcs) (Bagged)

PYS-49990 54mm Sherman Tank (Olive Green) (BMC Toys)

PYS-67028 54mm American Revolution Battle of Brandywine Figure Playset (44pcs) (Bagged)

 PYS-67029 54mm American Civil War Battle of Petersburg Figure Playset (32pcs) (Bagged) (BMC

PYS-67032 1/29 Rosie the Riveter Figure Set (Red/White/Blue/Yellow) (12pcs) (Bagged)

PYS-67033 1/29 Rosie the Riveter Figure Set (Green/Tan/Grey/Pink) (12pcs) (Bagged) (BMC

PYS-67059 54mm American Revolution Battle of Yorktown Figure Playset (34pcs) (Bagged)