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Intruder Cockpit

by Jack Hollander

The Avionics Resin cockpit interior came with the 1/32 Trumpeter Intruder kit. The plastic parts that were included with the kit are great, except for the seats.

intruder cockpit

Sprayed with a primer, which was a 50/50 mixture of Model Master’s Gull Gray acrylic and Tamiya Light Gray. Paints used after it was primed were Vallejo Black, Red, and Yellow. I had to use the model master acrylic thinner as the Tamiya thinner didn’t work

a6 intruder cockpit
For the Heads-up display, I used the inside of a candy bar wrapper. There are about 17 instrument decals to punch out. After affixing them, I glossed over with Future floor wax.

a6 intruder cockpit
I had to trim this resin interior a whole lot in order to make it fit. (Or you could use the plastic kit version which is almost identical.) In fact, you could build a whole second cockpit tub with the plastic parts supplied with the kit.

Photos by Jeff Junker