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New Orleans Area Photos


We know quite a few talented modelers.

We also know quite a few talented photographers, most of whom also build models. Awesome landscape and wildlife photos show up in our Facebook Feed all the time and they just beg to be shared.

photos of new orleans area

“Breakfast Club” by Tim DiVincenti – –
New Orleans, Louisiana

We’ve been fortunate that we’ve been given permission to use the images that they have captured as “header images” for our website. Some of you may even have walked in the footprints of these photographers as most of the shots are from the surrounding area.


photos of new orleans area

“Bayou Babies” by Larry Touhy – –
Jean Lafitte National Park Marrero, Louisiana


Here’s a gallery of some of the, copyrighted pictures (click to enlarge)  that have shown up on the front page of our site. And their photos have been turned into slide shows located at the bottom of this page.