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Here’s a sampling of what the delivery trucks brought us – – –

April 3, 2020

Obviously we won’t have any new stuff for a while since we’re “Sheltering in Place.”

But here’s what arrived during the two week period prior to Louisiana being closed  =   =   =   =   =

New For the Week Ending March 14, 2020

AMT & Revell

’65 Ford Mustang Fastback 1:32 AMT/1042

’65 Lincoln Continental 1:25 AMT/1081

’62 Pontiac Catalina Gasser II 1:25 AMT/1092

16pc Hobby Knife Set AMT/46

56 Piece Deluxe Hobby Knife Set AMT/47

Star Trek Enterprise 1701-C AMT/661

’40 Ford Gene Winfield 1:25 AMT/769

’70 Chevy Impala 1:25 AMT/895

Geo Barris Surf Woody 1:25 ## AMT/976

Revell Jr Roadster Convertible RMX/1001

Revell Jr Police Car RMX/1002

Revell Jr Off Road Vehicle RMX/1003

Surfite W/fig 1:25 ## RMX/4347

’13 Camaro Zl-1 1:25 RMX/4370


Ms-07B-3 Gouf Custom Gundam 08th Team MG BAN/100567

Msm-07S Char Z’Gok MG 1:100 BAN/122718

Wing Gundam Vs Ka Gundam Wing EW MG BAN/123714

Wing Gundam Zero Custom EW MG BAN/129454

Ball ver Ka Bandai MG BAN/131412

Infinite Justice Gundam Seed MG BAN/156649

BlitZ Gundam Gundam Seed MG BAN/175702

Aile Strike Gundam ver Rm MG BAN/181349

Providence Gundam Bandai MG BAN/215629

19 Gundam Love Phantom Gundab Build HGBD BAN/5055341

216 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex Gold Coatin BAN/5055342

Gundam Dynames Gundam 00 MG 1:100 BAN/5056767

154 Ms-06R-1A Zaku II Shin MatsunagaHGUC BAN/5057749

32 Nu Gundam Char’s Counterattack RG:144 BAN/5057842

194 Gundam Mk-II Titans Z Gindam HGUC BAN/5057985

Pikachu Pokemon Model CollectN BAN/5058110

Mewtwo Pokemon Model Collectin BAN/5058111

02 Lightning Blue Beargguy Hg BAN/5059146

03Winning Ylwpetit Beargguy Hg BAN/5059147

Petit’Gguy Cha Cha White Hg BAN/5059149

Pandagguy Gundan Bld Fightr Hg BAN/5059150

Petit’Gguy Stray Black & Cat BAN/5059151

Petit’Gguy WoofWoof White BAN/5059152

44 Guncannon Mass Prod Type 0080 HGUC BAN/5059157

47 RX-78NT-1 Gundam Alex Bandai HGUC BAN/5059158

104 RGM-89S Stark Jegan HGUC BAN/5059161

Rgm-79C Gm Type C Gundam 0083 HGUC BAN/5059163

Rx-79G Ground Gundam Type HGUC BAN/5059169

Gundam Mk-II Ver.2.0 Z Gundam MG BAN/138412

Gundam Heavyarms Ver Ew MG BAN/173903

10 Gundam Local Type The Origin HG BAN/5055725

Msv 6 105 Dagger + Gunbarrel HG BAN/5056813

02 Guntank Early Type HG IBO BAN/5057731

03 Zaku II Caia/Mash Custom The OriginHG BAN/5057732

196 Gouf Revive Mobile Suit Gundam HGUC BAN/5058007

08 Core Gundam & Marsfour Unit HGBD1:144 BAN/5058301

66 00 Qan(T)Gundam 00 Bandai HG 00 BAN/5058784

68 Gundam Harute Hg 00 See 164576 BAN/5058785

Kobu-Kai Sakura Shinguji Type HG 1:20 BAN/5058877

Kobu-Kai Ichiro Ogami Type HG 1:20 BAN/5058878

Rx-79G Ground Gundam Type HGUC BAN/5059169

Waff Gundam The Origin HG See 206308 BAN/5059239

Uss Wasp Lhd-1 1:70 HBB/83402

HLR-80835 1/200 Spanish Galleon Sailing Ship

HLR-80892 1/200 Le Royal Louis Sailing Ship

ITA-83 1/72 F/A18E Super Hornet USN Aircraft

ITA-1394 1/72 F/A18 Hornet Tiger Meet 2016 Special Color Aircraft

ITA-2791 1/48 F/A18E Super Hornet Fighter

KAL-12488 The DCC Guide 2nd Edition

KAL-12497 Waterfront Terminals & Operations

KAL-12499 Easy Model Railroad Scenery Projects

MGK-MMS6 The Wandering Earth Movie: 1/200 CN373 Iron Ore Cargo Truck (Snap)

Walthers HO

Policemen 6/

People & Pets 6/

Dogs & Cats 11/

Road Crew Details

Assorted Junk

People & Pesky Racoons

Gone Fishing 6/

Backyard Basics

Street Items 10/

New For the Week Ending March 7, 2020


AAN-273 1/175 B52 Bomber & X15 Aircraft (formerly Revell)

AAN-301 1/48 US M46 Patton Tank (formerly Aurora)

AAN-303 1/48 Russian JS III Stalin Tank (formerly Aurora)

AAN-502 1/48 H25A Army Mule Helicopter (formerly Aurora)

AAN-611 1/500 USS Ticonderoga CV14 Angled Flight Deck Aircraft Carrier (Renewal Tooling)

AAN-1301 1/25 Ed Big Daddy Roth Mr. Gasser Car w/Monster Figure (formerly Revell)

AAN-1402 1/48 White-Fruehauf Gas Truck w/2 Figures (formerly Revell)

AAN-1833 1/110 Atlas Ballistic Missile w/Gantry & Mercury Capsule (formerly Revell)

AAN-6600 1/32 Tom Daniel’s Roar’ N Peace Motorcycle & Leap Hog 3-Wheeler (Snap) (formerly Monogram)


ARX-2340 1/72 Higgins Boat LCVP D-Day

ARX-3090 1/72 Messerschmitt Me262A2A Fighter

ARX-3091 1/72 MiG17 Fresco (Shenyang J5) Fighter

ARX-5138 1/48 P51D Mustang (Filletless Tails) USAAF Fighter

ARX-6019 1/72 FG1 Phantom RAF Aircraft

Walther HO

Trainline Boxcar ACL 931-1400

Trainline Boxcar NYC 931-1403

TL Hopper IC 931-1426

40′ Ofst Quad Hop N&W 931-1655

40′ Ofst Quad Hop PEABODY 931-1658

40′ Ofst Quad Hop PPLX 931-1659

50′ Flatcar BN 931-1601

50′ Flatcar UP 931-1603

Flat Car CP 931-1460

Flat Car CHESSIE 931-1461

Flat Car TTX 931-1463

TL Log Crane CHESSIE/B&O 931-1782

TL Log Crane UP #19436 931-1783

Tank Car BN-FT 931-1440

Tank Car BCOL 931-1441

Tank Car UP-T 931-1443

Tank Car CN #990990 931-1445

40′ Tank Car GULF 931-1612

40′ Tank Car Bakers Choco 931-1615

Cab Wide-Vision BN 931-1501

Cab Wide-Vision BNSF