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Danse Macabre

by Brian Hirsch: “The kit itself held a dark fascination for me as well: something along the lines of justice being done.”


Creature from the Black Lagoon by Gregory Krishmar Junker: “The cigarette is not included in the kit; I added it. Smoking is, after all, what killed the dinosaurs.”



Danse Macabre by Bob Caruso: “”In the Middle-Ages, the dance of death was thought of as a warning for powerful men, a comfort to the poor, and ultimately an invitation to lead a responsible and Christian life.”


Princess of the Horse Clan by Mike Wohl: “The Princess of the Horse Clan is meant to be a fictional Eastern European, in the general vicinity of Hungary. Hungary had a lot of open plains during the time period I had in mind, making it perfect horse-riding country. That’s why she’s holding a horse whip.”


Nite by Mike Wohl: “This figure began looking like Catwoman. Since I’d already scuplted a Catwoman, I decided to take it in a slightly different direction.”


The Great Unclean One by Bob Caruso: “This is a figure that Games Workshop made in their Fantasy Range. They called it the Great Unclean One.”


Cobra Warrior by Bob Caruso: ” I don’t remember who made this resin figure. He’s probably a wargame figure: a mean and nasty cobra warrior of some sort.”


Grandpa Bug by Mike Wohl: “”My daughter wanted my to do something different – something neither truly human nor entirely animal.”


Killbot  by Bob Caruso: “This 54mm Ral Partha figure is one of my favorite Science Fiction pieces.”


Queen of the Dead by Mike Wohl: “Small talismans were often included in the mummy’s wrapping and odanse2bne such can be seen nestled in her chest.”


Red by Mike Wohl: “Red is a return to one of my favorite topics: female vampires.”


 Skeleton Warrior by Bill Wolfe: “Now it was time to paint the figure itself. The bones of the figure were painted with the same off white color as the bones on the base. I choose an off white color so I could add highlights to it and get some depth to the finished product. “


The Predator by Gregory Krishmar Junker:”The most tedious part of building the Predator was the dredlocks. They had to be placed exactly where the instructions said or else they wouldn’t fit right.”


Dragon Ogre by Bob Caruso “This Ogre is from the Warhammer 40,000 range of figures. I used regular artist tube acrylics, as that was the only way that I could find the metallic pink and green.”