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Here’s a sampling of what the delivery trucks brought us – – –

Arrivals for the Week Ending May 13, 2023

TAM35269 1/35 M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tank

AMT1284 Volkswagen Superbug 1971 Unity Graphics (Coke)1:25

AMT1174 1/200 Saturn V Rocket

TAM61119 1/48 Supermarine Spitfire Mk.I


Arrivals for the Week Ending May 6, 2023

BAN-5062166 1/144 HG The Witch from Mercury Series: #02 Beguir-Beu

BAN-5063347 1/144 HG The Witch from Mercury Series: #06 Chuchu’s Demi Trainer

BAN-5063348 1/144 HG The Witch from Mercury Series: #05 Dilanza Standard Type/Lauda’s Dilanza

BAN-5064252 1/144 HG The Witch from Mercury Series: #11 Michaelis

BAN-5064254 1/144 HG The Witch from Mercury Series: #13 Mirasoul Flight Unit

BAN-5065016 1/144 HG The Witch from Mercury Series: #12 Beguir-Pente

BAN-5065020 1/144 HG The Witch from Mercury Series: #14 Zowort

BAN-5065021 1/144 HG The Witch from Mercury Series: #15 Tickbalang

BAN-5065101 1/144 HG The Witch from Mercury Series: #16 Heindree


GKO-350044 1/35 Welcome NW Europe June 1944 US Paratroopers (3) & Civilians (3)

GKO-350075 1/35 Modern Military Sand Gabion (10 high & 10 short)

GKO-350082 1/35 Modern US Soldier Combat Weapon Set

MNA-38058 1/35 Cafe Visitors (2) w/Waiter 1930s-40s

MNA-38062 1/35 French Civilians in Cafe (2) w/Waiter 1930s-40s

MOE-954 1/8 1966 Batman TV Series: Riddler

TAM61124 1/48 Lockheed Martin F-35A Lightning II


Arrivals for the Week Ending April 22, 2023



EST2056 U.S. Army Patriot M-104 Rocket Kit Skill Level 1

EST7282 Tazz Rocket Kit Advanced

EST1250 Interceptor Kit SK2



DLMBD44 Perfect Plastic Putty, 40ml

AAN-1806 1/56 Boeing IM99 Bomarc Ground-to-Air Guided Missile (formerly Revell)

AAN-6815 1/400 Boeing SST Supersonic Transport Passenger Airliner (formerly Monogram)


Wthrng Pwdr Dark Rust 1oz 493-3105

Wthrng Pwdr Lght Rust 1oz 493-3106

Wthrng Pwdr Dusty Brn 1oz 493-3113

Wthrng Pwdr Dirty Wht 1oz 493-3114

Wthrng Pwdr Soot Blk 1oz 493-3115

Wthrng Pwdr Deser Snd 1oz 493-3118

Wthrng Pwdr DeltaDirt 1oz 493-3120

Wthrng Pwdr Trra Ctta 1oz 493-3121

Wthrng Pwdr Dark Buff 1oz

Walther HO trains

Tank Car BN-FT 931-1440

Tank Car BCOL 931-1441

Tank Car UP-T 931-1443

Tank Car ATSF #98016 931-1444

40′ Ofst Quad Hop N&W

40′ Ofst Quad Hop CP 931-1656

40′ Ofst Quad Hop PEABODY 931-1658

40′ Ofst Quad Hop PPLX 931-1659

Flat Car CP 931-1460

Flat Car CHESSIE 931-1461

Flat Car DRGW 931-1462

Flat Car TTX 931-1463

40′ Stock Car UP 931-1680

40′ Stock Car NYC #3121 931-1687

40′ Stock Car SP #166 931-1688

Arrivals for the Week Ending April 15, 2023

(Due to Arrive Sometime Friday the 14th)

Building supplies:

Corrug side 1/8×1/16×24″ 521-437

Half round 1/4×24″ 521-498

Half round 3/16×24 521-496

Clpbrd cnvtnl 1/16″ spcng 521-6510

Clpbrd cnvtnl 3/32″ spcng 521-6512

Board & Batten 6″ 1/16spc 521-450

Board & Batten 6″ 3/16spc 521-452

Board & Batten 6″ 1/4 spc 521-449

Scrbd Shthng 3/32″ spcng 521-6509

Scenery Material:

Mat Access Kit Road 785-5151

Mat Access Kit Water 785-5153

Mat Access Kit Landscape 785-5152

Mat Access Kit Tree 785-5154

Paving tape 1/4″x30′ 785-1455


28 Tallgeese EW Gundam Wing RG 1:144 BAN/2418250

Kamen Rider Faiz BAN/2449538

Kamen Rider Kabuto BAN/2451782

01 eEXM-17 Alto White 30mm BAN/2469609

Kamen Rider Double Cyclone Joker BAN/2475037

Kamen Rider Kuuga Mighty Form Figure-Ris BAN/2505290

27 bEXM-14T Cielnova Dark Gray 30mm BAN/2518689

Masked Rider Hibiki Kamen Rider Fig Rise BAN/2521771

31 bEXM-14T Cielnova (White)30mm 2530630 BAN/2530630

Kamen Rider Fourze Basestates Fig-Rise BAN/2563764

KamenRider 000 Tatoba Combo Fig-Rise Std BAN/2563765

God Gundam RG 1:144 BAN/2583477

eEXM-S02M Forestieri 02 30mm BAN/2607528

Bulbasaur Pokemon Model Kit BAN/2662874


Model Rockets:

Sky Warrior EST/7239

Super Nova Skil-2 EST/7248

Superbird Rocket Kit Skil-2 QST/2010



Plastic models:

Fist of War German sdkfz 553/A Mech 1:35 MDC/35004

WWII German E60 12.8cm Tank w/armor 1:35 MDC/35010

Fist of War German E60 w/twin 128 1:35 MDC/35011

WWII German E75 Heavy Tank w/122mm 1:35 MDC/35012

German sdkfz 553 Kaiserkafer 1:35 MDC/35042


Arrivals for the Week Ending April 1, 2023


73 Gaplant TR-5 Hrairoo HGUC BAN/2000734

91 Geara Doga Char’s Counterattack HGUC BAN/2032601

Unicorn Gundam Gundam UC MG 1:100 BAN/2091000

Gundam Deathscythe EW Bandai MG BAN/2091973

157 Messala Z Gundam HGUC 1:144 BAN/2203511

190 Rx-77-2 Guncannon Mobile Suit HGUC BAN/2301233

Justice Gundam Seed MG  BAN/2374530

Gundam Avalanche Exia BAN/2428533

Dukemon/Gallantmon Amplified Fig-rise St BAN/2553218

Wargreymon ‘Digimon’Fig-Rise Std BAN/2567649

Omegamon X-Antibody ‘Digimon’Fig-Rise Am BAN/2569333

Metalgarurumon Digimon Fig-Rise Std BAN/2569337

Magnamon Fig-Rise Std BAN/2569340

Sanding Stick Set BAN/2569558

Sanding Stick Set Mini BAN/2569559

09 Demi Trainer’The Witch from MercuryHG BAN/2604770

Boat Models

ACY-14107 1/350 USS Indianapolis CA35 Heavy Cruiser

ACY-14204 1/200 Bedford Whaler Sailing Ship

ACY-14207 1/240 Roman Warship

ACY-14210 1/800 USS Kitty Hawk CV63 Aircraft Carrier

ACY-14212 1/800 USS Eisenhower CVN69 Aircraft Carrier

ACY-14213 1/800 USS Nimitz CVN68 Aircraft Carrier

ACY-14217 1/1000 RMS Titanic Ocean Liner (Snap)

TSM-4523 1/350 USS Arleigh Burke DDG51 Guided Missile Destroyer

TSM-4526 1/350 USS Lassen DDG82 Arleigh Burke Class Flight IIa Guided Missile Destroyer

TSM-4549 1/350 USS Freedom LCS1 Littoral Combat Ship

AMT1415 Star Trek K-7 Space Station 1/7600

AMT1348 Star Wars: The Bad Batch Havoc Marauder, 1/144th

Contour Mesh Alum 1/16″ 126-50004

WaterProof Abrasive Assrt 232-110

Touch-n-Flow Applicator 232-711

Cyanoacrylate Applicator 232-805

Arrivals for the Week Ending March 25, 2023 

ACY-12208 1/48 WWII P38F Glacier Girl Fighter

ACY-12280 1/48 P40C Tomahawk Flying Tigers Fighter

ACY-12327 1/48 WWII Focke Wulf TA183 Huckebein German Fighter

ACY-12329 1/48 SBD5 USN Bomber Battle of the Philippine Sea

ACY-12331 1/48 SBD1 USMC Bomber Pearl Harbor

ACY-12340 1/48 TBF1C USN Torpedo Bomber Battle of Leyte Gulf

ACY-12451 1/72 F4F4 Wildcat USN Fighter

ACY-12455 1/72 MiG27 Flogger D Fighter

ACY-12475 1/72 F117A Stealth USAF Fighter

ACY-12487 1/72 PBY5A Black Cat Aircraft

ACY-12576 1/72 F104C USAF Fighter Vietnam War

AKI-609 2 Size Synthetic Flat Brush

AKI-9127 Metal Painting Alligator Clips w/Plastic Tips

ALC-106 1oz. Bottle White Aluminum Lacquer

ALC-119 1oz. Bottle Airframe Aluminum Lacquer

ALC-600 4oz. Bottle Aqua Acrylic Gloss Varnish

GUZ-P119 Mr. Dissolved Putty 40ml Bottle (6/Bx)


HSG-235 1/72 Sea Harrier FRS MK 1 Aircraft

HSG-444 1/72 F16B Plus Falcon Aircraft

HSG-448 1/72 F16C/J Block 50 Fighter

HSG-454 1/72 AV8B Harrier II Plus USMC Attacker

A-4E/F Skyhawk 1:72 HSG/239

A-6E Intruder 1:72 HSG/338

F-106A Delta Dart 1:72 HSG/341

F/A-18A Blue Angels 1:72 HSG/440

Uss Enterprise Cvn-65 1:720 RMG/5046


PYS-49991 54mm Amtrac Tank (Grey) (BMC Toys)

PYS-49998 54mm Landing Craft (Grey) (BMC Toys)

RVL-5435 1/150 Pirate Ghost Ship w/Glow-in-the-dark paint (Snap)


TAM32413 1/35 German Armored Railway Vehicle P204

TAM35164 1/35 King Tiger w/Prod Turret

TAM35375 1/35 Russian Heavy Tank KV-2

TAM35359 1/35 US Tank M4A3E8 Sherman Easy Eight Korean War


AMT1236 1968 Chevy Corvette Custom 1:25

AMT1177 1/25 1965 Chevelle Modified Stocker

AMT1180M 1/25 1969 Plymouth GTX Hardtop Pro Street

AMT1186 1/25 1963 Ford Galaxie

AMT1188M 1/25 1964 Plymouth Belvedere w/ Straight 6 Engine

AMT1124 1/25 1967 Impala, NightHunter

AMT1138 1/25 1969 Chevy Chevelle Hardtop

AMT1149M 1/25 1963 Chevy Impala SS

AMT1153 1/25 1966 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi Under Glass

AMT1117 1/25 2009 Dodge Challenger R/T





Ms-18E Kampfer Gundam 0080 MG BAN/100366

47 RX-78NT-1 Gundam Alex Bandai HGUC BAN/125650

Gundam Mk-II Ver.2.0 Z Gundam MG BAN/138412

Clear Action Base 1 1:100 Bx-10 BAN/2027210

117 MS-07B Gouf Custom Gundam 08th MS HG BAN/2101619

130 RGM-96X Jesta Bandai HGUC BAN/2128328

155 Gundam Ez8 08th Ms Team HGUC BAN/2203510

Sinanju Animation Color Gundam UC MG BAN/2205960

28 Tallgeese EW Gundam Wing RG 1:144 BAN/2418250

Gundam Dynames Gundam 00 MG 1:100 BAN/2457150

Amplified Beezemon Fig-rise Std BAN/2569338

Angemon Figure Rize Std BAN/2631294

RX-78-2 Gundam Ver 1.5 Bandai MG BAN/76372

 36 Hi-Nu Gundam Char’s Counterattack BAN/2555540

Eclipse Gundum ‘Gundam Seed’ MG 1:100 BAN/2563437

God Gundam RG 1:144 BAN/2583477

Mailes Byakuchi (Drill & Claw Arm HG1:72 BAN/2654293

At-At Star Wars 1:144 BSW/2352446

BB-8 & R2-D2 1:12 BSW/2439799


Model Rockets

Athena Rtf EST/2452

Hyper Dart Arf Chiller Arf EST/2495

Goblin EST/7237

Sky Warrior EST/7239

Puma Skil-3 EST/7256

Neon Tiger Rocket Kit EST/7298

EST0816 Luna Bug

EST2452  Athena Rocket RTF Ready-To-Fly

EST7243 Black Brant II Intermediate

EST7266 Red Nova Rocket Kit Skill Level 2

EST7294 Vapor

EST-7288 Solo Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level Beginner)

EST-7306 Xtreme Model Rocket Kit (Skill Level Intermediate)

EST2056 U.S. Army Patriot M-104 Rocket Kit Skill Level 1

EST7259 Nike-X Rocket Kit Level 2

EST2021 Cadet

EST1921 Mercury Red Stone

These are scheduled to arrive sometime Friday March 24, 2023

Msm-07S Char Z’Gok MG 1:100 BAN/122718

52 Marasai Zeta Gundam Bandai HGUC 1:144 BAN/132169

88 Sazabi Char’s Counterattack HGUC BAN/2029267

Rx-75 Guntank Gundam 0079 MG 1:100 BAN/2057905

Gundam Exia Gundam 00 MG BAN/2064472

Gundam Astray Red Frame Custom MG 1:100 BAN/2072104

Gundam Kyrios Gundam 00 MG 1:100 BAN/2509135

Wing Gundam Zero EW Ver.Ka MG 1:100 BAN/2516450

Amplified Beezemon Fig-rise Std BAN/2569338

Angemon Figure Rize Std BAN/2631294

Y-Wing Starfighter 1:72 BSW/2378838