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by Richard Reggio












I built this kit pretty much straight out of the box. There were a couple of exceptions to that though. I used styrene sheets to add an extra armor plate in front, a side skirt and some extra height to the turret The lights and thrusters are photo etch and the ammo box is from Taimya machine gun team

The breech that came with the kit was awful so I used the breach from a Sherman kit.


The snaps on the side of the turret are stretched sprue and glued each one on individually.


The kit has an interior, but I didn’t put it in because it would have been a waste since I didn’t plan on having an open hatch.


The paint scheme was taken from a picture in Armor Magazine from Spain. The model represents an LVT on Iwo Jima. It was sprayed green, then hand brushed Tamiya brown and green – a couple of coats to smooth it out. I then weathered it with pastels.
Model Master Faded Olive drab and Humbrol was used on the uniform, followed by a wash. The figure is a Verlinden torso attached to Italeri legs from their Sherman kit.

Photos by Jeff Junker