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Reference Material

DUKW Restoration
by John Daniel: “The Orleans Parish Criminal Sheriff’s Office in New Orleans recently started restoration work on a DUKW which will eventually become part of the collection of the National D-Day Museum.”
B-25J “Panchito” by Shawn Levy: “During the flight demo, I took a couple dozen photos of it, one in particular, “the slow photo pass”.


BMW R75 with Sidecar by Scott Simmons: “A few years ago, I decided to restore a BMW R75 with a sidecar. The one I got was imported from Belgium and it might have served with the 15th army.”



Reference Material

EA-6B Prowler by Lt. Kevin Petty: “These are some pictures of an A-6 Intruder, taken at Bagram, Afghanistan, Spring, 2004.”


Grumman A-6 Intruder by Phil Novak: “”The A-6 was developed by Grumman to meet the needs of a fast attack aircraft that could be launched from an aircraft carrier.”


Grumman EA-6B Prowler by Shawn Levy: “The Prowler can fly in advance of a strike package by other aircraft, and has a fighter escort for protection. It carries no missiles or guns capable of engaging other enemy aircraft.


Heavy Equipment Transport System by Shawn Levy. Shawn gives us some specs on the US Military’s Tank Transporters


The KCS Holiday Express by Shawn Levy: “The locomotive is named “Rudy”, and carries the number of the current year it’s running. It started out as a general service 50′ flat car. The “boiler” is from a tank car with the cab fabricated on the other end.”


Kansas City Southern SD40-3 by Shawn Levy: “The lead unit is somewhat of a celebrity among KCS fans. KCS 666 is called “the demon engine”, “hell on rails” and so forth. It’s said some crews won’t take a train if 666 is the lead unit. ATSF had a C44-9W numbered 666.”


KCS On the Bridge by Phil Larosa. Phil presents us with some great shots of KCS engines and cars in Baton Rouge, LA


M992 Artillery Support Veichle by Shawn Levy “The ammo handlers and ammo aren’t exposed to overhead fire.”


Norfolk Southern C40-8W by Shawn Levy “NS train #345 (Birmingham-UP/New Orleans) has just been picked up by UP yard job AN-07 on the NS Back Belt at Marconi Drive for it’s trip across the Mississippi River to UP’s Avondale Yard.”



PBY Catalina by Joe Weathers: ” Although the framework gives the appearance of being frail, it wasn’t. It’s strength derived from the metal sheeting that was attached to it.”


Southern Pacific 745 Steam Engine by Shawn Levy: ‘After years of neglect sitting in Audubon Park (New Orleans) followed by years of meticulous reconstruction, the Southern Pacific 745 is back on the tracks.”


SP 745 II by Shawn Levy: “SP 745 slows to a stop during its test run on the KCS.”


Soviet Graveyard by Lt. Kevin Petty: “There is a wealth of abandoned Russian equipment throughout Afghanistan.”


St Charles Streetcar by Shawn Levy: “Here are a couple of photos I took of the Regional Transit Authority’s Streetcar.”


T-2 Buckeye by Michael Sheehan “. . . the T-2 had been the first jet flown by Navy and Marine Corps student pilots while earning their wings.”


Union Pacific SD70M by Shawn Levy “The cement frame that the train has just passed under is a floodgate, and is one of dozens that are part of the city’s flood protection system.”