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D9 Bulldozer

D9 Bulldozer

 D9 Bulldozer


by Gil Gonsoulin




This is a model of a D9 Israeli Armored Caterpillar Bulldozer.


The Israeli take the standard D9 bulldozed and add 5 tons of armor. The US just started using these. The D9 was too big for Vietnam so they used the D7 there.




The kit also gives you the pieces to build the US version and both armored (blue) and un-armored glass (clear).

D9 Bulldozer

It was first painted yellow to simulate Caterpillar yellow, then oversprayed with Testors Model masters Armor Sand.



I let some of the yellow show through simulating wear.


The ripper in back works. I also added hydraulic lines (which they don’t give you).


I weathered it using Mig Pigment Dirt, adhering it with Micro’s Liquid Mask. It dries flat and the pigment really sticks to it. Total building time was 9 weeks.


Now to the negatives.
The machine gun they give you stinks. It come molded in one piece. I don’t know why they even bothered to put it in the kit.





D9 BulldozerAnd when you get to Step 26, do a Knight’s move: jump over it until you’re ready to tackle some serious modeling. The tracks are a pain. If you use 43 links, it’s too loose; 42 links, too tight.






Photos by Jeff Junker