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Books – –


German Camouflaged Helmets of the Second World War by Roger Gentry: “My favorite however, is Volume Two that depicts nearly 100 full color photographs of more than 180 helmets and covers, all shown in full- page size.


JJ Fedorowicz Publishing’s Tigers in Combat series by Phil Novak: “Combined with the Schiffer books on the Tiger I and II, which offer technical information, these Tiger references are the perfect addition to your library. “review101


Tigers at the Front by Phil Novak: “This book is indispensable for modelers as it shows how not all Tigers were the same, and it can set straight the people who try to tell you “Tiger crews would never do that” and “That’s not the right type of track”.


The Modeler’s Guide to the Tiger Tank  by Phil Novak “I remember them announcing this book back in 2000! Its finally here, and I think it was worth the wait.”


The V&O Story by Jeff Junker: “Why bother reviewing a book that’s been in print for almost 20 years: Precisely because it HAS been in print for almost 20 years. Page through any modeling railroading magazine and there’s bound to be at least one story featuring a train layout running motive power and rolling stock of a non-existent railroad of the modelers creation.”



Modeling Accessories – –


Life Like Scene Master Trees by Jeff Junker “You’d be better off spending your money on a bag of Woodland Scenics Clump Foliage and gluing it to sticks you find in the backyard then using these in a project.”

Airbrush Flow Improver by Brian Cavet: “I airbrushed at 15psi for at least a minute without any tip dry. It worked as advertised.”


Paasche Airbrushes:

H Airbrush by Phil Novak: “Its relatively simple action makes it
easy on beginners but its results are enough for the advanced to appreciate also.”

VL Double Action Airbrush by Phil Novak: “With the needle mostly forward the airbrush produces an unbelievably thin line: thin enough to produce camouflage on German WWII 1/72 airplanes.”


Painting with Tamiya Acrylics by Bill Wolfe: “The first thing you notice about this paint is that it goes on very much like the enamels I was used to, without the smell.”review93


Tamiya Extra Thin Cement by Phil Novak: “I recently picked up a bottle of Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement after years of using Testors. At first I thought “What’s the difference going to be?” It wasn’t long after I used some that I realized that it really does behave differently!”


Vallejo Acrylic Paint by Phil Novak “The German WWII camouflage colors are “spot-on” matches”


Woodland Scenics Realistic Water by David Sanchez: “The one thing I did not like was that I only could pour 1/8 inch of “water” at a time and then had to wait 24 hours to let the surface set before adding more. This careful application will, however, produce the best effects possible.”



Plastic Models – –


Academy 1/35 M3A1 Stuart by John Daniel: “At first, the Academy Stuart series was hailed as a quantum leap over the elderly Tamiya offerings; subsequent examinations have proven to be less enthusiastic. The most serious problem with the M3A1 kit revolves around the rivets on the kit’s hull.”


AFV Club 1/35 leFH 18 105mm Howitzer by Roger Gentry: “Upon opening the box, one is amazed at the intricate, small pieces and great care that has gone into the design of this kit.”


Airfix 1/48 Hi-Tech Spitfire by Walt Moore: “All of the white metal parts were duplicates of the plastic; the metal prop and spinner are DeHavilland, the plastic is Rotol!”


Airfix Quick-Build Kits by Jeff Junker:  “For younger potential modelers, if you think that the snap together kits such as those offered by Revel Monogram might be a tad too tough, than the Quick build kits from Airfix might be a good bridge.”


DML 1/35 Brummbar by Phil Novak: “The main thing that upset me was the one-piece transmission access panel: The hatches for the brake drums and the hinges are molded directly on the hull.”


DML 1/35 Jagdpanzer 38(t) “Hetzer” by Phil Novak: “Fine detail is a little soggy, however, and I was not pleased with parts such as the jack, which comes molded in one piece – brackets and all.”


Gundam Wings by Jeff Junker: “Japanese Animae has given modelers an almost endless variety of these armored-suited figures with all manner of firepower.”


hint pak40 c

Hasegawa 1/48 F4J “Showtime” Phantom by Jack Hollander: “The one qualm I have about it is that the cockpit interior is a bit on the sparse side.”


ICM World War II German Truck by Gil Gonsoulin: “Upon initial inspection the kit looks good – plenty of detail. However this amount of detail causes problems in construction.”


Kitty Hawk Banshee: “Here’s a list of differences I found when comparing the Kitty Hawk F2H-2/2P Banshee 1/48 scale kit to the actual 1:1 aircraft.”


Tamiya 1/48 Do335A Pfiel by Phil Novak: “The kit’s very crisp molding makes it a pleasure to build, and produces a fine replica of this odd bird.”


Tamiya 1/35 Hummer by Brian Cavet “This is another gem of a kit from Tamiya. It has no tricky spots in the assembly and is very well detailed.”


Tamiya 1/35 Marder III by Phil Novak ” The molding is crisp in the usual Tamiya style, and the detail is incredible.”


Tamiya 1/35 Sd. Kfz. 9 Famo by Phil Novak: “The coupler is another testament to Tamiya’s model making wizardry because it is completely workable, allowing for a wide variety of diorama possibilities. ”


Tamiya 1/35 T-55A by Brian Cavet: “Tamiya’s kit of the T-55 is a real gem, no surprise there! I can honestly say this is their finest kit yet (till the next release anyway)! The only thing I added was a set of Friul Model metal tracks.”


Trains – –

Woodland Scenics Just Plug Lighting System by Jeff Junker: ” It’s no solder – no wiring – plug-n-play with LEDs and only 2 major components: the light and the thing you plug it in to, called the Light Hub. ”

Woodland Scenics Ready Rocks by Jeff Junker: “Selection includes faceted rocks, Shelf rock, outcropping rocks, boulders, and more. And there is such a tremendous variation in the coloration that it seems that no two are the same!


Miscellaneous – –


Engraving Art: ” Engraving Art is best described as a board coated with a metallic foil, which in turn is coated in a black “wax”. ”


wooden dinosaur kit












Wooden Dinosaur Skeletons by Jeff Junker: “My dinosaur is a ‘snap’ together wooden kit which the manufacturer refers to as a puzzle. Perhaps they thought that calling it a puzzle would be less intimidating then calling it a model. Or maybe because when the pieces are spread out it resembles a puzzle. Actually, I think it’s because the instructions are puzzling.”