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Paasche Airbrushes

Paasche Airbrushes

by Phil Novak

“H” Single-Action Airbrush

The single action Paasche H airbrush is an ideal airbrush for painting any kind of plastic models. Its relatively simple action makes it easy on beginners, but its results are enough for the advanced to appreciate also. The set comes with three jars (two with siphon caps the other with a standard cap) and a color cup, as well as two other tips and tools for basic maintenance. Its action is very smooth and the paint flows excellently through the device.

It is capable of producing very fine lines with the No.1 tip and it also opens up quite a bit to spray a large surface with the No.5 tip. Paint consistency is very important to achieve a professional finish. Try to get the paint (both acrylic and enamel) to the consistency of dairy half-and-half. The amount of thinner depends on the type of paint, but it seems that acrylic needs a little more thinner then enamel. Also make sure that you clean it thoroughly after each use. Failing to do so will result in clogs that will render the airbrush useless.
“VL” Double-Action Airbrush

A step up from the Paasche H, the VL is a finely produced airbrush, capable of producing amazing results and beautiful finishes. The VL is a double action internal mix airbrush, which means that the air button not only pushes down for air pressure, but also draws back for paint control.

This is done by means of a needle that is inside the airbrush, and as it is pulled back, more paint is able to come through the nozzle. This produces a wider line as the needle is pulled back. With the needle mostly forward the airbrush produces an unbelievably thin line: thin enough to produce camouflage on German WWII 1/72 airplanes.

Paint needs to be thinned in the normal fashion, for maximum results. When you first start to use it, it’s going to feel a little awkward, but experience and practice will make it easier to use. Keeping it clean is most important, as it is a finely manufactured instrument and proper care is a must. Failure to do so will result in the building up of dried paint, freezing the needle and blocking the nozzle. This will render the airbrush useless. So it is safe to say that this is definitely a great hobby tool from a very trusted manufacturer, and an overall great product.