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The Russians

 by Bob Caruso

22 June 1941, the German invasion of Russia, was the day that brought the Soviet military to world attention. The following years showed the vast industrial might of the Soviet Union and its ability to wage a total war.


Known for its simple and reliable weapons, and its ability to produce thousands in a short time period, the Russian tide stomped Germany all the way to Berlin and controlled half of the world in the years afterwards.




Hornet Models makes a bunch of these soldiers in 1/35 scale and are somewhat typical in what one would see during the period. The WWII soldier is armed with a PPsh 41, a submachine gun that was one of the best of the war. Coveted by the Germans and Russians alike, its 71 round drum magazine and reliability made it a winning combination on the battlefield. The camouflage suit, while not altogether common until later in the war, was typical in the pattern that it was produced in.




When I bought several of the Hornet figures at my local hobby I didn’t think I would ever get to paint this one because of its period, but I found that duplicating the modern camouflage was an interesting task.



This modern(ish) Soviet is armed with the famous AK47 assault rifle, considered by many to be the best assault rifle ever produced. The uniform is similar to its World War II counterpart, albeit in a slightly different pattern. Two fine examples of Soviet Military Forces.



It was painted in Andrea and Vallejo acrylics entirely. Then I planted him on a nondescript base and WALLAH ! Not a bad figure, though I should have saved it for use with a modern piece of soviet armor.


Here’s another Russian infantryman – this one from 1943. It that would go well with 1/35 armor.


I think that Hornet figures are the best available in 1/35 scale to go with your armor. I couldn’t wait for the tank so I painted it up for show, again using acrylic.







Photos by Phil Novak and Jeff Junker