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Realistic Water

Realistic Water

by David Sanchez

Water, water, everywhere! Every layout is likely to need a body of water. Whether it is a pond, lake, stream or river, you need water to justify bridges and to float boats. Putting that body of water on your layout might been difficult, until now.

Woodland Scenics, in my opinion, has introduced the best water modeling system yet. Realistic Water (No. 01211, $14.98) comes in a 16-ounce bottle, and all you have to do is pour the liquid into the appropriate area on the layout.

Many current water kits on the market require you to warm the materials first, but no heating or mixing is required with this product. Realistic Water comes out of the bottle like syrup, dries flexible, and levels itself. It is non-toxic and it does not give off much of an odor. Realistic Water dries clear and looks extremely realistic. (Of course, painting the bottom of the pond before adding the “water” adds to the appearance. )

The one thing I did not like was that I only could pour 1/8 inch of “water” at a time and then had to wait 24 hours to let the surface set before adding more. This careful application will, however, produce the best effects possible.

To make white-water effects, like you would find on a waterfall or bubbling stream, Woodland Scenics has introduced Water Effects (No. 01212, $10.98). It comes in an 8 ounce container with a pointy-tipped cap for precise dispensing. Water Effects is much thicker then Realistic Water and you can mold it and use stiff brushes to give it texture.