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by Phil Novak    

Here we have another classic vehicle of WWII from DML. Built on the Panzer IV chassis this is one of the many “funny” tanks of WWII. Designed for use in close quarter’s battle, the Brummbar uses a short barreled main gun and has a fixed superstructure.

DML does an excellent job of recreating this beast, although some of the small details are a little on the soggy side. Nothing that can’t be fixed with the Tamiya Vehicle Equipment set, and the Aber 1943-45 tool brackets set. The fit of the parts is amazing and the tracks are quite nice. However they are not workable so one may wish to purchase an additional set from ModelKasten or Fruilmodel.

The main thing that upset me was the one-piece transmission access panel. The hatches for the brake drums and the hinges are molded directly on the hull. I think that Jaguar makes a replacement for this though.

Overall a great build, and it is designed to be the late model, hence there is a machine gun on the front of it. Great fit and overall superb detail! With a little work the kit will really come out to be beautiful.