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Do335A Pfiel

Do335A Pfiel

by Phil Novak

Tamiya’s Do335A Pfiel is another one of the very interesting aircraft kits out on today’s market. The idea behind the actual plane was to be a fast maneuverable fighter that could also deliver bombs. One of the first planes to ever have an ejection seat, the war ended before it could enter full production with the Luftwaffe.

The kit’s very crisp molding makes it a pleasure to build, and produces a fine replica of this odd bird. Tamiya provides a very interesting way of keeping the nose gear on the ground.

A metal weight is provided to slip into the nose of the aircraft, which keeps it firmly on the ground. The instructions are up to Tamiya’s normal standards of being very easy to read.

A word of warning about the wings: When you put them onto the fuselage: Click! – they’re on for good. You’ll have to break them off if you want to remove them. But, as usual, Tamiya did a wonderful job of producing this strange looking German fighter.