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Mig 3

by Jack Hollander


This 1/32 scale  Mig 3 by Trumpeter went together quickly.


There were no panel lines and no details from the wheels to the wingtips. I used a pounce wheel to etch the areas that were supposed to have rivets. I also scribed the panel lines on the fuselage behind cockpit.


I primed the model with Floquil Primer followed with a coat of Floquil Reefer White. After applying some Floquil Flat, I put the decals on. Then came two coats of Floquil Crystal Cote over the decals.


The decals were so good I didn’t have to trim them. There’s no insignia on the upper wing, just the bottom.


There’s lots of detail in the cockpit, which is held on with Micro Liqui-tape. It dries clear, yet stays tacky so you can remove the canopy.


Brass wire was used for the antenna.


Photos by Jeff Junker