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Hobby Hints

Hobby Hints


Bizzaro Land . . . . .created from the Hinterlands of the Imagination of Gil Gonsoulin – – some of the strangest models you’ve ever seen. . . . . . . . Enter Here and Leave Hope Behind


Danse Macabre – – – a look at the ghoulish side of modeling


In Their Own Words – – –  our customers show their work and talk about how they did it


Materials & Bonding – – tips on using the tools of the trade


Painting  –  –  a look at some of the techniques employed by modelers to achieve a realistic look


Radio Control Airplanes – – – Jerry Kelly introduced the New Orleans area to radio control airplanes in early 50s. Although we no longer handle them, his words are as good now as when he wrote them


Reference Material – – photos of the real thing


RiEth Creations – – -melding imagination with fabrication. A professional model builder takes realism to a new height


Scenery & Dioramas  – – -put the model you just build into context by placing it in a simulated natural environment


School Projects – – That dreaded phrase: “The teacher says I’ve got a school project due tomorrow . . . ” Some thoughts on what to do


Trains – –


Weathering & Detailing — – tips on adding a bit of realism to your project