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Union Pacific SD70M

 Union Pacific SD70M

by Shawn Levy


 CSXT train Q-601 (Waycross, GA-New Orleans), crosses the L&N Bridge. Having arrived in New Orleans on the other side of the yard, the road crew handed it over to a yard crew, and it now runs as yard job Y-105.

Q-601 consist:

UP 4518 SD70M

SP 150 AC4400CW (no UP patch)

UP 5006 SD70M (flags & flared radiators)

Union Pacific SD70MWith two miles, the CSXT double track mainline ends, and Q-601 merges onto the Norfolk Southern Back Belt, and be delivered to the UP. One of their yard crews will get onboard at Marconi Dr, and take it to their Avondale Yard on the west side of the Mississippi River.


The cement frame that the train has just passed under is a floodgate, and is one of dozens that are part of the city’s flood protection system. Whenever a hurricane threatens to strike the New Orleans area, these gates are closed to contain high water behind them.


Last year, tropical storm Isidore caused the water in the Industrial Canal to rise several feet over its banks. The area, including Gentilly Yard were not flooded. Nearby NOPB France Yard, which is outside of the protection system was under 4 feet of water. There was minor damage to the yard’s roadbed putting it out of service for a few days



Photo by Shawn Levy