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Scarecrow Troops

Scarecrow Troops

Scarecrow Troops


by Leo Cox


In the art of deception, the Japanese used scarecrows and “Quaker Canons” to try to fool the Americans into thinking they were more numerous than they really were.



I like to called this diorama “Don’t Move. They May See Us.”


I used about 30 different types of foliage for this diorama: palm trees, grasses, ferns, cattails to name a few.


In one spot, I made it look like some cattails were dug up and used to help camo the scarecrows so the scenery matched their faces.


The logs used as the cannons were resin and cast in two parts.


The rope that held them together was also molded onto the logs.


Scarecrow Troops

In some places I drilled through it so the rope looked more realistic.




The base is made of celluclay and sand, using spots of static grass to give it color.


Photos by Jeff Junker