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Suburban Transportation Nodes

Suburban Transportation Nodes

Suburban Transportation Nodes


 by Mihnea Dobre



High density mixed-use transportation nodes are used to develop a higher ridership public transportation system in suburban areas.



The successful formal and systemic integration of different types of program turns the node into both a desirable destination and an effective transition point. This is achieved by organizing systems to accommodate flow and manage higher use densities, thus avoiding congestion.


Circulation paths combine or collide to create an engaging and comfortable whole. Concepts of flow such as volume, speed and direction organize the movement.


Suburban Transportation Nodes


The building becomes a combination of harmonizing systems that support its different uses.



The primary component of transportation filters through the program, its dynamic nature activating the static qualities of the latter.


This contrast is formally expressed in the massing and structure of the building to encourage visual and physical connections.


These relationships also expand to the neighborhood scale, in this case the Lakeview area of New Orleans.


Photos by Mihnea Dobre