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F-16 Engine Assembly

F-16 Engine Assembly












F-16 Engine Assembly

by Jack Hollander


The engine for Tamiya’s F16 is literally a model within a model. It’s meant to be removed. It slides in, twists, and locks in place. There are about 50 parts to it, representing about 30 hours of work over a month and a half.


Primed with Mr Surfacer 1200 followed by an acrylic Gloss Black, which gives the surface the look of depth. I painted in with Alclad chrome, dark aluminum, and a mixture of aluminum and jet exhaust.



F-16 Engine AssemblyAt least 2 coats of Alclad was sprayed on, letting it dry a couple of days between each coat. Then I put diluted Future floor wax on top. The yellow I used was Floquil Reefer yellow, by far the best yellow I’ve come across.


If you didn’t know it was plastic, you’d swear it was metal.


Photos by Jeff Junker