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Here’s a sampling of what the delivery trucks brought us – – –


Arrivals for April 15 and 16, 2021

RVL-34105 100ml Acrylic White Mat Spray

RVL-34108 100ml Acrylic Black Mat Spray

RVL-34146 100ml Acrylic NATO Olive Mat Spray

RVL-34188 100ml Acrylic Ochre Brown Mat Spray

TAM-8104 Paint Mixing Jar (23ml Bottle)

TAM-81044 Paint Mixing Jar Mini Round (10ml Bottle)

TES-281220 5/8oz. Tube Non-Toxic Plastic Cement

VLJ-825 17ml Bottle German Camouflage Pale Brown Model Color

VLJ-842 17ml Bottle Glossy White Model Color

VLJ-921 17ml Bottle English Uniform Green Model Color

VLJ-934 17ml Bottle Transparent Red Model Color

VLJ-950 17ml Bottle Black Model Color

VLJ-959 17ml Bottle Purple Model Color

VLJ-967 17ml Bottle Olive Green Model Color

VLJ-986 17ml Bottle Deck Tan Model Color

VLJ-71094 17ml Bottle Green Zinc Chromate Model Air

VLJ-71199 200ml Bottle Airbrush Cleaner

VLJ-73600 60ml Bottle White Surface Primer

WOO-1124 Plastic Tree Armatures 2-1/2″ – 4″ Pine (70)

WOO-1436 Sub Terrain Replacement Hot Wire (4′)

WOO-2980 HO Barbed Wire Fence (15pcs)

AMT1135 1/32 1960 Ford Thunderbird

AMT1167 1/25 1925 Ford T Chopped

AMT1181 1/32 1932 Ford Scale Stars

AMT1182 1/25 1927 Ford T Vintage Police Car

RMX854192 1/24 60’s Beetle Type 1

RMX854217 1/25 ’68 Dodge Hemi Dart 2 ‘n 1

MX854497 1/25 66 Chevy Impala SS 396 2N1

AMT1013 1/25 1961 Chevy Impala SS

AMT1142M 1/25 1972 Chevy Nova SS Old Pro

MPC710 1/24 1967 Pontiac GTO

MPC892 1/25 Ed Roth’s Mail Box Clipper Trick Trike Series

MPC897 Torque Trike (Trick Trikes Series)

MPC901M 1/25 1978 Dodge D100 Custom Pickup

MPC905M 1/25 1974 Chevy Vega Modified Rat Trap

MPC918M 1/25 1967 Pontiac GTO 2T

MPC924M 1/25 1933 Willys Panel Paddy Wagon (Monopoly)

 MPC926 1/25 1932 Chrysler Imperial Gangbusters



Arrivals for Friday, April 9, 2021

Walthers HO kits

Lakeville Mdrn Warehouse 933-2917

Mission style frt house 933-2921

Engineering Office Kit 933-2967

Front Street Warehouse 933-3069

River City Textiles Kit 933-3178

Arrowhead Ale Bckgrnd Bld 933-3193

Rurl Lancaster Farm house 933-3333

AMT1114M 1/25 1980 Toyota Hilux SR5 Pickup Snap

AMT1156 1/25 1976 Chevy Vega Funny Car

AMT1159 1/16 1957 Chevy Bel Air Convertible

RMX851529 1/25 ’57 CHEVY BEL AIR Snap

RMX854313 1/25 ’69 Boss 302 Mustang

RMX854416 1/25 70 Plymouth AAR Cuda

RMX854445 1/25 ’68 Chevelle SS 396

RMX854496 1/24 86 Monte Carlo SS 2N1

MPC878 1/25 1969 Dodge Country Charger R/T

MPC890 1/25 1978 Batman Joker Goon Car, Dodge Monaco

MPC916M 1/25 1977 Pontiac Firebird Convertible

MPC922M 1/25 1978 Dodge Monaco CHP Police Car

MPC925 1/25 1976 Dodge Dart Sport



Hakai-O Little Battlers eXperience LBX BAN/5057587

02 eEXM-17 Alto Yellow Bandai 30mm BAN/5057779

04 bEXM-15 Portanova Green 30mm BAN/5057795

08 Gen Little Battlers Experie BAN/5058108

05 Nu-Zeon Gundam Build Divers HG 1:144 BAN/5058220

230 Death Army’G Gundam’HGFC 1:144 BAN/5058221

Gundam Barbatos Gundam IBO MG 1:100 BAN/5058222

11 Fenrir Little Battlers eXperience LBX BAN/5058229

12 Destroyer Z Little Battlers experience BAN/5058230

2 Hyper Function LBX Emperor LBX BAN/5058231

13 Nemesis Little Battlers eXperienceLBX BAN/5058314

14 Nightmare’Little Battlers eXperience’ BAN/5058315

13 Eexm-17 Alto Black 30MM BAN/5058913

14 Bexm-15 Portanova Navy 30mm BAN/5058914

16 Gundam Tertium Gundam Build Divers BAN/5058918

16 Bexm-15 Portanova (Brown)30mm 2506560 BAN/5059001

30 bEXM-15 Portanova Marine Type 30mm BAN/5060754

Spiricle Striker Mugen Claris Type1:24 BAN/5060776


There’s still some Testors Model Master paint in the pipeline!

Insignia Red Fs31136 TES/1705

Insignia Yelw Fs 33538 TES/1708

Dark Green Fs34079 TES/1710

Light Gray Fs36495 TES/1732

Gloss Black Fs17038

Flat Black Fs37038

Aluminum TES/1781

Modern Desert Sand Spra TES/1963

Sac Bomber Green Spray TES/1993

Gloss Clear Top Coat TES/2936

Guards Red Acryl TES/4632

Wood Acryl TES/4673


Vallejo paint

Mahogany Brown 17ml VAL/70846

Pastel Blue 17ml VAL/70901

White 17ml VAL/70951

Green Grey 17ml VAL/70971

Gold 17ml VAL/70996

Silver 17ml VAL/70997

Steel 17ml VAL/71065

Camouflage Brown 17ml VAL/71117

Aged White 17ml VAL/71132



Arrivals for April 1, 2021

BRU-13 MicroBrush MHU10 Blue: Ultrabrush

ENK-80028 2ml Multi-Use Straight Tip Syringes (8) (Bagged)

HSX-400 Sanding Needles (3ea of 3 diff grits/Bag)

TSM-9924 Model Micro Chisel 2mm x 2mm Square Tip

AMT1214 1/25 Steve McGee Black Beauty Wedge Dragster

AMT1216M 1/25 1988 Ford Mustang

AMT1217M 1/25 1969 Ford Torino Cobra Fastback

AMT1220M 1/25 2006 Nissan 350Z

AMT1226M 1/25 Street Fury 1958 Plymouth Slammers SNAP

AMT1227M Street Heat 1998 Chrysler Concorde – Slammers SNAP

AMT634 1/25 1968 Shelby GT500

AMT636 1/25 1966 Chevy Nova Pro Street

AMT638 1/25 1957 Bel Air

AMT800 1/25 ’67 Shelby GT350, White

AMT801 1/25 1958 Plymouth Belvedere, Christine

AMT834 1/25 ’67 Shelby GT350, Black

AMT858 1/25 1978 Ford Pick-Up. Firestone Super Stores

AMT861 1/25 1963 Chevy Corvette

AMT862 1/25 1951 Chevy Bel Air

AMT868 1/25 1968 Camaro Z/28

AMT876 1/25 1967 Chevy Chevelle Pro Street

AMT882 1/25 1953 Ford Pickup

AMT981 1/25 1967 Chevy Impala SS, Stock

A Bunch of Paint!

VLJ-737 17ml Bottle Fluorescent Green Model Color

VLJ-864 17ml Bottle Natural Steel Model Color

VLJ-869 17ml Bottle Basalt Grey Model Color

VLJ-879 17ml Bottle Green Brown Model Color

VLJ-940 17ml Bottle Saddle Brown Model Color

VLJ-992 17ml Bottle Neutral Grey Model Color

VLJ-995 17ml Bottle German Grey Model Color

VLJ-884 17ml Bottle Stone Grey Model Color

VLJ-906 17ml Bottle Pale Blue Model Color

VLJ-953 17ml Bottle Flat Yellow Model Color

VLJ-960 17ml Bottle Violet Model Color

VLJ-961 17ml Bottle Sky Blue Model Color

VLJ-962 17ml Bottle Flat Blue Model Color

VLJ-989 17ml Bottle Sky Grey Model Color

VLJ-71001 17ml Bottle White Model Air

VLJ-71057 17ml Bottle Black Model Air

VLJ-71063 17ml Bottle Silver RLM01 Model Air

VLJ-71064 17ml Bottle Metallic Chrome Model Air

VLJ-71066 17ml Bottle Metallic Gold Model Air

VLJ-71073 17ml Bottle Metallic Black Model Air

VLJ-71080 17ml Bottle Rust Model Air

VLJ-71099 85ml Bottle Airbrush Cleaner

VLJ-71131 17ml Bottle Concrete Model Air

VLJ-73602 60ml Bottle Black Surface Primer

RVL-34101 100ml Acrylic Clear Gloss Spray

RVL-34125 100ml Acrylic Luminous Orange Mat Spray

RVL-34190 100ml Acrylic Silver Metallic Spray

RVL-34194 100ml Acrylic Gold Metallic Spray

RVL-34199 100ml Acrylic Aluminum Metallic Spray

RVL-34302 100ml Acrylic Black Silk Spray

RVL-36191 18ml Bottle Acrylic Steel Metallic (6/Bx)

RVL-34108 100ml Acrylic Black Mat Spray

RVL-34109 100ml Acrylic Anthracite Grey Mat Spray

RVL-34176 100ml Acrylic USAF Light Grey Mat Spray

RVL-34371 100ml Acrylic Light Grey Silk Spray


TAM-AS5 Light Blue (Luftwaffe) Aircraft Lacquer Spray

TAM-AS10 Ocean Gray (RAF) Aircraft Lacquer Spray

TAM-AS18 Light Gray (IJA) Aircraft Lacquer Spray

TAM-TS20 Metallic Green Lacquer Spray

TAM-TS27 Matte White Lacquer Spray

TAM-TS76 Mica Silver Lacquer Spray

TAM-87030 Masking Tape 6mm w/Dispenser

TAM-87031 Masking Tape 10mm w/Dispenser

TAM-87033 Masking Tape Refill 6mm


Arrivals for March 18 and 19, 2021

Build Up Nipper BAN/5057475

227 Unicorn Gundam 03 Phenex HGUC 1:144 BAN/5058087

229 Penelope Hathaway’s Flash HGUC 1:144 BAN/5058204

230 Death Army’G Gundam’HGFC 1:144 BAN/5058221

4 MS-06F Zaku II FS HGUC BAN/5059156

Spiricle Striker Mugen (Seijuro Kamiyama BAN/5059540

Gran-Saurer Go-Saurer HG Eldoran 1:300 BAN/5059551

Spiricle Striker Mugen (Azami Mochizuki BAN/5059555

37 Rising Gundam(Special Color Ver)HGBD BAN/5060744

Earth Colors Stn Gry 4oz 785-1218

Earth Colors Wht 4oz 785-1216

Earth Colors Blk 4oz 785-1220

Earth Colors Raw Umbr 4oz 785-1221

Earth Colors BrntUmbr 4oz 785-1222

Earth Colors Ylw Ochr 4oz 785-1223

Earth Colors Concrete 4oz 785-1217

Earth color kit 8/ 785-1215

Asphalt Paving 4oz 785-1453

Paving tape 1/4″x30′ 785-1455

Concrete Paving Top 4oz 785-1454

Water Undrct Navy Blu 4oz 785-4531

Water Undrct Olv Drab 4oz 785-4534

Water Undrct Ylw Silt 4oz 785-4535

Water Tint Navy Blue 2oz 785-4519

Water Tint Turquoise 2oz 785-4520

Water Tint Moss Green 2oz 785-4521

Water Tint Murky 2oz 785-4525

Surface Water Effects 4oz 785-4515

Surface Water Waves 4oz 785-4516

Deep Pour Water Clr 12oz

AAN-506 1/72 AH56A Cheyenne US Army Helicopter (formerly Aurora)

EDU-7437 1/72 Hellcat Mk I Fighter (Wkd Edition Plastic Kit)

EDU-7439 1/72 Fw190A5 Light Fighter (Wkd Edition Plastic Kit)

EDU-7449 1/72 Spitfire HF Mk VIII Aircraft (Wkd Edition Plastic Kit)

EDU-7451 1/72 MiG21MF Fighter/Bomber (Wkd Edition Plastic Kit)

EDU-8453 1/48 SE5a Hispano Suiza Fighter (Wkd Edition Plastic Kit)

EDU-84122 1/48 Fw190A8 Fighter (Wkd Edition Plastic Kit)

EDU-84141 1/48 Spitfire Mk XVI Bubbletop Fighter (Wkd Edition Plastic Kit)

EDU-84142 1/48 Bf109G6 Erla Fighter (Wkd Edition Plastic Kit)

EDU-84143 1/48 Bf109G6 Mtt Regensburg Fighter (Wkd Edition Plastic Kit)


EST-804 Firehawk Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level E2X)

EST-1948 Big Bertha Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level 1)

HSX-101 Hobby Stix Swizzle Stick Sanders (15 diff grits/Bag)

HSX-102 Hobby Stix Swizzle Stick Fine Sanders (15 diff grits/Bag)

HSX-402 240 Grit Medium Sanding Needles (8/Bag)

HSX-403 320 Grits Fine Sanding Needles (8/Bag)

PGH-8409 1/48 A6M2 Mod 21 Zero Fighter (Snap)

PGH-9102 1/32 Alpha Centauri UFO Short Range Saucers (2)

PGH-9103 1/350 Mercury 9 Rocketship (13-1/2″ Tall)

PGH-9119 1/144 Haunebu II German WWII UFO Saucer

RVL-34178 100ml Acrylic Tank Grey Mat Spray

RVL-36108 18ml Bottle Acrylic Black Mat

TAM-87141 Round/Flat Craft Cotton Swab (50)

VLJ-803 17ml Bottle Brown Rose Model Color

VLJ-809 17ml Bottle Royal Blue Model Color

VLJ-810 17ml Bottle Royal Purple Model Color

VLJ-851 17ml Bottle Bright Orange Model Color

VLJ-859 17ml Bottle Black Red Model Color

VLJ-860 17ml Bottle Medium Fleshtone Model Color

VLJ-900 17ml Bottle French Mirage Blue Model Color

VLJ-916 17ml Bottle Sand Yellow Model Color

VLJ-917 17ml Bottle Beige Model Color

VLJ-918 17ml Bottle Ivory Model Color

VLJ-920 17ml Bottle German Uniform Green Model Color

VLJ-957 17ml Bottle Flat Red Model Color

VLJ-968 17ml Bottle Flat Green Model Color

VLJ-71088 17ml Bottle French Blue Model Air

VLJ-71161 200ml Bottle Airbrush Thinner

VLJ-71261 17ml Bottle Airbrush Thinner

XUR-90333 Professional Photo-Etch Scissors


Arrivals of March 11, 2021

RVL02165  1/87 Big Boy Locomotive

TAM24123 1/24 Toyota Supra

TAM24247 1/24 Porsche GT2 Street Version

EST2008 Generic E2X

EST2483 Phantom Blue Rocket ARF

EST7300 Ghost Chaser Snap Together Beginner

EST7301 Green Eggs (Egg Launcher) rocket kit

EST7285 LEO Space Train

EST1250 Interceptor Kit SK2

EST2056 U.S. Army Patriot M-104 Rocket Kit Skill Level 1

EST1921  Mercury Red Stone

TAM87149 Sanding Sponge Sheet 1000

TAM87150 Sanding Sponge Sheet 1500

TAM87170 Sanding Sponge Sheet 2000

TAM87048 Hi Finish Pointed Brush UltraFn

TAM87050 Hi Finish Pointed Brush Small

TAM87083 Weathering Sponge Brush, Medium

TAM87084 Weathering Sponge Brush, Fine

TAM87125 15 Well Palette

TAM24354 1/24 Ford Mustang GT4


To Arrive Monday, March 15

Strike Freedom Gundam Seed Destiny MG BAN/148083

Sinanju Animation Color Gundam UC MG BAN/181597

Freedom Gundam ver 2.0 Gundam Seed MG BAN/204883

Dreadnought Yamato 2202 Star Blazr :1000 BAN/216388

02 Mew Pokemon Quick Kit BAN/2541923

219 Dijeh Zeta Gundam HGUC 1:144 BAN/5055577

120 Rgm-79N Gm Custom HGUC 2101618 BAN/5057400

Clear Action Base 1 1:100 Bx-10 BAN/5057417

130 RGM-96X Jesta Bandai HGUC BAN/5057592

02 Guntank Early Type The Origin HG BAN/5057731

19 Zaku Half Cannon HG 1:144 BAN/5057976

178 Full Armor Unicorn Gundam HGUC 1:144 BAN/5058005

Black Action Base 1 1:100  BAN/5058009

Gunner Zaku Warrior MG BAN/5058184

Gundam Barbatos Gundam IBO MG 1:100 BAN/5058222

23 Uraven Gundam Build Divers HGBD 1:144 BAN/5059223

Gray Disp Stnd Act Base  1:100 BAN/5059255

234 MS-06S Char’s Zaku II HGUC 1:144 BAN/5060453

Spiricle Striker Mugen (Claris Type)1:24 BAN/5060740

39 Gundam 00 Sky Moebius HGBD 1:144 BAN/5060758


Arrivals for March 4 and 8, 2021

Two news Revell paint racks – – 88 enamels – – 88 acrylics – – 33 acrylic sprays – – 5 types of glue

Vallejo Meccha paint


Foam Putty 16oz 785-1447

Turf Shkr 32oz Brt Grs Fn 785-1344

Turf Shkr 32oz Ylw Grs Cr 785-1361

Scenic Glue 8oz 785-190

E-Z Water 16oz 785-1206

Scene-A-Rama Gravel 2oz 785-4190

Scene-A-Rama Rocks 2oz 785-4191

Scene-A-Rama Low Gwth 2oz 785-4183

Scene-A-Rama Plants 2oz 785-4185

Scene-A-Rama Flowers 2oz 785-4188

Scene-A-Rama Snow 2oz 785-4187

Scene-A-Rama Grass 2oz 785-4180



Service Van Speedy Movers 949-12206

Dlvry Van Homemade Bakery 949-12202

Dlvry Van FedEx Express 949-12203

Dlvry Van Bel Aire Flwrs 949-12205

Dlvry Van USPS We Deliver 949-12208


TAM61058 1/48 A1H Skyraider USN Plastic Model

AMT1035M 1/25 2017 Chevy Camaro 50th Anniversary

AMT1058 1/25 1959 Chevy El Camino, Original Art Series

AMT1074M 1/25 2017 Chevy Camaro SS1LE

AMT1076 1/25 1950 Chevy Pickup

AMT1097 1/25 1970 Chevy Corvette Coupe

AMT1118 1/25 1971 Plymouth Duster 340

AMT1124 1/25 1967 Impala, NightHunter

AMT1136 1/25 1959 Chrysler Imperial

AMT1143M 1/25 1970 Chevy Chevelle 22

AMT1149M 1/25 1963 Chevy Impala SS

AMT1155 1/25 1970 Camaro Z28 Full Bumper

AMT1171M 1/25 Plymouth Valiant Scamp Kit Car

AMT1172M 1/25 1970 Ford Galaxie Police Car James Bond

AMT1175 1/25 1966 Buick Wildcat

AMT1176M 1/25 1965 Dodge Coronet Snap

AMT1180M 1/25 1969 Plymouth GTX Hardtop Pro Street

AMT1183 1/25 1966 Chevy Impala Modified Stocker

AMT1186 1/25 1963 Ford Galaxie

AMT1188M 1/25 1964 Plymouth Belvedere w/ Straight 6 Engine

AMT1191M 1/25 1965 Pontiac GTO

AKI-603 1 Size Synthetic Round Brush

AKI-604 2 Size Synthetic Round Brush

AKI-606 6 Size Synthetic Round Brush

AKI-607 8 Size Synthetic Round Brush

AKI-609 2 Size Synthetic Flat Brush

Gundams – – due in Monday, March 4

RGZ-95 ReZel Commander Type MG BAN/166786

155 Gundam Ez8 08th Ms Team HGUC BAN/5055753

22 Msn-02 Zeong Bandai HGUC 1103327 BAN/5055874

159 Gerbera Tetra Gundam 0083 HGUC BAN/5055886

167 Gundam F91 HGUC BAN/5057955

114 Rb-79 Ball Twin Set HGUC 1:144 BAN/5058004

195 Qubeley Z Gundam HGUC BAN/5058006

Gundam G40 Industrial Design Ver 1:144HG BAN/5058183

87 Ms-06F Zaku II FZ HGUC BAN/5058262

Soryumaru Bandai Spirits HG 1:144 BAN/5058311

32 MS-06S Char’s Zaku II HGUC BAN/5058888

231 Gundam Infinite Justice HGCE 1:144 BAN/5058930

64 Zaku I Mobile Suit Gundam HGUC 1:144 BAN/5059159

163 Gundam Double X HGUC BAN/5059166

176 Strike Rouge Gundam Seed HGCE BAN/5059167

33 Gundam Aegis Knight HGBD 1:144 BAN/5059543

Gundam Kyrios Gundam 00 MG 1:100 BAN/5059547

Lugia Pokemon Kit BAN/5060463

Ho-On Pokemon Kit BAN/5060464

Pokemon Reshiram Model Kit BAN/5060465

Zekrom Pokemon Model Kit BAN/5060466

Rayquaza Pokemon Model Kit BAN/5061199


Arrivals for February 19, 2021

(Weather upstream permitting)



Bf-109T-2 1:48 ACD/12225

Ah-64A Apache 1:48 ACD/12262

Tbm-3 Uss Bunker Hill 1:48 ACD/12285

Usaf F-15E Seymour Johnson :48 ACD/12295

A-10A Warthog Iraqi Free 1:72 ACD/12402

F/A-18C Chippy Ho 1:72 ACD/12432

Il-2M Shturmovik 1:72 ACD/12510

Ah 64D Block Ii 1:72 ACD/12514

P-47D & F-86E Gabreski 1:72 ACD/12530

USS Enterprise CVN-65 1:600 ACD/14400

ACY-14102 1/350 USS Oliver Hazard Perry FFG7 Guided Missile Frigate

ACY-14103 1/350 Admiral Graf Spee German Pocket Battleship

ACY-14401 1/400 USS Missouri BB63 Battleship



28 Try Burning Gundam HGBF BAN/5055437

202 RGM-79 GM Ground Type HGUC BAN/5055757

191 Rx-78-2 Gundam Revive HGUC BAN/5057403

Entry Nipper Blue BAN/5057474

Build Up Nipper BAN/5057475

Entry Nipper Red BAN/5057577

Entry Nipper White BAN/5057578

Ms-06S Zaku II Principality of Zeon HGBAN/5057656

167 Gundam F91 HGUC BAN/5057955

Gunner Zaku Warrior MG BAN/5058184

99 NZ-666 Kshatriya HGUC BAN/5058263

197 Gyan (Revive)Mobile Suit Gundam HGUC BAN/5059240

17 Wing Gundam Fenice Rinascita HGBF BAN/5059563

BB#398 Lightning Gundam Build FighterTry BAN/5060689

Eva-02 Entry Start Evangelion 3.0+1.0 BAN/61096


Morser Karl + RTC 2 EA 1:144 DML/14509A

PanZerfahre GepanZerte 1:72 DML/7490

P-38J USAAF 1:48 MIN/11683

Masking Tape 6mm TAM/87030

P1500 Finishing Abrasives 3sht TAM/87059


Testors Model Master paint

Dark Blue TES/1211

Yellow  TES/1214

Primer  TES/1237

Candy Red TES/1605

Bug Yellow Spray 3×5.84 TES/1632

Insignia Red Fs31136 TES/1705

Insignia Yelw Fs 33538 TES/1708

Light Ghost Gr Fs36375 TES/1728

Gloss Black Fs17038 TES/1747

Flat Black Fs37038 TES/1749

Flat White Fs37875 TES/1768

Steel TES/1780

Gunmetal TES/1795

Gloss Clear Top Coat TES/2936

Skin Tone Tint BaseTES/4601

Clear Red Acryl TES/4630

Flat Clear Acryl 1oz TES/4636

Dark Blue Acryl TES/4660

Tan Acryl TES/4697

Fs34087 Olive Drab TES/4728

Fs36118 Gunship Gray TES/4752

Fs37038 Flat Black TES/4768

Black Wash 17ml VAL/69518


TAM61016 1/48 A6M2 Zero Fighter Type 21

TAM61034 1/48 Grumman F4F4 Wildcat

TAM61042 1/48 P51B Mustang

TAM61050 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf109E3

TAM61070 1/48 Vought F4U1A Corsair

TAM61094 1/48 Brewster B-339 Buffalo

TAM61117 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6

TAM61120 1/48 Lockheed P-38 F/G Lightning

TAM60741 1/72 Douglas F4D1 Skyray

TAM60748 1/72 Supermarine Spitfire MkI

TAM60769 1/72 P-47D Thunderbolt Razor Back

TAM60774 1/72 Vought F4U-1 Corsair Bird Cage

TAM60791 1/72 Lockheed Martin F-35 B Lightning II


AAN-5903 Red Baron Fokker TriPlane (formerly Monogram) (Snap)

AAN-6779 Snoopy & His Sopwith Camel BiPlane (Snap)(formerly Monogram)

White Freightliner 1:25 AMT/1004

White Dual Drive Tractor 1:25 AMT/620


ALC-400 1oz. Bottle Transparent Medium Lacquer

ALC-401 1oz. Bottle Transparent Red Lacquer

ALC-402 1oz. Bottle Transparent Yellow Lacquer

ALC-405 1oz. Bottle Transparent Smoke Lacquer

ALC-408 1oz. Bottle Armored Glass Tint Lacquer

ALC-413 1oz. Bottle Hot Metal Blue Lacquer

ALC-416 1oz. Bottle Hot Metal Sepia Lacquer


AMT-1221 1/25 Hostess Ford C900 Tilt Cab Tractor w/Trailer

HSX-401 150 Grit Coarse Sanding Needles (8/Bag)

HSX-402 240 Grit Medium Sanding Needles (8/Bag)

HSX-403 320 Grits Fine Sanding Needles (8/Bag)

NRY-25563 1/60 UH60 Black Hawk Helicopter (Die Cast)

NRY-25587 1/72 SH60 Sea Hawk USN Helicopter (Die Cast)

NRY-25597 1/72 HH60J Jayhawk Hawk USCG Helicopter (Die Cast)

NRY-25897 1/55 CH46 Sea Knight USMC Helicopter (Die Cast)

NRY-25907 1/48 Eurocopter Dauphin HH65C USCG San Francisco Helicopter (NRY-26113 1/72 Bell V22 Osprey Aircraft (Die Cast)

NRY-26123 1/55 Bell AH1Z Cobra Helicopter (Die Cast)

TSM-9921 Handrail Jig

TSM-9929 Sandpaper Handle Assortment

TSM-9969 Scraper Tool

TSM-9972 Zimmerit Plastic Sheet 8.27″x11.8″

Walthers HO

57′ Mech Rfr ARMN #715 910-3901

57′ Mech Rfr BAR #200 910-3905

57′ Mech Rfr GN/WFCX#8906 910-3910

50′ Flatcar ATSF #88985 931-1605

Tank Car CN #990990 931-1445

40′ Tank Car AMOX 931-1613

40′ Ofst Quad Hop PEABODY 931-1658

Boxcar ACL 931-1400

Boxcar NYC 931-1403

TL 50′ PD Boxcar SOO 931-1671

TL 50′ PD Boxcar UP 931-1672

TL 50′ PD Boxcar CP 931-1673

Tank Car CN #990990 931-1445

40′ Stock Car SP #166 931-1688