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Bulging Tires

Bulging Tires

 by Jens Brandal

Generally, I find that ready made bulging tires are too exaggerated – especially if you are working in 1:72nd.

My method is as follows:

1. Glue the undercarriage legs and tires to the model and let dry thoroughly.

2. Put a piece of fine sand paper (about 600 or 800 grit) on a flat surface and put one of the tires on the sandpaper. The other two tires should be free to slide back and forwards (or sideways).

Bulging Tires

3. Grip the tire (NOT the model or undercarriage leg!) and rub it back and forwards until a you are happy with the degree of ‘flatness’. Repeat for the other two tires (or boggies or whatever). When all tires have flat spots, repeat the process to even out the slightly varying angles. You should now have three sets of tires that all contact the ground at the correct point.

4. Paint the filed portion of the tires if desired.

If you are looking to make big low pressure tires where a bulge would be important to give an added impression of weight, would do the same and build up a bulge with filler and then paint the tire.