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Hawker Tempest

Hawker Tempest

Hawker Tempest


by Jack Hollander




This is a bear of a kit to put together. It has a lot of “fit” problems.



The instructions say to complete the cockpit first and then enclose it with the fuselage. If you do that, it won’t go together. Instead, I glued the left hand side of the cockpit and attached it to the left hand side of the fuselage.. Then I did the same thing to the right hand side before gluing the fuselage together.


Even then, I had to shave the side of the floor. It does, however, come with some very nice photo-etch for the cockpit.



Hawker TempestNo rivets were included with the kit, so I used a pounce wheel to create the effect. I followed this with a wash to make the rivets visually “pop”.


The decals were really goo. I cut around the carrier paper so as not to get silvering.


I used Alclad for the radiator.


Photos by Jeff Junker