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Fury Sherman Easy Eight

fury shermanFury Sherman



by Will Wright







I modeled the new Tamiya Sherman Easy Eight after the one in the movie Fury. For my inspiration I used the scene right after the Tiger scene where it’s going down a little road. Then it kills the Tiger.


Some extra parts that I added were a 30 cal next to the commander’s hatch, extra jerry cans, and a lead from a mechanical pencil for the antenna.


Easy Eight


I also left off the frontal armor as though the Sherman was grazed by a Tiger round.

Tamiya Nato Green, Olive Drab, and Silver were the paints I used.


Fury Sherman Easy Eight


Weathering on the track and wheels was done with Plaster of Paris mixed with sand from the backyard and tinted with brown acrylic paint. I also put real oil on the intake grills.


fury sherman



Photos by Jeff Junker