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Tamiya Extra Thin Cement

Tamiya Extra Thin Cement

 by Phil Novak

Most modelers seem to get in the habit of using specific tools when it comes to assembling and finishing their models, and don’t really take the time to look at new fabrication products when they become available. Such is the case with most adhesives used in construction.

People will claim “I’ve always used Testors, and everything else is the same.” Not so! Don’t get into a rut and be afraid to try new products. You may actually find you like them better then your old standbys. I recently picked up a bottle of Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement after years of using Testors. At first I thought “What’s the difference going to be?”

It wasn’t long after I used some that I realized that it really does behave differently! It runs down the seams much better, and seems to run even if there is little cement on the brush. The brush is actually one of the attractions of using Tamiya’s product.

The brush is as pointy and thin as one of your detailing paintbrushes, yet holds a good amount of liquid, thanks to its long bristles. Its squat bottle holds a lot, but is quite difficult to accidentally knock over. The holding power is quite remarkable, and I found that the cement dries very quickly. So before you say that glue is glue, try a bottle of this. You’ll be astounded.