September 23—-UPS and FedEx are still experiencing delays due to Ida’s aftermath

Still in effect:


“Gov. Edwards Reinstates Indoor Mask Mandate

The indoor mask mandate applies to anyone age five or older in all public places in the state  .  .  . regardless of whether people have the COVID-19 vaccine or not”

as reported by WVUE Fox 8

September 24, 2021

Heavy Metal

Alan Gomez showed off his building skills on this Metal Earth kit of the Dynamic Duo from Star Wars: R2 and C3Po.

r2 d2

They started off as 130 small pieces of pre-painted photo-etch. On a difficulty scale of 1 to 10, Metal Earth rates this kit as a 9.

r2 d2

There were a lot of compound curves that needed shaping and rounding.

August 27, 2021

Colonial Raptor

By Charlie Walker

I did this Moebius Battlestar Galactica Colonial Raptor as a ‘what if’ version of a futuristic A6 Intruder flying from the USS John Stennis. It was painted and decaled for the U.S. Navy Blue Diamonds Squadron.

Colonial Raptor

I lengthened the landing gear and added skids. The pilots are 1/32 resin Aero Bonus Crusader pilots, which I had to shave a bit off the pilots outside leg and cut some of his toes off to fit him in. I also added the control sticks.

I can’t tell you how many times I changed the weapons load. What was finally used was the Moebius Armament Set and also added some modern U. S. Aircraft Weapons including:

2 – AIM 120 AMRAMMs

2 – AGM 65 Mavericks

2 – AIM 9B Sidewinders

1 – GBU 10 Paveway II

1 – Infamous Toilet Bomb

Colonial Raptor

If you look closely, you’ll see a “toilet bomb” under the port wing.  There actually was a toilet bomb. . It was a real toilet that was packed with C4. It was installed on the port side where the CAG couldn’t see it when he was launching a Sandy Skyraider. When it was dropped, it whistled and tumbled all the way down.



Last October Hub Hobby’s old building on Broad St was demolished. Word of it being torn down spread like wildfire.

One of our customers, Jim Letten, was emailed by his friend Martin about the demolition of their childhood hang-out.

The subject line was: ROSEBUD

“Rosebud” was the dying word spoken by Orsen Welles in the movie Citizen Kane: a reference to his childhood sled – the symbol of memories of youthful innocence.

I’ve known Jim for at least 40 years and he has given us permission to publish his reply to his friends email.

Read it here

hub hobby shop

“”Quarter Light” is copyrighted by William Wolfe and is used with his permission     

  New Orleans, Louisiana