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Making Waves

Making Waves with the Glencoe Rescue Boat

making waves










by Gil Gonsoulin  


After assembling and painting the rescue boat, I thought it would be best displayed in an action diorama. Naturally, some rough seas would be called for!


The base color of the water is done with Windsor Newton Oils, primarily blue-green. I added a little yellow to the green to simulate the color of the water of the Pacific Ocean. The water itself was created with Liquitex Clear Gel.


rescue boat
The waves were made with Angel Hair. Start by laying the Angel Hair flat and coating both sides with Liquitex Clear Gel.



Then hang it up to let it dry. Once dry, you can shape it any way you want.


Any cracks that occur when shaping can be repaired by brushing on more of the gel. The splashes and waves were highlighted with Liqutex Clear Bead gel.






Photos by Gil Gonsoulin