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Arrivals for the Week Ending December 3, 2022


MPC710 1/24 1967 Pontiac GTO

MPC877 1/25 1972 Chevy Vega Pro Stock/Bill Grumpy Jenkins

MPC878 1/25 1969 Dodge Country Charger R/T

MPC904 1/25 1957 Chevy Flip Nose, Spirit of 57

MPC905M 1/25 1974 Chevy Vega Modified Rat Trap

MPC920M 1/25 1974 Plymouth Road Runner

MPC942 Californian 1968 Olds Toronado Custom 1:25

MPC949 Star Wars: B-Wing Fighter (Snap) 1:144

MPC950 Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back AT-AT

MPC952 Star Wars: A New Hope Darth Vader Tie Fighter 1:32

MPC966 Star Wars: Return of the Jedi AT-ST Walker


KAL12805 Armor Modelers Guide

KAL12485 Airbrushing for Scale Modeller

KAL12476 Building Dioramas

KAL12834 The Model Railroader’s Guide to Bridges & Trestles

ATL9 Beginners Guide to HO Model Railroading

ACY-12445 1/72 MiG23S Flogger B Fighter

ACY-12450 1/72 Ju87G1 Bomber

ACY-12455 1/72 MiG27 Flogger D Fighter

ACY-12457 1/72 F4U1 Corsair Fighter

ACY-12471 1/72 F14A Tomcat USN Fighter

ACY-12481 1/72 F6F3/5 Hellcat US Fighter

ACY-12515 1/72 F4J Showtime 100 USN Fighter (Snap)

ACY-12546 1/72 F86F Korean War US Fighter

RMX-1235 1/24 2017 Ford GT (Silver) (Snap)

RMX-1236 1/25 2017 Ford F150 Raptor Pickup Truck (Blue) (Snap)

RMX-1238 1/25 2015 Ford Mustang GT (Red) (Snap)

Walthers HO

Boxcar NYC 931-1403

Offset Hopper RDG 931-1422

Offset Hopper RI 931-1423

Offset Hopper CN 931-1424

Offset Hopper CSX Boxcar 931-1425

TL Hopper IC 931-1426

Track Cleaning Bxcr CN 931-1481

Cab Wide-Vision BN 931-1501

Cab Wide-Vision ATSF 931-1503

Cab Wide-Vision CSX 931-1505

Cab Wide-Vision NS 931-1527

50′ Flatcar UP 931-1603

 50′ Flatcar ATSF #88985 931-1605

40′ Tank Car SINCLAIR 931-1611

40′ Tank Car GULF 931-1612

40′ Tank Car AMOX 931-1613

40′ Tank Car CONX 931-1614

40′ Tank Car Bakers Choco 931-1615

50′ Plug-Door Box UP 931-1672

TL 50′ PD Boxcar CP 931-1673


Accurail HO

36′ Wd Box Strt L&N 112-1411

40’SD St Box T&P 112-3563

40’St Box A.C.C. LOVX 112-81411

40’St Box A.C.C. COLX 112-81412

40’St Box A.C.C. LOVX#992 112-81413

3Bay ACF Cov Hopp RI/MILW

Scheduled to arrive sometime Friday, December 2

59 Chevy El Camino 1:25 AMT/1058

Li’l Gipsy Wagon Show Rod 1:25 AMT/1067

1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse 1:25 AMT/1089

1963 Chevy II Station Wgn’Crftsmn Ser’ AMT/1202

’78 Volkswagen Rabbit 1:24 AMT/1213

Street Heat 1998 Concorde Slammer 1:25 AMT/1227

Msm07 Z’Gok Mg BAN/119252

AMX-003 GAZAC HG BAN/139089

4 Gundam Kyrios Gundam 00 HG BAN/2010893

6 Gundam Virtue Gundam 00 HG BAN/2010894

Rx-78-3 Gundam G3 Vs Char’S Rick DomHGUC BAN/2035480

Infinite Justice Gundam Seed MG BAN/2044010

95 Hi-v Gundam HGUC 1:144 BAN/2062386

Gundam Exia Gundam 00 MG BAN/2064472

Wing Gundam (TV) Gundam Wing MG BAN/2091971

GM Sniper II HGUC 1:144 BAN/2180532

14 Strike Freedom Gundam Seed RG 1:144 BAN/2211988

Barzam HG 1:144 BAN/2376497

EeVee Pokemon Model Kit BAN/2487423

28 bEXM-14T Cielnova Green 30mm BAN/2518687

Zeong Mobile Suit Gundam RG 1:144 BAN/2521850

Lugia Pokemon Kit BAN/2524400

Charizard & Draginite Pokemon Model Kit BAN/2528753

01 Pikachu Pokemon Kit BAN/2541922

04 Eevee Pokemon Model Kit BAN/2541925

Gundam Asomoday HG 1:144 BAN/2553795

Cyclase’s Schwalbe Custom HG 1:144 BAN/2559044

06 Piplup ‘Pokemon’ Model Kit BAN/2561634

Batmobile (Batman Begins)Ver 1:35 BAN/2569334

07 EEVEE Pokemon (Sleeping Pose) BAN/2570605

Mailes Kenbu HG 1:72 BAN/2572078

Amain Ghost HG 1 BAN/2572091

Garchomp Pokemon Model Kit BAN/2579576

41 Eexm-30 Espossito Alpha 30mm BAN/2584080

08 Mimikyu Pokemon Model Quick Kit BAN/2588388

Mailes Reiki HG 1:72 BAN/2590651

Gardevoir Pokemon Model Kit BAN/2595393

50 Cinderace ‘Pokemon’Model Kit BAN/2601813

Gaogaigar RG BAN/2602252

bEXM-28 Revernova Green 30mm 1:144 BAN/2607519

10 Rowlet Pokemon Model Kit Quick 


For the Week Ending November 26, 2022

Scheduled to arrive sometime Friday November 25


HO scale vehicles

’36 Buick Spcl Conv C.Mrn 553-87BS36003

’36 Buick Spcl Conv M.Blu 553-87BS36005

’42 Chrysler Wagon maroon 553-87CB42001

Cdlc Eldrdo 1957 Ebny/Stl 553-87CE57001

Cdlc Eldrdo 1957 CphgnBlu 553-87CE57003

Chvy Crvr Coupe ’63 S.Tan 553-87CH63003

61 Chvy Impl Conv Hot Rod 553-87CI61004

’61 Chev Impala Convert 553-87CI61005

’57 Chevy Nomad Prl/Ivry 553-87CN57001

’57 Chevy Nomad Blu/Wht 553-87CN57005

’57 Chevy Nomad Crm/O.Blk 553-87CN57007

Plastic Models

AMT1107 1/25 1989 Batmobile w/Resin Batman Figure

AMT1295 Batman & Robin Movie Batmobile 1/25

MOE950 1966 Batman

MOE964 1/25 Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice Batmobile

MOE-920 1/25 Batman Dark Knight Rises: Bat Pod

MOE-938 1/18 Batman Dark Knight Trilogy: Catwoman w/Bat Pod

MOE-956 1/8 1966 Batman TV Series: Joker

PLL-965 1/25 Classic 1966 Batmobile w/Batman & Robin Figures (Snap)

TAM61025 1/48 A6M3 Type 32 Zero Fighter Plastic Model

TAM61029 1/48 McDonnell Douglas F15C Eagle

TAM61040 1/48 P-51D Mustang

TAM61062 1/48 Mosquito FB Mk.VI/NF Mk.II

TAM61063 1/48 BF109E-4/7 Trop

TAM61070 1/48 Vought F4U1A Corsair

TAM61073 1/48 Douglas A1J Skyraider USA Plastic Model

TAM61086 1/48 Republic P-47D Thunderblt

TAM61087 1/48 Messerschmitt Me262 A-la

TAM61090 1/48 P47D Thunderbolt Bubbletop

TAM61094 1/48 Brewster B-339 Buffalo

TAM61115 1/48 Kawasaki Ki-61-Id Hien (Tony)

TAM61117 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6

TAM61119 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I

TAM24065 1/24 Porsche 959 Kit

TAM24087 1/24 Nissan 300ZX Turbo Plastic Model

TAM24090 1/24 Nissan Skyline GTR Plastic Model

TAM24100 1/24 Honda NSX Kit

TAM24110 1/24 Mazda Efini RX7

TAM24136 1/24 66 Volkswagen Beetle

TAM24163 1/24 Castrol Toyota Tom’s Supra GT

TAM24175 1/24 Taisan Starcard Porsche 911 GT

TAM24184 1/24 Calsonic Skyline GT-R

TAM24192 1/24 Nissan R390 GT1

TAM24346 1/24 Ford GT Plastic Model Kit

 ARX-1302 1/76 Panther Tank

ARX-1305 1/76 25-Pdr Field Gun & Quad

ARX-2308 1/76 Panzer IV Tank

ARX-2312 1/76 German Recon Set: SdKfz 222 & Type 82 Vehicles

ARX-2314 1/76 Bofors 40mm Gun & Tractor

ARX-2315 1/76 Opel Blitz German Army Truck w/Pak 40 Anti-Tank Gun

ARX-2318 1/76 White M3A1 Halftrack Personnel Carrier w/Trailer

ARX-2320 1/76 Sherman Crab Medium Tank

ARX-2334 1/76 M4 Sherman Tank w/Calliope Rocket Launcher

ARX-2335 1/76 Matilda Hedgehog Tank

ARX-2337 1/76 WWI Female Tank

ARX-2338 1/76 Cromwell IV Tank

ARX-12012 1/48 Blackburn Buccaneer S2C/D Strike Aircraft

ARX-J6001 Quick Build Messerschmitt Bf109 Fighter (Snap)

ARX-J6005 Quick Build F22 Raptor Fighter (Snap)

ARX-J6009 Quick Build BAe Harrier Aircraft (Snap)

ARX-J6016 Quick Build Mustang P51D Aircraft (Snap)

ARX-J6019 Quick Build Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 Car (White) (Snap)

ARX-J6021 Quick Build McLaren P1 Car (Snap)

ARX-J6031 Quick Build VW Beetle Flower-Power Car (Snap)

ARX-J6033 Quick Build Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy Car (Snap)

ARX-J6035 Quick Build 1968 Ford Mustang GT Car (Snap)

ARX-J6036 Quick Build Ford Mustang GT Car (Snap)

ARX-J6037 Quick Build Ford F150 Raptor Pickup Truck (Snap)

ARX-J6040 Quick Build F35 Lightning II Fighter (Snap)

ARX-J6044 Quick Build Bugatti Chiron Car (Snap)

ARX-J6045 Quick Build Spitfire D-Day Fighter (Snap)

ARX-J6049 Quick Build Audi R8 Car (Snap)

GLM-3102 America’s First: 1/110 Spirit of St. Louis Aircraft & 1/100 Wright Flyer BiPlane

GLM-3301 Ancient Explorers: 1/240 Viking & 1/72 Chinese Junk Ships

GLM-3302 Nautical Workhorses: 1/100 Tug Boat & 1/400 Southern Belle Mississippi Paddleboat

GLM-3303 American Sails: 1/400 USS Constitution Frigate & 1/250 Gertrude L. Thebaud Fishing Schooner

GLM-3601 1/90 Westward Ho: Covered Wagon w/Bison & Stagecoach w/Horses

GLM-3602 1/120 Classic Iron Horses: Central Pacific & Cabbage Stack Locomotives

GLM-5118 1/48 Spad XIII French Aces BiPlane

GLM-5119 1/48 Curtiss Jenny JN4 BiPlane w/3 Figures

GLM-5402 1/48 Western Covered Wagon w/2 Oxen, 1 Horse & 3 Figures

 ZVE-7301 1/72 Soviet Yak3 Fighter (Snap)

ZVE-7304 1/72 German Fw190A4 Fighter (Snap)

ZVE-7322 1/72 British Hawker Hurricane Mk II C Fighter (Snap)

ZVE-7323 1/72 German Ju87B2/U4 Stuka Dive Bomber w/Skis (Snap)



AKI-79 Wet Effects Fluid Enamel Paint 35ml Bottle

AKI-610 4 Size Synthetic Flat Brush

AKI-RC4 Real Colors: Flat White Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC500 Real Colors: Flat Acrylic Lacquer Varnish 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC501 Real Colors: Satin Acrylic Lacquer Varnish 10ml Bottle

ALC-104 1oz. Bottle Pale Burnt Metal Lacquer

ALC-105 1oz. Bottle Polished Aluminum Lacquer

ALC-107 1oz. Bottle Chrome Lacquer for Plastic

ALC-121 1oz. Bottle Burnt Iron Lacquer

ALC-126 1oz. Bottle Hi-Shine Plus Aluminum Lacquer


VLJ-74600 200ml Bottle White Surface Primer

VLJ-74601 200ml Bottle Grey Surface Primer

VLJ-74602 200ml Bottle Black Surface Primer


Wthrng Pwdr Grimy Blk 1oz 493-3102

Wthrng Pwdr Med Earth 1oz 493-3103

Wthrng Pwdr Dark Rust 1oz 493-3105

Wthrng Pwdr Lght Rust 1oz 493-3106

Wthrng Pwdr Drk Earth 1oz 493-3107

Wthrng Pwdr Med Rust 1oz 493-3108

Wthrng Pwdr Frsh Rust 1oz 493-3109

Wthrng Pwdr Dusty Brn 1oz 493-3113

Wthrng Pwdr Ash Gray 1oz 493-3117

Wthrng Pwdr Trra Ctta 1oz 493-3121

Wthrng Pwdr Dark Buff 1oz 493-3122

Arrivals for the Week Ending November 18, 2022


AANA313 Japanese Chi-Ha Type 97 Medium Tank 1:48

ATL391 Mark V #4 Turnout- Left

ATL392 Mark V #4 Turnout- Right


TAM25196 1/35 US M8 Light Armored Greyhound Combat Patrol

TAM32413 1/35 German Armored Railway Vehicle P204

TAM35009 1/35 Panzer Kampfwagen II Plastic Model

TAM35025 1/35 Sand Bag Set

TAM35027 1/35 Barricade Set

TAM35028 1/35 Brick Wall Set

TAM35040 1/35 U.S. M113 A.P.C. Kit

TAM35047 1/35 German 7.5cm Pak40 AT Gun

TAM35059 1/35 T34/76-194 Russian Tank

TAM35075 1/35 Japanese Tank Type 97

TAM35087 1/35 Sturmgeschutz IV

TAM35121 1/35 US Infantry Weapons Set

TAM35125 1/35 U.S. M151A2 w/Tow Launcher Kit

TAM35149 1/35 Russian T34/76 ChTZ Kit

TAM35161 1/35 US Gun M42 Duster

TAM35186 1/35 German Fuel Drum Set

TAM35190 1/35 M4 Sherman Tank Early Plastic Model

TAM35196 1/35 German Front Line Infantry

TAM35371 1/35 German Infantry Set Mid WWII

TAM35339 1/35 WWI British Infantry Set

TAM35347 1/35 US Tank Crew Set, European Theater

TAM35354 1/35 Wehrmacht Tank Crew Set


RMX-445 1/570 RMS Titanic Ocean Liner

RMX-1235 1/24 2017 Ford GT (Silver) (Snap)

RMX-1237 1/350 The Black Diamond Pirate Ship (Snap)

RMX-1267 1/72 Top Gun Maverick: F/A18 Super Hornet Aircraft (Snap)

RMX-1527 1/25 Camaro Concept Car (Green) (Snap)

RMX-2482 1/24 Shelby Mustang GT350H

RMX-4190 1/25 1965 Chevy Impala Hardtop Foose Design

RMX-4192 1/24 1968 Volkswagen Beetle

RMX-4195 1/25 1990 Mustang LX 5.0 Drag Car

RMX-4215 1/25 1968 Mustang GT (2 in 1)

RMX-4304 1/25 Corvette C7R Race Car

RMX-4426 1/25 Ford FD100 Pickup Truck Foose Design

RMX-4438 1/25 Cadillac Custom Lowrider

RMX-4489 1/24 1970 Pontiac Firebird

RMX-5241 1/48 P51D Mustang Aircraft

RMX-5536 1/32 UH1D Huey Gunship Helicopter

RMX-5810 1/72 SR71A Blackbird Stealth Jet

RMX-5870 1/48 F15C Eagle Jet Attacker

RMX-5872 1/48 Top Gun Classic: F14A Tomcat Aircraft

RMX-5984 1/72 F22 Ground Attack Aircraft

RMX-5995 1/72 F15E Strike Eagle Aircraft

RVL-2165 1/87 Big Boy Locomotive

RVL-3652 1/110 SR71 Blackbird Stealth Jet (Snap)

RVL-3849 1/48 Tornado ASSTA 3.1 Modern Fighter

RVL-5100 1/144 German U-Boat Type VIIC/41 Atlantic Submarine

RVL-5165 1/72 PT579/588 Patrol Torpedo Boat

RVL-5169 1/144 US Navy Landing Ship Medium w/Bofors 40mm Gun

RVL-5170 1/720 USS Tarawa LHA1 Assault Carrier Ship

RVL-5172 1/700 HMS Invincible Aircraft Carrier Falklands War

RVL-5177 1/144 German Type XXI Submarine

RVL-5178 1/700 USS Wasp Class Assault Aircraft Carrier

RVL-5204 1/142 Northsea Fishing Trawler Boat

RVL-5498 1/600 RMS Titanic Ocean Liner (Snap)


Gundams – Scheduled to arrive sometime Friday, November 18


Bb#248 Gundam Astray Red Frame SD BAN/117990

Msm-07S Char Z’Gok MG 1:100 BAN/122718

Hguc Gabthley BAN/139596

152 Jesta Cannon HGUC 1:144 BAN/2128372

148 Gundam Delta Kai Bandai HGUC BAN/2140532

Dual Gundam Assault Shroud MG BAN/2156731

Nu Gundam ver Ka Char’s Counterattack MG BAN/2167683

170 Silver Bullet HG BAN/2212205

162 Wing Gundam HGAC BAN/2219520

163 Gundam Double X HGUC 1:144 BAN/2219521

190 Rx-77-2 Guncannon Mobile Suit HGUC BAN/2301233

203 Zeta Gundam Z Gundam HGUC BAN/2374531

Build Up Nipper BAN/2477451

236 Gundam Heavyarms Gundam Wings HGAC BAN/2505898

Evangelion Unit-00 DX Position Cannon BAN/2523561

247 Dagger L ‘Gundam Seed Destiny’ HGCE BAN/2553797

240 Nightinggale Char’s Cattack HGUC:144 BAN/2559049

Batman Fig-Rise Std Amplified BAN/2567648

08 Kirby Bandai Spirits EG BAN/2584314

Strike Gundam 1:144 Entry Grade BAN/2603390

Brady Phantom HG 1:72 BAN/2610790


Arrivals for the Week Ending November 12, 2022


Deep Pour Water Clr 12oz 785-4510

Surface Water Waves 4oz 785-4516

Surface Water Effects 4oz 785-4515

Water Undrct Deep Blu 4oz 785-4530

Water Undrct Hntr Grn 4oz 785-4532

Water Undrct Ylw Silt 4oz 785-4535

White Water Highlight 2oz 785-4529

Water Effects 8oz 785-1212

Mat Access Kit Road 785-5151

Mat Access Kit Water 785-5153

Earth Colors Wht 4oz 785-1216

Earth Colors Concrete 4oz 785-1217

Earth Colors Raw Umbr 4oz 785-1221

Asphalt Paving 4oz 785-1453

Concrete Paving Top 4oz 785-1454

AAN-236 1/70 F100C Super Sabre Fighter (formerly Revell)

AAN-313 1/48 WWII Type 97 Chi-Ha Japanese Medium Tank (formerly Aurora)


AKI-RC4 Real Colors: Flat White Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC15 Real Colors: Gun Metal Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC20 Real Colors: Aluminum Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC22 Real Colors: Rubber Black Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC23 Real Colors: Olive Drab Nº9/Nº22 Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC78 Real Colors: APC Interior Green FS24533 Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC247 Real Colors: Dark Gull Grey FS36231 Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC262 Real Colors: US Interior Yellow Green Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC307 Real Colors: IJN M3 (N) Nakajima Interior Green Acrylic Lacquer Paint

AKI-RC308 Real Colors: AE9/AII Light Grey Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC328 Real Colors: Hairyokushoku (Grey-Green) Acrylic Lacquer Paint 10ml

AKI-RC500 Real Colors: Flat Acrylic Lacquer Varnish 10ml Bottle

AKI-RC701 Real Colors: High Compatibility Thinner 200ml Bottle

ALC-101 1oz. Bottle Aluminum Lacquer

ALC-105 1oz. Bottle Polished Aluminum Lacquer

ALC-107 1oz. Bottle Chrome Lacquer for Plastic

ALC-112 1oz. Bottle Steel Lacquer

ALC-115 1oz. Bottle Stainless Steel Lacquer

ALC-125 1oz. Bottle RAF High Speed Silver Lacquer

ALC-126 1oz. Bottle Hi-Shine Plus Aluminum Lacquer

ALC-309 4oz. Bottle Black Primer & Microfiller

ALC-400 1oz. Bottle Transparent Medium Lacquer

ALC-401 1oz. Bottle Transparent Red Lacquer

ALC-402 1oz. Bottle Transparent Yellow Lacquer

ALC-403 1oz. Bottle Transparent Blue Lacquer

ALC-404 1oz. Bottle Transparent Green Lacquer

ALC-405 1oz. Bottle Transparent Smoke Lacquer

ALC-408 1oz. Bottle Armored Glass Tint Lacquer


TSM-8011 Disposable Micro Brushes

TSM-9912 Panel Line Engraver Tool


Arrivals for the Week Ending October 29, 2022


AMT1273 Star Wars: Mandalorian Razor Crest


AMT1330 George Barris Ala Kart 1/25

AMT635 1/25 1970-1/2 Camaro Z28

AMT876 1/25 1967 Chevy Chevelle Pro Street

AMT882 1/25 1953 Ford Pickup

AMT981 1/25 1967 Chevy Impala SS, Stock


Crossbone Gundam X1 Ver.Ka MG BAN/145936

Gundam Astray Red Frame Custom MG 1:100 BAN/2072104

00 Qan(T) Gundam 00 Bandai MG BAN/2094337

Buster Gundam Gundam Seed MG BAN/2156732

Aegis Gundam Gundam Seed MG BAN/2156734

6 Skygrasper W/Launcher/Sword Pack RG BAN/2159335

10 Zeta Gundam Z Gundam Bandai RG 1:144 BAN/2182847

13 RX78GP01 Gundam GP01 Bandai RG BAN/2211986

06 Wing Gundam Fenice Bandai HGBF BAN/2221158

05 Beargguy III San Gundam Build Fighter BAN/2234431

15 Gundam Exia Gundam 00 Bandai RG 1:144 BAN/2247111

Gundam F91 Ver 2.0 Bandai MG 1:100 BAN/2381810

03 Multi Booster Unit 30mm BAN/2469613

231 Gundam Infinite Justice 1:144 HGCE BAN/2487820

Gundam Barbatos Gundam IBO MG 1:100 BAN/2489670

234 MS-06S Char’s Zaku II HGUC 1:144 BAN/2526980

Rayquaza Pokemon Model Kit BAN/2536561

Mailes Kenbu Full Mechanics 1:48 BAN/2590650


BAN-5063367 Mashin Hero Wataru Series: HG Amplified IMGN Ryujinmaru

BAN-5064095 1/100 MG Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Series: Shenlong Gundam XXG01S

BAN-5064096 1/100 MG Gundam Wing Endless Waltz Series: Wing Gundam XXG01W

 BAN-5055348 1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #217 MSN06S2 Sinanju Stein (Narrative Ver.)

BAN-5057606 1/144 HG Cosmic Era Gundam Seed Series: #224 ZGMF-X42S Destiny Gundam

BAN-5057985 1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #194 RX178 Gundam Mk II Titans

BAN-5058204 1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #229 RX104FF Penelope

BAN-5060397 1/144 HB Universal Century Series: #76 MS14A Gelgoog/MS14C Gelgoog Cannon

BAN-5060403 1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #199 RX0 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode/Red Color Version)

BAN-5060967 1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #25 RX78GP03S Gundam GP3S

BAN-5061331 1/144 HG Universal Century Series: #238 RX105XI Gundam

BAN-5061547 1/100 MG Gundam Seed Series: ZGMF1017 Mobile Ginn

BAN-5061600 1/144 Gundam Real Grade Series: #015 Gundam Exia GN001

BAN-5062171 1/100 Master Grade Series: MS09 Dom Mass Production Mobile Suit

BAN-5063042 1/100 MG Gundam Endless Waltz Series: Gundam Epyon

BAN-5063083 1/100 MG Gundam 00 Series: 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G

BAN-5063151 1/100 Master Grade Series: MSZ010 ZZ Gundam Ver.Ka UC0088 AEUG Prototype Transformable Mobile Suit

BAN-5063364 1/144 HG Gundam Wing After Colony Series: #242 XXXG01S Shenlong Gundam


Gundam Marker Basic Set Of 6 GNZ/GMS105

Gundam Marker Zeon Set of 6 GNZ/GMS108

Gundam Marker Seed Basic Set-of-6 GNZ/GMS109

Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set #1 GNZ/GMS110

Real Touch Marker Set of 6 #1 GNZ/GMS112

Real Touch Marker Set #2 GNZ/GMS113

Gundam Metallic Marker Set of Six GNZ/GMS121

Gundam Marker Advanced Set of Six GNZ/GMS124

Gundam Metallic Marker #2 Set of Six GNZ/GMS125

Gundam Marker Ultra Fine Set #2

AKI-602 2/0 Size Synthetic Round Brush

AKI-603 1 Size Synthetic Round Brush

AKI-608 8 Size Synthetic Flat Brush

AKI-609 2 Size Synthetic Flat Brush


Arrivals for the Week Ending October 22, 2022


25 Rx-78Gp03S Gundam Gp03S HGUC BAN/107016

YMS-15 Gyan Bandai MG BAN/143418

66 Rx-78Gp02A Physalis HGUC BAN/145069

67 Rgm-79 Powered Gm Gumdam 0083 HGUC BAN/145073

Gouf ver 2.0 Bandai MG BAN/2054512

BlitZ Gundam Gundam Seed MG 1:100 BAN/2156733

GM Sniper II HGUC 1:144 BAN/2180532

13 RX78GP01 Gundam GP01 Bandai RG  BAN/2211986

19 Gundam Astray Red Frame RG 1:144 BAN/2295837

DOM Mobile Suit Gundam MG 1:100 BAN/2515194

Nu Gundam Char’s Counterattack EX-Std BAN/2542951

Sazabi Char’s Counterattack EX-Std BAN/2542952

Mercury Redstone Skil-3 EST/1921

Little Joe 1 Skill Level 3 EST/7255


Seam Scraper SQP/10203

Putty Applicator SQP/10205

4pc Sculpting Set SQP/10704

Sanding Stick 5pc Set SQP/30506


ATH18784 HO RTR PS 4740 Covered Hopper, IC #56800

ATH18785 HO RTR PS 4740 Covered Hopper, IC #56861

ATH18786 HO RTR PS 4740 Covered Hopper, IC (3)

ATL860 HO Code 100 Manual Left-Hand Switch

ATL861 HO Code 100 Manual Right-Hand Switch


Plastic Models

AMT1013 1/25 1961 Chevy Impala SS

AMT1074M 1/25 2017 Chevy Camaro SS 1LE

AMT1119 1/25 1955 Chevy Bel Air Sedan

AMT1124 1/25 1967 Impala, NightHunter

AMT1136 1/25 1959 Chrysler Imperial

AMT1149M 1/25 1963 Chevy Impala SS

AMT1151 1/25 1967 Mercury Cyclone Eliminator II/Dyno Don

AMT1175 1/25 1966 Buick Wildcat

AMT1219 1/25 1972 GMC Jimmy

AMT1241 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback

AMT1262M 1971 Ford Mustang Mach I 1:25

AMT800 1/25 ’67 Shelby GT350, White

AMT1319 Shelby Cobra 289

AMT1330 George Barris Ala Kart 1/25

AMT634 1/25 1968 Shelby GT500

ATL837 HO Code 100 24″ Curve (6)


Pinewood Derby

PIN323 Stick-On Decals, Horsepower

PIN330 Custom Parts w/Decals, Baja Champ

PIN331 Custom Parts w/Decals, Drag Star

PIN363 Pre-Cut Designs, Grand Prix

PIN365 Pre-Cut Designs, Deuce Coupe

PIN367 Pre-Cut Designs, Dragster

PIN456 Alignment Tool

PIN3966 Pre-Cut Designs, Truckster 4×4

PIN4017 Dry Transfer Decals, Bad To The Bone

PIN4021 Dry Transfer Decals, Free Bird

PIN4025 Dry Transfer Decals, Faith & Honor

PIN4016 Dry Transfer, Yellow Numbers


Arrivals For the Week Ending October 15, 2022


Plastic Models

TAM35379326 1/35 U.S. Infantry Scout Set

TAM35343 1/35 German Artillery Crew Afr Cor Luftwaffe

TAM35300 1/35 British Infantry Tank Matilda

TAM35252 1/35 King Tiger Ardennes Front

TAM35373 1/35 French Light Tank R35

TAM35375 1/35 Russian Heavy Tank KV-2

TAM35377 1/35 German Sd.Kfz.2 Kettenkraftrad

TAM35378 1/35 German Tank Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.


AAN3005 Metaluna Mutant Monster 1/12

PLL956 1/144 Godzilla

PLL987 Godzilla’s Go Cart

RVL-3832 1/48 F86D Dog Sabre USAF Fighter


HO buildings

West End Market Kit 195-114

Railroad St. Co. House 195-111

Carnegie Street Mfg Bldg 195-109

East Ohio Street building 195-106

Front Grant Street Iron 195-101

Front Penn Avenue Tile


Vallejo Acrylics

VLJ-523 17ml Bottle Liquid Mask

VLJ-800 17ml Bottle Gun Metal Blue Model Color

VLJ-822 17ml Bottle German Camouflage Black Brown Model Color

VLJ-863 17ml Bottle Gun Metal Grey Model Color

VLJ-889 17ml Bottle USA Olive Brown Model Color

VLJ-908 17ml Bottle Carmine Red Model Color

VLJ-918 17ml Bottle Ivory Model

VLJ-920 17ml Bottle German Uniform Green Model Color

VLJ-926 17ml Bottle Red Model Color

VLJ-951 17ml Bottle White Model Color

VLJ-967 17ml Bottle Olive Green Model Color

VLJ-983 17ml Bottle Flat Earth Model Color

VLJ-984 17ml Bottle Flat Brown Model Color

VLJ-992 17ml Bottle Neutral Grey Model Color

VLJ-70600 17ml Bottle White Surface Primer

VLJ-71099 85ml Bottle Airbrush Cleaner

VLJ-71161 200ml Bottle Airbrush Thinner

VLJ-71361 60ml Bottle Airbrush Thinner