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F4J “Showtime” Phantom

F4J “Showtime” Phantom

by Jack Hollander

This is a fairly nice kit, as one would expect from Hasegawa. The one qualm I have about it is that the cockpit interior is a bit on the sparse side. The seats could have been better – they didn’t even have seatbelts.

Hasegawa gives you a very generous supply of decals from which to choose. Of the almost 150 decals included, I used about half of them.


I added Cutting Edge intakes.

It makes it look so much nicer then the traditional “blanked off” intakes. Also added were MV Lenses on the nose wheel.

The tailpipe was painted with Aluminum and Stainless buffing Metalizer.

The formation light on tail was done with bare metal foil, which I over-painted with a thinned down regular red. I think that a Clear Red would have worked better; it would have made it look translucent.