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School Projects

School Projects


Model Bridge Design by Garrett Boon: “Bridge designers must watch for torsion and try to reduce it as much as possible.”


Launch! by Dave Protti: “Students realize the sum of their efforts and the laws of physics when they witness their rockets accelerating skyward on launch day, not to mention the emotions involved in ownership and the risks of actually flying their creation.”School Projects


Squeeze Play by Daniel McLean: “Three young men and one young lady who are all A or B students have painted over 400 individual model soldiers and each soldiers individual equipment. They also designed the base for the battle.


Terrible Swift Sword by Chuck Thiedel: “So the teacher has spoken. You need to construct a diorama, or small scene, for your history class. Do not panic. Many people have done this before, and have come through with satisfying results. These hints will make the task easier, and your experience will be much more enjoyable. So all that is needed is a good imagination, and the willingness to learn about the subject matter.”