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Su 27 Flanker

Su 27 Flanker

 by Tommy Hecker

This is the 1/32 Trumpeter Su27 Flanker .I found it to be a great kit having great details. I painted the top of the model in the Flanker Blue Splotch pattern; the bottom is the Russian version of Lt Blue.

Model Masters was used for the exhaust: Burnt Metal and Jet Exhaust. This was then weathered with the Tamiya “D” set of weathering pastes. I made up different shades and it doesn’t come off once you put it on.

Su 27 Flanker

Panel lines were brought to life using a thinned oil paint. I let it sit for about 15 minutes then rubbed off with Q-tips. A also applied 3 coats of future before applying the decals. I sprayed it on and it evened out nicely.

Extra details were added to the cockpit with a set from Black Box. In order to prevent the model from siting on its tail, I had to put fishing weights in its nose. It became so heavy wheels collapsed.

Photo by Jeff Junker