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Heavy Equipment Transporter System

Heavy Equipment Transporter System

by Shawn Levy



HETS consists of the M1070 tractor and the M1000 semi-trailer. The HETS was designed and built to carry the M1 Abrams MBT series, due to the increased weight of the M1 over the previous M60 tank series.


The HETS operates on paved and unimproved roads, as well as cross-country. The tractor can carry the crew of the tank being transported. HETS has automatically steerable axles and load leveling hydraulic suspension. The tractor has front and rear axle steering with central tire inflation system.


Heavy Equipment Transporter System


















The M1000 trailer has 40 Michelin 215×75 R17 tubeless tires, and axles 2,3,4 and 5 automatically steer on the trailer.

The cab is built by the Oshkosh Truck Corporation.
Length: 358″ (30′)
Width: 102″ (8.5′)
Height: 141.5″ (12′)
Curb Weight: 41,000 lb.
8×8 wheel drive

The trailer is built by Systems & Electronics Inc.
Length: 622″ (51′, 9″)
Width: Overall – 144.8 (12′,6″)
Usable Deck: 403″
Curb Weight: 50,000 lb.
Payload: 140,000 lb.

Combined length of HETS:
81′, 9″


Photo by Shawn Levy