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BMW R75 with Sidecar

BMW R75 with Sidecar

 by Scott Simmons









BMW R75 with SidecarA few years back, I decided to restore a BMW R75 with sidecar. The one I got was imported from Belgium and it might have served with the 15th army. However, it was not complete. About half of the motorcycle is original parts, with the other half coming from China.



The original parts included the chassis, frame, fender, and side car. The suspension, engine, and electrics are Chinese.


Whenever I’m pulled over by the police, all they want to do is look at it.



BMW R75 with Sidecar


Panzer Faust Kleine is deactivated.






You can read “Achtung Fewstrak!” on the tube. Loosely translated it means “Don’t stand behind it when firing.” By the way, the MG34 really works.



















Photos by Scott Simmons