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Tigers in Combat

Tigers in Combat

 by Phil Novak

The Tigers in Combat series, by Wolfgang Schneider (JJ Fedorowicz Publishing) is a compilation of the combat actions of the Tiger I and II units of World War II. The books are divided into chapters corresponding with a Tiger unit. Each chapter describes the day to day operations of the unit, Unit Commanders, High Scorers, and Knights Cross recipients.

This is followed by a collection of photographs of Tigers from the unit featured. Tank strength charts are included consisting of line drawings of the tank showing each one’s number and what company and platoon they belonged to. Tactical and Unit insignias are shown as well as inventory and loss charts.

The color plates are magnificent, consisting of 40 pages worth of plates featuring tanks from each unit. The volumes are divided so that Schwere Panzerabteilungs from the Wehrmacht are in Vol. 1 (covers s. Pz. Abt. 501-510). The named Wehrmacht units such as Grossdeutschland and Hummel are in Vol. II along with the SS units.

These are by far the best combat histories for Tigers that I have ever seen. Combined with the Schiffer books on the Tiger I and II, which offer technical information, these Tiger references are the perfect addition to your library.