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In Their Own Words

1972 Ford F150 by Brad Breville: “. They found this old clunker in a barn. The body was in great shape except for the faded paint.”

Academy 1/72 Piccadilly Lily B17G by Scott Scalfani: “The photos also showed plenty of oil streaking from the engines, which ran dirty after a couple of hours.”

Alpha Centauri UFO Short Range Saucer by John Daniel: “It’s a fairly simple kit to build; it didn’t have many pieces to it.”

Assembling a Figure by John Alberts: “First off, I do not like figure kits to have many parts. My preference is to have a single casting with maybe just the arms to attach. Assorted bits and pieces turn me off. If having plenty of parts to a kit is what interested me, I would build a plane or tank model before a figure kit.
Bf110 by Claude Zeringue: “Here’s a shot of a work in progress on my workbench: a 1/32 Bf-110.”

Academy 1/32 F-18 Hornet by Jack Hollander: “The wings were primed with Floquil Primer, than airbrushed with a lightened up Ghost Gray.”

Academy 1/32 Su27 Flanker: by Tommy Hecker: “This was then weathered with the Tamiya “D”set of weathering pastes. I made up different shades and it doesn’t come off once you put it on.


Academy Ju87G-1 Stuka by Richard Reggio: “Before painting the canopy, I applied the Eduard canopy mask.”

Academy 1/35 Merkava IV by Wayne Frolich: “One of the nice thinks about this model is that it comes with individual track links.”

AMT Federation AAT tank by Bill Wolfe:”The instructions call for a hard line mask, but when do I ever follow instructions?”

Andrea 54mm Sir Edmond Hillary by Chuck Theidel: “I used a combination of Enamels and Acrylics to paint him.” (This model is on display at the Hub.)

Arachnids Versus the Dinosaurs by Al Laville: “These Wiz Kids Deep Cut figures are used in Dungeons and Dragons.”

Atlantis Blackbeard by Jason Hardy: “Note how worn the deck looks, as well as the broken bottle.”

Baby Yoda by Brad Growden: A resin figure of the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda.

Bandai Dynames Gundam by Dreux Blalock: “What can I say? As my first real venture into Gunpla  – a Dynames Gundam –  it was rather enjoyable.”

Bandai Guison Gundam by Michael Bogle: “The first thing you notice about this 1/100 Guison is its resemblance to a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Bandai RGM-79 Gundam by Jon Paul Cuny: “This RGM-79 Gundam  E.F.S.F. Mass Productive Mobile Suit has seen better days.”

Barge by Reuben Feuge: “I turned the barge into a pile driving barge for trestles and docks.”

British SAS Jeep by Chuck Theidel: “I cut the grille work off and scratch-built the condenser, jerry can racks and bed rolls.”

Bronco 1/35 Diana by Gil Gonsulin: “The 1/35 Bronco Diana ain’t for the faint of heart. It makes a nice model, but it’s a fight.”

Roden 1/48 Bristol F2B Fighter by Shane Trosclair: ” I used Model Masters Olive Drab for the wings, Tan for the bottom, and Gunship gray for the nose.”

Cargo Truck with Crane by Chuck Theidel: “This 1/35 cargo truck with crane is the mating of 2 kits.”

Carter & Crowley F-105 Pilot by John Alberts: ” “I added a Magic Sculpt epoxy putty patch to each shoulder–one patch is the famous “100 Missions over North Vietnam” worn on left sleeve.”


CMK Japanese Scarecrow Troops by Leo Cox: “In the art of deception, the Japanese used scarecrows and “Quaker Canons” to try to fool the Americans into thinking they were more numerous than they really were.” – – Leo Cox

CSS Hunley by Shane Trosclair: “This is a cut-away version that lets you see what the inside of the sub looks like.”

Creature – Return of the Creature by Paul Olivier: “I like this pose for the Creature; it’s more dynamic than the classic Aurora pose. I sculpted a longer neck so the Creature could crane his head toward the surface.”

DML Tactical Ballistic Missile Launcher: by Gil Gonsoulin: “Although Dragon Models M752 Tactical Ballistic Missile Launcher kit is called a ‘Smart Kit’, I came up with a few other names for it with all the problems it has.”

DML Chosin Reservoir Jeep by Gil Gonsoulin: “Western Electric #12 cord was used to wrap around front bumper. It’s stranded and you can pull one strand out to simulate smaller diameter rope.”

Dragon 1/35 Pak 40 by Donn Cross: “I used Mig Pigments for weathering – – mud on the wheels, graphite on the metal parts like the breech”

DML 1/48 Me262 by Scott Sclafani “This aircraft was chosen because of it’s very colorful paint scheme and much photographed camouflage pattern. Most late war 262s were left in a one color dark green on all upper surfaces.”

DML 1/48 Me262 Night Fighter by Scott Sclafani: “The Luftwaffe converted four of their Me262s to Night Fighters for the defense of Berlin during the end days of the war. These were the first operational radar-equipped jet fighters.”

Ebbro Lotus Formula 1 by Robert MacNamara: “I painted it with 3 coats of Tamiya British Green, sanding between coats.”

Eduard 1/48 Albatross D V by Shane Trosclair: ” I built it pretty much straight out of the box. ”

Estes Interceptor by Don Wolfe: “You need a good ruler to make sure the decals are properly aligned.”

Executioner by Claude Zeringue: “I had to scale the file that he bought down by 20% because the base wouldn’t fit in my printer.”


French Navy Etendard Pilot by John Alberts: “The figure itself was painted using oil paints.”

Flying Pancake: “I’d forgotten all about that model until Shane Trosclair brought in one model he recently finished: the Flying Pancake manufactured by Sword Models. ”

Fujimi BMW Z4 by Lionel Davis: “ Decaled in the markings of the Goodsmile Racing Team, I built this Fujimi 1/24 model straight out of the box.” – – Lionel Davis

German Mine Clearing Vehicle: by Gil Gonsoulin: “The German’ made only one of these vehicles, whose purpose was to clear minefields”

Greg Boyington’s AVG P-40 by Britt Vallot: “The hardware surrounding the engine is almost entirely scratch-built from brass rod and brass and aluminum tubing.”

Gundam Gunner by Ricardo Azurdia :”To simulate peeled metal, I dabbed Chrome Silver on with a sponge brush.”

Halloween by Howard Schultz: “The Dr Morgus Embalming & Fracking Fluids is in the old city Ice House.”

“Hang ’em High” by Roger Swanton :”Here’s a model by Andrea based on the Clint Eastwood movie “Hang ’em High.”

Hasegawa 1/48 Draken by Robert MacNamara: “Saab designed this forward thinking plane in 1949, test flying it between 1951 and 1954, and entering service in 1959.”

Hasegawa 1/48 F15 Eagle by Jack Hollander: “t’s painted in the Lizard camouflage pattern using European Dark Green, Medium Green and Euro Dark Gray.”

Hasegawa FwTa154A Moskito by Scott Sclfani: “The Moskito had a series of fatal accidents in which they literally fell apart while flying.”

Hasegawa 1/48 Photo Recon Spitfire Mk IXC by Vic Esposito: “This photo Recon Spitfire Mk IXc was based in Normandy after D-Day and flew low altitude photo missions at dawn and dusk.”

Hasegawa 1/48 Tony by Scott Scalfani: “After letting it dry for 3 days, I oversprayed it with Japanese Army Green using the Paasche airbrush with an H-1 tip.”

Hasegawa 1/48 P51 Lou IV by Scott Sclafani: “This is a model of Lou IV, a fighter from the 361 st Fighter Group of the 8th Air Force flying out of Bottisham, England.”

Heller Spanish Galleon by Robert MacNamara: “The rigging was done with EZ Line and the lanterns on the stern were painted with Tamiya Clear Orange.”

Hobbycraft 1/48 P26 Peashooter by Jack Hollander: “There’s not much to say about it except that it was a really neat kit.”

Hornet Model’s 1/35 Russians by Bob Caruso: “Hornet Models makes a bunch of these soldiers in 1/35 scale and are somewhat typical in what one would see during the period.”


Iron Shipwrights USS Tattnal by Robert MacNamara: “The Tattnal DDG19 is a Charles F Adams Class Guided Missile Destroyer.

Italeri 1/72 Italian F16 Hornet by Alan Gomez: ““The ‘18’ on the tail feathers means that it’s had 1,800 hours of service.”

Italeri 1/35 Sahariana by Scott Nicolich: “The rust on the pieces in and around the engine compartment were painted with Rustall.”

Intruder Cockpit by Jack Hollander: “There are about 17 instrument decals to punch out. After affixing them, I glossed over with Future floor wax.”

King Tiger by Thomas Alwell ” It is is a very cool kit to build. It’s detail is very good and has good potential for interior detail. Iit also comes with 88mm rack’s. I used photo etched parts from Eduard and a Jordi Rubio gun barrel. The Zimmerit is from Cavalier and fit’s very good. ”

Martin T4 Torpedo Bomber: “Joe Weathers builds models out of balsa wood and showed us the really clever way he built the folding wing on a stick-and-tissue Martin T4 Torpedo Bomber”

Martin T-4 Torpedo Bomber – part 2: Dragon’s Breath:  “The fuselage is painted and the custom made decal is in place. And here’s the tale of how it was done.”

Meng 1/35 D9 Bulldozer by Gil Gonsoulin: “And when you get to Step 26, do a Knight’s move: jump over it until you’re ready to tackle some serious modeling.”

Meng Fokker DR1 by David Clarke: “The camo is the ‘headache’ pattern and is a decal.”

Mercedes 300 SL by Shane Trosclair: “I built this model of a Mercedes 300SL straight out of the box.

Metal Earth Stage Coach by Alan Gomez: “This kit consisted of 3 sheets of flat, photo-etched metal pieces – about 100 of them. ”

Metal Earth R2D2 and C3PO by Alan Gomez: “They started off as 130 small pieces of pre-painted photo-etch.”

Moebius Colonial Raptor by Charlie Walker: “I did this Moebius Battlestar Galactica Colonial Raptor as a ‘what if’ version of a futuristic A6 Intruder flying from the USS John Stennis.”

Moebius Grim Reaper by Shane Trosclair: “I used the Testor gloss Black paint marker on the sickle, painting its blade with Tamiya Silver Leaf. The gravestones were painted with Tamiya Light Gray.”

Mongol Rider by Mike Hall: “Words cannot do justice to this figure painted in different hues of brown.”

Monogram 1/48 Avenger by Jack Hollander: “Unlike the Accurate Miniatures kit, it does not have split doors.”

Monogram 1/48 F16 by Shane Trosclair: “This is the prototype of the F16 – – than known as the YF16 – – as it came out of General Dynamics.”

Nauiscaa by Robert Caruso “My cleaning up process entails picking around all the details such as belts and pouches with homemade tools. I made these tools specifically for the purpose of raising the level of detail to greater sharpness.”


New Hope Design 54mm US Helicopter Crewman, Vietnam by John Alberts: “This figure represents a Helicopter Crewman of the 1st Air Cavalry from the Vietnam war.”

P-61 by Alan Greenstadt: “Sure the P-61 was an important plane, probably the first to really use radar as an effective bad weather/night tool. But is that the reason we all want to build it?”

Panzer IV by Danny Carr: “I added spare track and road wheels from another Panzer IV and deleted the side armor.”

Pegasus Hobby 1/32 Apollo 27 by Brian Hirsch: “The instructions say that the engines are “hyper-dynamo-tension rocket engines with an acceleration rate that staggers the mind” (This model is on display at the Hub)

Pegasus Haunebu by Paul Olivier: “I researched the colors and developed my own splinter pattern using Testors acrylics RLM 74 (green) and RLM 75 (gray), with RLM 76 (blue) for the underside.”

Persian Warrior by Chuck Theidel: “Shading on the Tunic and Shield was done with Raw Umber.”

PCM 1/32 Hawker Tempest by Jack Hollander: “This is a bear of a kit to put together. It has a lot of “fit” problems.”

R2D2 by Bill Wolfe: “So, making lemonade from lemons, I chose to make it a rust bucket as seen in several reference photos online. ”

Revell 1/32 B-52 by Jim Clynes: “The kit is from an old mold and shows some signs of its age. There were some fit problems with fuselage and I had to use putty on the seams.”

Pit Road IJA Type 95 Kurogane by Gil Gonsoulin: “If you want to place the machine gun as indicated in the instructions the windshield plastic goes in from the wrong side.”

Revell 1/72 German U-Boat by Gil Gonsoulin: “When the flood waters came, the sub went under nine feet of water and stayed submerged for over a week.”

Revell 1/72 A4 Skyhawk by Mike Goodwin: “This is the “Free Kuwait” version, painted in military brown and marine sand.”

Revell Ferrari by Michael Pieno: “I brushed on two coats of Future floor was to seal and flatten the decals.”


Revell HALO Pelican by Brian Hirsch: “Molded in a color best described as a vibrant green, I went with a blue-gray paint scheme for Revell’s HALO Pelican.”

Revell 1/48 P38J Yippee by Shane Trosclair:  “It was originally painted Red and had Yippee stenciled on its bottom wing for publicity purposes. ”

Revell Horton Go229 by Lee Coll: “Instead of trying to re-create these patterns with freehand spraying with the airbrush, I chose to use masks that were first designed on the computer and laser cut from paper cardstock.”

Revell Monogram Ford F150 by Shane Tadlock: “I used the transfer case from the Lindberg F150 and custom built the drive shaft.”

Revell Kenworth by Lionel Davis: “I built it straight out of the box.”

Revell Pontiac Grand Prix NASCAR by Alan Gomez:  “The wheels came chromed, but I stripped and repainted them. Goodyear was painted with a toothpick using a white gel pen.”

Revell Stormovik by Will Wright: “The fuselage kept bowing out when I was gluing it, so I rubber banded it together until the joint was solid.”

Revell Monogram TBD-1 Devastator by Shane Trosclair: “I made the flight deck out of corrugated cardboard.”

Revell 1/230 USS Ward by Robert MacNamara: “The Ward is credited with having sunk the Japanese midget submarine that was trying to sneak into Pearl Harbor.”

The Riddler by Shane Trosclair: “Each of the question marks on his suit were separate decals that had to be applied individually.”

Roden 1/35 Holt 75 Artillery Tractor by Gil Gonsoulin: “If you are interested in building the Holt 75 Artillery Tractor, the first thing to remember is that it’s a Roden kit!”

Roden 1/35 Howitzer by Gil Gonsoulin: “The Roden Howitzer was released (or escaped) to be a companion to their Holtz 75 artillery tractor. The kit consists of the howitzer, limber and a fixed emplacement mount.”

Scratch Built Tug Boat by Brian Matthews: “It’s 6 foot, 9 inches long and made of 1/8 inch thick plywood, balsa wood, bass wood, and Evergreen Styrene Plastic sheets.”

Somewhere in the Solomons by Richard Kern: “PT109 was sliced in half by a Japanese destroyer in the Solomon Islands.”

Starblazers Yamato by Dreux Blalock: “This is the Bandai 1/1000 kit of the Diana from Starblazers 2199.”

Star Wars AT AT by Robb Roemershauser: “This all-terrain armored transport is calling it a day after coming in from patrol on the very cold and very snowy planet Hoth.”

T26 E3: by Ken Daigle: “I took the Tamiya Sherman turret and mated it to the hull of the Tamiya M26 Pershing.”

Takom Flak 40 Zwilling 12.8 cm by Claude Zeringue: “It was a bear! Every single component had to be filed, sanded and fitted.”

Takom 1/16 Wiesel A1 TOW by David Clarke: “Weathering was done with a combination of AKI weathering pencils, Monroe Weathering Wash on the under carriage, and liberally applied Monroe Weathering pigments.”

Tamiya Chasmosaurus: Cretaceous Park by Phil Guinozzo: “The only challenge is how one chooses to paint it. I chose the dry-brush technique combined with some translucent washes for depth.”

Tamiya 1/48  F16C Block 25/32 by Brian Cavet: “The static dischargers on the trailing edge are bristles from a nylon scrub brush. I had to use a number 97 drill bit – which is almost invisible – to drill the holes for the bristle.”

Tamiya 1/35 1025 Weapons Carrier by Mike Goodwin: “This Humvee Weapons Carrier was inspired by a picture of on that I saw in a book. ”

Tamiya 1/35 M2 Bradley IFV by Jason Hardy: “”The two basic colors he used were mixed. One was 5 parts Desert Yellow to 1 part White; the other was 4 parts Flat Green to 1 part White.”

Tamiya 1/48 BA64 Russian Armored Car by John Daniel: “I repainted this model so many times as it was my exercise in color modulation.”

Tamiya 1/35 Fury Sherman Easy Eight by Will Wright: “I modeled the new Tamiya Easy 8 after the one in the movie Fury. For my inspiration I used the scene right after the Tiger scene where it’s going down a little road.”

Tamiya Mk Iv “Male” Tank by Brian Cavet: “For the tracks, I used a two-part metal glob mixture from Sophisticated Finishes which is a liquid of pure ground metals.”

Tamiya Mosquito by Robert MacNamara: “I used RAF Ocean Gray for the fuselage and RAF Medium Sea Gray for the bottom.”

Tamiya 1/35 Jagdpanther by John Daniel “The striped, camouflage paint scheme is of late war vintage. I used Model Master Panzer Yellow, Red Brown, and Green.”


Tamiya 1/32 F-16 Engine Assembly by Jack Hollander: “If you didn’t know it was plastic, you’d swear it was metal.”

Tamiya 1/24 Mobil by Lionel Davis: “This Tamiya 1/24 scale kit was built as an “out-of-the-box” entrant.”

Tamiya P-38 F/G by Robert MacNamara: “I added some Eduard photo-etched pieces and metal gun barrel.”

Tamiya Skyraider by Jack Hollander: “Bare Metal Foil was used on the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizers.”

Tamiya 1/32 Spitfire by Jack Hollander: “The markings and camouflage for this Spitfire is for a Polish Squadron.”

Tamiya Steel Wheel Panther G by Donn Cross: “After adding all these parts makes me wonder why I paint it – it just covers up all the work I put in to it.”

Tamiya Zeke by Harold Clement: “To simulate the powder burns by the guns and the exhaust on the bottom, I used my wife’s eye shadow. ”

Testors 540K by Jack Hollander: “Although I mostly build aircraft, I decided to try my hand at a car.”

Testors Small Block Chevy Engine by Alan Gomez: “I’m guessing that there are well over 100 parts to this Chevy Small Block engine.”

Testors 1/48 t-38 Talon by Shane Trosclair:  “The T-38 was used by the Air Force Training Command as a basic flight trainer.”

Trimaster 1/48 Fw190-D11 by Scott Sclafani: “For a 30 year old kit, this didn’t turn out too bad. This is the 1/48 kit of a FW190 D11 was by Trimaster. ”

Trumpeter 1/35 Armoured Aerosan by Gil Gonsoulin: “This is the kit of the Trumpeter 1/35 Armoured Aerosan NKL-26 and their WWII Soviet Assault Red Army in winter gear.”

Trumpeter 1/32 Mig 3 by Jack Hollander: “I used a pounce wheel to etch the areas that were supposed to have rivets.”

Trumpeter 1/35 SdKfz 7 Half Track by Scott Nicholich: “This 1/35 Trumpeter SdKfz 7  Half Track has a fully workable suspension. Each Track link is three pieces: the link, the pad, and the pad frame.”

US Naval Infantry, Philippines by Chuck Theidel: “1942.There were several things I added to the figure. I swapped out the head for one made by Hornet.”

Westland Lynx by Alan Gomez: “I stepped a bit outside of my comfort zone when I built this 1/144 Westland Lynx that I picked up from a vendor at one of the contests.”

Williams Brothers Autogyro by Shane Trosclair: “I used Tamiya Navy Blue and Chrome Yellow spray paint and chrome trim tape for the propeller.”