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Modeler’s Guide to the Tiger Tank

Modeler’s Guide to the Tiger Tank

by Phil Novak

Well, well, well. I remember them announcing this book back in 2000! Its finally here, and I think it was worth the wait. The Modeler’s Guide to the Tiger Tank starts out by describing the different variations of the Tiger I and II, highlighting all of the visible modifications through out the time the Tigers were in production.

The author, Pat Stansell, points out all the little fittings that are not included in the Tiger kits. Line drawings and diagrams fill first section of the book, and it’s a good place to start when researching a Tiger. The middle of the book has a cool color section showing the results of 13 completed 1/35 Tigers. Stansell build a prototype Tiger I, a couple of early Tiger Is, a few late ones, and three Tiger II’s.

Also in this color section are some general techniques used on all or most of the models, such as tool fittings and zimmerit. The models seen in the color section are described in more detail in the following pages. Some of this get a little repetitive, but the author does manage to vary the sections enough to keep our interest. The models are built with aftermarket and a good deal of superdetailing, giving tips on how to use such products, and scratch build your own.

The book continues with a section that illustrates what must be every 1/35 kit or detailing kit available for a Tiger. Stansell gives us a “mini review” of these products with general overview of the manufacturer, and the prices and description of their items. There is also a good section that lists and reviews books on the Tiger.

It concludes with a list of the known Tiger chassis numbers, when they were manufactured and what unit they were sent to. Stansell also added a “where are they now?” listing on surviving Tigers. I think the book is a good reference, especially when getting a Tiger ready to build.