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WWII German Truck

WWII German Truck

by Gil Gonsoulin

Upon initial inspection of this WWII German Truck, the kit looks good – plenty of detail. However this amount of detail causes problems in construction.

The drive train assembly it is very hard to align everything as per the instructions: be careful.

Also there is an error on the kit’s frame rails. The instructions show the slot for attaching the fenders to the frame as being on the lower half on the rail. They aren’t. They are on the top half. This causes part A75 from step 24 to sit high off the frame.

Do not attach the running boards and supports (Parts B6 & 22, and E4&5) as per the instructions. The supports are too fragile and will break off.

With some work the front wheels can be made steerable. This makes into a nice model but not for the faint of heart.