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 by Phil Novak

The WWII German Army based many of its armored vehicles on the 38(t) panzer chassis, and the Hetzer is one of the most successful of these vehicles.

DML produces a fine little replica in 1/35 scale, easy to put together and an all around fun build. The parts all fit very well and I had little trouble with fit problems of any sort.

Fine detail is a little soggy, however, and I was not pleased with parts such as the jack, which comes molded in one piece – brackets and all. The tracks are the standard Dragon link-by- link type and they look pretty good, but I opted to use a set of Modelkasten (SK-29) workable links instead.

The kit also includes parts for the flame-thrower version of this vehicle, which consists of a different barrel and gun mantlet.

The instructions are fairly easy to follow and I was able to get through the project without asking any questions. This is one of the only kits available for this vehicle, and we are quite lucky to have it.